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    • uhh in the last update before haloween scroll down and click on the item improvements -story line rings dude thats why ive mentioned it here so ppl can address it too..... few will be against it few for it thats how forums always works. And my WS ring i play it normally no one seems to have shared their concerns about it or mentioned about any nerf for it so i thought it was just my thought. Im not like a VIP dude lol just cause i feel it shld be nerfed it shldnt lol other players need to share their concerns too The more ppl the merrier , and it doesnt specifically have to be players with my ring it can be ppl who feel the need for it too share ur concerns, if u need to know how to counter it id be happy to share that info lol to anyone who asks. Frankly i dont see why ur connecting my Ws to SG atm
    • oh no no not at all. sheesh. what I was trying to say on that post was if players with no WSg ring will see you own them ALOT of times in fild where they can see your damage output and dont understand how it happens then there'll be that one person who will report it here.  accessible meaning have other players get a chance to use it first. make the "OP" effect last longer before jumping into nerfing them.   If youre saying that your build should be nerfed and youre the only one using it then sure go ahead nerf it(it's 100%). but SG's like us (probably 10 or more now in the server?  it used to be just me and bape) should be the ones to have a say on the matter of SG's getting a nerf- instead of those who dont own one. get my point? also, where is that hidden update page? been trying to look for it   also might I add, do SG's, WS's, Sinx bash really deserve/d nerfs? because OBVIOUSLY  the ones OWNING the pvp ladder with no competition should be the focus of NERFS (you have a ninja there with what? 300 kills? do you see any SG in the top 3?)  that pvp ladder should give you an idea on what and what not to nerf because THEYRE the ones benefiting the MOST with this nerfs. LESS COMPETITION for them. MORE PVP TOKS. you KNOW im RIGHT.  
    • i actually do use it a lot in fild and despite how strong it is ppl countered with 4 simple things namely 1.gtb, 2. reflect (through maya and other cards), and 2 other ways which u can guess easily. This skill is a ghost element property hence why it proves effective in woe. Im personally telling u myself i want to balance(nerf) it lol dude and im literally the only guy with this ring i dint quite understand what u meant here.  if ur meaning i started this entire topic caz u killed me it isnt lol. I started it caz of Bape XD that guy used to 1 shot fsk me and then kill me again and again he did it to my SN with 600k hp as well and dude let me be u already got other players commenting on this topic too some even supporting u as i said in my previous post i rest my case lol what happens happens by making it accessible what do u mean?
    • No, I dont mind it having that effect. I don't mind it being overpowered during woe. -because i havent tried it myself. But do you get the picture? You dont get alot of hate for it because you dont really use it in fild. And Im sure we both know what your reason is for not showing it. the moment you kill people in fild and show how you can kill them with something they havent tried,   youll have that one person who will report it here. or submit a ticket.  why not make the item accessible to everyone first before nerfing it? that way, those without any idea how it works can rightfully say it should be nerfed.