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    • It makes a little more sense after reading through the responses. Perhaps this could be part of a greater move to create a whole class of legendary items which get tamed to a specific type of events Vs. the other type for other types of events.

      If above-mentioned is one of the targets, the next question is what will be the differences in variations for the 2 segments of gears across item slots. 

      Regardless, I can see why this emp would be required in a growing server. +1
    • All three legendary auras included in the suggested quest line are obtainable through quest. It started here:  GM Ebisu pointed out that "a new legendary aura should be made.." in one of the comments. Since their focus now is to lessen the gap between veterans and new comers (gear wise), an idea came up to create something that can match up to normal LTD Emp. All end game gears has their own legendary counter parts, even DA and new accessories except the LTD Emp. The +13 all stat advantage of an ltd emp to any other aura is just too huge.
    • I know that the LHZ aura can be received through a quest, are the other 2 aura's obtainable through a quest as well? 

      I'm not sure how good of an idea it is to keep adding items with lesser stats but a similar effect or even new items for that matter without asking the question of where is the item needed or where does it fulfill a good role.

      Do new players/not so rich players, etc need more items that make PvP balanced? Do they need items that make PvM balanced? Do they need items that add aesthetic value? Etc. Furthermore, when an item is created I think a price point should be held in mind ($ or tokens, whatever). It doesn't have to end up being true but it'll help moves to be more geared towards overall server balance as compared to just adding what seems valuable which later on creates another imbalance which then has to be fixed.
    • Totally agree. Let's hear some suggestions from others regarding the quest line or the dev team can come up with better ideas. I'm excited!!!
    • Uhm wew kewl emps @Perishable +1 for design 😮 I really hope its possible to get it in these colours th3y l00k fanc3y.

      Though for the Quest part since this is a completely 100% farmable item id say the difficulty in obtaining it has to be increased 3*times the items u suggested to make it and possibly a raid lol (not too difficult but just for the kick of new content atleast but only an option) Id say like 5-10 more items to be farmed or quested shld make it worthwhile. Atm most worthwhile items have huge quest-lines and requirements so the new item should be similar with a storyline or questline with a good difficulty.
      Id say it would be fair and this can be even collected for fashion or Utility by every1! 😮