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  2. September 2017: The way I feel

    "Coming HOME is the BEST feeling and leaving is the WORST, but you can't come HOME without leaving first"

    GM i dont have screen shot

    Hi, Did you have any screenshot of it? or did you took screenshot of it? If yes please file a ticket. Go to Support > New Request.

    Gm i need your help to back my cards i used card remover at Kafra but the card is not back to me " My Inventory is Full " plsss Help Thank you in Advance
  6. Yesterday
  7. Tsk

    Welcome bro
  8. New Player In ForsakenRO

  9. Legendary Weapon Quest

    Yes its the same. and its Dumpling boy in fRO.

    This is in the wrong section. and yes you have to verify your account before you can log-in.
  11. Game doesn't star

    Hey there! You should try running up your setup.exe as Administrator and fix your resolution.
  12. Farmer selling Friggs Farm

    Samina mina eh eh dakka dakka eh eh

    You need to verify or activate your account. Check your email.
  14. Ako po at lagging active at newbie gusto ko matuto at lagi nag search ng mga Gawain quest at hunt ng Mobs always doing hunt ng good item! Pa join po ako ng Guild!
  15. SAO movie:ordinal scale

    More link for the movie .. ( WEBDL.. 720p) http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Sword-Art-Online-Movie-Ordinal-Scale/Movie-WEBDL-720p?id=139044&s=default Haffun XD
  16. Revenge? REVENGE? I will show you revenge! I am FIRE! I am...... DEATH!
  17. You can check the full guide here.
  18. Hey guys I was just wondering do I really need to collect 40million zeny to complete one of the legendary weapon quest? I havent been online in years and when I came back to do the quest I realise ive already done it uptil "compensating the citizen". or so i think. Cant remember if I completed the quest before that, which was to collect everything the thief scattered and bring them back to the knightmaster, but in anycase when I met the Knight Master he's only talking about compensating the citizens with 40million zeny. Anyways any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Last week
  20. Game doesn't star

    Hi guys. I just downloaded the installers and I have tried with almost all of them, getting the same result: the game simply doesn't start. As you can see in the image, a little window appears and then nothing happens. If there's a solution, please let me know. Thank you beforehand!
  21. cant start the game

    Can you be specific as to what error you are seeing? "I can't start the game" doesn't tell us much. What does your setup.exe look like?
  22. setup.exe in korean language

    Here is the setup.exe: http://forsaken-ro.net/setup.zip

    Tell us how you cant log-in , what does it say on the client , or some screenshots please.
  24. I've seen quite people already that doesn't know that harassment/verbal abuse is not allowed here.
    Kindly read our Rules!


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    2. Penthesiliea


      Keep your issue on each other private .

    3. faksimili99


      I just 1 thing from this game: Don't jail a player just because you checked their activity log and saw some cursing words. Even cursing words have reasons whether it has a bigger potential to get a bad effect or a good effect. For example: Someone was trash talking ur family, in game. Well...how do you respond back to that guy? If u ask me, ofc I'm gonna give full of shits back to that guy. It happened in a game still, it saddens you and u'll be furious even a lit bit right? I mean, it is about our family. So when you guys from administrator group want to take an action please do not be hasty in doing so. I was jailed triple time cuz I'm giving shits to the one who started first talking shit about my parents and I even still has patience not to do the same trash talk like that guy about someone's parents. I annoyed that guy back but still not as far as he did to me but you jailed me and not him JUST BECAUSE I DIDN'T FILE A TICKET BUT HE DID? Dafuk.... that third time after I got 24-hours jail my patience has run out not because of that shit person who talks bad about my life cuz he/she don't know how I live my life and he/she not even know my real gender nor age nor my favourite food BUT because of how ridiculous is the banning progression towards a player. Then I uninstalled Fro. Easy. Thanks for reading and thanks to those who soon will put some shit comments about me. If not, it's good.

    4. Ebisu


      @faksimili99 aren't you Nurarihyon no Mako? If that's the case, you were pretty toxic too.

      In any case, I had to explain this to another player before, it doesn't matter who starts the childish attitude, the right way is to ignore and report, ALWAYS. You need to learn that in the internet players just like to talk smack. It's sad to see that you quit, but we don't jail for no reason, and 3 times.. pretty sure you're not 100% innocent as you are implying.

  25. game crash

    I haven't get this error ever since. Try re-downloading the All-In-One.
  26. game crash

    Try redownloading All-In-One file
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