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  2. Updates on Legendary Weapons

    Legendary weapons for guardian build would require corresponding guardian rings. I heard there's non-donation guardian rings, if it's true, then l. weaps for guardian build would be nice.
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  4. S>LK B SET

  5. Last week
  6. Leg. Balloon Bugged??

    Dont be sorry xD. we all do make mistake.
  7. Leg. Balloon Bugged??

    eheheh sorry then forgot to read description i thought work on all class
  8. Leg. Balloon Bugged??

    The added Str on Amdarias card is for thief class only
  9. It has been quite awhile for me since I haven't play fRO since... a year or so.. I'm so really out of the loop in this one. Can anyone tell me (Especially from the GMs) If there any new updates on the Legendary Weapons? Any plans on adding new legendary weapons such as GS Shotgun/Gatling Gun, Adding new spear for LK (For guardian build), HECK new Legendary Guardian Weapons for all of the classes in the game. It'll be cool if there new updates on the Legendary Weapon Quest lol Not all of us can afford fancy expensive valkyrie weapons (SADLY) #Play2WinNotPay2Win #RememberDaNewbies
  10. Leg. Balloon Bugged??

    Hello I Just Complete My L.Balloon Quest And I Just Read In New Update It Says L.Balloon Can Be Refine To +10 So I Refine It And Slotted It With Amad Card. But It Seems Amad Card Doesnt Work With +10 L.Balloon cuz it doesnt add STR, I Try equip Clean Rucksack and it giv same stats as L.Balloon carded With Amad. Tried to decard and equip again and the stats still the same without increase in STR.
  11. B>Cursed Ring Sin X

    B>Assassin Ring Of Damned + O.Dex + Loki's Dagger Leave Offer And IGN *Ps PLSS DONT LEAVE OP OFFER
  12. S>x2 Bio Rune = 3k Ftoks Or Trd Bio Rune = SinX Set + Toks S>GVG Emperium Voucher
  13. Hi Sir, my items is still not here in my account. I have the invoice of my donate. Please help

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    2. Junichi


      Is there any progress with my ticket?

    3. Genesis


      I responded to your ticket. You should have your order by tonight. 

    4. Junichi


      Thank you.

      PS:  It will always happen in my future order. Also if you can track as well my previous order of $2.50 before the $12.50 that I didnt get as well. That would be great.

  14. Exchange Voucher NPC

    Yup, it was discussed previously (as GM Team)
  15. S>Battle Royale EMP Voucher Service

    S>Battle Royale EMP Voucher = 5k or best offer will exchange your BR EMP to any color you want will deposit my item to you, for your peace of mind pm ign name 5:AM or leave ign here and offer

    PM ingame name : KoroKoro
  17. Exchange Voucher NPC

    The reason for this is to avoid bugs and bug abuse. I think its better to be "hands-on" when it comes to these things.
  18. Trading +10Ltd Red Set = 2 sinx Da + ltd green emp

  19. Buying Sinx DA and 3 Bijous

  20. S>WS B Jacket + 2 Thors / FCP [1:3]

    S>WSBlessedJacket[Offers]FCP[1:3]eToks[1:3] FCP Ticket ratio - 1 FCP Ticket for 3 tokens. While the Event Tokens ratio are 1 eTokens for 3 tokens. BUMP UPDATED ON SALES!
  21. S>LK B SET

  22. Zeny Converter

    ahh ok ^_^ i didn't think that far ahead about the zeny converter.
  23. Guardian Ring Quest Guide

    Hi, You must do the quest by yourself to continue the quest. :)
  24. Guardian Ring Quest Guide

    if i already got a Blessed ring ( buying from another player ) can i skip the part 1 and 2 and collect the items and talk to HeimDall and do the raid... or i must buy a infernal Cap and do all the quest again ? thx :)
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  26. S>Non LTD Gray EMP

    Selling or trading my Non LTD Gray EMP Leave offer here or pm in game Ign 5:AM
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