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  3. 💂‍♂️how can i get ticket here to report abuse by players thank you


    1. Moon



      Find support on the top right side. (if you open use PC). file ticket there.

  4. ace222s

    May 2018: Throwback Moments

    Hi Forsaken Ro! Here is my Throwback photo.. :)
  5. mukers

    May 2018: Throwback Moments

    Newbie here!!! my only throwback is this screen shot :) i love forsaken ro!!!!
  6. Master.

    May 2018: Throwback Moments

    forgotten memories Throughout time, one is making memories, sometimes good things and bad ones, as time goes by they accumulate. I have lived many experiences in my life, as I have also seen. I've seen many friends leave as well as known new ones. The experiences that one lives are unique and irreplaceable. Although they are in the past, it is important to never forget them. The only thing that keeps you in the present, are the memories lived. and the only thing that makes you return to the past, are the memories remembered. As a fleeting memory, nostalgia returns, Here I share a memory of my adventures, the emotion is still there when I remember it Atte: A old dino player
  7. Liam Blau

    Liam Blau

    Thanks a ton. I'll read them over. Sadly I don't vote until i get a feel for this server. Which shouldn't be too long.
  8. Last week
  9. MarkAdrii


    I already did :<
  10. niemono89


    Try recheck the quest materials again. Maybe u miss out some of it ? :3
  11. Can anyone help me? I can't make gold mythical flame even though I already completed the items needed to make one. The npc just keep saying "I see there is more for you to do still. Return when you have all I need" How do i fix this? Thanks
  12. Moon

    Como summoneo a Thanatos

    Hola, tienes que entrar en la sala Thanatos. debería ser en el momento adecuado. (por cierto, no puedo hablar español. yo solo use google translator.perdón si la oración incorrecta.)
  13. alumarch

    Como summoneo a Thanatos

    Como hago para hacer summona thantos si ya tengo las 4 piedras requeridas? Gracias!
  14. niemono89

    Full soul breaker/soul destroyer sinX

    This build purpose are mainly for spamming soul breaker as main damager ❤️ (u will getting used to backslide>cloak>spam soul breaker alot like crazy :3) So this guide wouldn't have hybrids type sinx as references ^^~ ( like sb+sbk/, auto atk crit+sbk, grimtooth+sbk, dual dagger+sbk) Stats: STR: 110-160<max>(weight purpose+meteor assault back up) "2ndary stat for sbk damage" AGI: *195 aspd* VIT: 150-180<max>(depends on u/just exact 100 VIT[if u feel ur sbk does unsatisfy damages]. But u will ned high hpmax for full sbk sinX type) INT: 200-280<max> "main stat for sbk damage, also won't miss" DEX: 150(exact)*up dex 1st, then go for agi* LUK: 0 Equips: HEAD: F.king helm/ship captain hat *extra dmg for soul breaker, it also count as ranged damage dealer* (2x kiel) HEAD MID: any auras u like(kiel/maya puple/forsaken soldier) HEAD LOW: sinX guardian ring*CompulsarY* (seyren windsor *can gain extra STR from here* ) ARMOR: F.king armor(mistress of shelter+egnigem cenia/ 2x mistress of shelter/ 2x egnigem cenia/ evil druid+mistress of shelter/ 2x tao gunka/ orc lord+tao gunka/ forsaken raider+tao gunka) WEAPON(R): Loki cursed blades/ Legendary sinX blade(thanatos*dealing high vit type*/ inca*ignore def*+phreeoni+ 2x atroce/ 2x zipper bear) WEAPON(L): Loki's infernal dagger/ Legendary Loki's infernal dagger/ Loki cursed blades(phreeoni+ 3x atroce/ 3x zipper bear) GARMENT: F.king cloak(2x raydric/2x noxious/ 2x skoll*anti-thana*) FOOTGEAR: F.king shoe(2x cursed sinX rune)*CompulsarY* ACCESSORY: Mix A+Mix B/ L.gauntlet STR+INT/ L.gauntlet STR+STR/ L.gauntlet INT+INT/ 2x loki seals with ifrit/ 2x urds with ifrit/ sigrun with berzebub+brynhild with ifrit Ps: 1. Use element converters/endow buff from sages, coz the soul breaker being forced to non elemental(new element) for dealing different attributes. Plus it deals 100% damage to ghost element(gr armor) :3 2. Beware of pneuma skill(ur best enemy :p) 3. Can also play with autocast matk skill cards for the unique build XD 4. Meteor assault still usable. No worries :3 5. Get lex aeterna buff from priest for better results ❤️ 6. Works just like asura strike mechanics, good ping=good spam(even with 3 kiels) 7. Soul breaker is not dps style, so please don't compare it to other builds of sinX :P 8. Expensive card builds for mvp type sbk sinX(only thanatos card would deal really high damage for sbk) ❤️ 9. A really great farmer too, coz its ranged style[10 cells](legendary version build+correct card combination+endow buff=can 1shot almost normal mobs with low DEF) 10. Balphomet card won't made ur sbk aoe :3 Sbk always maintain as single target kill :3 11. Famous card=TG wont work for sbk build, as so for meteor assault :3 12. ATK cards, INT cards(not matk) would increase sbk damage more ENJOY, fellow soul breaker sinX lovers ^^
  15. sethhhhhh


    is it just me or the nerfed on ws c set was too far just asking. no hate pls
  16. GuysCorp

    Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    Waaaa .... hahahaha .... it really look like me in really life .... and it chibi !!!!! I really love it 😍😍😍😍
  17. Oxtarius

    Lags and Disconnections?

    I've been playing for a week now and i've notice a lot of lags and DC's (server side, my internet is more than enough). I wonder, is it because the server gets attacked by DDos? Isn't it protected?
  18. Moon

    Pantalla completa

    Hi, try this:
  19. AlbertoFG1

    Pantalla completa

    Hola tengo una duda me abre el juego y todo pero no me pone pantalla completa solo me abre un mini cuadrito y no me deja ver nada 😞 alguien podria ayudarme?
  20. qperteplex


  21. Just finish re-watched digimon tri6-bokura no mirai(final part movie), n here's the full ed of butter-fly(tri-version). my kokoro touched ever since that ❤️ T=T



  22. niemono89

    Currently Listening To...

    Erabareshi Kodomotachi, Digimon Shinkas, Ayumi Miyazaki, AiM with Koji Wada-> Butter-Fly ~ tri.Version ~(bokura no mirai ED)
  23. Moon

    New Here!

    Hi, Welcome to fRO! here the guides: Forsaken Knight Quest at first Legendary weapons Accessories Don't forget to vote and get free items: Vote here and also don't hesitate to PM me in here or in game if need help. Good luck! n_n
  24. Moon

    Liam Blau

    Hi, Welcome to fRO! here the guides: Forsaken Knight Quest at first Legendary weapons Accessories Don't forget to vote and get free items: Vote here and also don't hesitate to PM me in here or in game if need help. Good luck! ^^
  25. Tenjin

    Korean setup? Tiny RO window!

    Click the fro icon and try running it as administrator
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