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  2. If you don't want toplay without effects all the time there is another way, use panacea which can be bought from several NPCs. This will clear the status effect.
  3. So what you are saying that all your characters cant move whenever you log them in?
  4. Hollowring - 60 to 120 mins, if im not mistaken.
  5. up
  6. Yup and several time with dif character
  7. Yesterday
  8. Its instant. Check your spam folder.
  9. Hi, Have you tried resetting your position at control panel?
  10. Oh i see the nightmode thing. But i still cant do anything. But insee everything fine i had tried several time of alt+tab.
  11. Hi, For you to get Enriched Oridecon/Elunium, @warp for_fild01 236 19 and enter from there, then walk straight up until the last mini-room in the left side, in there you will be able to see a "Mining spot" but you must have "Old pick" first for you to get it.
  12. Hi, usually it says that to inform you that the server is on night mode. 2nd, have you tried alt + tab and going back to the client? because I get that a lot too and tabbin works fine.
  13. How long does it take to get your reset password confirmation? I had a reset earlier and I still haven't gotten any PW reset emails yet. The account is panda010913. TIA.
  14. Hi! im returning to play RO so last time i played was 2013. And now, i was searching for a server i remembered this server and i couldn't believe that my acc still exist. So i download it again. After installing the all in one package i was able to login. After login i couldn't move my character i couldnt do anything and a window pop up saying the nightmode was active in a forsaken window or somethin like that. Please help!
  15. Hallo go 18 Funtastic wir sind einw internationale gilde. Ich bin schweizer und kann auch deutsch :)
  16. Last week
  17. Hello where can i find enriched oridecon please? i search on database many times but i've got no idea, i suppose that it must be a quest but i haven't find it (where is the NPC or the character who proposes it) ? Please answer me ;)
  18. Hi there, I played RO on off/priv Servers long ago and want to start again now. Think I missed most of the new content so I guess I'm kind of noob. Preferably looking for german players if there are any on this server, if not english works quite good as well. Want to play sniper for start.
  19. Hey everyone! I'm a pretty old player but due to circumstances, I've lost my account and everything on it! So this is me trying to make my way back into the game. :) I haven't done any Ragnarok Online art, but I am more than willing to try things out with you guys. CONTACT INFORMATION I will probably not be online at the moment due to other personal projects. However, please do try to contact me in-game first @ Zukululu. Please reach me on the ForsakenRO Discord Channel, on the forum, or on Twitch (username will be Zukululuu THAT IS 2 U'S) PRICING INFORMATION For pricing, I followed a pretty standard model that most commission artists work with, and that is the amount of time ( hours ) * 7.25 ( minimum wage ) * 0.10 ( cost of a token in Token Shop ) = price. Please take into consideration that coloring pieces consume the most time. After contacting me with your project and it is accepted, I will give you a quote. A deposit of 1/3 of the price is required before beginning. I am also willing to trade!! Send me a message and we will discuss trade rates. :) For example, if I draw a piece that took 10 hours, that would cost 725 tokens. One adjustment will be allowed per commission. This means I will allow you to ask for one change after I showed you the finished product. Of course, I will provide you progress along the way. I have attached examples of my work. However, don't consider this to be the limit of my abilities, I am more than willing to do any style outside of those shown in the examples. I will accept up to three commissions at a time. I will also notify you when I have begun your project and will complete the task within one week or I will repay your deposit. COMMISSION PROCESS How to Commission: 1. IGN I can contact you on 2. What you would like drawn in detail; colors(eye, hair, skin, cloth, etc.), style(chibi, bust, detailed. Reference pictures of a relative style you may want will help significantly), background, any additions. 3. OPTIONAL: This is not required, but another contact method may speed up the process of completing your project. :)
  20. That is related to the same subject. Download one of the custom homonculus AIs that is linked in the post above yours and put that in your RO directory. Once you have complied with said instructions, post back with results.
  21. Really isn't a provider in the market that provides what we get, with the support we get, for the price. Which is why all our competitors are also with the same provider. If you are in PH, like the majority of the people complaining here are, there isn't much we can as it isn't an issue on our end. I personally don't face any issues. We will try to come up with a way to warps to be automated for raids in the future and see if there is a better routing option to fix disconnects for players in PH.
  22. need prices for Santa poring hat and sacred wings (slotted) pm me in game Selaphielle or Urielle
  23. Week 434 (04/07/17) - (04/14/17) #1 Broly #2 Indignation #3 .Dm@ster.
  24. Week 433 (03/31/17) - (04/07/17) #1 Broly #2 Indignation #3 Cancersmith
  25. Entirely a different case if a few complain but 2 entire guilds complained about this. I know coz I hear them complaining about it on chat. Started experiencing this on 4/15 2.0 WOE if im not mistaken It hasnt been this bad since the server had a DDOS attack Edit: Prior to the issue, connection to the server during WOE is fine unlike the past few weeks where we get disconnected at times
  26. Lag isn't something you can avoid entirely when playing online happens all the time in all kinds of games or servers. Complaining about isn't new either its just there and cannot be stopped.
  27. That's a monster skill called hallucination the effect is making your fps drop because it was meant to be that way to make your character dizzy when attacking a monster. The skill wasn't removed in renewal but the effect that makes fps drop was. The old fashioned way to fix the problem is by turning effects off by typing /effect
  28. So I'm supposed to catch a Succubus at Gefenia when I saw False Angels trying to distort my way. That effect really makes the framerate too low to the point I can't really beat any of the mobs. I bet it was too graphics intensive. What to prevent... GPU was the AMD R7 360, so I assume it was too powerful for RO...
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