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  3. Sonic Blow spam

    This is something you should ask in the class guides. This forum is for technical support.
  4. Screen Resolution Problem

    Can you be more explicit with what exactly the issue is?
  5. I enjoyed my New Year by getting a new EMP aurora. MORE BLESSINGS TO COME!
  6. character trapped on map "1@eom" CAUTION!

    thankz =)
  7. character trapped on map "1@eom" CAUTION!

    You can try reset position in control panel https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/
  8. Yesterday

    Let me just share my thoughts in this post. With all do respect to everyone especially the person who posted this and to our dear GM who made time to reply. For me its really good if you are efficient in farming, and you cannot avoid people being jealous of your "skills". What is wrong is, if you are spamming your so called skill and warping while your character is dead. That is definitely oh-so wrong. And of course our GMs will not ban anyone without any valid reasons. :) I love FRO. Taking for your time reading. Godbless everyone. #farmfarmfarm :)
  10. I used "warp" to go on map 1@oem and it gave error. I can not go back, Every time I enter, it gives an error. Can someone help me? My character's nickname is: a picara sonhadora

    It's allowed as long as you are legit about that. this means not using macros to reach that speed and then NOT stopping the moment a GM checks that you are not macro farming (this is considered same as botting) The rumors you heard probably come from people that tried to cheat and got caught (some of them even for second time) So... As long as you farm by yourself and not leave your computer unattended it's ok

    BUMP; UPDATED: SELLING/TRADING: LTD VIOLET EMP* *INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE FF. FOR TRADE: SINX DA (1 OR 2PCS) BIO B SET* WIZ G SET* ASGARD(no rune) URDS(no rune) SKULL AURA ^ADD TOKS ACCORDINGLY *NO JACKET OR RIBBON; +0 ONLY Leave price or offer here or look for transgression @go 22 or during WOE hours

    It's allowed. Unless someone becomes so jealous of your farming "efficiency" and accuse you of botting. Lul.
  14. is this allowed in this server ? warping and casting and warping and casting and warping and casting as fast as you can ? i just wanna ask coz ive heard that someone got banned bcoz of doing that ??? thx for the answer peepz ..
  15. This Or That?

    Ugh...Anal? H&M or Forever 21
  16. Type The Username, Above You, With Your Elbow!

    s6r5er4haqgeswe4r :D Yeah..makes me wish i had a pointy elbow
  17. Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    True! <3 maybe a little, but hey~ That's better than nothing! TPBM has a full-time job.
  18. Quotebook

    "In the end, Even today or the next, I only show my fake self...."
  19. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 473 (01/05/18) - (01/12/18) #1 Pornhub. #2 Supcuhz #3 Macy Dio
  20. Last week
  21. Hello There

    Hi, Welcome to fRO! here the guides: Forsaken Knight Quest at first Legendary weapons Accessories Don't forget to vote and get free items: Vote here and also don't hesitate to PM me in here or in game if need help. Good luck! ^^
  22. Hello There

    Hello people, I´ve been playing Ragnarok Since 2004 on and off over the years on different servers, but this one seems to be the most fun i´ve been in, thanks for having me!
  23. Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    Q> where to get this materials for xmas raid ?? .......... i think 'letters to santa' & 'sweet milk' can be farmed but the cookie and xmas gift boxes got no idea where to get ? would really appreciate any help thanks GM :)
  24. Quest Item Effects

    If the effects of quest items you're saying arent actually there (haven't checked it myself tho), then +1 to this. Can you tell me what particular item you're questing?
  25. Quest Item Effects

    i just saw your item database which should be all good but it doesnt show the effects
  26. Quest Item Effects

    Aside from the headgear quests on the forums, we don't see the effects of the quest items in the quest room or the knight hall. I wouldn't want to farm 1700 materials on a headgear i don't know the effect of. Could you guys either put a description on those either on the forums or the main website?
  27. Screen Resolution Problem

    please help me i have a screen resolution problem in win 8.1....
  28. Third time Leading Bw Raid = BIJOU DROP 



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