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  1. Yesterday
  2. update for this price still negotiable message me here
  3. Last week
  4. Hi , sorry i'm new and french , but i'm stuck in part 2 i speak with the citizen , but in don't find the wife and children where are they ? pls help pls
  5. B> O dex message me her or pm me ingame Lazy`Ritz
  6. are you selling your o dex bro?
  7. PM HaWksEye
  8. in that case just create a new account and make sure you type info correctly this time
  9. If u want to invest for High Wizz ... usually MTAK user will use High Wizard Card [around 100 token ea] for make ur MATK ignore their MATK Deff, and 3 Kiel [around 40 token ea] for reduce cast delay, and 4 kingring [this should be free, because it easy to get] for increasing ur MATK hahhaha
  10. sorry if this is considered giving life to dead topic... but what if you forgot or may have typed the wrong email address during registration and you don't have access to the email used during registration for validation?
  11. still ullrs brandish type problem is knockback but in woe its really good
  12. Do you have any screenshots of this? it would be hard for us to help you without proof. I feel bad but we cannot move if you dont show us a proof.
  13. GM Dream still no updates on pvp ladder?

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    2. Almighty-


      oh sorry. i mean Gm Dream haha :D btw Thank You So Muuuuch again Gm DREAM :)

    3. Danger


      Danger is Everywhere :D

    4. Almighty-
  14. azusa tadokoro-dearest drop(suka suka op)
  15. Hi S> Infernal Assasin Cross cape 2 pcs lokis seal Fenrir dagger Sinx Crit dagger All donated items. So slightly higher stats. Liv token offer. Will be checking every 24 hours also selling GTB/Ifrit/Ghostring card
  16. Salut, je suis en reprise sur RO et je cherche aussi des joueurs avec qui jouer. J'ai arrêter de jouer à RO y a un moment donc je connais plus trop les bases et je cherche un peu d'aide ou une guild. Du coup, je voulais savoir ou tu en es dans ta démarche ^^
  17. You Need Use Coin Converter NPC for stock more money.... Bronze 10 Gold 50 Mytrhill 100 m I think....
  18. I get what you mean. This will be fixed ASAP. Thanks!
  19. Good day dear GM's, I am a new player and did not know that the max zeny in this server is 1Billion, so i farm and farm and farm, i have already 900million in I think in my account, when i decided to sell my collected treasure box that is is almost 3k pcs.. to my shock i was hoping to have at least i think around 1.3Billion.. and only 1billion posted ... can you help me please returned or can you return my zeny if not may treasure box to me.. plss help... hoping for your usual consideration.. Waiting for your answer thank you so much
  20. hi, you can reset you position through : login >> choose my account >> click name your character that you want reset >> and find "Reset position"
  21. my character warped at prt_cas 81 81 cause i was selling my wings and a novice name The Boy With Ebola he told me to warp there cause he's gonna buy it then i warped and now i cant open my sin x but my other characters i can open GM i need help in skype still not accepting my request
  22. i was selling my avian wing and a newbie he was saying he was buying avian wing then he told me to warp @ prt_cas 81 81 and now i cant open my charac any gm that can re warp my sin x back ??
  23. "When you truly hurt someone for even one second, The pain may be etched in their heart forever"
  24. Hi Genesis, we will get all the stats if dragon's fury is enabled, but now the case is when Its disabled, the bonus stat and skills are there too.
  25. I would suggest you accept farming services for a fair price. Also, making sure of the seed room is a good way to earn tokens too.
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