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  3. 君の傍に居たかっただけ I only Wanted to be next to you.
  4. Legendary Arrows Guide (updated)

    best if you can post in suggestions and be as detailed as possible
  5. Legendary Arrows Guide (updated)

    Please increase the mobs in the field or allow the dungeons
  6. Yesterday
  7. RGM

    just in forsaken city
  8. RGM

    where's your save point
  9. Last week
  10. Hall Of Fame!

    Week 464 (11/3/17) - (11/11/17) #1 Vennysylvania #2 Cuhzology #3 KT Smeb YeHey^)^ PERMANENTLY banned from PvP ladder for evading PvP ladder ban ( Billy D. Kid, Realsniperxxx, Nakiri Erina) also PvP ladder intentional feeding (Current week - 465 -)
  11. RGM

    For newbies. Join the ELGATO guild.
  12. S/T> Prof Cursed Set + Voluspa

    Drop offers in the comments
  13. OKK FROO !! iM BACKK AGAIN! haha

    After a lot of college school work, here i am again. 


    1. Ebisu


      Welcome back!


  14. "null" names

    Also me my 2 account banned 2009 to 2017...and now already unbanned but all my character and my item lost...I dont have blacksmith name "NULL"...
  15. "null" names

    So there's no way I can salvage my characters? That kinda blows... :\
  16. View All Valkyrie Weapon Stats

    I was planning to do this one , But had busy days lately.
  17. View All Valkyrie Weapon Stats

    We'll work on this, also, WS oriental sword is definitely questionable, don't get it.
  18. GM plz unbanned my account...

    Hello, For this case, please file a ticket Ticket System -> https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/ I'll close this.

    Buying Original Crit offer IGN: Sinx : ~Kristine~ , Baby: Baby Kristine
  20. Happy Halloween From Forsaken RO!

    Out of all the candies, Luck seemed to be the heaviest(wayyy heavier) although they all are at 20 Weight per their item description. Hmmmm..
  21. Lord Knight Bless Ring Set(1 blade only)

    3.6 ^_^ pure and Fix
  22. GM plz unbanned my account...

    I wanted to play it again..! My account was banned last 2012 or 2013..! Pls let me help to unband and return it again..! Is not my fault..! My friend message me that his account was band before then it was unband..! So I decided to play it again..! This is my ID XShinobiX but I forgot my email bec its very long time ago now is 2017....before I play the forsaken to and got banned I'm there in Philippines now I'm here in Malaysia I want to join again to your server....thank u
  23. 3v3 PVP event

    There has been so many similar suggestions like, 5vs5, 1vs1 tournament. I dont know whats the status tho.
  24. +1 to this especially most of the time there's no gm. I don't know why, even on discord there's no gm even though they say, there's always a gm there lol +1 to this make this thing as soon as possible, 1 re-enter is enough
  25. New Items

    Using other server's sprites are prohibited. Though, some sprites on your post are typical and can be seen in different servers. Example is the dowry hat, we have that one here.
  26. S>LK B SET

  27. Game keeps freezing

    If this is still an issue, message me on skype at jorgeluisf350 and I will help you with this personally.
  28. (SOLVED) Help! My fkenro.exe crashing when i open it.

    Marking this as all set.
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