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  2. Try the fixes listed here: Select the one for your OS.
  3. im having the same problem.. using the all in one client and running on latest patch
  4. Off to school!

  5. Theres a farming technique for this. you fill your inventory with player's skulls or green lace which can be looted up to the max. then just place 1, 2 , 3 or 4 skull in your inventory and replace them with the items you need to farm then type @autoloot then boom! you can now loot more than one item at the same time. Sorry if my explanation is kinda confusing. I hope you get what I mean.
  6. Luminescence
  7. Pls no cutting of trees.. save the planet. But yeah. Since others find this a bit pointless, the topic should be dropped or closed.
  8. So whats the next wish?
  9. Yesterday
  10. +1. irl, who would not want dual wielding axes with 195 aspd? i could chop down the whole amazon forest in a day with that.
  11. "So she took an axe" "What then?" "She split herself in half" "So she would always have a friend?" "So she would always have a friend."
  12. i believe the delay placed on soul/final strike will not change despite the fact that Gepard Shield is up. Since soul/FS spam doesnt rely on aspd and is also not affected by kiels. please do not touch the delay placed on soul/fs.
  13. omg hahaha rofl S> Drake Card 300toks ea
  14. bump
  15. Hello, Just wondering if anyone still plays from back in the day in the guild. I was Sushi, or Sooshi. I was close with the leader, Dragon/Xifer/Zelas. Not sure if anyone remembers but i might as well try and reacquaint with people! It was so long ago, but was the best game i've played when i was younger haha.
  16. Helloooo! Sup? I started playing in Forsaken RO a week ago and now I'm looking for new friends, I guess. Lol. Please call me Nana, I'm from North Pole. Just kidding. (No, but seriously, Santa Claus does live in my country, I've seen him couple of times.) I've been playing RO since I was about eight years old, back then I couldn't even speak English at all. How did I play then? I have no idea. Lol. I played 'til I was about 17 years old and quit for some time and now I'm back to business after 500 years. I used to be the weird little kid with many friends who I just chatted with. (how tho since I seriously just couldn't speak English? Using emojis and some random words, maybe? Lol.) And I grew up to be some kind of PvP queen. I wish I could say I'm still a PvP queen but that would be a lie since I'm just a hobo who can't play anymore. Lol. And later on I became a headgear collector and gave up my position as a PvP queen. And now I can tell you guys that the "PVP Queen" part was just a lie since I sucked at it. Lol. But I did spend all my time in PvP room making new friends. Hmm. What else, what else. I like Jrock (visual kei), K-pop, anime, manga, games and all that basic stuff and cosplay is my hobby, feel free to come and talk to me, hmmm~? Zanarkand Abes is my biochemist, I'm basically always just sitting in Fcity and silently judging, stalking observing everyone/everything. Anyway I'm trying to find my place in this server (I'm still lost and confused as *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB*) and it'd be great to make some new friends. Peeeeeaaaaace!
  17. orangeset+fullsniper+lkbjacketset=ltd blue set
  18. Hello Sorry for late reply, hope you solved your problem by now if not, then you should download the dinput.dll from this patch
  19. Hello You should download the all-in-one I suggest torrent to avoid any error on files but if you have good speed, download over http then.
  20. @Maiimaii is Right, you can use Pingzapper or similar services with Gepard Shield.
  21. Thank you everyone! I seriously spent about 4 hours making bottle grenades and acid bottles until I came here to read your replies and just simply bought those from the mall. End me now. Lol. I've been a little lost with this server. Hahah. Anyway thanks!
  22. radical
  23. Hello, Just downloaded FRO, I haven't played ragnarok in a couple of years so I'm starting from scratch. Upon reading the Troubleshooting tutorial provided, I've followed the steps in turn to allow me to play the game, I've downloaded the All-in-one file and extracted it properly. Upon fixing my setup (it was opening as a 2x2 window in a white screen), my game opens in my standard resolution (1920x1080), but I still encounter the problem of the white screen. I already checked all of my game compactability, I run windows 8.1, and they're set to run on windows XP pack 3 versions. This is what I see in my screen. Troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ----- Edit: Upon further troubleshooting I changed the compactability to windows 7 and apparently it is running fine. Link To picture Resolved.
  24. Executor? Lol
  25. Priest C Scarf Set = 3.5ktoks or Purple Emp GSbSet+LbulletSet = SinxC(ring/scarf) [Odex] +?
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