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  2. Hello

    Hey just wanted to stop by, Been many years since I've played Ragnarok and look forward to becoming apart of this community. I use to play on a few servers such as dreamer ro where i was a mod, Zen-ro reaching head GM and normal kRO. Hope to meet you all in game and join you all in WoE.. Peace. SBE
  3. Sinx DA and Bijou's

    Lend me your power Lol 😂
  4. Best Way To Make Tokens?

    best duggeon for get zenny its tha_t08 dropping Stone of Sage (using two card Vesper and Two Kiel d-01). Using two kiel and two vesper you can get 100 000 000z per hour. And for sell item for get Forsaken Tokens its good item of item God. Spiritual Whispers, Hideous and Essence of Hatred its good for sell per good price.
  5. B>Kiel, sniper sb

    Comment on post
  6. Yesterday
  7. Regarding the Settings menu and the Shortcut Bar (F12)

    Hey, What you are asking for is a renewal feature. We are prerenewal. You can modify all these outside of the game by double clicking "setup.exe" Macros are allowed as long as they aren't used for AFK farming.
  8. Some questions to ask newbie

    if u press F12 2 times + 1 it will show u the 3rd row haahhaha if u are use /bm, the first row will be the F1>F2> etc, the second row will be Q>W>etc, the third row will be A>S>etc
  9. Dragonist Armor and Dragon's Fury

    for that u need to ask the the maker, but basically for making dragon armor u need 3 times raiding, and with raiding u will get famous point, and with famous point u will automatically CAN (because u turn on of off) the dragon fury (but only for the character that u are raiding with)
  10. Influence members

    wow gurkak u are that old ??? hahha never know that ... hahaha
  11. Good day! I need some help with regards to the Settings Menu (Esc Button) and the Shortcut Bar (F12) First, it seems that there are missing options in the Settings Menu (Esc Button). I want to adjust/modify all of my settings (Video, Resolution, Sound; especially to turn off the effects of the skill casts since it's causing some sort of delay on my end even though I have a borderline high-end PC). Second, it seems that you cannot expand the shortcut bars to show all three tabs. Also, I want to know tips on how to macro skills/items in t he shortcut bar (if it's allowed on this server). Your response is highly appreciated. ^w^
  12. Feeling The Game Is Unfair? Well...

    haha nice sharing man ... yeah some one is will feel that is unfair but yeah ... all the game will have that feel ... even for me who have been play more than 1 year, if im not wrong ... im not even get to thana room ONCE hahaha .... T^T
  13. Sinx DA and Bijou's

    FEEEL THE POWER BRO !!!!! hahahahha
  14. Best Way To Make Tokens?

    what do u mean with npc trader in tokens? its the left down building in the city (go 25)
  15. Just want some tips and advice.

    Well there are several things u can do : 1. ask some one to give chen card to u hahahh (ver very lazy guys) 2. ask some one to hunt it to u with price 3. like the @Ableton said u can do that 4. if im not mistake i think instead of sniper ... acid give more 5. well have use to hunt mvp in there in my back past, but if im not wrong to remember (correct me when im wrong) instead of wind arrow, use immaterial arrow, if dont have the L.Arrow, i think ordinary should do fine. however this immaterial cant kill stalker in there, for that u need to have ghost arrow. and for hunt there u need at least Silver Kiel, and GR + TGK at lease Silver TGK ... u can use 2 silver FBH and 2 pouring card ( i think pouring is adding FAS damage) and have either gtb shield 6. well if u lucky to found me, u can ask my chen card hahaha i can give it free to u ... when i have it ^^7 hope that can help u guys ^^7
  16. Searching for a guild!

    well it depend on what u want in the guild, some for woe some for raid and farm, but i think all of them was can teach their member decently ...
  17. well it depend on what guild u want to join then ... basically u can choose from the castle flag or just go to underdog guild ... both was good guild i think ... and with ur experience and donating, i think there will be no one who will not accept u hahaha
  18. hahahah coba cari Fykka atau c Julia ... Kalo Fykka >> IGN Fykka >>> kl Julia c >> IGN Hatsune<3Miku or Soul<3Matcha
  19. OtenHammer Build

    if i could answer with ur guys question, its just because the Guardian Ring, well yeah WS is traditional was Melee job, but due to the effect of the ring, that have additional damage on the skill Napalm Vulcan, so ppl trade it with int job and based on my experience, WS was one of class which are can take some damage, so BOOM u got slightly tanky job which OP damage ... ^^b ... sorry for the maker of this post to answer some ppl ... hope this can help them ^^7
  20. Last week
  21. Newbie here :3

    Welcome to fRO! ;)
  22. Newbie here :3

    I'm at go @7. IGN: Guillotine Cross Mask
  23. unban

    Hi, Please File a Ticket.
  24. Newbie here :3

    Naah he's a friendly guy :D . U can ask anyone in that town for help too :) Or find me. I'm online now
  25. Newbie here :3

    Is that an NPC? If yes, what are his exact coordinates?
  26. April 2018: Bunny DAY!

    Moon Chasing : Day 18th "As I was trying to chase that one Domovoi to steal its chocolates, I got lost and tired. I decided to rest under some tree. Upon awake I realized I'm not at the place I was before and now I got chased by these evil looking rabbits. Don't wanna kill it. Might be moi relatives that hates me :D . Luckily I found a ship to get away with. Sorry Rabbits but I need to find my way back to the cute moi!"
  27. Newbie here :3

    welcome to forsaken ro
  28. Long time play FRO

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