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  2. Legendary Gauntlet Quest

    talk to the king
  3. Today
  4. cant open game

    I already stated how to fix it.
  5. Frigg's Shield Quest bug. HELP

    You either skipped a step, or are missing items.
  6. Legendary Gauntlet Quest

    You can loot muscovite in gl_cas02 mob name ogretooth i guess.
  7. about macro's

    Yes, exactly. Macros from gaming gears are basically just macro, just shortcuts for keystrokes. But macros from programs, they can act as "bots" or any auto blah blah, which is obviously illegal.
  8. cant open game

    I have the same problem i cant open the game when i open it and very small screen. What should i do? Please answer..
  9. S/T

    S/T>Stalker B Bat Scarf+Tok=GS B/G Set S/T>Lokis [R] = Freyrs [R]
  10. about macro's

    Because macro from 3rd party program.. can be programmed into way more different usage compare to gaming gears macro.... gaming's gear macro are straight forward ... u can only spam thats all meaning u could program it to use seed non stop or when u are clicking ur seed keys .. but a 3rd party macro .. u could program it into auto seed / auto aim / auto spam.... as in you dont even need to care ur seed button... if will press seed only when u get damaged and also no matter where that people hide and emerge u will hit him the instance he arrive near u ...
  11. How do I retrieve lost account

    I got it back now. Thanks :D
  12. about macro's

    why is it not allowed sir? i think its the same both are macro's :)
  13. Yesterday
  14. about macro's

    Macro from keyboard is definitely okay, That's what they are made of. But 3rd party program macros such as AHK/ETC, are not allowed. Also, Even if it gets illegal how can you get a proof that guy using his keyboard to macro? (Maybe he just have 20 fingers and stuff XD )
  15. How do I retrieve lost account

    What infos? Your ID and password? Try checkin on your email, or file a ticket regarding this, or try to skype genesis. PS: Fykka is still around.
  16. about macro's

    You are right, but if a player uses macro from gaming keyboards and mouse, the server, and us, ordinary players cannot do something about it since game guards cannot block it (as far as i know). They invest on gaming gears, so i think they deserve a little advantage anyway. Unless that macro is from 3rd party programs (which is illegal), the gepard will block it, well, mostly. If some programs can bypass gepard, then gepard must upgrade. Macro from gaming keyboards and mouse = legal Macro from programs = illegal
  17. about macro's

    Wait is Macro legal here?
  18. How do I retrieve lost account

    Hello ! I was a player in this server way back early 2016. I was not known, I was still a newbie back then. I was trying to log in last week but I forgot all my infos. My IGN was Baemax The Pally(Paladin), Alyssa Siegrid(Bio), Psylocke (Sinx) I forgot the whole name. I only had small group of friends. (Fykka, iScream*). As far as I know they all quitted. I tried WoEing with Super Sunday 1 time. Now, where can I retrieve my old infos? It'll be a drag to make a new account and start off from scratch. Thank You <3 .
  19. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    add me at https://facebook.com/GM.Danger/ and will try help you
  20. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    Hi Danger, thank you for the suggestion. I have tried the above method and it did not solve my problem...
  21. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    Hello please check this post: https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/32736-english-technical-support-tutorial/#whitescreenfixoldwin
  22. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    I can't even click to change resolution.
  23. Help! Can't start FRO!!

    Hi guys, this is my first time playing FRO. I have installed the game however when I try to enter using Fkenro or the Patcher, this happens to me. Any solution?
  24. about macro's

    but still macro should not be allowed .. coz i think people with macro can gain advantage for fast spamming during PvP esp. @ Pvp room
  25. about macro's

    This is one of the problems kids are having nowadays. When we pvp/gvg/br etc.. you need to atleast have these three: 1. Skills / knowledge 2. Gears 3. Very good internet connection If you lack any of these three, dont do blaming games. "Oh. I lag". "Oh you cheating."
  26. about macro's

    Gepard shield doesn't allow any injections into the client. Therefore, there would be no way to autoseed as autoseeders detect your HP before seeding. The most you could do with a macro is program it to press a key every second or so. Meaning, you would use a seed every second. This is an incredibly wasteful and inefficient way of using seeds. In fact, it would more than likely result in you running out of seeds before your opponent. Players think they are better than they really are, which is why they start this rumors. If I die it's because of lag. If they kill me it is because they are cheating.
  27. Last week
  28. Frigg's Shield Quest bug. HELP

    Need help for the bug in an NPC my character can't click King of Insects even if my alt. character can click it. It doesn't show any conversation. I can't finish the quest for Frigg's Shield. Is this some kind of bug or what? Need answer tho. I already finish the quest in izlude. Why is that.
  29. about macro's

    Im not complaining . I just wanna discuss and learn .. thats why i posted it here . and i dnt want to accuse someone :) IGN: JC
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