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    -1 should be buffed even more
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    Hello there! I am here again. :3 I already found the list of the quests through the wiki. But as I dive deeper into the forums, I found out that some of them are now obsolete (the quest were already removed). Can someone give me a link/links of the updated quests, espcially the Storyline and the Items quest? Your help would be much appreciated. <3
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    Moon Chasing : Day 18th "As I was trying to chase that one Domovoi to steal its chocolates, I got lost and tired. I decided to rest under some tree. Upon awake I realized I'm not at the place I was before and now I got chased by these evil looking rabbits. Don't wanna kill it. Might be moi relatives that hates me :D . Luckily I found a ship to get away with. Sorry Rabbits but I need to find my way back to the cute moi!"
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    Week 486 (04/06/18) - (04/13/18) #1 Chicks Dig My Axe #2 Brianology #3 A random faggot
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    KEEP CALM Because You're Not Too Old For An Easter Egg Hunt Easter tastes better than Halloween, and you don't have to ring a lot of doorbells.
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    i agree its for sure a bit over powered
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    +1 couldn't said much, it is OverPowered. Afaik class here shouldn't be 1hit K.O, it's not like 1ps game that can be headshots by a certain job. So ye ! Nerf it a bit
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    PvP ladder rules will be changed to the following: 1st offense ladder cheating offense: Permanent ladder ban + 1 week account ban2nd offense ladder cheating offense: Account/IP ban (Permanent) This changes will be applied after next friday's pvp ladder reset (04/07/2018).
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    ¿Todavía sabes tu nombre de usuario y contraseña?
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    completing this quest you'll obtain Legendary Gauntlet of your choice Please take a note that you have to be Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Legendary Mix Gauntlet A: Str/Agi/Vit +15. Legendary Mix Gauntlet B: Int/Dex/Luk +15. Legendary Strength Gauntlets: Str +35. Legendary Dexterity Gauntlets: Dex +35. Legendary Intelligence Gauntlets: Int +35. Legendary Vitality Gauntlets: Vit +35. Legendary Agility Gauntlets: Agi +35. Legendary Luck Gauntlets: Luk +35. Item Requirements 700 Iron (998) 600 Bloody Rune (7563) 200 Crest Piece 1 (7356) 100 Phracon (1010) 1 Muscovite (7292)