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    Many of these coords are just for location reference, some maps are unwarpable so you'll have to explore. Please note that you have to need finish Cursed Ring Quest to be able to do this quest! Step 1 Talk to ship in mosk_fild02 203 54 Step 2 Talk to Aegir's Serving Girl Step 3 Talk to Skadi Step 4 Talk to Sigyn to start quest and bring alfheim materials : 1,000 Angelic Magic Powder for_map67 5 Spirit of Alfheim you get from Lord Ealdun quest 700 Bomb Mushroom Spore for_map67 10 Puri Potion chance to get from treasure plant in woods of alfheim raid 5 Raffelcino made from Eitri quest 700 Whire Raffle Sap for_map67 10 ASPD Poton chance to get from treasure plant in woods of alfheim raid 10 Hwerlgimer’s Tonic chance to get from treasure plant in woods of alfheim raid 800 Essential Oil for_map67 Step 5 Talk to Chat Bubble - pay_fild05 182 182 Step 6 Walk through the forest going Up , talk to Chat Bubble Step 7 Talk to Ruvyn in the middle - You need to pay 100m Step 8 Enter East Portal Step 9 Enter South East Portal Step 10 Enter North East Portal to enter Alfheim Step 11 Talk to Oriel to start Alfheim Raid Step 12 Talk to Eitri inside Alfheim to make Raffelcino Potion 1,000 White Powder ra_fild08 1,000 Wind of Verdure yuno_fild09 600 Yellow Powder ra_fild08 600 Wing of Dragonfly tur_dun01 300 Yaga’s Pestle mosk_dun03 5 Million Zeny Step 13 Enter Portal near Castle and walk straight up enter another portal Step 14 Walk straight Up, look for Lord Ealdun to make Spirit of Alfheim 500 Ancient Tooth bra_dun01 500 Cendrawasih Feather for_map67 500 Cloud Crumb gon_dun03 400 Elder Branch spl_fild02 400 Heart of Mermaid bra_dun02 10 Rose Quartz gl_prison1 Step 15 Once you got all materials, Go back to Sigyn and she'll ask you to go to Jotunheim Step 16 Talk to Chat Bubble - ra_fild01 49 139 Step 17 Go West and talk to Masked Stranger Step 18 Enter portal North West to reach Jotunheim Step 19 Talk to Bryja somewhere in the middle Step 20 Enter South Portal Step 21 Enter North Portal Step 22 Enter East Portal Step 23 Enter South Portal Step 24 Enter South Portal Step 25 Enter North Portal to reach Utgard Step 26 Talk to Hyrrokin to start Solo Room and kill all Thrym's Guard and talk to her again afterwards Step 27 Enter East Portal Step 28 Talk to Thrym in the Middle and he will ask you to get some materials: 400 Ymir’s Heart Piece formap43 400 Armlet of Obedience formap27 400 Orc Trophy formap43 400 Orcish Voucher formap27 400 Oath of Fealty formap43 Step 29 Talk to Thrym's Guard behind him to start Jotunheim Endless Tower Raid Step 30 At the end of the raid, Talk to Angrboda and she will ask you different set of materials Step 31 Talk to Angrboda and give the quest materials: 1,000 Blood Thirst lhz_dun04 1,000 Blood of Wolf moc_fild03 5 Essence of Hatred formap81 5 Hideous Dream prt_maze03 250 Shadow Orb gef_dun03 200 Ashes of Darkness 4 Dusk Glow Step 32 Go back to Sigyn and she will ask you to go to Muspellheim Step 33 Talk to Chat Bubble - juperos_01 174 143 Step 34 Go South talk to Chat Bubble Step 35 Enter North East Portal to reach Muspellheim Step 36 Talk to Thrasir Step 37 Talk to Fire Pit to start Raid Step 38 After Fire Pit Raid, talk to Surtr. He will ask you to go to Svartalf Step 39 Talk to Chat Bubble - hu_fild05 195 210 Step 40 Talk to Chat Bubble Step 41 Talk to Chat Bubble Step 42 Talk to Chat Bubble Step 43 Enter East Portal Step 44 Talk to Alfonzo the Camel, pay 1m per entry Step 45 Talk to Aminah Step 46 Enter South Portal Step 47 Talk to Haidar to start Underground Mine raid and he will ask you materials to give to Dvallin later on: 25 Purified Eluminium 25 Gold Ore 25 Mythril Ore 25 Silver Ore 100 High Density Bradium 100 Bradium Fragments 15 Giant Bradium Fragments Step 48 At the end of Underground Mine Raid, talk to Khalid choose 2nd option to go to Nidavilir *Look on the map for the position of Khalid Step 49 Go East and talk to Dvallin Step 50 Enter East Portal Step 51 Enter West Portal to reach Nidavilir Step 52 Go into the City and Enter Portal Step 53 Talk to Berling, he will ask you to bring some materials to make the sword: 20 Ymir’s Bone Fragments formap60 1 Heart of Ymir formap60 1 Anvil of Velund drops from mvp of underground raid 500 Crystal Fragment ein_dun02 500 Ancient Rune formap60 300m Zeny Step 54 Go back to Fire Pit Raid to talk to Surtr and give the sword Step 55 Report back to Sigyn and she will upgrade your accesorry to Cursed Accessories There are two options you can choose: Donation or non-donation Please make sure to choose carefully! View the stats
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    how to handle the pressure of being viral? lolol
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    Holidays Happy Holidays to everyone in Forsaken RO! This year went on a roller coaster experience and let's hope in having yet another great year to come. Let's all celebrate a joyous holidays with our friends, friends in-game and families. IGN: Pocoyog Image Link: https://imgur.com/HJ7sJLN PS: The plan was originally to have a screenshot with my friends in-game but they're too busy with the holidays. So I did it with my alts and included 3 golden savages as a lucky charm. Also this should look like a Christmas tree but went out just a fair and decent one.
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    #1. Having a baseline price is a good idea as its an easy way for everyone to keep track the average prices. But it's a tough job for the GM to keep updated with the market. #2. True. But some players might not really hoarding items, it's just that maybe they aren't that active or temporarily inactive. #3. Sounds good. But i don't see it as a very important feature atm. And we're not sure if it's possible to track all the existing items in game.
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    Special Token Sale Now Happening! For a limited time only, all token purchases in the Tokenshop will receive DOUBLE the amount of tokens! That's right. DOUBLE the tokens. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal before it's gone! Thank you to our community who suggested this.
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    No server is perfect and every server has their own good and bad stuff. But of all the servers around, you are here! We are here!! Mind sharing with us what do you like about our server, our beloved fRO? Please be specific and set aside negative stuff, let's spread positive vibes. Yay!! Here's mine: 1. Pre-renewal - Tho renewal is awesome, I still personally prefer the classic pre-renewal atmosphere. 2. No-wings-please. Huehue. - I'm never a fan of wings. Yes we got some useful wings around for different purposes and utilities but they aren't the "major set". Unlike other servers, wings are like important part of any major set. Eew. 3. Rings - OMG! This is a piece of awesomeness, who the hell invented those rings, kudos to you! I will always prefer the classic B/C/G rings over any other variant. 4. Sick expansions - Fate of the Gods, Order of the Dragon, Age of Wolves. Another OMG! 5. Asura Priest - One of my favorite class is High Priest, and pairing them with the grim reaper looking Strike Eagle weapon and throwin in random asura during fight, Oh man. Just pure awesomenesssss. So what's yours? Come share them with us!
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    1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speakin' of course) -Loyal, Fun (tends to be a bit childish), and Positive. 2. Can you tell us a little about yer favourite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? -Watching TV Series and Anime, reading manga, WATCHING CARTOONS! 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? -Okay this is blurry cuz I haven't been keeping track but I'd say since 2008? or would probably be 2009? Somewhere around there. Me and my friends would play RO after school. 4. What is it that drives you as a GM and keeps you doing the job you've all been doin' so well? Also, how did you become a GM in the first place. -For the players. Make them have fun with events and help with the updates as much as I can. Also, to help them in whatever way I can possibly do. 5. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listenin' to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort o' music rather than other? -Mostly mellow ones. I like a lil' upbeat music too, it actually depends on the mood, but yeah from time to time I like music that makes you jump. 6. The most important question of 'em all. What's yer favourite type of alcohol, and if ye don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is yer favourite beverage? -MILK! (Will always be milk!) 7. If ye could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? Bishop please don't be sayin' cat or kitten I'm just not buyin' it! -A Snow Owl. (It's my patronus) 8. D'ye happen to have a pet (not in RO of course)? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? (If I had a cat I'd surely call him Sir Fancy Pants the First) -I did had birds before. Sadly, I did not name any of them. 9. What are yer favourite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count /pif -Sherlock Holmes (Obviously), Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Naruto, Shokugeki no Soma, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Keijo (Hip Whip Girl), Steven Universe, Kim Possible, and, a bunch of disney/nickelodeon/pixar/etc. and animes (trust me it's a very long list). Now for the juicy Questions 10. For the sake o' gossip, are ye a single? -As of the moment, no. 11. That's a tough one, have ye ever broken the law!? Don't be worryin' matey I'm not one to judge, breakin' the law is part of a pirate's daily routine anyway. -Never have I ever. (And not planning to, don't want to go to jail) 12. What kind o' student were ye in school? Were ye the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. -Good and geeky type. 13. Have ye ever been so drunk/wasted that ye've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it ye've done? -I don't drink. 14. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharin'? If not... Boooooring. In any case ye can always pass on that one. -I killed a cat once. It was dark and I was frightened by the cat that I kicked it and it fell on some thorny plants in our backyard and was left out in the cold to die. (Is what I'd like to say, but no, we just put him in the fridge to freeze to death) (Again, not true, I don't have any) 15. Who's the GM ye believe would be lookin' the best wearin' a bathing suit? Yup, ye read right. -Artemis, Ebisu, and Dream! 16. And finally!! The last question that I've been burnin' to ask. Would ye dare date a pirate (lad or lass)? Because that's obviously somethin' we've all been askin' ourselves right? -If Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time (a.k.a. Colin O'Donoghue) then sure! Thank you all for yer precious time and let's try to keep the GM Ares's abs talk to a minimum. Sorry for the long post here's a p... Bah screw that! P.S The first GM to answer will be rewarded with a bottle o' rum from my personal stash. Nah I'm lyin' I don't freely share my rum with the authorities, though I'm open to bribery or any other illegal activities that may result in an increase of my current wealth.
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    Hi, Welcome to fRO! Here some useful Guides: Click Don't forget to vote and get free items: Vote here and also don't hesitate to PM me in here or in game if need help. *GM @Ebisu can speak spanish. Good luck! n_n
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    @mrferret all the token bundle in tokenshop have double the ammount already .
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    Great for players that were waiting too long for a BGD match. Agree to this add-on anyway ❤️
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    Agree on this one. Need other rewards to replace the PvPtoks and Dtoks. Since the room is UNUTILIZED, it should b either remove or change the mode. Mostly the main reason. But even newbies are afraid of joining BG. Plus, if you gather all the players online and put them in BG it'll be packaf. But players seem to not care for free PvPToks, Book or Ice Emp. They want to do the harder route. Time is also a main issue for BG. But even if they implemented more BG Time it wont change due to I know who the BG Regulars are. Even I only started about 2-3 months ago and I'm a regular. But we'll see if they want to open BG more and see how it goes. For me personally since its a bit dead I suggest open it 4-5 days a week. From there do a statistic on which time has the most players joining BG. Then open for only those specific times.
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    Since the guardian ring of sniper already enchances blitz beat, traps, arrow shower ❤️ (if added FA into Gring, I think it may too much lmao) Thinking of combine these 2 unique skills to be made a new ring for new hybrid sniper's build ~ ❤️ (High INT, Medium DEX, Low LUK build) Phantasmic Arrow >Launches an arrow of illusion from your bow. It has 150% ATK, and if it hits the enemy, it pushes them back 3 cells. You can use this skill even if you have no Arrows equipped. Falcon Assault >Order your Falcon to attack an enemy with enormous power. Increases the Attack Power of the Falcon attack (based on Blitz Beat of equal LV) by +(150+70*SkillLV)%. Attack Range: 3+(Vulture's Eye LV). FA specific explanation: damage calculates by DEX(not too much), INT(need super-duper high from this. Even higher than trap skill's INT overall), blitz beat max level) ❤️ Can be use with hrist's wing bow(if GM's team gonna implement FA buff into that bow ❤️ ) 1. New ring stat, would be like this XD : INT+(around 70-100), DEX+(around 40-50), Max HP+(around 20-35%) Reduce damage taken from Demihuman by 5% Walking speed +15%, Lv 10 Over weight Increase damage of falcon assault by (around 1000%-3800%) Increase damage of phantasmic arrow by (around 35-60%) [adjustable since its a lv1 skill] Self-cast lv 10 provoke when equipped[extra option] Reduce all skill's after cast delay by (around 5-10%) [Coz FA still have 1s delay even with 3 kiels] Immune all traps skill damage buff% from hrist's wing bow+cursed sniper runes [balancer] 2. New falcon assault type runes (weapon slotted): INT+(around 30-50), DEX+(around 10-20), Max HP+5% Increase damage of falcon assault by (around 100-300%) Increase damage of phantasmic arrow by (around 10-30%) Auto-cast phantasmic arrow when hitted by physical, magical attack by(around 10-20%) [extra option] As a conclusion: FA(forced neutral atrribute, converters were useless, no arrows consume, TG and thanatos won't buff-up this skill too[coz of the iRO original mechanics]) really needs super high INT% to buff up greatly, also the phantasmic arrow(can use converters, no arrows consume, Thanatos would buff this skill alot ❤️ ). This build of sniper can tank/kill a pally :P Extra info for FA: it bypasses pally's def aura+auto guard ❤️ Hope fellow players/snipers and GM's team loves this new ring of sniper's job suggestion ❤️❤️❤️
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    Totally agree with what you have mentioned. Love the capes, and quests(not a fan of the raids but i have tried some of it). My favorite has to be the community, I've been fortunate enough to meet some great people in the server(shoutout DongSquad, and Ruski, love you guys). Disclaimer:i did meet some very toxic players along the way but it's part of the game Also love the selections of headgear, auras, etc, I cannot afford most them but i love seeing them in the server!. Another thing that i like is the selections of Gunslinger weapons since I'm a big fan(obsessed almost) with GS, shoutout developers. God those things are awesome in game!
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    Aloha JayJay! Leaving some heartwarming greetings 😄 Len-uh 👾
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    Thana doesn't just increase damage, it multiplies your damage depending on the target's defense. And it works on all skills/attacks that don't have a fixed damage ratio. Back on topic, I'm already working on gunslinger guardian ring, my opinion is that no cast on tracking is OP, the damage seems VERY high at the moment and the spam rate is ridiculous. But then again, GS is probably the class with the lowest HP among the ranged jobs, and if i'm not mistaken, you are forced to NOT use fsoldier while on this build, am I right? And another thing, G. ring was supposed to be a different build, not an improved full buster, that's why the previous developers (Ares and whoever else) added the cast time until someone found a loophole to made it insta-cast. So the question is, keep the original G. ring effect or the ND G-ring on both rings? I feel like the no-cast one makes people actually play it. So keeping those points in mind, I'll see what I can do about it. I'll most likely make the donation G ring the same or a LITTLE bit weaker than the current non-donation G ring (ONLY IF I FEEL LIKE THE DAMAGE IS INSANE WHEN I TEST IT, AKA this is not confirmed don't spread rumors THANKS.), and the ND-G will become a weaker version of the donation one
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    Kindly remake this (Gunslinger Guardian Ring) it was nerf to make it trash..this item was hard to make..the ND guardian Ring was good enough for real gunslinger guardian.. Renew the guardian Ring in usable..not being trash...i was so expensive to do.. and make it trash... can you fix this (Gunslinger Guardian Ring).. make it usable not trash ITEM... waste ITEM Gunslinger Guardian Ring for this time hahahah... I'm very Thankful in advance... Keep it Strong.
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    There's something I didn't understand because I didn't see it in a single part of this post, is the ring trash? On a serious note, we are working on this.
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    +1 I like the idea... Might revive back my GS for this... Eventho I made it for Farming.
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    1. In terms of damage, i would say Tracking is one of the best single target next to sniper FAS(aoe, FAS is multiple target but its similar somewhat) and Musical Strike(Guardian Ring Build for Clown/Gypsy). At the moment, most Gunslinger have this build because the damage is really high especially with end game items(DA+curse dex+books). 2. My GS personally runs around 190k HP but that because i only have mid tier items. End Game Gunslinger can have around 230-235k HP. 3. Strongest selling point at the moment would be the Tracking build, damage output is quite high(It can get countered with certain builds like redux). High damage at the cost of low HP. That specific build(Tracking) makes people go Gunslinger, Desperado(makes people lag) and Full Buster(spam is trash). Most Gunslinger in game is using the Tracking build. Like any class, GS do have a ton of weaknesses. During WoE, those Gunslinger(President OG, Attempted Murder, Dr. Hart Fartz) can deal those "crazy damage" without x2. With x2 , they can definitely rekt(one shot people with Tracking).
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    Maybe make this no cast to like ND Guardian Ring...The Gunslinger Guardian Ring was trash right now...maybe they fix to make usabale... or change status of this item...it was not hard to get but u cannot use it... and you cannot trade also to other player..because this Ring was trash..
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    This is not something that everyone will agree on due to a lot of players love to lowball when buying and Overpricing when selling. The way I see it we need an NPC to control the market price. 1. Baseline Pricing - The NPC will list certain item and each item you select will tell you the "baseline" price of that specific item. Players will determine whether to decrease, maintain or increase the value of the item but do remember no one likes lowball and overpricing stuff (eg; IF non-Limited Imperial Helm has a baseline price of 500, then players can buy at 450 or sell at 550-600). Having this "baseline" prices will help newbies and veterans players alike to determine the price to sell it on (avoiding price scams from Lowballer Buyers/ OP Sellers). Plus, the GM can change the "baseline" prices whenever they choose to according to demands of the item. 2. How Hoarding Affects The Item Prices - Some players/ guild hoards most of the items which makes them hard to get. Hoarding affects the tokens and item not rotating. This is unhealthy for the game's economy. It's killing the game's market. This is not what we want the game to be. If they continue to do this then we wont get to own any of the items or tokens even if the game is not low on them. 3. Able To Know Total Number Of Item In Game - The NPC will also list out the total items exist in game. This helps to prevent hoarding and OPing the value since the game is not low on that specific item. It wont show who owns the item just the total number of that item exist in game. I really hope that GM will look into this cause this what makes the in game market dead. Hoarders and the unnecessary OP sellers dont understand how marketing works and mostly selfish. They mostly ruin the market by using multiple alternate accounts/ characters to BC the price and spamming them like no tomorrow. If you guys have anything to comment or add please do reply this thread. Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!
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    Would love to c the variants of [male] kafra headband ❤️ Yaoi fujoshi banzaiiiiiiiii XD~ May I add this? Just for male kafra headband variant :3 ? (pubg lv3 helmet rofl)
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    MVP Room Card drop rates are 5% during weekdays and 10% during weekends
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