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    Hey guys, We have implemented the following balance changes to Whitesmith, Taekwon and High Wizard. Heel Drop reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Counter Kick reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Roundhouse reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for Whitesmith Guardian Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for High Wizard Guardian Ring. Crit + 60 for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. 3% chance of auto casting level 5 Vounter Attack when being attacked for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. These preliminary changes are live now (but still under review), but the description has not been updated. It will be updated next patch.
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    INTRODUCTION TO GUNSLINGER Gunslingers are flashy and confident New Age warriors that rely on a wide array of guns and powerful skills to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time to their enemies. Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent. Bored with only target practice in smoggy Einbroch, gunslingers have decided to take up adventuring, like so many from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, in order to live a life of excitement and fame. (Source: iRO Wiki) There are 3 types of Gunslingers in the server: Cursed Gunslingers focuses on mid to close range combat using the skill Desperado dealing high multiple damage in an area. Blessed Gunslingers focuses on ranged attacks using the skill Full Buster dealing high single target bursts to a monster or player. Guardian Gunslingers focuses on the skill Tracking which has a lengthy cast time but deals powerful bursts of damage almost as strong as an asura, at the cost of low HP and vulnerability. Cursed Gunslinger Build (Desperado) -Lets start with Gears and Cards- Headgears: Upper: Any Expa HG, Vote Valk Helm, any Legendary HG, Ship Captains Hat w/ Kiel card and any of these:(Forsaken Soldier Card & Maya Purple Card) Mid: Any Legendary, Vote, Donate or Emperium aura/aurora w/ Kiel card Lower: Gunslinger Vote Cape/Cursed Ring/Drake Jacket/Lovely Ribbon/Slayer Scarf w/ Kiel card Weapons: Legendary Gunslinger Revolver/Vali's Destroyer w/(2x Turtle General, Samurai Spectre/Thanatos, Randgris) (Feel free to test your own card combo) Armors: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ Tao Gunka and Ghostring cards Cloaks: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ Raydric and Skoll cards and 2x Raydric cards for switching Boots: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram cards Shields: Forsaken Knight/King, Vote King or Friggs King w/ Usakoring and a Golden Thief Bug for switching Accessories: 2x Dex Gaunts/Belts or Freyr's Gauntlets w/ Dex runes -Stats- STR: Put the rest here to carry seeds AGI: Until aspd is 195 VIT: Around more than 200k + HP INT: 1(You can add some if you think you eat too much seeds) DEX: 280-300 LUK: 1 (Note: Feel free to play and balance your stats between VIT and STR) -Tips & Application- During WoE, you'd want to be in a spot where its crowded like the Emperium area or Emp room entrance to spam Desperado GvG/BR or PVP in general tests your skills. So you'd want to practice fighting using Charge attack, since capes/rings have the skill as a bonus, to push them away from enemy pallies to Desperado away The skill Disarm is also advantageous if the enemy doesn't have FCP on them. Strip them of their weapon and finish them off Blessed Gunslinger Build (Full Buster) -Gears and Cards- Headgears: Upper: Any Expa HG, Vote Valk Helm, any Legendary HG, Ship Captains Hat(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) w/ Kiel card and any of these:(Forsaken Soldier Card & Maya Purple Card) Mid: Any Legendary, Vote, Donate or Emperium aura/aurora w/ Kiel card Lower: Gunslinger Vote Cape/Blessed Ring/Drake Jacket/Lovely Ribbon/Slayer Scarf w/ Kiel card Weapons: Eisa's Ember w/(2x Turtle General, Samurai Spectre/Thanatos, Randgris/Skeleton Worker) (Feel free to test your own card combo) Armors: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ Tao Gunka and Ghostring cards Cloaks: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ Raydric and Skoll cards and 2x Raydric cards for switching Boots: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram cards Shields: Forsaken Knight/King, Vote King or Friggs King w/ Usakoring and a Golden Thief Bug for switching Accessories: 2x Dex Gaunts/Belts or Freyr's Gauntlets w/ Dex runes -Stats- STR: Put the rest here to carry seeds AGI: Until aspd is 195 VIT: Around more than 200k + HP INT: 30-50(Full Buster eats seeds like there's no tomorrow. So you might want to add abit more INT) DEX: 280-300 LUK: 1(Need to confirm if Full Buster damage is affected by this stat) -Tips & Application- During WoE, You'd want to keep your distance. The best thing about this class is that you can hit enemies at maximum range using Full Buster Though Full Buster has a high damage output, it can be easily countered. so don't expect it to always be effective. The Skill Dust is Melee so it can penetrate pneuma and push back the enemy. You can also use Charge attack to push them out. In team fights, use Spread attack to whittle the enemy team's HP as support damage, though its damage is not the same as full buster, it is effective in its own way in terms of crowd control Guardian Gunslinger Build (Tracking) -Gears and Cards- Headgears: Upper: Any +10 Vote/Expansion Hat or +10 Ship Captain's Hat w/ Katheryne Keyron Cards Mid: Any legendary, vote, donate, Emperium aura/aurora w/ Tower Keeper Card Lower: Gunslinger Guardian Ring/Drake Jacket/Lovely Ribbon/Slayer Scarf w/Katheryne Keyron Card (Or Fsold) Weapon: Nari's Harbinger w/(2 TG, Samurai Spectre, Skeleton Worker) (Feel free to test your own card combo) Armors: 2 Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ Tao Gunka with Ghostring card and 2 Orc Lord cards Cloaks: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ Raydric/Skoll with Sinx Card Boots: Forsaken Knight/King or Vote King w/ 2 Fallen Bishop Hibram Cards Shields: Forsaken Knight/King, Vote King or Friggs King with Usakoring/GTB Accessories: 2x Freyr's Gauntlets w/ Berzebub Cards or 1 Berzebub card and 1 Phen Card -Stats- STR: until 4500+ weight AGI: Until aspd is 195 VIT: Put the rest here (Should be around 180+) INT: 1 DEX: 280-300 (Divisible by 10) LUK: 1 -SPECIAL NOTES- GS Guardian is considered as a "Glass Cannon". It has a very powerful attack but at the cost of survivability, thus it's very low HP. GS Guardian is very soft due to the new rifle's description(Receive more damage from demihuman by 35%), so you have to rely on being hidden most of the time and ensure you have a paladin for devo. The reason why I use 2 OL on my armor is because I wont be able to survive asuras, I might as well take the champ down with me. -Tips & Application- During Woe times, remove your rifle when walking to the emp so you will receive less damage. (Try getting a L. Revolver or Valis so you can get the HP % bonus) The wide gaps in the maps are your best friend, Hit melee type chars far away and try to whittle their HP as your allies try to kill the enemy. Stay away from ranged enemies. at best you'd want to avoid them. Especially Blessed Gunslingers. After casting tracking, spam piercing shot to try and ensure the kill. This only works on classes with a low HP pool. Get a personal pally with you at all times when PVP-ing. -Additional Notes- This is optional (Though I am against this and see other GS do it) but if you want a more stealthy gameplay, you can use sinx card and max out your distance and use Full Buster to feel like a sniper assassin or pop out next to your opponent and Desperado the hell out of em. Though for Tracking type GS, Cloaking is your best friend and can help you survive even just a little bit. Save up activity tokens for a Ship Captain Hat[1](200 atoks)(20% to physical and ranged attack) and Macho Sunglasses[1](300 atoks)(Enables use of lvl 5 Falcon Eyes) Thus ends my guide Hit me up if you see me in-game Let me know if I missed anything Credits: [GM]Ares for giving me the opportunity to make a GS guide(even though it was reaaally late) Aerofox for letting me test on him ey b0ss denks Kack for a few insights on the job
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    This suggestion only popped up because Warsong lost BR and when they had ONE player left, the server disconnected, then during the re-host in BR (2 LKs vs 1 pally) he wasnt even reflecting so the GM ended the event. End of the story. Instead of suggesting things that make no sense and only benefit your guild, I think what needs a real fix is the PvP Ladder, that has been dominated by Warsong by the idea of "friends with intent to kill each other" (basically feeding in the down low). PvP Ladder rules need to be reworked, not BR/GVG criteria.
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    -YatoSL's Soul Linker Guide- Since there is no guide for SL, I thought, why not make one? It's my first time to make a guide so please if there are any mistakes or concerns please let me know. I'll be teaching the basic card and stat builds for PvE/MvP for those who want to try. What is a Soul Linker? Soul Linkers give up the ways of TaeKwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. Calling upon the power of their ancestors, they can use various Spirit Link skills to enhance the abilities of other players as well as use fancy looking offensive and defensive magic. Soul Linkers, despite their base being a melee class, are magic casters. Compared to Wizards and Sages, their spells are severely limited on what they can be used on, however, thanks to Mild Wind they can use powerful Holy, Ghost, and Shadow magic attacks, something that Wizards & Sages don't have. Depending on their skill build they must sacrifice something in one aspect or the other of the game, limiting them to only PvE and PVP They have relatively low HP, but better SP than average. Despite the high SP pool, their spells cost a lot of SP, so INT is often a high priority. On the other hand, many skills do not have extensive cast times (usually at higher levels), resulting in a lower need for DEX compared to other magic-using classes. A unique thing about Soul Linkers is that they are naturally immune to Dispell. (Source:iRO wiki) -Lets Start with stats- MvP/PvE (Note: You can play around with your Vit and Str if you think it is needed. I'm posting the Build I have.) Str: 80 to carry them seeds Agi: ASPD doesn't have to be 195. I set mine at 192 so I can alot stat points to others Vit: 20 Don't worry about having low HP because you will have def and Ka- skills to save you (Regarding the stuns, I don't really mind them since SL is tough enough to survive. This is just a personal choice. Up to you if you want higher vit to be immune to stuns) Int: 300 (To get the full damage of your Esma) Dex: Total 150 since no cast is fixed in this server Luk: 1 unless you gonna break an emp :th_heh: PvP Str: Put the leftovers here to carry them seeds Agi: 195 for the spam Vit: around 110 - 120 Int: Around 270(to place more stat points on vit Dex: Total 150 for no cast Luk: 1 you really wanna break that emp huh? :th_heh: -Gears and Cards- Fknight/Fking/VoteKing will do :D MvP/PvE Build (+10 your gears for def) Headgears: Valk Helm or Expa Hat, Any Legandary Aura, and Balloon, Rucksack, Vote Cape or Curse Ring with 3 kiels and High Wiz Card Armors: Hatii/Ktullanux/Puppetring and High Priest Card and if possible Hardrock Mammoth Card Weapon: Get a Legendary Soul Linker Staff and put 4 Kingrings :th_no1: Shield: Fknight/Fking/VoteKing with GTB Cloak: 2 Deviling, 2 Raydric and 1 Deviling/Raydric + Hollowring Boots: 2 Fallen Bishop Hibram cards Accessories: 2 Int Gaunts/Belts or Urds with Int Runes if you have -Skills- -All the links so you can support your friends or party -Warm Wind make sure you get 1 of each element in your hot key bar cause this will be very useful to you -Tumbling 20% chance of dodging an enemy ranged physical or magic attacks Ka- Skills (Buffs) -Kaizel When you die, you are immidiately resurrected with a 2 second Kyrie Eleison Buff -Kaahi While this buff lasts, every time you are successfully attacked (skill attacks are not affected), it takes 5*SkillLV SP and heals 200*SkillLV HP. If you receive many attacks in a short time, the skill heal you for the total of the attacks (up to the heal limit) -Kaupe Allows you to absolutely evade an enemy attack. For AoE attacks, first hit is avoided -Kaite Reflects all offensive magic except status magic (i.e Stone Curse) Es-Skills (Offensive Skills) (Note: You need to use Estin/Estun/Eske before you can use Esma) "Es" type magic can only be used on monsters. If it is used on a player character, nothing happens and the caster will be stunned for 0.5 sec -Estin Magical skill that attacks only Small monsters. The affected monster is pushed back by 2 cells. When this is used on monsters that are not Small, it will do nearly no damage, but it will push them back. -Estun Magical skill that attacks only Medium monsters. The affected monster is stunned for 2 sec. When this is used on Small monsters it won't stun them, but it will do full damage. -Eske Increases monster's ATK by +300%, but halves their DEF. -Esma Strong Magic attack that changes its element depending on Warm Wind. This skill can also be used (within 3 seconds) after casting any kind of "Spirit"-type buffs. PvP Build (Disclaimer: SL has a low HP pool. Use at your own discretion) Bolts and Stave Crasher are your primary offensive skills here. Spam them hard and remember to switch when needed Headgear: Valk Helm or Expa Hat, Any Legandary Aura, and Balloon, Rucksack, Vote Cape or Curse Ring with 3 kiels with Maya P. or Fsold. If you have Necromancer Hood/Kafra Hairband(obtainable from etoks in token trader) It will boost your damage. Armors: GR/TGK and/or Double TGK (Personally I use 2 TGK because of the low HP pool. Please support my plea here Weapon: 3 L.SL Staff/SL Highness one with 4 kingrings and the other 2 Double TG, Inca/Thana, and Phreeoni for Stave Crasher Shield: Usakoring. No need GTB because of Kaite. just spam Kaite to reflect the magic damage Cloak: If you're using 2 TGK, use double Raydric Boots: 2 FBH cards Accessories: 2 Int Belts/Gaunts or 2 Urds with Siroma/Imp card -Final Notes- -Always check if your Kaizel is up because it'll be a huge help. -It is always good to check what element is best against the boss you're fighting with -Practice and get the right rhythm when spaming Estun and Esma because it will be very tiring if you keep spamming like bolts. :th_ok: Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Please tell me if there's anything else I should add to make this guide useful for everyone in fRO. :th_thx: Credits to XenoSL for introducing me to SL Ohki for the raid guide. It gave me Ideas for this guide I'll be posting Raid guides for SL when I get enough information :th_sry:
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    Hello, Did you validate the account via email? (If you didn't do it, do it now) If you still have the same problem file a ticket (Clik ->Here) I'll close this.
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    Because it increases damage on demihumans and angel by 50% (?
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    1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speakin' of course) Hunting, Nature, Freedom 2. Can you tell us a little about yer favourite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? Go for adventures with my friends! Video games, Watch movies/series, Draw 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? I started playing 7-8 years ago. My friends asked me to play with them (Friends: Is a pvp game , Me: Pvp !! Let's play it!!) 4. What is it that drives you as a GM and keeps you doing the job you've all been doin' so well? Also, how did you become a GM in the first place. Im still new in the team, But my motivation is help new people, host events, talk to the people and have a fun time ! 5. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listenin' to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort o' music rather than other? I usally listen a little of everything like: Retro music, Classic music, Video game music ( Ost like zelda, undertale), Kpop (Rookie, Blackpink - playing with fire <3) 6. The most important question of 'em all. What's yer favourite type of alcohol, and if ye don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is yer favourite beverage? No alcohol for me :/ favourite beverage : Orange juice !! 7. If ye could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? Bishop please don't be sayin' cat or kitten I'm just not buyin' it! I would like to be a bear ( Raaawr?) I like to sleep 8. D'ye happen to have a pet (not in RO of course)? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? (If I had a cat I'd surely call him Sir Fancy Pants the First) Yup ! i have a dog and it's named firulais 9. What are yer favourite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count /pif Series: Gravity falls, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Arrow, Anime (A lot), Gotham Movies: Kimi no na wa, Totoro <3 Now for the juicy Questions 10. For the sake o' gossip, are ye a single? Yes. 11. That's a tough one, have ye ever broken the law!? Don't be worryin' matey I'm not one to judge, breakin' the law is part of a pirate's daily routine anyway. Nevah ! I try to follow all the rules 12. What kind o' student were ye in school? Were ye the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. Im a lazy person and i like to talk , But I always passed the exams (How? i don't know lol) 13. Have ye ever been so drunk/wasted that ye've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it ye've done? Nop, i don't drunk 14. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharin'? If not... Boooooring. In any case ye can always pass on that one. Yes.... I admit it, I cheat in mario kart D: (Now i'm feel bad) 15. Who's the GM ye believe would be lookin' the best wearin' a bathing suit? Yup, ye read right. Penthesiliea and Ebisu !! 16. And finally!! The last question that I've been burnin' to ask. Would ye dare date a pirate (lad or lass)? Because that's obviously somethin' Yas !! You are a pirate aaaaaaaaarrrrg !!
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    This build is like High-HP, High-Reducs, Anti-Magic, Anti-Thana Build for ALL JOBS I made this Freaking Build for anyone who'd like to earn tokens through WoEs or someother stuff. They said that, characters with this build(well, they're actually talking about my character) was a waste. So i did this Post, also with a purpose. Well currently, i'm using this build with my Clown. This Character didn't took the knight quest yet. so i guess, it'll be better whenever i get it :3 The Stats are Suggestable to be like this: STR : Enough to carry 200+ seeds.(Seeds are way better than Berries for tankers since they have High-HP and also alot weightless) AGI: 1+??(Leave the Agi thing. Unless, you need to spam skills whenever you switch items.) VIT: MAKE IT 300!!! NYAHAHA! idc with the DEF thing >:D there'll be some magic in it :3 INT: 1+??(No matter what, leave it right there :3) DEX: Enough for total of 150 dex for no-cast skills. LUK: The rest Should be put here since FleeRate is still useful tho. XD Note: When you go with a Clown Spammer & Tanker Build, You need first to set your items with the best you have when it comes to spamming. Then you can start setting the Stats. Switching with gears will be easy when you have your BM(BattleMode) 'on'. And the 'TANK thing' goes here: UPPER HG: Well, I have Beret(Which Gives 10%reducs from Demi-humans) but SantaPoringHat(Gives 20%more damage against demi-human, Reduces 15% damage from Demi-human) MIDDLE HG: I only have L.zod XD. but Most Preferably Skull Aura All stats + 20, Reduce damage taken from Holy, Poison, Shadow, and Ghost properties by 10%, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%. Reflect 4% of physical damage taken. A good thing for Tankers :3 Lower HG : I Have LSGW(Legendary Sacred Gold Wing : 8% Reducs with this XD) but You can have through vote : Fluffy Wings | Or buy this thing : Sacred Wing which Gives 10%both. Weapon: You can only have two(2) for tanking. Grimtooth(To reduce the High-Def brought by high-vit and other equips) & Combat Knife ( To further reduce the damage Taken from Players). You can Switch with these 2 weapons whenever they have Thana or not. Armor: Prepare 2armors. one with TGK TGK on it(To MaxOut the HP while decreasing the DEF). and another with MarcTGK on it(Because even with GTB, getting Frozen Still triggers with Frost Joker :3 Shield: Use 2 Forsaken Knight Shields(Why Knight Shield Only? Because Combat Knife Doesn't Stack with the King SHield :3 ). One with usako and another with GTB. Cloak: Prepare 2 Forsaken Knight Cloaks. One with 2ray and another with 2skoll.( You can just Switch Anyways XD) Boots: I prefer FknightBoots with Green Ferus + AmonRa(Green Ferus for Additional Vit and HP and AmonRa for The Additional Stats and Kyrie Eleison) Accessories: Currently, I Only have 2Vit Gaunts, but if you can afford, use 2AShgard's Essence with Vit Runes in it XD(Vit runes give +5Vit and +5% MaxHP) I just Trolled People With this kind of build. Note: ALL OF MY SUGGESTIONS ARE STACKABLE but i don't know with the Skull Aura Since I don't have it Yet XD And I'm Too sure that The SantaPoringHat,SacredWIng,Shield(withUsako)&Combat Knife Stacks. With a Total of 87%reducs, there's a very little chance for players to kill you >:D And i was Thinking about Making a Baby Crusader with this build :3 with the additional 2k stat points, and further 200 stat points from the knight quest, i guess, there'll be a GOD in tanking :3
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    Paladins are useful on Aegirs Raid actually, since there are many strong and many mobs there and can lessen the use of using Yggdrasil seeds. i dont know why they wouldn't want to hire a pally, maybe its because they dont know how useful a pally is when it comes to raids :3 you can actually hire a paladin instead of a priest if your party is experienced enough :)
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    Hi, For you to get Enriched Oridecon/Elunium, @warp for_fild01 236 19 and enter from there, then walk straight up until the last mini-room in the left side, in there you will be able to see a "Mining spot" but you must have "Old pick" first for you to get it.
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    Hi, usually it says that to inform you that the server is on night mode. 2nd, have you tried alt + tab and going back to the client? because I get that a lot too and tabbin works fine.
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    Hi there, I played RO on off/priv Servers long ago and want to start again now. Think I missed most of the new content so I guess I'm kind of noob. Preferably looking for german players if there are any on this server, if not english works quite good as well. Want to play sniper for start.
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    Hey everyone! I'm a pretty old player but due to circumstances, I've lost my account and everything on it! So this is me trying to make my way back into the game. :) I haven't done any Ragnarok Online art, but I am more than willing to try things out with you guys. CONTACT INFORMATION I will probably not be online at the moment due to other personal projects. However, please do try to contact me in-game first @ Zukululu. Please reach me on the ForsakenRO Discord Channel, on the forum, or on Twitch (username will be Zukululuu THAT IS 2 U'S) PRICING INFORMATION For pricing, I followed a pretty standard model that most commission artists work with, and that is the amount of time ( hours ) * 7.25 ( minimum wage ) * 0.10 ( cost of a token in Token Shop ) = price. Please take into consideration that coloring pieces consume the most time. After contacting me with your project and it is accepted, I will give you a quote. A deposit of 1/3 of the price is required before beginning. I am also willing to trade!! Send me a message and we will discuss trade rates. :) For example, if I draw a piece that took 10 hours, that would cost 725 tokens. One adjustment will be allowed per commission. This means I will allow you to ask for one change after I showed you the finished product. Of course, I will provide you progress along the way. I have attached examples of my work. However, don't consider this to be the limit of my abilities, I am more than willing to do any style outside of those shown in the examples. I will accept up to three commissions at a time. I will also notify you when I have begun your project and will complete the task within one week or I will repay your deposit. COMMISSION PROCESS How to Commission: 1. IGN I can contact you on 2. What you would like drawn in detail; colors(eye, hair, skin, cloth, etc.), style(chibi, bust, detailed. Reference pictures of a relative style you may want will help significantly), background, any additions. 3. OPTIONAL: This is not required, but another contact method may speed up the process of completing your project. :)
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    Really isn't a provider in the market that provides what we get, with the support we get, for the price. Which is why all our competitors are also with the same provider. If you are in PH, like the majority of the people complaining here are, there isn't much we can as it isn't an issue on our end. I personally don't face any issues. We will try to come up with a way to warps to be automated for raids in the future and see if there is a better routing option to fix disconnects for players in PH.
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    That's a monster skill called hallucination the effect is making your fps drop because it was meant to be that way to make your character dizzy when attacking a monster. The skill wasn't removed in renewal but the effect that makes fps drop was. The old fashioned way to fix the problem is by turning effects off by typing /effect
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    Hey hey hey, back at it again with dem suggestions but this tiem I already have the spr and act files so maybe if they notice this thread they can just ask yours truly to send noodz... i mean the files. Disclaimer: I don't own the ff, I just manage to stumble upon them since I was a part-time spriter for many servers ages ago. Also, I have the files long long long time ago but the usb containing the files were lost (but now recovered) so yeah, cheers! These may be added as new vote items, donates, quests, etc. The names of some of the HG's are not necessarily their in-game name, I just invented them obviously. Some may be already implemented or has been implemented on the server but that's beyond my knowledge, so I apologize for any of that. OH YEAH ONE MORE THING, I already partly suggested this before but my mates trolled me and deleted all my posts on that thread so it got ruined and I'm lazy af to necro it back. No worries we're not friends anymore. fk them :) Upper HG Full Hollow Mask | Half Hollow Mask | Creampie Mask (Animated) Tails' Hat | Hunter's Cap | Sniper's Cap | Kindergarten Hat | Blue Ship Captain Hat | Magical Rabbit Hat | Desert Turban Creepy Rabbit Hat (Animated) | Claw of Beast (Animated) | Tower Dragon Hat (Animated) | Burning Hat Kitty Mascot | Horse Mascot | Chicken Mascot | Happy Chicken Mascot | Angry Chicken Mascot | Harambe Mascot | Cow Mascot Poseidon Helm | Phoenix Helm | Emperor Helm | Asgard Earwing | Hell Crown | Royal Diadem (Black) | Aqua Guardian Helm Saru Hat | Drooping Doge Hat | Snek Hat (Animated) | Octo Hat | Fishy Cap (Animated} Drooping Husky Hat | Grand Peco Hat | Sleeping Lunatic Hat (Animated) Watermelown Hat | Jakk Hat Santa Goldenring (Animated) | Shining Star (Animated) | Heart Eye Patch | Gelato Hat | Assorted Balloon Hat (Animated) Middle HG Shrine Maiden's Aurora | Cyberpunk Aurora (Animated) Aquatic Aurora (Animated) | Flying Galapago (Animated) Spirit Guide Aurora (Animated) Flying Ring Aurora (Animated) Lower HG Scroll in Mouth | Birdie the Bird Original Custom HG Akatsuki Jacket | Sharingan Aurora (Animated) Would be updating this from time to time so if you like this kind of thread you have something to look forward to. That'll be all for now! :D
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    yeah i think thats fine but i suggest to make it dex flat 300 to get the bonus damage more or leave it at 291 and invest more in vit so you can tank/survive even longer in woe. Either way its your call if you want the damage or hp to go higher.
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    leave luk alone and invest it either on str (to hold more seeds/increase little dmg too) or vit (increase more hp) or int (more spam on fas) and make your dex flat 300 or any that is divisible by 10. feel free to play with your stats and look for your own build :)
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    Hello Guys, Can anyone tell me the guide for whitesmith who use napalm vulcan ? it would be help full if there are fully guide of it, like eqs and cards and stats ^^7 ... Kind regards, ^^7 (hope it will be help for other too)
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    Its not about reinstalling, it is about having the latest all in one, and installing that one. Many people go to Prontera daily, no one has an issue with the latest all-in-one.
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    Have you guys tried re-installing it? And did you download our all-in-one installer to install?
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    If you are using a non forsakenRO, RO base, then that is where it goes wrong. Since FRO is unique in its own package, you will most likely have map files that do not correspond to FROs package. If you haven't already, I advise you to utilise FROs All-in-One Installer. Make sure you update everything (mainly using the Forsaken Patcher) before you launch your game. If you already did these steps, please if possible retry the above steps after a complete removal of previous installation. Make sure you install FRO in a fresh/newly made folder and don't overwrite a current installation, since this most likely can be a cause of problems. Kindly post back with the results.
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    Some of it might be there, some of it might not.
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    This is awesome, please add more items.
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    Moved. Yes, like what he said run your Setup.exe as administrator. Also run your Fkenro.exe as admin.
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    Wrong forum section. This should be in helpdesk Fix it in setup.exe which is in your fRO folder. If it doesn't work, run setup.exe as admin
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    War does not determined who is right. Only those that is left. I say battle it out until only one party is alive within a given time as it is. If not and time runs out, nobody wins. (BW raid for an example, if a party doesn't finish within 60 minutes, everybody gets warped out.) All parties need to redeem their achievement and meet these criteria to earn their victory. If an automated LMS map can identify the LAST MAN STANDING, a GM manually hosting can do so too. Time is money. TIME is life. Everything you do works around TIME. BE TIMELY. Late / Not finishing in time is not an excuse when you know the rules. Consolidate and work on time management. Flush out these kakarot.
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    Sure, because posting your username and password is a great idea and will grant that nobody access your account if ever gets unbanned... NOTE: If you really want to recover the account after this, file a ticket and let's review your case (and let's change the password...)
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    I don't think we even need to add those to the rules since it will always be up to the GM hosting it. Regarding the excessive running; you can't expect a bio for example to STOP and try to hit someone when he is being chased by a lot of people. that rule regarding running was put in place in case there is a 1v1 situation and the other one is just running around. if it is 1vs many, i doubt he can run for so long anyway, so there is no need for a GM to step in and stop it(unless it was pretty obvious that he just doesn't want to fight, again GM decision here) Instead of a draw, just throw dice. GM will /dice, so does the players left. Whoever is closest to the number the GM drew, wins. This stops the other assumption that the GM is siding with a guild if the GM decides to rule out a draw. A fight must not be called off depending on who has FCP. That is just plain wrong. A stalker or a bio that cannot combat FCP shouldn't even be trying to win a pvp event. Vice versa, it does not mean that I would win(as a bio) if everyone does not have FCP. Letting a GM decide on that is not gonna work. Regarding the pally vs lk argument, I have to side with Bass there. There is no way in hell a lone support paladin will win against 2 decent LKs, that's given there. LK has high HP, high enough to absorb whatever reflect the paladin does, and the LK can just use other skills that doesn't reflect(like spiral pierce). It's just a waste of time and a waste of seeds for the paladin. The GM then made the right call.
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    This looks more like a complain nor than a suggestion. You are actually requesting the GMs to change their way of making decisions towards any situation that would come up at a PvP Event. Now this should be discussed by the GMs, not by the players, they make the rules not us. Let it go, its up to their criteria.
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    +1 Player's cant influence on GM's criteria, but thanks for your bright idea!
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    It's up to GM's criteria, you can't pretend to change that with a post.
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    Best option is to make the Legendary Zodiac Aura. It has the same stats and it's easier.
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    You making me laugh, Pain and dedz? those champs who cant kill without full asura and voked/2x themselves? GJ
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    not in specfici order,, but 1. P A I N 2. Brianology 3. DeDZ 4. Boon Nam 5. Tough Player these are the best champs in *PVP*. no question about it. .
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    before gepard or after gepard? HAHAHAHA
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    Welcome back Diana! Let's go for some coke at the Casino.^^
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    Yup, it is tiring but all worth at the end. :D
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    I wonder when they could get implemented. I am really looking forward on to having some of them! Can we include these on the Fate Roulette prize list :D
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    Since I got some time, I decided to make a guide for one of my favorite classes. So let's get to it. Overview Stalker is a fun class to play, with our customs, it has to be one of the strongest classes out there. Strongest not in the sense of damage though(as they have decent damage, but not as high as Sniper), but strongest in terms of versatility. The class got innate escape skills, excellent passive skill, tons of builds to make into and the ability to copy a skill is big. Why Double Strafe Bow Stalker? My reasoning is simple: So that Dispell does not make me useless. Most Stalkers go and copy triple blow and just auto attack like hell. This works well with Ship captain hat, however, once someone uses Dispell, this kind of stalkers get their damage cut by around half, which isn't good, and you cannot always have link to protect your preserved skill. I use double strafe since it was innate for the stalker class, and I just copy a skill that is either for defense, or to compliment my double strafe. I even went to for_fild at times without using preserve, I was able to copy matyr when getting ganged, DSed using immaterial to know if they are not using GR, and if they are not, I hit with matyr. Use your imagination, although since I mained biochemist, my stalker strategy resembles what I do on biochemist. Gear I expect people to have 2x Stalker SB when playing Bow stalker and probably an extra fhelm OR aura for switching purposes. More on that later. Headgear: 2x Fhelm or any 2slotted headgear. Put 1x kiel and maya P on the first one, 1x kiel and fsoldier on the other. Also if you have Ship captain, you can use it too, put kiel card in it. Mid: Any aura you have. I prefer using Skull Aura for Stalker though. Kiel card of course Lower: Cape/Ring, scarf, eidelic wing, avian wing. Anything with a slot, put kiel in it. Since I do not have cape or ring, I use my Eidelic Wing and it does wonders. Weapon: 2x Stalker Sb. one with 3x TG and valk randgris, one with Thana, 2x TG,1x Valk Randgris. Reasoning can be read on my Gunslinger guide but I will repeat it here. This is to eliminate the use of skeleton worker card for the reason that it only works against medium sized monsters(normal players). If you are up against something else, damage will be reduced and I do not like to take that risk. Plus Valk randgris is awesome Shield: have a few. usakoring, gtb, maya. Armor: have a LOT of fking armors. Gr Tao, Rsx Tao, Puppetring Tao, Garm Tao, Evil Druid Tao, Angeling Tao, Tao Tao and if needed, dual OL. Cloak: You should at least have a 2x skoll and 2x Raydric cloak. Now having a 2x pouring cloak for the boost in DS damage is your choice. I use it, or if I am using skull aura, ill probably use 1x skoll 1x pouring and 1x raydric 1x pouring cloaks and have a 2x noxious one the third cloak. Boots: 2x FBH for damage obviously. Acc: personally, I do not have freyr. Although I do not see an immediate need for it, there are things you can invest on more than having a slot on a Dex Acc that you barely put things on. If you do have freyr, put horong card on one, then either the owl baron card or any other stuff you want in it. Seriously, you do not really need a slot on the Acc, it is more of a luxury. Blue ifrit ring is for long fights. I mostly use it against snipers Stats Str: around 50-100, you can put more if you want. I usually have 100+(divisible by 10) Agi: just get 195 aspd, this is barely needed if you go super high dex(make sure you have 195 aspd when using blue ifrit ring and one dex belt) Vit: normally people say whatever is left, I opt to always get around 240k HP at the very least. Int: none, unless you got nowhere to put stuff in OR you can get 30-40 if you get Cursed Ring(more on this later on), or whatever is left after adding vit. Dex: 260-280 base, as always I don't go super high dex because damage isn't everything. Luk: none unless you are a FAS bow stalker, by which case you should just make a sniper. Skills Your main attacking skill is Double Strafe. The reason why I use it is because that leaves you to copy a utility skill that as a stalker, you do not have. Here is a list of commonly copied skills for Stalker. Although I only recommend the top 5 as I use them. 1. Flip Tatami- A skill so broken it should be nerfed. But since no one is doing it yet, abuse using it. This makes literally any long range physical attacker so pissed off at you. The push back when casting it works great too(if you dont like using the hide>sightless mind to get people out of cloak) 2. Charge Attack- get the out of pneuma+pushback with perfect range for your DS. Awesome stuff 3. Flying Side Kick- I never liked this but it does get you close enough to strip. Only use this when you know you can strip. 4. Triple Blow/Raging Trifecta- only if you decide on breaking for WoE. But it does good damage to pvp too, combined with the ship captain hat. 5. Shield Chain- Well this was for fun at first, then I realized how good it is. Use DS with immaterial arrows, when damage get low, use shield chain. 6. Bowling Bash- Works great, but you got Double Strafe for the damage, although this is useful on small maps or WoE. 7. Mammonite- Not that good really, much better to just DS from a distance. 8. Storm Gust- Utility spell to get groups of gangers off you. You don't copy this for the damage, you copy it for the pushback and hopefully, the freeze. 9. Acid Bomb- seriously, you only copy this if you had INT build stalker with HOD, but by then, you are better of with Sacrifice. 10. Sacrifice- good damage IF YOU CAN STRIP OR FORCE A NON-GR armor. With a thana bow and immaterial arrows, pretty easy to do. 11. FAS- Seriously, just make a sniper and be done with it Strategy and Tips Use the class and do not quit on it. Your damage is not super high unless you strip or hit with the thana bow on a non skoll user. You make up with your skills, ability to get out of harm's way and fighting from a distance. You are a long range class, stop going near if you know they have FCP. I go on this class thinking everyone had FCP. So I got to the point where I can fight without stripping, but I keep track of how long I am fighting them. That way, I have an approximate time on when I can strip. And if you strip them, you win(unless it was a pally). I advice on getting Cursed Ring for the heavens drive even though you are not an INT stalker. My reason was, the stats on both the blessed and cursed are not that far. Sure, you get +15% on the blessed ring, if you want it, then do so, I use eidelic wing and with no additional damage increase stat on it, I deal decent damage enough. Cursed ring gives heavens drive, a skill you can use to show up people. And with a copied skill like Flip Tatami, you get 2 skills for support and defense, a great skill on offense(double strafe) and awesome escape skills(backslide, stalk, hide). What more can you want? Although you might need to put a little INT stat to hit people with heavens drive. Ninjas are so funny against you if you had flip tatami copied. So is Sniper I don't advice reducts gear(laughing poopoo and stuff). One, it is a boring build. Two, I am pretty sure it is broken and not intended for anyone to get that high reducts and will probably be fixed in the succeeding updates. Third, they are pretty easy to counter, especially on this build. Just go Garm armor, freeze them, strip or just hit the hell out. They don't deal good damage as well. You can also try and stone them, they only have a maximum of 2 card slots if they go reducts. Rule of the thumb: when fighting people using ship captain, default puppetring armor. Always FCP yourself when fighting seriously. Having a blue ifrit ring does wonders when you know the fight is gonna drag on(LK fights) Have several arrows. Pretty basic What I personally use Well people already know I am the stalker named Disaresta. At the moment, I am using Shield Chain as a copied skill. Reasoning was simple, I am lazy. With shield chain copied, I can spam DS and default immaterial arrows, when the damage gets low, I use Shield chain. Also tested matyr and it was awesome as well, but you need to switch out to your non-thana bow(i recommended 3 TGs and 1 VR) so that matyr can deal full damage. In all honesty, Matyr would be better in most 1 vs 1 situations.