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    Hey guys, In an effort to combat PHPing (the act of seling items for real money) we are putting a bounty on the head of PHPers. We will be giving out up to 500 Tokens to the person that reports a PHPer (once it is confirmed). Of course, we will be needing some sort of proof (facebook,skype,msn,yahoo,aim is fine as long as its concrete). Please file any reports under the new section in the Tokenshop called "PHP Reports." Only Veracity, Justice and I will be able to see these reports and those who report them. Thank you! Jorge
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    Completing this quest you'll obtain a Legendary Weapon for your class. View their effects here. Please note that you have to be a Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Step 1, fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission, you'll have to help better the Forsaken City Library. Bring him: 1 Level 7 Cookbook 1 Old Magicbook 1 Legendary Encyclopedia [2] (dropped by Elder at 10%) 1 Legendary Book of Charms (dropped by Gajomart at 20%) 1 Memory Book [2109] (dropped by Agav at 1%) 1 Torn Magic Book 1 Books on Legendary Weapons (dropped by Isilla) Step 2, fcity 60 163 Then go and talk to the Librarian in Forsaken City's Library and offer to help her obtain some valuable books. Step 3, prt_in 171 51 Go to the Library in Prontera and talk to the Head Librarian. Step 4, prt_in 161 61 Find the Poetic Edda book on the shelf. Step 5, geffen_in 173 104 Talk to the Librarian of Magic in Geffen. Step 6, geffen_in 177 114 Get the Voluspa's Dark Arts book from the shelf. Step 7, lou_in01 41 143 Talk to the Librarian of Fighting in the Louyang library. Step 8, lou_in01 33 148 Get the Sacred Text of Valhalla from the shelf. Step 9, payon_in03 121 125 Talk to the Head Librarian of Payon's Library. Step 10, payon_in03 122 131 Get the Codex Regis from the shelf. Step 11, fcity 60 163 Return to the Forsaken City Librarian and speak with her. Step 12, fcity 117 163 Once you're finished, let the Knight Master know you're finished with your first mission. On your second, you'll need to hunt down a thief who has robbed Forsaken citizens. Step 13, for_fild06 133 335 The thief will be at any one of these three locations at any given time. Keep walking by him until he snickers and disappears... but only after stealing some of your zeny! Step 14, for_fild06 224 226 If the thief is hidden, try going to another location and see if you can find him there. Step 15, for_fild06 240 147 Repeat the previous steps and continue moving near the thief. Continue going back to the different locations and walking near him when he's visible until he challenges you. He's scattered lots of stolen goods which you'll need to return to the Knight Master: 400 Feathers 300 Iron 100 Soft Silks 100 Bags of Grain 100 Coals 50 Delivery Packages (dropped by Alice) 50 Dried Fruit Boxes (dropped by Aliza) 50 Roast Rice Cakes (dropped by Rice Cake Boy) 25 Flavored Alcohol (dropped by Evil Nymph) 25 Bags of Gold Coins (dropped by Goblin MI #1122) 10 Battered Kettles 1 Oridecon Anvil (dropped by Howard Alt-Eisen) Step 16, fcity 117 163 Return to the Knight Master with the stolen items and he'll give you the next part of your mission: compensating the citizens who were robbed. Step 17, fcity 21 138 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 18, fcity 142 64 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 19, fcity 155 183 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 20, fcity 145 121 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 21, fcity 117 163 Return to Forsaken Knight Master and he'll give you the following items when your mission is finished. Bring these to the Forsaken Master Forger: NOTE: This items are given to you by the Forsaken Knight Master, you Don't need to Farm them 1 Oridecon Anvil 100 Coal 300 Iron 1 Books on Legendary Weapons 100,000,000 Zeny Step 22 Part I, fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Master Forger, and he'll ask for the following materials: 300 Burning Hearts 200 Live Coals 15 Enriched Elunium 15 Enriched Oridecon 1 Hammer of Blacksmith Step 23 Part II To proove your worth, you must then return with: 1 Hero's Remain (dropped by Lost Dragon in abyss_02)
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    completing this quest you'll obtain Legendary Gauntlet of your choice Please take a note that you have to be Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Legendary Mix Gauntlet A: Str/Agi/Vit +15. Legendary Mix Gauntlet B: Int/Dex/Luk +15. Legendary Strength Gauntlets: Str +35. Legendary Dexterity Gauntlets: Dex +35. Legendary Intelligence Gauntlets: Int +35. Legendary Vitality Gauntlets: Vit +35. Legendary Agility Gauntlets: Agi +35. Legendary Luck Gauntlets: Luk +35. Item Requirements 700 Iron (998) 600 Bloody Rune (7563) 200 Crest Piece 1 (7356) 100 Phracon (1010) 1 Muscovite (7292)
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    Please note that you have to be a Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Step 1 Choose Odin's side when Loki is trying to trick you. Step 2 Go back to Odin in Asgard and relate to him what happened. Step 3 Talk to Frigg again and leave the castle after speaking to her. Step 4 Talk to the A'esir Goddess. Step 5 Talk to the A'esir God. Step 6 Talk to the A'esir Goddess. Step 7 Talk to the A'esir God. Step 8 Talk to the A'esir Goddess. Step 9 Talk to the A'esir God. Step 10 Talk to the A'esir Goddess and receive the Tears of the A'esir. Step 11 Join the Pious woman on her pilgrimage to Vanaheim. Step 12 Wait on the airplane until you reach Vanaheim and a portal appears. Step 12b Walk through Vanaheim plains until coords 376 49 (lower right) Step 13 Inspect the statue in front of the Vanir's palace and receive a Feeling of Grace. Step 14 Enter the palace and talk to Freyr. Step 15 Talk to Freya and receive the Tears of the Vanir. Step 16 Take a rest under the tree near the stream. Step 17 Continue on into the forest. Step 18 Talk to Paeris and receive Tears of the Lightalfs. Step 19 Enter into the dark cavern. Step 20 Continue into the buildings. Step 21 Go down the dark stairwell. Step 22 Venture into the dark hall. Step 23 Talk to the Svartalfar Dark Alf and receive Tears of the Svartalfs. Step 24 Talk to the Wise Old Man by the river. Step 25 Talk to the Wise Old Man again and receive Tears of Midgard. Step 26 Descend into the darkness to reach Ginnungagap. Step 27 Walk to the cliff's edge and continue. Step 28 Inspect the glowing ice. Step 29 Talk to Sinmara and receive Tears of Nifleheim. Step 30 Return to Ginnungagap and go to another cliff's edge, then continue. Step 31 Enter the portal. Step 32 Talk to Thrasir and receive Tears of Muspellheim. Step 33 Climb the mountains before you. Step 34 Talk to the masked stranger, who will show you the way past the mountains. Step 35 Enter the portal to reach Jotunheim. Step 36 Talk to Thokk, and when she refuses, return to Asgard. Step 37 Inform Frigg of what has happened. Step 38 Talk to the Prophetess Voluspa in Asgard outside the castle. Step 39 Return inside and inform Odin what Voluspa said. Step 40 Return to Jotunheim and find Alsvart. Step 41 Talk to Skadi and give her the following items: 1 Small Snow Flower 1 Odin Armor Piece 1 Loki's Staff 1 Bobbin of Goddess 1 Thor's Gauntlets 1 Sif's Golden Tresses 1 Shoes of Vidar 100,000,000 zeny Step 42 Return to Asgard and find out where the gods are. Step 43 Find a boat to take you to A'egir's Shore. Step 44 Talk to Eldir and bring him the following: 1 A'egir's Golden Key 20 Yggdrasil Berry Tickests 100,000,000 zeny Step 45 Inside the feast hall, talk to Bragi and collect: 1 Distilled Fighting Spirit Step 46 Talk to Vidar and collect: 1000 Broken Liquor Jar Step 47 Talk to Idunn and collect: 10 Silver Knife of Chastity Step 48 Talk to Gefjun and collect: 500 Cursed Ruby Step 49 Talk to Frigg and collect: 1 Mother's Nightmare Step 50 Talk to Freya and collect: 1 Holy Avenger Step 51 Talk to Njoror and collect: 500 Tangled Chains Step 52 Talk to Tyr and collect: 1 Cursed Hand Step 53 Talk to Freyr and collect: 2 Ruber Step 54 Talk to Heimdallr and collect: 1 Hawk Eyes Step 55 Talk to Skadi and collect: 1 Ice Scale Step 56 Talk to Sif and collect: 150 Symbol of Faith Step 57 Leave the party to try to find Loki. Talk to the Fairy outside. Step 58 Try to move the suspiciously placed rock. You'll begin the A'egir's Sumberged Palace raid. This another difficult and custom raid you'll want a party for! Step 59 Once you're done with the raid, find Loki who is hiding nearby disguised as a fish. Step 60 Return to the shore and find Thor who has just arrived. Give him the items that the gods in the feast hall had asked you to collect. Step 61 Talk to Odin, who will give you the Blessed Ring. There are two options you can choose: Donation or non-donation. View the stats of the different Blessed rings. Donation Blessed Ring requires: 1 Infernal Cape of the corresponding class Non-donation Blessed Ring requires: one quest poring, poporing, and drops rucksack each and one quest RAW Please make sure to choose carefully!
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    Hi all, There seems to be a misconception in regards to these two events. Some players believe that just because they make a second (alt) guild or party, these events cannot be canceled, or the prizes reduced. This is not the case. It is up to the hosting GM whether the event is canceled or (preferably) prizes reduced. Creating a secondary guild for the purpose of avoiding a cancellation or reduction in prize will not yield positive results. I just wanted to clear this up for future events. Thank you!
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    Hello I don't understand what you mean with "UNLESS IT'S TRUE" can you elaborate please? I understand your concerns about the procedure we follow to ban someone, so let's clarify some things: 1.- We (as GM team) have strict procedure to ban someone, in order to ban players we have to: A) caught said player red handed (like when they broadcast offering RMT, scamming players, etc.) B) When someone else report to us and we consider the proofs are enough to ban the offender) after this, we have to LOG who (the GM) banned who (the offender), when and the reason (usually linking to proofs and or ticket where the report was made) on first case we dont have anything to ask (hey you really broadcasting about RMT???, sure not a mistake??? ok, just asking...) on the second case, we always require proof and said proof have to meet certain standards too, to give you few examples: we do not accept altered proofs, that means the one reporting have to present uncropped screenshots where the name of he/she (the one that reports) and the suspect should be visible and clear [exception to this rule are screenshots of GM main chars, as we protect identity of them] if the proof is from another place (like facebook) we require something linking directly to game (this means we don't accept a "Yes my name is GM Danger in fRO, lets RMT" as proof) as we know anyone can do a fake facebook profile and frame players We know that and we not only check database (for names) and IP trace, we have other tools too [Gepard shield is <3] personally i think our GM team can differentiate between a real report and a "revenge report" and that is one of the reasons we require proofs to act against someone already explained how banning someone works, EXACTLY!!!, for respect to honest players and to be fair with them, we ban players that break rules You're welcome
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    Headgear: HoD [Kiel Card] Aura: Butt Aura [Kiel Card] Lower: Cursed Ring [Kiel] Or Balloon [Kiel] Armor: [Gr+Marc] Cloak: [2x Skoll] Boots: [2x FBH] Weapon: Any weapon [4x Atroce], Mailbreaker. Acc: 2x Int Belts. Shield: Frigg [usakoring/GTB] To switch to gc+devo type. Acc: 2x Vit Belts. Armor: Tao+Gr. Lower headgear: Any [Fsoldier]. Stats Str- enough to carry 350 seeds. Agi- 1+?? [Don't up any] Dex- ??+?? [total 150] Int- ???+?? [Around 10k-13k MATK will do] Vit- ??+?? [300k hp] Luk- 1+?? How to play gc pally: Spam seed and Gc. For WoE: Spam Gc @ emp, Battle Chant, Cancel ecall, Devo 1-2 members [since you will be spamming seeds anyway, why not.] For BR: Get Mb-ed and rush. For GvG: Get Mb-ed and rush.
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    Presents... Celebrating ForsakenRO's 10th Anniversary! We'd like to thank all of our players and hard working GMs for their support and loyalty to the server.You guys are what makes fRO so great! Here's to many more years of fun together! New Raid Return Feature! Don't let anything get in the way of your raiding fun. Now, you can easily rejoin any raid that your party is still participating in! Just have your party leader speak to the Recall NPC inside the raid. No more needing a GM to recall you. A New MVP Card for Raid Lovers Introducing a new MVP and special card designed especially for raid fanatics. Effect: Def + 5, If compounded armor is refined to +10, Def + 25 and Max HP +15%. New Super Saiyan Hair Headgears! Which Super Saiyan God are you, Blue or Rosé? Show your power with a new Super Saiyan hair, now available in the Token Shop! The Great Poring Rebellion Thousands of porings, tired of being picked on by novices everywhere, are revolting!Genesis, Veracity, and Dream need your help to defend the city and defeat the Poring King.As a reward, you'll receive the Poring King Hat.Effects: Str +7, Luk +7, ASPD +7%Increase Walking Speed by 5%[+ Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Boots]Immunity to Freeze All Stats + 7 Max HP + 3%[Additional stats for July and August 2017]Str+ 5, Vit + 5, Dex + 5 Anniversary Token Sale Now you can make it rain tokens with our special anniversary sale. With every purchase, you'll receive 20% more tokens FREE! Take advantage of this limited time sale in the Token Shop before it's gone! Stay tuned for some very exciting updates we're working on! Forum icon issue fixed. Fixed typo in Slow grace description. Non-Donation Ring effect updated and improved to 70% of the normal variant. Fixed issue with Loki's Cursed Blade giving the wrong stats. Ninja weapons now provide enlarge weight limit. Fixed Limited Edition Jade Emperium Aurora description. Guild rental passes now expire after a month, not a week. Players not in guilds no longer allowed to join GvG. Amber Imperial Valkyrie helm now exchangeable in the Imperial Token NPC. Guild modifications no longer allowed in for_gvg. Fixed sprite error with Legendary Cursed Soul. Fixed sprite error with Scratching Cat. Fixed sprite error with Spirit Poring Pipe. Fixed issue with Teal Emperium Aurora name. Tyr NPC has been fixed and is now enabled. Union City Raid is now 45 minutes, instead of 30. Added warp portals to Silver MvP Room. Added new ticket for Holy Water. Added new ticket for Fire Elemental Converter. Added new ticket for Earth Elemental Converter. Added new ticket for Wind Elemental Converter. Added new ticket for Water Elemental Converter. Added new ticket for Aloevera. Added new ticket for Box of Gloom. Added new ticket for Box of Resentment. Added new ticket for Box of Sunlight. Fixed issue with Aesir Helm only showing 1 slot. Guardian Rings have been improved. Thanatos Room timer now counts down when you are offline. Dragonist Armor effect improved. Fixed issue with Taekwon Cursed Godslayer Sword not checking for right item when exchanging. Improved Fenrir Dagger. Improved Hels Dagger. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 10:51 AM Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Dream for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to dlsmizel for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yagamato for testing and coming up with fixes. And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
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    GX = Guillotine Cross right? 3rd Jobs aren't available here yet.
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    When you see two mouses but only one computer... xD
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    Run "Setup.exe" as admin then change resolution. Hope this resolve your problem
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    It just popped out from my mind.<Actually it is Xd nyaaa> Why not made beast strafe soul link for snipers, killable on players too? The origin of beast strafe were only for brutes(means only pve) sadddd :3 Purpose of this suggestion: 1. Extra skills that benefits DS type of snipers 2. Beast strafe highly enchance by STR mainly(it wouldn't be op, coz would sacrificing DEX by half/lower for hybrid DS sniper. Just like the case of traps/falconer snipers too), 3. Need to spam DS 1st, then only can spam BS XD 4. If its get implement, can made a new ring/rework the DS ring out of it too {^\\\^} 5. New accessories for tokenshop also(maybe enhance thingy just for beast strafe damage? Coz its STR based main damage) 6. A new style-play of sniper will born which is 'beast strafe sniper'/'full STR sniper'. That would add more challenge, isn't it :3 Hoping these solid clues will help growing the fro server. MORE POWER FRO :3 Lets hear ur reply too anyway :3
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    I dont think its necessary to implement, the DS spam is fine. to be honest i think im the only player uses DS nowadays is alredy fast asf with a good damage, most sniper I've ever seen only play with FAS So... -1 for this for the simple fact DS have a good damage and have fast spam, i can deal 40k with DS maybe more 40x2 = 80k if you add beast stafe 40x4 = 160k nerf me please But if you guys want buff my sniper free to do aheuahuea
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    Yes , But just like as i said, It's not something new since its much look a like of "Double Strafe"
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    Best class for Farming: Wizard of course, very good AoE magic users and could lure many monsters and kill them all with one storm gust. Snipers good too, speedy farmers because they can kill mobs without getting near them.
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    A fair and balanced competition I can relate. This is going to be fun :) . +1 definitely. @Leeee is there any chance players will planned for this event? etc planned battle royale and planned gvg?
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    Hi Everyone , I think its not just me who got this feeling but almost all of us , sometimes we get bored with our mains. That's why I created this Guild. So what are you waiting for ? :D Get your ALTS on and join me. There's no serious matter to do here , just have fun , chat & have a bonding time anywhere in-game. And yeah we don't go to WOE or PVP here because this guild is made for having a time and space to relax. :D Please pm me in-game if you want to join. -> #MEG Thank you and see you there. :D
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    @niemono89 yeah.. it is only good for brute and insect monster.. maybe they will add dorams in game.. hahahah just kidding hahaha
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    Hmmm, a tournament sounds really fun. What if, it's a tournament composed of "party" teams. Not necessarily guild teams. Doesnt matter if you are from the same guild or not. Just form a party, register it for the tournament and we're all set. Why? Because it can at least create "competiton" or "rivalry" even among guildmates, which is healthy, thus making it more exciting. (C'mon guys, dont kill the fun, find some new and fresh people to form a team with). So here's a draft mechanics of the tournament. (Open for modifs.) ⊙ A team must be composed of 5 members. (Form a party, that serves as your team name and is needed to be registered) ⊙ Register your team AND each members. ⊙ Fights will be 1 vs 1. Each opposing team will decide or randomly select which team member will fight first, second, and so on. The team with the most win wins and will advance to the next match. ⊙ Matches will be scheduled and announced (by GM). So the entire tournament wont happen on a single day. And also every match will be hosted/refereed by a GM. Notes: Bracketing system will be up to GM. Im not sure how the registration will be implemented. Tournament venue/place will be similar to battle grounds maps. And only the center ring is pk enabled. (Im not sure if it's possible) It's better if spectators are allowed to encourage more crowds.
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    -1 to this this has been suggested many times already regarding this topic and suggestion its already been said that Wiz is op when it comes to Team battle. think about this scenario A team of GS + Champ + Wiz + Pally = Can dominate woe single handed. if they default gtb then GS and Champ can eat those gtb user alive. while they default Usakoring It's the wiz job to give support and dmg them. We already have Champ's Sight + Slow grace of Gypsy = easy Detection. Its just a matter of team work. its not always about 1 vs 1.
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    Only idea comes into mind is beast strafing
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    You missed out the Sinx Oriental where in it didn't get the bonus from the previous update Do we have more details on this like a changelog?
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    OBJECTIVE I'm looking up for a way to give us the chance to make the population of the server increase. Actually I have two suggestions so I will be separating it in two parts. IDEA I am simply observing the server day by day. Upon observation i can say that there is only a little difference on it's population based in every single day of a week. FRIDAY - Normally this is the schedule that the population increases a bit , players who have jobs in real life from Monday - Friday normally kicks in on this day. SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Here we can see the max population of the server. For the players who works from Monday - Friday , this is their scheduled off for the week. And eventually we have the floating rates from Saturday - Sunday I think and its an additional factor why they kick in because of the bonus rates of getting a card they need MONDAY - Its goodbye time again, players goes off in-game and get busy with their lives, the population will now decrease. TUESDAY to THURSDAY - Low Population , we only see players who loves to chat & a few number of farmers , some kicks in for PVP and WOE. Upon calculating the real number of players, here is the result: 400 - 600 PLAYERS So I made the calculation from the minimum number of players. 400 = From the 400 we have 50 % Vendors ( Auto-trading Players ) out of it. = 200 Left in-game players ( But the computation will not end with that ) From the 200 we have another 50 % Non-active from Tuesday to Friday. = 100 Left expected active players ( But the computation will not end with that again ) In this 100 , it doesn't mean that it is 1 is to 1 player. Of course we do have ALTS , including me I got 3-5 depends on the mood , and I have a GUILD of ALTS too. :D So to end up the computation, lets take another 50 % from the 100 Left expected player and will sum up that there is only a percentage of 50 players playing in-game. OMG I think I can almost name them all. :/ SO HERE IS MY IDEA PART A ( Activity Tokens ) Its just like the MVP Card Floating Rates or PVP Happy Hour. I don't know how to call my idea but I recommend a day or twice a week that maybe we can have a x2 - x4 Activity Tokens per hour to earn. I highly recommend Tuesday and Thursday if its twice a week. Schedule it 8am to 5pm PH time. And Wednesday 8am to 5pm PH time if you decide to implement it once a week only. I suggest this idea because it will serve as a reminder to the Non-active players of Tuesday to Thursday that they can make their accounts LOGGED and go afk for work for the bonus activity tokens.. It doesn't matter if they are afk or not as long as it gives an increase to the number of server population. PART B ( Referral Tokens ) I'm thinking of how to implement this idea of referring and getting a reward while abuse of making dummy accounts should be prevented and finally I figured it out. All we need here is an NPC to exchange referral tokens for some rewards , just like event tokens that can be exchanged for customized equips. Maximum 3 Referrals for each account. Referral Tokens should not be tradable. Reward Equipment should not be tradable. Now after referring the game to three people you know , you cant exceed anymore , it will be their turn to refer. We will do this like a pyramid. So 3 referral for your entire RO life only. And for the example of referral reward: Reward Referral Tokens that you can get per refer should be 200 maybe. Reward Items Price should range up to 500 to 600 only. 0-200 Price Range for low stat EQ's 200-400 Price Range for normal stat EQ's 400-600 Price Range for high stat EQ's Why 3 referral only? The purpose is to balance the reward that you can take . For example: 3 referrals = 600 Referral Token = 3 Kinds of Low Stat EQ Reward / 2 Kinds of Normal Stat EQ Reward / 1 Kind of High Stat EQ Reward , its your choice. Why "Referral Tokens" and not just the normal tokens? Normal tokens are tradable. Because scumbags can do fake referring and use the system to earn profit , they will just simply make different emails / accounts and refer then trade the tokens to their main. That's why we need to apply the 3 Referral only system too. Mechanics of referral: This will go upon your account registration. A section should be added where you can put the username of the person who referred the game to you. And automatically the person who referred the game will receive the reward in-game or claim via npc just like the voting system. This idea will bring up players to invite more players because of their eagerness to get a reward. I hope my ideas can do a big part in making the server population increase. This would be all. :D TEAM @Genesis @Artemis @Moon @Danger RESULT Please give it a try until we succeed. I don't go after rewards in all my suggestions , i am a player who wants to contribute and volunteer to serve. Helping the server is my aim and seeing the server getting better and better is my goal. Thank you.
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    I don't know if I am correct but, as far as I know [GM]Genesis and [GM]Veracity has this tracker of something that to put it simply based in my understanding, it can track the user of an account (and more than 1 account;2,3,4...) as long as the user log-in the game from the same connection or a same computer. Now you must know that I am talking about the same user of those accounts. Basically, my point is perhaps the loophole of #MEG's second idea may be 50% fixed. However, if the tracker has it's other high-tech options that [GM]Genesis & [GM]Veracity know, they can use the tracker to other users of the same accounts no matter what account they have, only then this loophole has a probability of 99.9% be closed. Therefore, the referrer cannot ever use their side kick accounts to give benefits to his/her main account. JUST A REMINDER: DO NOT SAY SUCH A HIGHLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY LIKE THIS IS NOT EXIST. THIS IS 2017. C'MON USE UR BRAIN. In any way, these sentences are not an idea but just simply sentences. My brother was the one who told me about this tracker of something that only [GM]Genesis and probably [GM]Veracity..have it too. He was a veteran in FRO since 2007, yes since this server CAME OUT. I joined my brother since 2009 although he quit in 2010/2011. P/S:Kousty.
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    OBJECTIVE Well then , its just a crazy idea that came up from my mind while eating bananas. LOL. :D IDEA As what the title says , we're going to find some bananas. BA BA BA ! BA BA NANA ! BANANAAAAHH , CONCIERTO NAAHHH ! :D In this event we only need one GM. Mechanics will be: GM will be spawning 500? or 1000 Mobs maybe in a map just like where the MVP Invasion Event is hosted. Mobs should be non-aggressive with 1,000,000 Million HP (1M HP? Yes, this will make the thrill , will be explained further) but just like pandaring when you hit it , -1HP Per Hit and should look like a monkey or the minions in movies. :D Common ! Customize it ! Please. Or just the monkeys (CHOCO) then ? Just edit the HP and HIT don't wanna give you a hard time. An NPC will be needed to add at go 38 , Find The Banana NPC where players go when the event will be hosted. Now here is how it goes: The GM will now broadcast. Find The Bananas Event Momentarily In this event , you will need to kill monkeys who stole my bananas. The Find The Banana NPC is now open. Talk to the NPC to join. (Players come in the map) You have 3 minutes to join. CLOSING~ CLOSED! Rules are simple, Just kill all the monkeys and whoever brings back my stolen bananas will get a reward. Skills are deactivated. Just normal hit a monkey until it dies. Don't forget to autoloot my stolen bananas. (GM will spawn monkeys) Event will last until all monkeys are killed, the 1 Million HP and -1 HP Per Hit is needed so that a single player will take time to kill a monkey, this will prevent them from overpowering newbie players and make the event balanced for PROS and NEWBIES, AOE Skill will be disabled so everyone can have a monkey to kill, there will be a percentage of monkeys that will drop stolen bananas. Maybe 100 out of 500 monkeys? And each of the 100 monkeys will drop 2 Bananas. After all the monkeys are killed , players who got stolen bananas will now then trade it to the GM for their prize. 2 Bananas = 1 Event Token 4 Bananas = 2 Event Token 6 Bananas = 3 Event Token So if a player got more than 6 bananas by luckily killing a lot of monkeys who dropped the stolen bananas, just do the math , 2 bananas is to 1 event token rate. :D GM will be needing 50 Event tokens for this event. Its a decent amount since this event will take a lot of time. 1Million HP is like an emperium. Well that's all. :D TEAM @Artemis @Moon @Danger @Penthesiliea @Genesis sorry for tagging all , I have no idea who is assigned. *.* RESULT Please give time to test it. I think it will be fun having this event in the server. Thank you. I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion and good luck guys ! :D
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    I am back to working on some FRO projects. Look forward to an BIG update coming.
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    I know it will be a daunting task so I'll leave @Genesis decide on this. :)
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    +999 This would be a great time killer (Since it would take long to kill a mob). I think there should be a invasion automated event version of this where a town is invaded by monkeys (Choco/Yoyo) [Same mechanics]-- Where players will turn in the stolen bananas to a Reward Guru at Forsaken City for either Event/Mini Tokens *Different Bananas [Item ID too for the Event/Automated one]*. Changing the attacks to -1HP per hit (Although having the mob's HP [1M] is a bit too much?) is also a plus-- so new/veteran players may compete with each other equally. A new item will be needed (Stolen Banana [new item id]) so that Game Masters won't have to deal with players turning in fake bananas D:< . Prizes seem okay to me-- judging by how hard it is to to acquire 1 banana (Although I suggest that there should be a time limit too [30 minutes]). Overall I think this should be implemented and be considered TOP priority *cough* because who doesn't like bananas?! (Kidding)
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    banana :D @Euphoria
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    Found a solution. Our AI folder may be corrupted. Install the basic AI from here: (external link). Then try to install your custom AI. Works fine here.
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    Hi, thank you for your response, unfortunately the link says this: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
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    About me , I sux ! But , well .. Hmm its good here. *.*
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    Its a macro !!!! hahahaha xD
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    Run the "Setup.exe" as ADMINISTRATOR then change resolution
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    is it me or does anyone notice the slight increase of DC today? I dc every 1-2 hours and my activity toks count reset :( =)) hahaha
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    For this case please file a ticker. Here > Click (Me) I'll close this
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    Hello guys. So basically I got this creator weapon at 30$. I soon realised how this weapon cant even stand against a legendary creator weapon. I just wanna suggest that the GMs should look into this and try and better update this weapon. Its just a suggestion and I hope people would agree with me on this. Thanks
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    Hi, Welcome to our server. :) some guides :
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    Let me just be clear, Wonder Woman didn't kill me. I'm immortal.
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    I agree with Sensation, the fan-made ones seem a bit off, the rest are very... VERY appealing.
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    With the appropriate credentials this is a feasible suggestion. Please keep in mind that for FRO to be in compliance with spriters netiquette , proper credits need to be supplied. Certain headgear seem promising for special usage as well, others like certain fan-made (anime related) items are less of an interesting option though.
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    We will handle your issue separately from this one.
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    +33 Stats, 7% max HP and +4% demi human damage is a bit too much in comparison to other mid headgears/ auras. I hope that there will be counterparts for the other auras (skull aura, butterfly aurora, lighthalzen aura etc..) because otherwise everyone will end up wearing Emp Aura. And if also possible a quest for legendary aura with similar effects. I'm just here thinking for the new players, it would be very hard to compete if they only have +20 stats aura
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    Yes :D But, it doesn't patch without pingzapper. I'm fully patched and been playing the game just fine. It just patches all over again with files from back in 2012 if I try to run the game with pingzapper, and then gepard shield crashes the game after I fully patched and then try to log in.
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