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    Hey guys, We have implemented the following balance changes to Whitesmith, Taekwon and High Wizard. Heel Drop reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Counter Kick reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Roundhouse reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for Whitesmith Guardian Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for High Wizard Guardian Ring. Crit + 60 for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. 3% chance of auto casting level 5 Vounter Attack when being attacked for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. These preliminary changes are live now (but still under review), but the description has not been updated. It will be updated next patch.
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    Based on community input, we've decided to create a ForsakenRO Discord channel! Whether you're looking to make new friends in the community or need support from Game Masters, Discord is an easy and convenient way to do both. We look forward to seeing you there! ForsakenRO Staff
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    I also want to make something clear. TBH All of the Guardian Ring Is very Unstable there is Guardian ring that is too Op there is Guardian Ring That is Too useless that its like for props or show What I think is that guardian ring is a rush job. they should take time before releasing such items. i mean its guardian ring with difficult quest. it should be ready and balance before releasing it. rather than rush job. (sorry im not saying it to any gm or such im not attacking anyone I just want it to be clear thats all. cause its frustrating to have tons of guardian ring in my inventory and questing it and at the end knowing it to be useless in pvp or woe as such. example: sl g set. pally g.set. lk g.set . and many more.....)
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    i might go with you. +1 to this. thats not the point about ws guardian its about why the F* is ws has more damage compare to the wiz. its like Stalker has more ds or Fas damage compare to Sniper. thats the logic of it. cause other people enjoy playing wiz compare to other class. tbh you are not helping :) you dont need to be rude to him.
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    It's been a long time since the last item was added into the vote items. I think I should suggest to add more items to the vote items section. I need your opinion guys to this suggestion!
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    Hello Probably what you saw was someone using hardware macros (like the ones on gaming keyboards) which unfortunately gepard can't protect from However if you notice something strange (like the one you mention, report to GMs or file a ticket and we will take care of them NOTE (to anyone thinking that can farm with macros): use of Hardware / Keyboard macros it's allowed on game except for farming (which is considered unfair for other players / farmers)
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    Yep, WS still op. and Soul Linker Guardian Ring is still unusable. My SL G Ring is Dump in my Storage and Unused :( (when will they fix this)
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    About Guardian Rings.. Will there be future update on Guardian rings? thanks
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    A fun New guild with All my Friends ( Bloody Branch Time) :D [Guild] Celestials (New and Fresh Guild)
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    99% of time people would use just for trasthalking... :/
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    You making me laugh, Pain and dedz? those champs who cant kill without full asura and voked/2x themselves? GJ
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    not in specfici order,, but 1. P A I N 2. Brianology 3. DeDZ 4. Boon Nam 5. Tough Player these are the best champs in *PVP*. no question about it. .
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    I see, well good luck on your quest and I can see that you are new as well? so I might as well greet you, Welcome to fRO! I hope you have a good time and meet new friends here. If you have anymore questions feel free to drop a msg in-game :)
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    Can you screenshot all the books name you got? I feel like you got something wrong there.
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    he can't have screen shot because it is accident.Lol
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    Love ForsakenRo Playroom. <3 hikhik
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    Whitesmith: When u guys gonna fix this thing? is absolutely annoy see how a physical job is now a magical/physical job with more magical damage than wizzards or sages. What is the point now of use a wizz or sage if this damn job hit twice than us? 9 years here increasing step by step, quest behind quest my matk ( i have 26k and ma damage is nothing compared to them) and u sudently create one item and make me feel all ma effort is big mountain of shit. Dragonist armor 30 pvp tokens: This annoy me alot too, u guys are created good storylines with hard steps (like find the 8 damn warps of the bless and cursed ring, plus 2 raids) but when i hear about this one i was in shock. Following the example anyone can find the warps with effort and time, damn even the 20 dragon eggs u ask are thing of time and practice if u get 2 or 3 friends with good gears for survive the blackwitch but how da pak u pretend someone win 3 times pvp with this big guildies in big partys. This requisit eliminate every new player even old players unless they have enought tokens for buy them. I think u guys make a big mistake with this one. U should create a new way (a FAIR one) fo win pvp tokens, like events or even a quest for win 1 pvp or make the dragon coins tradeables for pvp tokens like 8 coins=1 pvp. Ice Wall: When u will allow ice wall in fild again? i need it for fight too. and plz dont forbidden it in events either like survival or the new one in teams where u have to conquer the emp. The wizzard have already many disadventages for give them more problems. I surrender years ago about the gtb u guys are increasing so much some items, that already everyone can wear it and fight with low risk. Thats all. I feel beta now. Just give ma opinion about all this. Think about this and thanks.
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    1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speakin' of course) Wild, Silent, and Adventurous 2. Can you tell us a little about yer favourite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? Mobile games , Listening Musics, Doing artworks. 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? I think i started playing 10-11 years ago , My schoolmate and friends we're playing it and then they finally asked me to play with them, i got interested because i saw this Cute little bouncy monster and it was Poring! 4. What is it that drives you as a GM and keeps you doing the job you've all been doin' so well? Also, how did you become a GM in the first place. Well about this question i can answer that much since im New in the GM Team , but then even i'm still new i am already having fun making events , And i'd love to keep our fRO community more lively. let's come back on this question some other time :) 5. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listenin' to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort o' music rather than other? Hmm , I would go for Kpop musics <3 . 6. The most important question of 'em all. What's yer favourite type of alcohol, and if ye don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is yer favourite beverage? I don't drink so i don't really know, 7. If ye could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? Bishop please don't be sayin' cat or kitten I'm just not buyin' it! A black panther :3 8. D'ye happen to have a pet (not in RO of course)? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? (If I had a cat I'd surely call him Sir Fancy Pants the First) I never had a pet but, If i had a dog i probably named it depends on what they look, and their personality 9. What are yer favourite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count /pif The Walking Dead , Resident Evil , Anime's. Now for the juicy Questions 10. For the sake o' gossip, are ye a single? Yes. 11. That's a tough one, have ye ever broken the law!? Don't be worryin' matey I'm not one to judge, breakin' the law is part of a pirate's daily routine anyway. Nope , I be good 12. What kind o' student were ye in school? Were ye the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. I don't actually talk in class or chat with friends , Unless they talk to me. Because i'm more into Studying. 13. Have ye ever been so drunk/wasted that ye've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it ye've done? I haven't been drunk or wasted in mah whole life. 14. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharin'? If not... Boooooring. In any case ye can always pass on that one. Secrets? I steal food in the middle of the night ! RAWR 15. Who's the GM ye believe would be lookin' the best wearin' a bathing suit? Yup, ye read right. We all know it of course i'd say Armstrong , Vera , Cappy and Euphy! I really love to see them <3 16. And finally!! The last question that I've been burnin' to ask. Would ye dare date a pirate (lad or lass)? Because that's obviously somethin' we've all been askin' ourselves right? Yes! I'd love to, More adventure isn't it fun? :D Thank you for this amazing interviews ! Hope we see each other in-game!
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    price check for EOF sir? IGN: BeAGuys
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    unfortunately you cant.. only the legit forsaken king shield can be used to create friggs shield
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    thankyou @spycyfy & @Ikki Kido, I really appreciate it <3
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    Legendary Bio Mace makes a Biochemist able to cast Fire Bolts and Cold Bolts. Let's say JRage is the upgraded version of the Legendary Mace, it has better stats. Urd's is an accesory that gives +40 Int, +7 MDEF and it has a slot
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    I think it means that it won't work with the Ring Quest. You need 1 Infernal Cape from the job you want the ring to be. So it won't work with it, you'll need an original Infernal Cape.
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    well i am available like 24/7 but depends though cause i always leave fRO open and doin something else on mi computer.. so just drop a message on me here and lets see
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    I built this to somehow kill Champs in WoE. It's not OP because: you need to bring traps (that are heavy) you need to drop the trap (which needs a lot of experience and technique in order to properly place your traps) the damage doesn't do much. although to some jobs, it will definitely kill you if someone is near you, you can't trap. hence, a way to counter this is to get near the Sniper I don't fine it OP go back to #5
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    wow ! you're good player now ! ^_^
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    Hello They hate each other, that's why we keep them apart :( Just kidding, we will relocate the kafra as soon as possible :)
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    As cape is on the list on voting items, what about the ribbon,scarf, jacket?
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    Uhm just incase you didnt know tg effect , It doesnt makes your weapon to be Fire element whenever it casts Magnum Break . It adds your fire atk but doesnt change your element on your weapon something like that i wanna explain more clearly but here i am lazy to explain LOL and i have to disagree for that removing autocast magnum because its really helps in others ways , like giving you 100 extra Hit. so -1
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    Theme: Blackwitch Raid Start date: April 15, 2016 End date: tba There are a lot of players that have played the Blackwitch raid already. Some might have the rare cards as well! It's time for you to share with us your talent in drawing. Draw any monster or scene found in the Blackwitch raid. Background is a plus! Artwork's resolution should not be too big (not more than 800px). Read the MECHANICS carefully and post your AC Entry on this topic only!
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    There's a lot of things wrong with this guide, but I'm guessing you're just posting your gear for pvp so it's not a real guide.