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    For the past few weeks you've been ignoring my Feelings... This is the only place I know that I can be close to you. GM Moon...
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    Hello fRO, I'm Fykka just new player. :3 I Like art and wanna share my gallery's art. I hope you guys enjoy it. Here are some of my art. Fykka I'll update this post. Stay tuned and feel free to post your work of art in this Post. :)
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    "The real power of man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him." *Still _ _ V _ wins*
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    For 17 years of hiding it to my parents and now I am 18 they finally accept me for who I am . from cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. Feeling Happy and grateful! what ever differences that we have we still need to accept each other . LGBT <3 Thank you sis for always supporting me and dressing me up ! LGBT girl power XoXo
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    Week 455 (09/1/17) - (09/8/17) #1 DemonFoxx# #2 ~ [ Z E U S ] ~ #3 Brianology MyKaSuMi and Billy D. Kid added to the Hall of Shame. Banned from ladder until November, 8th 2017
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    Let me introduce my Besties. :D Julia Sophie
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    "Coming HOME is the BEST feeling and leaving is the WORST, but you can't come HOME without leaving first"
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    Presents... Introducing Special MVPs, a new way to get tokens in game! To help new and old players alike, we're introducing special MVPs that drop a 50 token voucher at 10% ! When one of the special MVPs randomly spawns every 6 hours, we'll broadcast which map you can find the MVP on. Happy hunting! Introducing Monthly Collectibles Up your style each month with our new Monthly Collectible Limited Edition valkyrie headgears. Normally $60, you can get these at a discounted rate of $50! Each month will feature 2-3 unique and high quality headgears that will ONLY be available for that month. Not only will you get a great looking headgear at a value, but they're super exclusive as well. Once they're gone, they're gone for good! So get these collectibles while you can. NEW Activity Rewards! For our loyal players, 4 new stylish activity rewards are now available! Cat Mouth - Lower - 200 Activity Tokens All stats +5 Walk speed +5% Sweet Summer Ribbons - Top - 600 Activity Tokens Str +7, Luk +7, ASPD +7% [+ Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Boots] Immunity to Freeze All Stats + 7 Max HP + 3% Poring Visor Hat - Top - 1,000 Activity Tokens Str +7, Luk +7, ASPD +7% [+ Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Boots] Immunity to Freeze All Stats + 7 Max HP + 3% Garden of Eden Hat -Top - 1,000 Activity Tokens Str +7, Luk +7, ASPD +7% [+ Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Boots] Immunity to Freeze All Stats + 7 Max HP + 3% New Cursed Runes for Accessories We've added 5 new cursed runes for some of our most popular classes for $20 in the Tokenshop! These runes are slotted within an accessory, like our other runes or cards. Cursed Assassin Rune: Increase damage with Soul Destroyer by 100% Increase damage with Meteor Assault by 100% Cursed Creator Rune: INT + 15, Max HP – 5% Increase damage with Acid Demonstration by 20% Cursed Professor Rune: INT + 5, HP + 5% [ Professor ] Increase damage with Stave Crasher by 35%. Cursed Sniper Rune: Int + 10, Max HP + 5 Increase damage of Arrow Shower by 20% Increase damage of Blitz Beat by 100% Increase damage of Claymore by 250% Increase damage of Blast Mine by 250% Increase damage of Land Mine by 250% Cursed Wizard Rune: INT + 5, HP + 5% [ High Wizard ] Increase damage with Stave Crasher by 40%. Revamped Casino Rewards! You can redeem useful supplies and tokens with your casino chips at the following rates: 5 seed tickets = 13 casino chips 5 berry tickets = 13 casino chips 1 EDP ticket = 13 casino chips 1 concentrated speed ticket = 26 casino chips 1 FCP ticket = 39 casino chips 1 Cursed water ticket = 13 casino chips Elemental converter tickets = 26 casino chips Authoritative Badge ticket = 13 casino chips Box of Sunlight ticket = 13 casino chips Box of Resentment Ticket = 13 casino chips Box of Gloom Ticket = 13 casino chips Holy Water ticket = 13 casino chips Aloevera Ticket = 13 casino chips +10 SPECIFIC stat foods 15 = 20 casino chips +20 SPECIFIC stat foods 10 = 20 casino chips +15 ALL stat foods 5 = 20 casino chips Stay tuned for some very exciting updates we're working on! Play dead disabled in WoE. All runes now work on their corresponding classes only. Sprint set effect removed. Players will no longer be able to join Moroccan Sprint if their weight is above 0. Mobs in for_filds reduced. Shadow Leap disabled in Circle of Madness. Bloody branches disabled in PvP room. Commands disabled in GvG and BR maps. Firelock Soldier (in safari) is now catchable. Storage disabled in all raids. Error in several maps fixed. Brutal headgears no longer give immunity to stone curse. Magical headgears no longer give immunity to stone curse. Striking headgears no longer give immunity to stone curse. White Love Aurora item background fixed to be transparent. Healer and Kafra for Manuk moved to 285, 140. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 6:00 AM Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Ebisu for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Penthesiliea for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yatogami for testing and coming up with fixes. And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
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    Courage was not the absence of fear. But the triumph over it.
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    My god girl, Cursed Sniper Runes are not compounded on accessories, They are still on weapon ._. @qperteplex
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    I dont know how this may sound to people but may i suggest to have Brutal, Magical, & Striking versions of some of our favorite expansions. Regarding these "some of our favorite expansions", we can ask people which expansions are their favorites and then we will select the top favorites, say, top 3 or top 5 to be added into Brutal/Magical/Striking expa selections. Wachu guys think? My personal favs are: Astro Circle, Baseball Cap, Cat Ears, Cat Ear Hat, Kawaii Ribbon, Wanderer's Sakkat & Wind Milestone
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    Im lazy to get on my legit forum account but this made me laugh and cry inside :') Hmm, in my opinion, we don't have to break the logic of the game (more), soul linkers using spear boomerang when their main weapon is a staff... no. Also they scale on int mostly, and for a STR type we have the guardian ring. Back on topic, we'll see what we can do with soul linkers, right now we are working on other classes, but i'll add it to the list.
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    "My heart beating, my soul breathing I found my life when I laid it down Upward falling, spirit soaring I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground.."
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    Hey guys! Some of you guys might be wondering what is the effect of Blessed/Cursed/Non-Donation rings. So i updated them.
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    Soul Linker Axe ( Golden Axe Linker) : Str -50, Vit -45, Agi +120, Luk +200, Cast delay +5%, Critcal Rate 10%, Max Hp 1%, Enable use Spear boomerang lvl 1, 50% chance autocast play dead Passive Skill: When you use this weapon with some cards add other skills, Drake card : Enable Zen skill, Knocker Card : Enable Chemical Protection Footgear lvl 1 But seriously +1 for the orginal suggestion
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    Hey guys! Join our MSC Event and win a tons of EVENT TOKENS! https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/34717-september-2017-the-way-i-feel/?tab=comments#comment-354145
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    Check out our latest update and don't forget to patch in game! https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/34713-new-way-to-get-tokens-monthly-collectibles-activity-rewards-runes-and-more/
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    Alrighty then, ill support this one.
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    u have 4 SS of 2 ppl getting killed and u claim feeding when ur whole guild feeds i have 1 hr montage of u oblivious WS kids feeding stop crying u werent gonna win anyways since u cant pvp
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    Hey there fella, for your first question, the difference between @warp and @go is that @warp enables you to go to a specific location in any map while @go warps you to a single specific location where all people warps too. 2nd question, It is best to save 200 vote points and get yourself a fking set for the additional stats. 3rd question, Champion/Sniper/Bio are usually the Top 3 in hunting MVP's. You can actually do the legendary quests with newbie gear, as long as your HW is already maxed
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    Champion good for solo Mvp hunt. You only need gear from Quest and vote gear with some MVP cards.
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    Hi, Tool Dealer : @warp For_dia 151 116
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    Hi, If you suspect someone do bot please send @request in game. It'll help us. When I'm around or other GM's, we will check it. :) Have a nice day.
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    *Frustrated Bride* "While people was having fun here, still got me who failed. Where is my half blood prince?" T.T
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    Welcome to fRO! :) Have fun. Some guides :
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    Here are my thoughts: A guild vs guild event would be fun true, however, having many guilds registered for this event, and only 2 would kill each other in a time while the others wait would take a lifetime. Not everyone has that much time especially if there are about 6 or more guilds registered. We cannot have a "scheduled" event, trust me we tried it before, it wasn't that successful since it didn't last that long. Having a party consisting of 5 members, and making them fight 1 by 1 will take a LOOOONG time (especially if there are many parties) and it's not ideal for a GM to suffer from that since it will be a mess. True, guild vs guild events may be unfair like what some of you mentioned, there will be alt guilds and that's why having a party consisting of random players is a better option, BUT.. Like what's also mentioned already, there's a possibility of 2 parties joining forces together, and what we'll be hearing will be complaints here and there (We can't set up a rule about that since it'll be an endless argument) unless people would accept the fact that teaming up does happen and will happen if ever this event gets implemented. I love the idea of having a tournament actually, but just in case you guys want to test how effective this could be, we could probably try LTS with a twist!! These are my thoughts and I'm pretty sure there are more, perhaps you could enlighten me more about this event.
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    and then my Beloved sis... Mel Mel
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    Hi, Prophetess Ward drop by Isila. next time use command @whodrops [name item] to know the monster.