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    We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! From spending time with loved ones to enjoying gifts, there's a lot to be thankful for. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support! We hope you'll enjoy our Holiday update and celebrate the season with us. Santa Paws needs your help All over Midgard, good pets everywhere wake up to tasty treats on Christmas thanks to Santa Paws. But now, a Santa Paws impersonator is threatening Christmas for pets everywhere! Team up with Santa Paws and his helpers in for_xmas to take down his impersonator. As thanks, you'll become an honorary Santa Paws and receive his special Legendary Santa Kitty Hat! Only you can save Christmas! In Santa's absence, everything has gone awry in the Forsaken Christmas Village. The toy factory has been taken over by a dark presence, and Mrs. Klaus needs your help to save the factory so all of the presents will be ready for Christmas. Be part of a story of betrayal, love, and growing up. As a reward, you will receive Celine's Ribbon, which has the effect of the Forsaken Knight helm. You can also pick one of the following Holiday headgears: Christmas Tree Hat, Christmoose Hat, Red Tamoshanter Hat, or Jumping Santa Poring hat! December Monthly Collectibles are now available Teddybear Hood, Shiba Inu (animated!), and Gentleman Cat's Top Hat are now available for purchase in the Tokenshop for a limited time only! Special Holiday Sale and New Tokenshop Headgears! Save 17% off your entire purchase by using the special, limited time code: XMAS17 With each $20 you spend, you'll receive a free ForsakenRO Christmas 2017 Gift Box! With each purchase over $50, you'll receive an adorable Tamadora pet! Celebrate the holidays in style with these special new headgears: Happy Ballons, Sleepy Kitty, Teddy Ears, Deus Vult Hat, and Hopping Rabbit! Available in the Token Shop for $30/each! A gift (box) from us! Depending whether you've been naughty or nice this year, you'll randomly receive any of the following gears and items: Wing Earpiece, Winter Knit Cap, Reindeer Hairband, Frosty Snow Hat, Holiday Hat, Coal, Candy Cane, or a Santa Bag! You can receive this gift box from this month's Holiday Screenshot contest, with each $20 you donate, or by doing the gift wrapping quest below! Switch up your look with this new Side Pigtail Bored of your hairstyle? Try this fashionable Side Pigtail to spice up your look! Available in brown, blue, white, dark brown, pink, blonde, purple, and green. Can be purchased in the Token Shop. Think you can wrap like a pro? Santa's elves need your help with some last minute gift wrapping before Santa's sleigh takes off! Find their wrapping station inside for_xmas to get started. You may even get your gift a little early this year! Happy Holidays to all of our awesome players. We love you guys, and thank you for your continued loyalty to ForsakenRO!! Want to give a gift to all of the hard-working staff at ForsakenRO? Take a few minutes to write us a review on RMS! When you show your appreciation, it means the world to us! <3 Holiday Forsaken City Map by Justice Headgear selections by Ebisu Quests and raid by Veracity Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie
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    Gepard shield doesn't allow any injections into the client. Therefore, there would be no way to autoseed as autoseeders detect your HP before seeding. The most you could do with a macro is program it to press a key every second or so. Meaning, you would use a seed every second. This is an incredibly wasteful and inefficient way of using seeds. In fact, it would more than likely result in you running out of seeds before your opponent. Players think they are better than they really are, which is why they start this rumors. If I die it's because of lag. If they kill me it is because they are cheating.
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    New Year's Resolution Start Date : January 03, 2018 End Date : January 30, 2018 We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here! Hi, fRO! How's your New years? did you enjoy it? What is your New year's resolution this year? Do tell us, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    You can try reset position in control panel https://forsaken-ro.net/cp/
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    2018! I'm old T______T
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    My New Year's Resolution!? erm... let see..~ OK, actually right now im saving some $$$ to buy a new house for my otoo-san and kaa-san :3 just a lil bit more for me to grasp what i wishing for /heh Happy New Year fRO~ Minna... Happy New Year~
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    https://imgur.com/hKauJPS This is my Monthly Screenshot Contest. My New year was very awesome because I met a lot of friends in FRO. My New year's resolution is I will be kind and nice to the people. Luckily I met a girl who inspired me the most and change my Attitude and Behavior. That's why I am kind and gentle now in other people. Hope I win and Happy New Year! :)
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    I enjoy my New Year very much because i celebrated with my Family and Friends.. My New Years Resolution is to stop smoking and start a healthy life for the better of my body and my future ..
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    Thanks for the response GM Dream, i get your point but Talking about pvp ladder is a completely different topic but it is related in creating DA. Maybe make pvp ladder somehow like an Event that will turn off on a certain time, like maybe 5 hrs a day? I dont know but thats what im thinking for this to be more fair for players who have jobs irl. If you guys are going to review the past results of pvp ladder, you'll see just the same people on top, yes they are good pvpers but we cant set aside the fact that they are also the ones that have all the time in the world to play. Also, some people actually choose to play pvp on field vs. playing in pvp ladder. I think its just fair enough to probably lessen the required pvp tokens to create DA and probably change it to something (donation item or something thats quite hard to get ingame) thank you and more power.
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    oh, sorry. My bad. you can farm it. kill Anolian. Map: @warp gl_sew04
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    Hi, If you need oridecon, you can buy it through Kafra or farm it. :)
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    Hi, Welcome to fRO. :) don't forget to vote to get free gears. >>> Vote
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    I'm just wondering how and what are the prices in monster quest and endless tower..
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    Week 470 (12/15/17) - (12/22/17) #1 Brianology #2 B r o l y #3 `Dr Pepper` Week 471 (12/22/17) - (12/29/17) #1 August. (Exceeded 50% KDA ratio) #2 Brianology #3 Vardy