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    Lets start by introducing who I am. My name is Som, short for Somdara. I'm an old player here. I've been here since late 2007 when the server was freshly running. After a year or so, I got hooked and was addicted to this server. I finally joined the forums and and started following Forsaken Online. Everyday I keep myself updated and logged on the forums to check on announcements and the general stuff. As of now, I'm inactive but I still do visits. I've had lots of experiences and a history here on fRO. I wanted to show everyone how great it is through screenshots that I randomly snapped. I never really made an introduction ever since. So yeah, here it is. Ooh, waitt. Yeah I forgot. Before I do that. How about I let you guys see how I look like first. Yup, that's me. This was recently taken at the night of my senior prom. Don't hate grasshoppah, get on dis level first. WHEN YOU SEE THESE. YOU WILL BE LIKE DAMN, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? JK JK Ok, ok. FORSAKEN RAGNAROK ONLINE EXPERIENCES. I'm just gonna paste random orders. SO YEAAAAA. THESE R THE ONLY ONES I CAN PULL UP. :( My Team Good we don't really need a mascot. But we do need an Emblem. Gotta Love doing pvp ladders when you can get above 1000 kills in pvp. Triumph Guild Treasure! Donated for a gangstar scarf and it was a goggle. I must say. It felt good getting it for the first drop in the co-leader of triumph guild. Jelly~~~~ deserves it. How I look when I ladder. Scary as hell, jk jk. I find myself pretty sexy. Never judge santa clause. he can double penetrate you. My first bot I banned! I bet you don't have all these in 2010 :3. Team Supastar takes the win! Lending is loving. I miss jerry being mad verbal. First few blue Imp. On the first box. Solo'd this with my boy Chris. This internet gangster called be a Bi***** Love how fcity was packed. For a Pink RAW? WHY NOT Ofc. I was the one helping you before. That's why you remmeber me and pm'd me. smh.. Gotta love how crowed fcity was. Had this screenshot. This name is funny. It was a good trade for one thana. 2010 when black emp and stuff were the boss. The buff advantage I must say :3 When dorcus gave me 158 aspd. UDHH FOOKK 2010 with 20k token aka Coupon. When a sniper does 999k on my lk. Uncle and I. Team Legion Take 2 Team Dennis You wish you all had this much when I combined it with my cousin and uncle. And 5 more in weapon! Need a lesson? Memory Regret selling my black emp for that much. First to finished the map to the city of gold. First to also finished Legendary Weapon quest. The Conspiracy 3 in 1 day Turbo Spam Swag weapon Horny time. Trade? ok ^_^ Small sons Twin<3 7 against 19 online. 7 wins What's this? Everything I need for LK 2x attk rdy to asura gurkak. Team Solo win! It only takes 3 of us to win that day. Lk, alt sinx, simon, and alec. :) that b**** dead. Flirting with simon. Is it just a hit and run? Killing spree! Everything I use just to play LK and still suck. 69 I must say LOL. When you do quest with your friends. All ya peeps. No randoms. Gotta love donating. Nicolee<3 Night when we argued. When I finally reached 30 gvg token. 20! Azure IMp Azure Emp Azure Sacred (: My Umber Imp token! ugly? yessurr. That's all for now. I miss being active to do all these again.
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    Buat drama baru jelar :P cia cia cia
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    That dramala lel. .