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    How to Summon Thanatos Step 1 Gather all 4 Fragments: Fragment of Agony (Dropped by Thanatos Dolor) Fragment of Despair (Dropped by Thanatos Despero) Fragment of Hatred (Dropped by Thanatos Odium) Fragment of Sorrow (Dropped by Thanatoes Maero) Step 2 Once you gather all 4 fragments you will have to go to thana_boss and place the 4 Fragments in the correct slot. Step 3 After you place all 4 Fragments in the correct spots the 4 monsters you killed to get those Fragments will be summoned and you must kill them. Step 4 After that Thanatos will be summoned in the middle (thana_boss 139 129) and after that you can kill him. Credits Guide courtesy of [GM]Seraphine
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    Hi everyone , I'm Miarane Maggian (just call me Mia, please <3), 22, from Brazil. Even I've being studying Analysis and Development of Systems I'm working with Marketing, don't ask me why haha .. I decided to come back on Ragnarok cause I miss it sooo much and i believe that one time Midgardian, always Midgardian or i just wanna to use you guys as i wish to help me to improve my english, make friends! haha I already played Ragnarok like a Hardcore player, PvM, PvP .. but now, I just want to make some friends, sit down on the street and talk about something that makes me laugh. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. In 2~3 years I'll live on Canada but my speaking english is not so good, so I hope u guys help me achieve that. Can you help me? I do not want zeny or items, I just would love to have some friends. A friendly guild would be awesome too.. So, Do not waste your time, be friend with Mia <3 I think thats all folks, thank you for read my introduction and i hope see you guys on game. Preferably not doing KS with me on Payon cave..
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    Kinda interested now on anime loooool