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    Hidden SPOT Start Date : October 7, 2018 End Date : October 31, 2018 We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here! Hiiiiii ~ Moonie here! Once again at your service !! This past months were such a blast ! Oh how I wish there would be a cool place to do this stuff again & again ! Cool place? hmmm ... Ah!! how about a HIDDEN SPOT ?! Sounds so coooooool ~ So here I am again with my lovely Domovoi [ @Estrella& @Tenjin ] and GM @Ebisu at our very own hidden spot !! So awesome right? n_n How about you guys ? Are you ready to find out the coolest hidden spot? Come and share it with us ! ~
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    Don’t open a suggestion thread if you are not even going to reply to great feedback like what @railgun said. That being said, we are currently working on this classes mentioned above, and we will do our best to balance every class as much as possible. I’ll leave this open for more feedback, but if I see more off-topic I’ll just close this, and proceed with the corresponding punishment to those who are not respecting our forum rules. Edit: Just noticed this is not even the suggestion subforum, closing this.
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    Introducing the New Dragonist Tier System The Order of the Dragon now has a tiered system to unlock new levels of strength. Depending on your level in the Dragonist sect, the effect is different. Tier 1: 1,000 Fame Points Tier 2: 2,000 Fame Points Tier 3: 3,000 Fame Points Tier 4: 4,000 Fame Points Tier 5: 5,000 Fame Points The Dragonist Honor Introducing a new item that gives you 10,000 fame points. The Dragonist Honor is now available in the Tokenshop. New Enchantment Book System Now you can use new Enchantment Books to increase your stats. 1. Talk to a new NPC (Bravius) in the Dragonist Room 2. Depending on the stat you want to enchant, you will need different enchantment books. 3. Books can be purchased through the tokenshop, battleground rewards, or through MvP Lootboxes 4. You provide the items the NPC asks for, and it gives you a permanent stat boost based on your Dragonist rank. Tier 1: + 4 (or 1%) Tier 2: + 8 (or 2%) Tier 3: + 12 (or 3%) Tier 4: + 16 (or 4%) Tier 5: + 20 (or 5%) New Valkyrie Weapon for Gunslingers Introducing the brand new weapon for gunslingers, Einmyria's Ashes! This powerful grenade launcher is a must-have for gunslingers. Make sure to get it in the Tokenshop today! Sunday WoE no longer baby WoE Fixed issue with Assorted headgears giving the incorrect stats. Freebie headgears now provide the 3 kiel effects, as well as the maya purple effect. PvP Ladder enabler is now after Sunday WoE. Fixed issue with Fenrir sprite. Fixed time overlap with Battlegrounds on Saturday. Fixed a number of issues with the Dragonist fame system. Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes. Special thanks to Moon for helping with development as well as testing. Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie
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    -1 First, Read this : So you'll have a better idea how to create a debatable suggestion. I see that you create a lot of suggestions already but none of them actually had an impact for what your saying to "balance" the server. Basically, you're just ranting about the class and not suggesting for the "server" to be balance. Advise: Almost all of the information about ragnarok is searchable (google), so instead of asking for another class to die, why not search for a counter first, understand how the skill works and maybe you'll see a better vision of what your saying here. Can you see a random TK/SG do PVP in for_fild? do BG? NO! because it's strength is based on a lot of terms (EX.Kihop). and in TK, you need to be a ranker that will takes a lot of time and effort to be a part of the top 10 in the server. In able for this class to boost its full potential, "numbers" is the biggest factor. Nowadays there is an existing "Big" guild in the server and if you're writting this suggestion because of their TK/SG players, Man! Don't blame them if they have loyal members who attend WOE and it's not the class fault if it's happen have a good numbers to party with, Try playing TK or SG with 5 to 10 people only on your party, Let's see if you can call it OP. Second factor here is the personal skill of the player who will use the class itself, because no matter how big the number of a certain guild is, No matter how OP the class is, if the player is not good, ofcourse expect a bad outcome. Man Up!
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    1. Get your guild numbers, then tk/sg user for your side gonna be good. It's all about "kihop" for both classes.(and ping *cough*) 2. Star glad are glass cannon class, without devo they're squishy asf. While tk for em to be effective they need to rank their ass up to top10. (everything has their pros and cons) 3. Lower of def? Like negative def? Lulz 4. If we gonna talk about imba damage, then champion is the winner. With end game items on it, it's like walking grim reaper(anything passed it basically ded). (50% people was on 2ol for this reason) *with unneeded of kihop
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    Guess we will have to know the requirements once BG shows up. Thanks for your kind answer.
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    We are no longer posting specifics in announcement topics as the requirements can be increased or decreased. Instead, we are asking players to go to the NPCs or locations where you obtain the item and look up what the most up to date requirements are. That is where I directed you.
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    Reset all of your character's looks and positions through the control panel following these guides:
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    They might've fluctuated...but yeah! Also, Dragonist Tokens (170 in total) = 1100-1300 tokens, which you need to LTD an emp, so just calculate the total with that in mind if you buy a NON LTD EMP.
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    Prices might be cheaper :D