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    Do you love ForsakenRO? Do you love helping people? Do you feel you could help make the server a better place? Then we'd love to have you as a staff member! Best of all? We're now using rolling applications, meaning you don't have to wait for the chance to start really making a difference here! Apply today! Send in your application to us at support@forsaken-ro.net anytime! If you are accepted, you will hear back from us shortly with more details. If you don't hear back from us, don't give up hope! You can re-apply again after a month! First and foremost... we're looking for people who love ForsakenRO as much as we do! Creative people willing to come up with unique ideas to improve the server, whether it's through quests, new items, new events, or anything else! People who enjoy helping and interacting with their fellow players! Highly motivated people who want to make ForsakenRO a fun and lively place filled with events! Dedicated and reliable people from all over the world that are willing to put the time and effort in People who are at least 13 years of age People who understand and speak/type English fluently Fun and open people who also are responsible and professional Hosting events, and lots of them! (We believe that there's never such a thing as too many events!) Help players as often as you can in game, at help desks, on the forums, and even over MSN too! Managing the ticket system and making sure our players get the quality attention and help they deserve! Coming up with creative ideas for new expansions and being involved with the development of the server! Event/Support GMs (Note: as a GM, you are responsible for both!) Spriters (Note: we're especially interested in people capable of making unique sprites!) Scripters Development Team Sounds great, right? So what are you waiting for! Apply today and join our family of hard working and motivated staff who love to have fun! To apply, just copy and paste these questions and your answers to these questions in an email and send them to support@forsaken-ro.net! Please be honest, and good luck! 1. What is your full name? 2. What is your IGN? (In game name. Please include all characters you have.) 3. What is your forum name? (If you have one.) 4. What guild is your main? (The guild your main character is in, you WoE/GvG with, etc.) 5. How old are you? 6. What languages can you speak/translate? 7. Where do you live and what is your timezone? 8. Would you be willing to contribute ideas and suggestions for future expansions? 9. Would you be willing to monitor and organize the Ticket system at least few times a week? 10. Have you ever done anything to help the server? if so, please provide examples and links (if possible!). This includes suggestions and reports you have made as well! 11. What traits do you think a GM should have to fulfill his/her job? 12. Have you ever been punished for disobeying the rules? If so, describe how. (We appreciate honesty and understand no one is perfect.) 13. How long have you been playing on ForsakenRO? 14. How long do you usually stay online at one time? On ForsakenRO? (Please give an average estimate.) 15. Please describe yourself (personality, goals, dreams, anything you feel will help us get to know you and why you'd be a great addition to the team!). 16. Have you ever been a GM here or on other servers? If so, please tell us more about your experiences. 17. Why would you like to be a GM on ForsakenRO? 18. What other servers, if any, do you currently play on? 19. Do you regularly support ForsakenRO? (For instance, voting for us or having reviewed the server in the past 6 months? If so, under what name?) 20. What do you want your GM name to be? 21. Please provide us with your messenger contact information, e.g. Skype, Yahoo, MSN, etc. We can't wait to welcome some new faces to our family! Good luck and hopefully we can work together soon!
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    Hey guys, In an effort to combat PHPing (the act of seling items for real money) we are putting a bounty on the head of PHPers. We will be giving out up to 500 Tokens to the person that reports a PHPer (once it is confirmed). Of course, we will be needing some sort of proof (facebook,skype,msn,yahoo,aim is fine as long as its concrete). Please file any reports under the new section in the Tokenshop called "PHP Reports." Only Veracity, Justice and I will be able to see these reports and those who report them. Thank you! Jorge
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    Completing this quest you'll obtain a Legendary Weapon for your class. View their effects here. Please note that you have to be a Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Step 1, fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission, you'll have to help better the Forsaken City Library. Bring him: 1 Level 7 Cookbook 1 Old Magicbook 1 Legendary Encyclopedia [2] (dropped by Elder at 10%) 1 Legendary Book of Charms (dropped by Gajomart at 20%) 1 Memory Book [2109] (dropped by Agav at 1%) 1 Torn Magic Book 1 Books on Legendary Weapons (dropped by Isilla) Step 2, fcity 60 163 Then go and talk to the Librarian in Forsaken City's Library and offer to help her obtain some valuable books. Step 3, prt_in 171 51 Go to the Library in Prontera and talk to the Head Librarian. Step 4, prt_in 161 61 Find the Poetic Edda book on the shelf. Step 5, geffen_in 173 104 Talk to the Librarian of Magic in Geffen. Step 6, geffen_in 177 114 Get the Voluspa's Dark Arts book from the shelf. Step 7, lou_in01 41 143 Talk to the Librarian of Fighting in the Louyang library. Step 8, lou_in01 33 148 Get the Sacred Text of Valhalla from the shelf. Step 9, payon_in03 121 125 Talk to the Head Librarian of Payon's Library. Step 10, payon_in03 122 131 Get the Codex Regis from the shelf. Step 11, fcity 60 163 Return to the Forsaken City Librarian and speak with her. Step 12, fcity 117 163 Once you're finished, let the Knight Master know you're finished with your first mission. On your second, you'll need to hunt down a thief who has robbed Forsaken citizens. Step 13, for_fild06 133 335 The thief will be at any one of these three locations at any given time. Keep walking by him until he snickers and disappears... but only after stealing some of your zeny! Step 14, for_fild06 224 226 If the thief is hidden, try going to another location and see if you can find him there. Step 15, for_fild06 240 147 Repeat the previous steps and continue moving near the thief. Continue going back to the different locations and walking near him when he's visible until he challenges you. He's scattered lots of stolen goods which you'll need to return to the Knight Master: 400 Feathers 300 Iron 100 Soft Silks 100 Bags of Grain 100 Coals 50 Delivery Packages (dropped by Alice) 50 Dried Fruit Boxes (dropped by Aliza) 50 Roast Rice Cakes (dropped by Rice Cake Boy) 25 Flavored Alcohol (dropped by Evil Nymph) 25 Bags of Gold Coins (dropped by Goblin MI #1122) 10 Battered Kettles 1 Oridecon Anvil (dropped by Howard Alt-Eisen) Step 16, fcity 117 163 Return to the Knight Master with the stolen items and he'll give you the next part of your mission: compensating the citizens who were robbed. Step 17, fcity 21 138 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 18, fcity 142 64 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 19, fcity 155 183 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 20, fcity 145 121 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 21, fcity 117 163 Return to Forsaken Knight Master and he'll give you the following items when your mission is finished. Bring these to the Forsaken Master Forger: NOTE: This items are given to you by the Forsaken Knight Master, you Don't need to Farm them 1 Oridecon Anvil 100 Coal 300 Iron 1 Books on Legendary Weapons 100,000,000 Zeny Step 22 Part I, fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Master Forger, and he'll ask for the following materials: 300 Burning Hearts 200 Live Coals 15 Enriched Elunium 15 Enriched Oridecon 1 Hammer of Blacksmith Step 23 Part II To proove your worth, you must then return with: 1 Hero's Remain (dropped by Lost Dragon in abyss_02)
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    If we are in the top 15 of the Gamesites Top 200 this month, we will be releasing 3 new recolors of the Vote RAWs! IF we are in the top 10, we will release ALL of the recolors of the Vote RAWs and boost their effect! Make sure when you vote you enter the capatcha code it asks for so the vote counts for us. Tell all of your friends to vote too, and remember, you can vote on multiple accounts as long as you use a different IP! In case you didn't know, you can vote through the Control Panel (cp.forsaken-ro.net).
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    -El's Sniper Guide- Contents: •Introduction •Build for Full FAS/ Full DS •Gears for Sniper in PvP/MvP/Raid •Advice/Tips •Advice/Tips in PvPing •Questions •Conclusion Intro: Sniper class is one of the range killer class. They can deal a massive damage and can kill you in sight without getting near them. How ever it all depends on the player how they use this class. Most sniper class uses FAS skill and this skill can deal a high damage if your build is correct. So if you need a build for FAS, guide, tips or an advice for a sniper then my guide will help you. Ever wondered why the other snipers can do Focus Arrow Strike damage 30-60k continuously and has a massive damage? And you wonder why your FAS is 18-25-40k only?? You think why your damage is not stable/fix and not that strong. Okay this guide will teach you how to make your FAS stronger and stable. First the skill FAS bypass the def depending in your crit (The chance to bypass defense with Focused Arrow Strike is calculated as [ (crit rate + 20) - (monster's luk/5) ]%. Crit/LUK gear is recommended in order to maximize the chance of bypassing defense with this skill.-irowiki-) so it means that if your damage is not fix or stable your FAS is not bypassing the enemy's def continously. So how can i bypass enemies def continuosly? Do i need thana? No. Thana makes your damage unstable and Thana is for only DS. Do i need inca? No. I never used inca and the skill FAS ignore def depending in your crit and inca doesn't work pretty much in FAS skill but only DS ''maybe''. So what do i need then? Simple, as the FAS description said you need CRIT. You need at least 100 or 101 above CRIT to continuosly bypass enemies def. CRIT? Where can i see my Crit? Press Alt+A, right side of int, the Critical. How to add my Crit? Your Luk. Every 3 luk adds 1 crit i think (not sure just check it). What?! I need to make that 101? That will break my build!.. No it won't. The Falcon Eyes buff adds +10 Crit and your FAS adds +20 crit so it's already +30 CRIT. Now you only need 70 crit. Still high? If you have 2x Frey Gaunts better use Ifrit cards. Each ifrit card adds +25 crit (Note: you need to be 255 job level because ifrit card effect depends on your job level). So it's already 80 CRIT so you just need to add few luk to make it 101. •Making my Crit 101 in a nice way and bypassing enemies def• So when making your crit 101 and don't want to waste some stats points. First if you have Ship hat better equip that because it has different effect in fhelm and we know ship hat will increase your damage so better make that default when calculating your crit. Then use Falcon Eyes, why? because it will add +10 in crit in your stats. How about FAS? It's not a buff but it's a Offensive Skill? FAS automatically adds +20 crit when using this so no need to worry. Then if you're rich and have 2x freyr gaunts i suggest to put 2x Ifrit cards rather than 2x dex rune so it will add +50 crit (not sure if it's +25 crit per card) and you won't use too much stats in your luck. Then your crit is now 80 the just add few stats in luk to make it 81. After this try using your FAS in an enemy. If you notice your damage is stable then your build is correct but when it's not yet stable better check your crit. So now your damage is now stable and it means that your FAS is now bypassing your enemies def continuosly. •Making my FAS stronger• Hey my FAS is already bypassing enemies def continuosly but my damage is not that strong? Okay it's simple if you want to make your FAS stronger better decard your previous card and change it. What card should i use then? 2xTG+2xPaper. What?! Why Paper? I'm not a SINX!. Relax it's because your not a sinx doesn't mean you can't use Paper card. Irowiki said -Only cards and equipment that increase CRIT in the status window will increase Focused Arrow Strike's chance to Crit.-. FAS has a chance to crit so if it crits it will bypass def so that's why you need 101 crit to completely bypass enemies def so meaning if you use Paper Card it will add more damage because FAS is a skill that Crits. Your damage is now stronger than before. If your in full gear your damage will be 70-30k FIX. -Builds for Sniper- •Build for Full Fas• Str: 70-100 Agi: ASPD 195 Vit: Put all your remaining stats to vit. Dex: 290-divisible to 0 Int: 0-20 Luk: Critical 101 •Build for Full DS• Str: 70-100 Agi: ASPD 195 Vit: Put all your remaining stats to vit. Dex: 290-divisible to 0 Int: 0-20 Luk: 0 -Gears for Sniper- •Basic Gears and Cards• Headgear: Fknight Helm/Vote Fhelm [Cards: 2xKiel,Fsold+Kiel, 2xSilver Kiel] Lower Headgear: Any +10 Rucksack, Scarf [Cards: Fsold, MayaP, Kiel, Silver Kiel] Middle Headgear: Legendary LHZ Aura, Leg. Zod Aura[Cards: Fsold, MayaP, Kiel, Silver Kiel] Armor: Fknight Armor/ Vote Farmor [Cards: GR+Tao] Cloak: Fknight Cloak/ Vote Fcloak [Cards: Skoll+Raydric] Footgear: Fknight Boots/ Vote Fboots [Cards: 2xFBH, 2x Silver FBH] Accessory: Legendary Dex Belt, Dex Belt [Cards: ----- ] Weapon: Legendary Sniper Bow [Cards:2xTG+2xPaper (Full Fas), 3xTG+Skel/Inca, 2xTG+Skel+Inca (Double Strafe) ] Shield: 2xFknight Shield/ Vote Fshield [Cards: Usakoring and GTB/Maya P] Arrow: L.imma, L.shadow, L.holy •Advance Gears and Cards• Headgear: Fhelm, Ship Hat, Halloween Hats, LTD helm, Imp Helm [Cards: 2xKiel, Fsold+Kiel,Kiel+ MayaP] Lower Headgear: Sniper Cape, Sniper Cursed [Cards: Kiel, Fsold, Maya P] Middle Headgear: ROP, Emp, Skull aura [Cards: Kiel, Fsold, Maya P] (Take note Ship Hat is for switching. It's not necessary to default this headgear) Armor: Farmor [Cards:Tao+GR, 2xTao, RSX+GR, Evil Druid+Tao, Angeling+Tao, 2xOL or OL+GR] (You need at least 3-4 switches in armor] Cloak: Fcloak [Cards: Sinx Card+Skoll or Raydric, 2xRaydric, 2xSkoll, 2x Deviling, 2xPouring] (Your default cloak should be Sinx Card+Skoll or Ray. At least 3-4 switches in cloak. ) Footgear: Fboots [Cards: 2xFBH] Accessory: 2x Freyr Gaunts [Cards: 2xIfrit, Ifrit+Marine, 2xDexRune, Ifrit+Horong] Weapon: Sniper SB [Cards: 2xTG+2xPaper] [3xTG/2xTG+Skel+Thana (For DS) ] Shield: Friggs Shield [Cards: Usakoring, GTB, Maya P] (You need at least 1-3 switches in shield) Arrow: L.imma, L.holy, L.shadow, (bring an extra arrow for emergency) •Gears for MvPing• Just change the cards of your weapon to 2x Abysmal Knight card/ 2x Paper and in armor use 2xGloom (Depends on what race is the mvp) or Tao+GR. And use an anti element arrow on what type of element the mvp (Look below the element weaknesses). • Gears, Cards, Monsters and Arrows to use in Gates of Hell and Aegirs Raid• Snipers are the one and most effective class in the raid. So if you'll join in the raid i'll give you some tips before you enter the raid. You only need to change the cards in your Boots. Remove the 2x FBH (Monster there are not Demi or Angel Type) and use 2x GEC for more HP and SP or Dwiz+GEC. And your headgear should be Ship hat (If you already have it) for more damage. And bring a bow with Coma because you can coma MVP inside the raid. Bring Cspeed and Maximize your capacity in bringing Seeds. •GOH monsters and what arrow to use (Forgot what wave this monsters will appear)• •Gallion [use Water Arrow] •Necromancer [use Imma Arrow] •Evil Druid [use Imma Arrow] •Majorous [use Water Arrow] •Phendark [use Wind Arrow] •Injustice [use Imma Arrow] •Lord of Death (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) •Mistress of Shelter [use Shadow Arrow] •Baroness of Retribution [use Holy Arrow] •Wraith Dead [use Imma Arrow] •Wraith [use Holy Arrow] •Hodremlin [use Imma Arrow] •Gremlin [use Holy Arrow] •Banshee [use Earth Arrow] •Nightmare [use Water Arrow] •Garm (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) •Skogul (Use Earth Arrow) •Frus [use Water Arrow] •Chimera (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Fire Arrow) •Kades (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) (I'm not sure if this is all the mobs in GOH) •Aegirs Raid monsters and what arrow to use• •1st Wave Seaweed/Sropho/Red Euruma [This 3 mobs are Ghost so just use Imma Arrow in this wave] •2nd Wave Coelacanth [use Imma Arrow] Mutant Coelacanth [use Water Arrow] •3rd Wave King Dramoh [use Imma Arrow] Kraken Leg [use Earth Arrow] •4th Wave Kraken (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) -Advice/Tips- 1. Don't use ROP. ROP is useless, it will just add 200 damage in your fas. Better use Emp or Skull aura. But if you want the style of the ROP it's fine. "Tested" or test it by yourself. 2. Always use TRAPS. Ankle Snare and Skid Trap. 3. Sniper fights in long range not in close combat. Better avoid closing too much in your opponent. I advice you to buy Sinx Card. Always use cloak. 4. Bring a knife or main gauche with you with strip cards in it (metaling,dwar,vr,maero). I always use this for emergency. 5. Remove your auto attack. How? Type /nc and remove the check of your attack in Alt+O. Why should i not use auto attack? I'm used to it. Because it's hassle when spamming FAS. Sometimes you'll normal attack the enemy and you can't spam fas. 6. Don't use Falcon. Why?! His my FRIEND!. Same in no.5. Falcon will auto blitz so it will auto attack and your spam in FAS will slowed. 7. Don't always depend on spamming FAS on your opponent. There are enemies that knows how to handle a sniper so try some other moves or skill on killing your enemy. 8. How can i use ship hat that i don't get stoned? Use evil druid card (Remember you can't make 2 elements in your armor. It doesn't stack. So GR+Evil Druid doesn't stack. Better use Tao+Evil druid or other cards. But beware in champs you'll be one hit by asura. And neutral elements skill hurts alot to you if you use this element so be careful. 9.Don't just use 3 arrows better bring extra like fire,water or wind. 10. You're running or chasing on an enemy? Try doing this. Use skid trap in front/back/sides or anywhere but must be near you and step on it. The effect is like you used snap but you need to know how to use it. Step on the arrow ''<'' or the less than to move forward. If you step in a wrong side of the trap it will throw you slant, like backslide or anywhere. Or just use common sense. Where the arrow point that's where you go. 11. Can't kill your enemy? Full Reducts player killing/trolling you? Then carry an extra bow [L.bow is good] and put 2x Lod, VR, SK on it and hit your enemy and wait until he dies with your coma. -Advice/Tips in dueling- •Dueling a Sniper• Difficulty: Medium Most sniper used ship hat right? And there damage is high. So how to make that char don't use ship hat? You need switches. First you need to stone him using puppetring card. Then of course he will switch in his FSOLD. So his damage is now low. If he doesn't have FSOLD his dead. Don't just Spam FAS to him and wait who runs out of seeds. This fight is so common and BORING. You should at least make a technique like cloaking and repelling him or stripping or whatever. Just don't spam FAS only. •Dueling an Assassin Cross (Crit Type)• Difficulty: Medium In my own experience in dueling a crit type sinx i really don't have a problem on them. But i notice other snipers always die on them when the sinx already got them. So my tips for you guys when dueling a sinx is this. Crit type sinx need to approach you to kill you right? So the best counter attack for them is using a knife/dagger with a VR card (dispel effect. See my no.4 advice/tips above for more info) so that if they melee attack you they'll be dispelled and they need to recast their buffs or use converters. That's the time for you to make a move. •Dueling an Assassin Cross (Sonic blow type)• Difficulty: Medium SB Sinx type are one of the most dangerous opponent you will encounter. My advice for you is always use cloaking and cspeed and avoid them on getting near you. Remember if they got near you you're dead. Expect that their always in cloak so you should be fast on uncloaking them and spamming FAS/DS on them. They have no shield so your damage will be high on them. And use ankle snare or skid trap. •Dueling a Gunslinger• Difficulty: Easy GS are very easy to defeat ''for me''. Use angeling card in your armor with tao card to reduce their damage (depends on what element they use). If they desperado you just repel them. If they use rapid shower just spam your FAS to them. If they use RSX use skid trap or cspeed to avoid them when they'll use desperado. GS run out seeds faster. •Dueling a Professor• Difficulty: Easy This class is dangerous if you're not fast on switching shields. My only advice is use GTB and spam your FAS/DS. Beware other prof uses Stave crasher if you use gtb and they'll use blinding mist to decrease or make miss of your damage. •Dueling a Lord Knight• Difficulty: Hard LK has a huge amount of HP you must always expect that. They have some buffs that will make you miss. They got melee, range skill and have debuff skill too. They are a little hard opponent. My tips for you is always bring your dispel knife and your coma bow. Surround yourself a ankle snare/skid trap. Always cloak and be wise. If they got near use your knife if they're really hard to beat for you then use your coma bow. If they notice your using a coma bow they'll switch to gtb then that's the time for you to spam FAS to own him. •Dueling a Biochemist• Difficulty: Medium Not that hard opponent. Use this anti-bio set (2xDev,Gtb,RSX[if you don't have FCP]) and Spam FAS/DS to him. Remember they can carry extra seeds in their cart and they can FCP themselves so stripping is useless to them. Most bio's use cloaking so you need to bring a maya P helm to see them. Their weapon has a coma effect so be aware. Dispel knife is not that effective to them. So be wise on dueling a biochemist. •Dueling a Champion• Difficulty: Hard Okay this class is hard to duel. Champ has an anti-range (pneuma) and anti-melee (Root). So it's hard for you to FAS him or use a knife on him and they have Ruwach so hiding is useless and they got Snap to chase you. This is very a hard class to duel (depends on what kind of player you dueling). You need to be wise. What i advice you to do is make a distance to him. Always run if he snap on you. When you spam FAS on him surely he will use pneuma. If you're fast enough to do the skid trap + arrow shower then do it. But if not try getting near on him a little not too close like a gap to his asura and he will asura you. Once his out of his pneuma and his gonna asura you use Arrow Repel fast then spam FAS to him. If he use pneuma again use cloaking then he will use Ruwach and asura or tss you. If he uncloak you he can't asura you because asura has a delay if he uses snap. After he snap and uncloak you Spam FAS to him and quickly repel him. Always remember don't let him close to you. Traps are kinda useless because he'll just snap and the traps will be automatically be destroyed but i think Skid trap will works. Just be wise on your movements and always make a distance on a champ. Don't use Ship Hat because he will definitely gonna use stone armor to stone you. •Dueling a Clown/Gypsy• Difficulty: Medium Clown is a little annoying when dueling on them. They can coma you, stone you and decrease your damage using Tarot Card of Fate skill. My advice to you is always make ready of your gtb. If he can't kill you on his Arrow vulcan he'll gonna use Tarot. So if he uses Tarot switch fast on gtb so you won't get coma and while his spamming tarot on you spam your FAS on him. Always cloak so he can't spam his AV on you. If he gets near and he uncloak you use Arrow repel and Spam FAS. If his hard to kill use your coma bow or use your knife. •Dueling a Whitesmith• Difficulty: Medium This class has a very fast spam, has anti-range (Pneuma), can break an armor and has range skill too. My advice for you when dealing with a Whitesmith is like the same in dealing on a Champion Class but not that hard opponent (Read my advice for Champ). Remember he needs to use a Elemental Converters to make his damage decent. So if he gets near to you switch fast in your knife and dispel him. Once his been dispel Spam your FAS and Repel him. Just don't make him get near to you because he can kill you very fast with his spam of Cart Termination. Traps and Cloaking are useful. Use your skills wisely. •Dueling a Stalker (Dex type)• Difficulty: Easy Stalkers are not that hard opponent especially those dex type. Your only problem with them is their skill Full Strip. You need to defeat them before your Full Chemical Protection runs or else you'll be stripped and die. But in case you run out of FCP your only choice is to repel him and avoid getting near him. Traps is kinda useless because he can remove traps. And stalker can copy a skill. If you're dealing with a stalker that has a skill of Flipping Tatami (Anti-Range) use your knife and dispel him then Spam your FAS so he will copy your FAS skill and his flip tatami skill will be removed. When your dealing with a magic user stalker type just use GTB and kill him ASAP to avoid getting strip. •Dueling a Stalker (Reduct type)• Difficulty: Easy This type of a stalker is an annoying one. You got low damage because of their reduct equipment, always normal attack you with a Triple attack and coma you using a coma bow. My advice to you is avoid getting coma. Use a gtb and most reduct stalker equipment has no anti freeze. So use a bow with a stormy knight card and lod. And normal attack him till he dies to your coma. If he uses gtb to avoid getting coma then that's the time you Spam FAS to him. •Dueling a Paladin (Tanker type)• Difficulty: Hard This class is one of the most annoying class you'll encounter. To be honest i just ignore them because most pally's are just tanker anyway but if there's no choice then you need to fight him. Pally's have a skill called Defending aura that has a reduct for range attacks/skills and the Guard skill that blocks incoming physical damage. What you must do is try to dispel him by using a knife. Once he got dispelled spam FAS to him. The strategy here is to annoy him and wait for him to use gtb. Once he uses gtb that's the time you spam your FAS to him. You can use your coma bow if no choice. Stripping him is a little useless because he can use Battle Chant to remove the strip effect. •Dueling a Paladin (Grand Cross Type)• Difficulty: Medium This type of paladin is not that hard to duel. They got low hp compare of Tank Paladin. Just repel him if he gets near you or just use gtb or angeling to counter his GC. You can use your dispel to him because most GC type paladin uses MB to increase their damage. Use Skid trap instead of Ankle Snare because they'll use magnum break if they got caught in AS Trap to break the trap. •Dueling a High Wizard• Difficulty: Easy Not hard to fight with. Use GTB and spam your skills to him. If his in high reduct use a bow with SK, LOD card or use coma bow. Beware of HW that's using Stave with thana, it hurts if you don't have skolls on. •Dueling a Super Novice• Difficulty: Medium Most SN are magic type but there are others who are in hybrid type (Magic+Mammonite) and they have high HP. Use GTB to counter his magic and if he'll Mammo you use Arrow Repel or Traps. He will try to strip you or coma you too so beware. Always be wise. •Dueling a Ninja• Difficulty: Hard This class is one of the most hardest opponent you'll faced. You can't easily kill him because he has anti range (Flip Tatami) and you can't melee him too (Cicada --). So what i need you to do is be a ninja too. What i mean is always hide. Don't show yourself to him. If he uncloaks you you counter him. Try to corner him into the wall but it's gonna be hard because he can leap. You need timing here, if you saw him walks his skill Flip tatami will be gone so that's the time you spam FAS to him. Overall use all your technique to beat this class. •Dueling Star Gladiator and Soul Linker• Difficulty: Easy This two class is very rare to see in PvP field but if you ever encounter them well all i can say is they're very easy. Most Star Gladiator uses thana so be careful, his Flying Kick really hurts. Just use your knife with dispel and dispel him to remove his buffs then spam your FAS to him. If he gets near use arrow repel. Traps are uselss because he can get near to you using flying kick. Soul Linker always leap around. It's hard to point click at them but if you got them they're dead. They got very low HP.+ But you need to kill them twice though because he has auto resu. Use GTB because they're magic users. • Becoming a PRO will take some time. Always practice and never get bored of your class. Avoid switching class, you need to stick in one at first. Always remember never underestimate your opponent• -Questions- •Should I learn Battlemode?• Yes. Learning the battlemode keys is a must. You need this for faster switching items and using other skill (ex. Traps). •What's more better FAS or DS?• Both. Use FAS when dealing lots of enemy and use DS when 1on1 but you can use FAS in 1v1 too. But for me FAS is more better than DS. •Does ping affect my spam?• Yes that's what i think. Other players who are near to the server can spam FAS more faster than the others. And others who are far away in the server spam slower than the others. •Hardest opponent for sniper?• Champ, Ninja and Pally. •What are the weakness of fire, ghost, shadow element etc?• Fire is weak to Water. Water is weak to Wind. Wind is weak to Earth. Earth is weak to Fire. Holy is weak to Shadow. Shadow is weak to Holy. Undead is weak to Holy and Fire (use Holy if you have the option). Ghost is weak to Ghost, but don't use Neutral (Void = non-elemental stuff). Neutral isn't weak to anything, but don't use Ghost. •What's more better Sniper Cursed ring or Sniper Blessed ring?• There have been a debate on which of this two rings are the best. Others said Cursed is more better. Others said Blessed is more better than Cursed and others said Cursed is just for FAS and Blessed is just for DS. Well if you ask me to be honest i didn't try using blessed yet but for me this two rings are good it really just depends on your test of damage or maybe the design of the ring or if you're rich then just buy them bought. But remember equipment is not really important. It's how you play your character. If you are fully geared but not good on using your character then it's useless. •Can i use this build in my stalker?• Yes. If you're a FAS type. But if i were you i'll just go sniper and go full fas. •How to counter Sniper?• By changing the element of your armor. Or try my Full Range Reducts. It's really effective on countering a sniper. •Is Sniper effective in WoE?• Yes they are. They are useful on defending castle or holding the enemies to get near the emp by using ankle snare traps. The only disadvantage of sniper in woe is that you can't see your damage inside the castle. So you won't know if your foe has different element or armor then you're trying to kill them but you notice that it's taking so long to kill them. •Is Sniper effective in MvP hunting?• Yes. They can kill mvp fast. And this class is one of the most effective in killing Thanatos. •I'm still a starter. Should i buy Sniper Soaring Bird first?• No, save your tokens first and buy the legendary version of sniper SB which is L.bow. L.bow and Sniper SB has only a little difference. Conclusion: This is my guide for Sniper. It seems i completed my guide to sniper. So hope it helps you guys. If my guide helps you share it to others so it can help them too. And don't forget to choose in the Poll section if my guide is helpful or not so that the other players will know if this guide will help them or not.
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    Since people seem to look for guides, I decided to make one myself as well. Seeing Kuoch updated his sniper guide as well, it made me want to write one, since people are starting to ask me in-game about biochemists. What is a Biochemist? Biochemist is technically a magic class. Basically most people will say it is all spam of Acid Demonstration and bolts and I kinda agree to it. However, if that is all you want to do, I would suggest you make a full bolter prof since that has better burst damage than us Biochemists. Although if you like the idea of never having to dual client just for fcp and the ability to break someone's armor and piss them off to no end, then read on :) .What you need to know before playing Biochemist? First of all, Biochemist can be awesome in both Excalibur and Kingslayer PVP. We don't really need much gears to be effective, even a knight set would really do. The most common combo of ND gears would be piamette ears and improved scarf which works magnificently. The downside of a Biochemist is the lack of fun things(a.k.a cards) to put in your headgears. You always need to have 3 kiels equipped at all times. This can be bothersome. Having a finite supply of bottles for acid demonstration also poses threat when pvping for long periods of time. Unlike Snipers, Bow Stalkers, Gunslingers, Clown and Gypsy who have unlimited supply of arrows or ammo, we have limited bottles which drains 2 bottles every cast of AD. It also hinders you to bring as much seeds/berries as you want, which means you need to be able to get stuff from your cart in pvp. Gear Requirements To be able to pvp well as a biochemist, you need at least: -A Knight Set, preferably a forsaken king set, vote or real doesn't matter -Either the legendary bio mace or Jormungandr's Rage. Preferably 2 of each. -Int Gaunts if you are low on funds, Int belts if you have them already, Urds Earrings would be better -Something to make you see Cloaked people(horong accessory, headgear that give sight lvl 1) - at least 3 kiels, if you have silver kiels I won't advice you to go Biochemist - Ring of Resonance(Blue Ifrit Rings) Stats Basically, a Biochemist must distribute stat points to every stat except luk. This basically means that doing the Knight Quest Part 1 which gives the +200 stat points is essential STR- at least 50-100. with 50 str, I can carry around 200 seeds + 700 bottles of each. if you think this is too low, feel free to add more here. I made it so like that since I can put seeds from my cart to inventory quiet fast. Agi- Enough for 195 aspd, add dex first] Vit- depends on the user's gear, at most you need 220k hp with dual raydrics/deviliing cloak equipped Int- Around 250-290 Base Int, unlike str, Int doesn't give a bonus matk if total is divisible by 10. Dex- total of 150 luk- unless you plan on critting someone, leave it at 1. Gear Setup Helm- if you are using knight helm, forsaken king helm or any 2 slotted helm, put 2x kiel in it. if you are using piamette ears, put kiel in it. Middle- Any Aura you can get, put kiel in it, preferably Butterfly Aura or Emp. Skull Aura if you need a bit more defense against champs Lower- If you are using piamette, use scarf and put kiel in here. If not, since you already have 3 kiels with the helm and aura, you can use Sacred/Fluffy/Royal Angel. If you have the Biochemist Cape, then use it and put maya purple card. any lower headgear with a slot, put maya purple in, having an extra one with forsaken soldier might help, but not necessary. The best of course is the Blessed ring as it gives you access to heaven's drive(hence you are immune to maya). Armor- I advice at least 2. One with GR+Tao, other with Tao+Tao. using angeling might help, but don't use it against a sniper or bow stalker, it is so easy to switch to a shadow armor and burst you to death. having RSX armor against snipers can help as well. Puppetring Tao and RSX Tao helps a lot. Weapon- if you have two JRage, you are rich and I would want to stab you in your sleep. but in case you did have, put 4x Kingring cards on one, the other put Phreeoni, Thanatos Maero, Dragoon Warlord, Valkyrie Randgris, Metaling card or any annoying card you can think of. I personally use Phree, Stormy Knight, DW and Valk. My reasoning behind it is : -phree makes your hit 505 with 150 dex, meaning you can hit people with cart revolution. This is useful for pushing people off their pneumas so you can hit them with acid bomb. -Stormy Knight, dragoon warlord, and valk randgris Auto casts their effects if you get hit at melee range if you have something that reflects physical attacks(Friggs Shield, Skull Aura, Avian wings). The dispell alone helps against melee sinx. Also, since you have stormy knight, the moment someone can be frozen, you can just use acid terror on them -4x Kingring for matk, switch to it if you are using bolts, then default the other weapon mostly. If you only have one, don't use kingrings Shield- Friggs would be the best(you need the extra hp) if not, knight shield and king shield would do. you need 2-3, usakoring, gtb and maya. Cloak- at least 2, one with 2x skoll, 1 with 2x rays or 2x devilings. I prefer having rays than deviling since for me having skull aura+Friggs shield + Biochemist Cape already gives me huge reducts against asura. and at least it doesn't make me vulnerable to a champ+prof gang. Boots- have at least 2, preferably 3. cards to use are 2x antique firelocks, 2x FBH(for bolting) and the annoying kyrie combo of Dragoon Wizard+ Amon Ra card(if you mainly use ring of resonance to get assump, remove dwiz combo as kyrie do not stack with assump) Accessories- If you have Urds earrings, either put Imp cards or Siroma Cards in them(depending on which bolt you really like). if not, just use int gaunts or int belts(int gaunts if you need the extra weight you gain since gaunts are lighter than belts, and +10 int isnt that huge mostly) Homunculus I Prefer Lif over all the other Homunculus in this server. For the reason it has the Urgent Escape Skill which boosts your movement speed. PVP against other classes I won't go in real detail. Most of this you will learn if you don't quit on your Biochemist once someone slaps on RSX armor or uses FCP. Most people nowadays quit at their biochemist once they can't kill a certain class. People, no class can beat every class, nor anyone can beat everyone. Especially now that new pvp rooms debuffs you, if it is at for_fild however, an LK with FCP can give you a problem, since it is widely believed that LKs are the most OP class in the server right now. But here are some tips i can give you new guys. Rayray's general rule of initiation with bio: START WITH BOLTS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE THEY DO NOT HAVE FCP. This works a lot due to the fact that your bolts have higher single bolt damage than any magic class(Imp/Siroma increases bolt damage, and your JRage does it too). -Always FCP yourself if you plan on PVPing. dedicate at least an hour or so for farming FCPs. -Homunculus can be a shield. I personally summon them(and not move) when fighting SB sinx or Asura Champs, 50% chance they will hit my homunculus and that small mistake can kill an SB sinx within a few spams. - Check your supplies, a biochemist without bottles is mostly dead. - Pick your battles. if you are starting to learn biochemist, dont go almighty and hit someone you know you can't kill, you don't get better that way, it just makes you pissed off and make people hit you until you get out of for_fild. Most newbies go in for_fild and randomly hit someone, and when someone kills them, they rage and ask "why kill me". DO NOT SHAME THE BIOCHEMIST CLASS, IF YOU DO I WILL PERSONALLY HUNT YOU AND MAKE YOU LISTEN TO 24 HOURS OF JUSTIN BIEBER SONGS. CONSIDER IT TORTURE. -going in pvp maps as a biochemist makes people think you are an fcp buff bot. 2 things can be done *be a dear and give them fcp *spam acid demonstration on them, knowing full well they dont have fcp -in woe, put bombs on the floor when defending, works well in narrow passageways, when they show up, spam acid demonstration - Acid terror carry over status effects. so having a dagger with 4x stormy knight and throwing acid terror to someone that can be frozen works great. -Equipping Blue Ifrit rings is awesome if you cant kill someone with your damage, hope for the random tarot :) - NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ACID TERROR. That skill has something that makes it unique for us biochemists. I will leave it to your imagination guys( you wouldn't expect me to spoil everything). Again, there is one situation that you will ALWAYS encounter that acid terror will shine. :) But since people asked, I will put basic information on fighting against most classes Biochemists: One of the most boring fights ever. Biochemists both with FCP will take a long time to finish. If needed, use blue ifrit ring to gain an advantage. If you are hybrid and can go near, spam mammonite(he probably will use raydric anyway). If he does good magic damage, it means he is on full int build and is using imp/siroma card. Figure out what what bolt it is, use the proof potion against it and equip 2x noxious. If it is one on one, just use gtb+ dual devs and you will win, but that is cheap so I use the noxious. Champ: annoying if he has good ping, easy if not. He has int so his mdef is pretty high, mostly you will deal 3k-4k bolts while you deal 6k-7k to others. Acid bomb to hell, if he pneuma just bolt or use cart revolution. mammonite if hybrid but make sure you have fsoldier on. Sniper: just do not wear GR armor, wear puppetring if he uses ship captain, and default noxious if he spams FAS(skoll if ds since he probably has thana). Stalker: bow stalker, refer to sniper. Magic stalker, refer to biochemist or just go GTB OR maya. Reducts stalker, wear garm armor and watch them screw themselves. SinX: wear gr armor and if you follow the guide, you have valk rand on weapon. if they are auto attack types(dagger or crit) this will screw them up. If they are sb type, wear a puppetring+tao armor if they had ship captain. Now, following this guide, almost every bio should have 250-280k hp(im on 270k on hybrid with fbh on), if you spam seeds well, that should be enough. If not, do what I do, use your homun as a shield. Just stand there and when you see the sinx getting near, summon your homun without moving. 50% chance that he would hit the homun and it dies, but it leaves him about 1-3 seconds just standing there, should be enough to kill him with bolts or bombs since he has no shield. LK: Default skolls if you know he has thana blade, noxious if he only does spiral. Use puppetring armor to remove his ship captain, and just spam as hell. his hp is high so I use blue ifrit ring as well. if he has no fcp(like every class listed besides Bio) he should die on your spam. Pally: kinda the same with LK, but why would you be fighting a pally? Unless he is an STR type, I doubt he will damage you. Clown: A good clown is the best class on the server because of tarot. If your hp is high enough, you can afford to go GTB friggs and survive his AVs. Prof: If you are not cheap as hell and tried to tank prof's bolts, 2x noxious and proof potions should do the trick. This is what I do on gvg/br since it raises my survival rate since I won't get one shot by physical attacks. Wiz: same with prof but easier. WS: Another boring fight, just don't let him get near much and spam as hell, blue ifrit ring and valk randgris helps a lot. Priest: only priest worth noting is actually Holy Light(melee type doesn't damage as much, and you can counter that with gr + valk rand). Wear angeling armor and you done. Star Glad: again, valk randgris, and few star glads will ever target you. Soul Linker: spam like hell, they got crappy hp anyway Gunslinger: same strategy against sniper Ninja: INT biochems only hope is to kill the ninja before he spams flip tatami. hybrids on the other hand can mix it up with mammo and bombs. shouldn't be too hard on a small map. Super Novice: tons of hp, no GR, spam like hell. Chances are he will lose seeds before you do. Wear blue ifrits as well FAQ Q: I have limited budget, I cannot afford to get JRage, Cape and Urds all at once. Which one should I get first? A: I would get Urds first. considering you had legendary mace, you would need your bolts to actually hurt. So go for Urds. The downside here is Cape is kinda rare. You might have a hard time to get it once you got the tokens for it. Q: Do I really need to switch shoes, I am fine with 2fbh shoes anyway. A: Suit yourself, Although I find that always using 2FBH wastes seeds due to the fact that you use it for sp as well, and your hp is a little crappy without Antique Firelocks/GEC. 220k hp seems decent on a one on on one situation, not much if you are in PvP room or WoE or any Player Vs Player events like GvG. Q: Who would win in a Biochemist Vs Biochemist fight with identical gears? A: the one who has more HP and the one who switches to his maya shield at the right moment. Q: Would you advice going hybrid with Mammonite? A: Only if you can get your hands on 2 Jrage and Loki's seals/Urds. Otherwise you will be lacking somewhere. either HP or melee damage or acid bomb damage. Right now I am good with an Int build Biochemist. and if you are thinking of fighting someone that used devs+gtb +gr+fcp on you, a 50 STR biochem that has incant card on jrage and used BOS and hit mammonite would still good damage on them. the loss of GTB and the elemental damage increase is huge. Q: Worst enemies for Biochemist? A: LK with FCP. a sniper if you dont have RSX+tao. and a good champ that has good ping. That's about it. Q: Easiest enemies in your experience? A: Melee SinX. they get screwed over by reflect dispel so bad. Q: Do you use stripping cards and coma? A: only as a last resort. Coma is one of the cheapest tactics to kill people ,but at least it is a legit way to kill people. it might be your only resort against a beefed up LK. Q: Best weapon card combinations for you? A: My personal card combination is a defensive one. I use the fact that reflect is considered a melee attack, so it allows cards like valk randgris to go off when you get hit. With that in mind, i put the cards that I think will help me against any class I encounter. No one can kill anyone, but at least I try to have a certain defense against anyone. At the moment of writing, I am using Phreeoni, Stormy Knight, Dragoon Warlord and Valk Randgris on weapon. I am starting to think that dragoon warlord is not needed. Ill let you guys know if I find a better one. Only use this if you had some kind of reflect (Friggs, Skull Aura). Q: If you would rank the best biochemists in the server, who were they? A: I do not know myself. But honestly, I haven't seen a full damage biochemist like Enrique(Rusty Trombone) that can manage to do what he does, despite the low hp he would have. Giap was a good one as well, but he switched to his WS now. Jayjay(Amicable) was too passive but he taught me tons of things for biochemists. Not sure how good I am as people see, but I probably would make it to the top 3 biochemists. Q: Why are there so many biochemists now? A: the new pvp rooms dispell fcp. so they practically have a field day there. Although it made me happy that the class is getting recognition, it annoys me that most people I see just don't know how to use the class. I mean tons of biochemists now give up the moment their enemy can use pneuma or has fcp. Q: if you dont have urds, what is the best range of matk? A: Around 10k matk is ok for me, that should hit 2.5k-4k bolts depending on enemy. 12k matk if you had 2fbh shoes on. Q: my bolts suck even with 15k matk, what gives? A: Matk is not like physical attack. matk has a range it follows. it is basically random depending on range, so boosting matk in my opinion is pointless if you dont have urds. For the range, on a full int biochem(290+ base int), you get around 16k matk with butterfly aura on, your bolt damage should average 6k and will normally hit 8-9k as you spam. You will get a rare 10-12k though in between but that is the average. Q: How do you combat RSX+GR + 2x deviling + GTB? A: Not that easy to fight, but not impossible as well. First, you have to have tons of seeds with you and on cart since this will be a long fight. 2nd, switch your two accessories, put the ring of resonance and a strip armor accessory. if you follow my guide, your weapon should have dragoon warlord in it as well. you can also remove my stormyknight and put metaling card. Basically you try to strip him off the armor first(to test if he is stripped, if you had stormy knight he will be frozen, or if not try to cart revolution him and see if he gets pushed back). the ring of resonance is there for the random tarot as well and see if you can break shield armor or whatever. If he had fcp, with that much seeds on you, you can probably out last it(also having auto pneuma acc helps). chances are, if he is a SNIPER he will run out of seeds faster than you because he needs it for sp as well. also when doing this, switch to your kyrie shoes. (this is if you are not using the ring of resonance). Everything has a counter. With 100 str. i have 300+ seeds on me and even more on cart. If he plans to fight for a long time, and if this is pvp room, he will run out of seeds before you even get from your cart. Also, use a converter when trying this. he has 2x deviling and gtb. even if you have low damage, you should be hitting around 1k per hit with his setup. it might be little, but any damage will count when you are trying to do this, he has low hp anyway with gr+rsx. Strip chance is high enough(base 7%, it will never go lower than that even if enemy is dex class). so you dont have to worry much. you have fcp, abuse it. if he has fcp too, drag the fight on. if he uses sniper with ship captain, use tao+puppetring to force him not to use ship captain which lowers his overall damage, same with LKs that uses it. Q: U SO SXC BCUZ OF THIS GUIDEZ, CAN I HAZ S3X WIT U? A: The answer will always be a no. I am in a committed relationship sorry. APPENDIX A Biochemist Hybrid Section As most of you know, I have been testing Hybrid Biochemist for weeks now. So far it has been good, however, you do need to have some expensive stuff to be able to use it. Now if you mained Biochemist as an INT based bio, and have bought all those stuff I put in there, you practically had everything you will need except a few things. If you are using an STR based class and got loki's seals already, all you need to get is at least Jrage and a good lower headgear(preferably blessed bio cape or cursed bio cape) Stats for Hybrid It doesn't matter if you are using Loki's seals or Urds for the build. Preferably you have both and you just switch around whenever you need it. I won't put exact stat numbers on STR VIT and INT, you have to play around where you are comfortable with it. STR- Get around a total of 1.4k-1.8k Attack in the stat window with Crazy Uproar buff on. you can lower str to get higher INT for matk and just use STR foods to compensate, or vice versa(using int foods and higher STR) Agi- 195 aspd Vit- around 220k-260k hp should be fine on dual skolls. Rule of the thumb is you should have at the very least 220-240k on dual raydrics. Int- this is where it gets tricky. Preferably, get int that at least damages 1.5k AD each it, Mostly that is a total of 350 INT OR if you use bolts alot, get around 8k matk or higher.. Dex- total 150 luk- none of course. GEAR Gear shouldn't be too far from the INT based build, because let us be honest, you are still an INT based biochemist with a twist. You still hit people with Acid Bomb as it is your main skill. So the trend would still be have 3x kiels AT ALL TIMES. Helm- any 2 slot headgear and put kiel in it. However, if you want to switch around and have HOD(Kiels) with you, put 1kiel and 1 maya p in it(your aura and lower headgear SHOULD HAVE kiels then to get 3 kiels total). Aura- preferably Emp to save stats, or Skull Aura for the reducts since your HP is not as high. Kiels of course. You can use butterfly aura too, but only if you are using bolts as well(imp or siroma on the urds). If you use butterfly, get your matk to around 10k or more, but you sacrifice a little vit or str for it. Lower- EITHER Blessed or Cursed ring, although I prefer blessed for the heaven's drive since 10% increase in mammo is not that high really, and I can use HOD if needed. kiels if you will be using HOD, mayap or fsoldier if not. I don't usually use fsoldier because you hardly will get stoned. unless they dumb enough to wear GR puppetring on you, Weapon- Jrage of course, that has Thana, Phree, 2x TG or 1xTG 1x Valk randgris. Then get one more jrage that has my favorite card combo of dwarlord, stormy knight, valk randgris and metaling. Shield- the same, friggs usakoring, gtb and maya. Armors- basically the same, gr tao, puppterting tao, rsx tao, dual OL, evil druid tao. against physical attackers, Garm+tao works as well(also against reducts people.) Cloak- 2x skoll, 2x raydric, 2x devs, 2x noxious, 1x sinx 1x ray Boots- 2x fbh, this build barely changes shoes ACC- I don't care if you are using Loki's or Urds(see STATS), I use either one of these cards, just use whatever you are comfortable with. errende ebecee, horong, STR runes, INT Runes, Siroma , Imp, Wikebine Tres, Owl Baron(or whatever the lex acc is). I ADVISE TO STILL GET URDS IF YOU CAN. THAT WAY YOU CAN SWITCH YOUR URDS OUT FOR RING OF RESONANCE WHEN USING MAMMONITE AND STILL NOT LOSE DAMAGE. TIPS AND INFORMATION FOR HYBRID BIOCHEM . 1. This build is way harder to use. Needs expensive stuff, tons of switching, THANA CARD, and good general knowledge of all the classes to fight. NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT AN EASY WAY OUT. This build is for people that want a little challenge in their class. 2. Uses EVERY BUTTON IN MY SKILL BAR EVEN ON BM and I still need to double click items in inventory to switch some of it. If you are not comfortable using BM, do not try this as you will screw yourself over. 3. Uses Converters, so Dispell makes your life harder 4. You should always know what your average acid bomb damage to EVERY CLASS. That means, you should have fought everyone before trying it out. It should be 2nd nature to you to know when is the enemy using raydrics, devs or skolls. and use the attacking skill for it(AD, BOLTS, Mammonite) 5. Crazy Uproar buff is now useful for you 6. Amistr Homunculus might be a better alternative here, use speed potions for the speed if you used Amistr 7. My Bolts on 350 int still hit 4k-6k to people when I am using Siroma/Imp Cards. If that go lower, they might have a different armor, or used coldproof/.fireproof potion. Always have cursed water for emergency like this and mammo the hell out of them. 8. Puppetring armor does wonders for you now 9. Evil Druid is needed when you go HOD helm. 10. Using Foods is basically a necessity to gain full potential 11. Heavens drive is useful to show people up, but having marine sphere card on acc and using cursed ring should do the trick as well. 12. Getting good stat that you're comfortable with is tricky. Your acid bomb damage should be high enough to force people to go raydrics, you should be able to close distance fast to use mammonite, needs a little better ping to spam mammonite too. DETALE armor is also needed, if you ask me why, you shouldn't play this class then. 13. Fighting other biochems should be easy now with it. You can use devs+ gtb on them and if they did that on you, they are dead. 14. Mammonite is not your main skill, it is when they get close, makes your bolts/bomb useless or just plain stupid to wear raydrics against you 15. You play as a normal biochemist. If you have the right gear setup and right stats, your Acid Bomb and Bolt damage should still be on par with Full int biochemist. It's just that your HP suffers a little bit. 16. High burst damage class like SB sinx will give you trouble. always turn on sight and keep spamming heavens drive before they get close, or take a leap of faith and put on evil druid armor and hope he uses the poison/undead element. 17. I personally use 2 Stat build for this. the one I normally use has around 260k hp on 2 skolls. The rare one, which is a more damage oriented stat build, has around 200k hp but it deals 6k-8k bolts so I can't complain there. 18. Mammonite takes time to practice when you got used to using acid bomb and bolts 19. Do not mammonite people that uses skoll+ray armor(it is pretty obvious). thana makes your mammonite unstable, it is better to just spam bombs then get near and hit with unstable damage. 20. Use Puppetring armor, they get stone, use fire converter, spam mammonite if they are on raydrics. if not spam, acid bomb or fire bolt if you are using imp cards. 21. People who uses ship captain hat should be afraid of your puppetring armor 22. Full reducts people succumb to garm tao armor, which people rarely use. I keep one on cart just in case. 23. If you get stoned for a reason against a champ, wear dual OL and remove usakoring shield and raydrics for good measure. you ain't gonna live anyway, might as well bring him down. incidentally, if you are using skull aura + avians and friggs, if you go gtb shield or any shield that doesnt have reducts, his damage will be so high anyway that you will kill him without OL. 24. With your low HP, just be wary of your surroundings. If you see many snipers, don't default GR Tao, default puppetring since they will mostly FAS anyway. if you see tons of champs, default GR + tao and raydrics. you should have a gear setup depending on the enemies. 25. for_fild01 has no rules on what you use, unlike in pvp room where it debuffs stuff. If people go full buffs on you, get it too. and stop whining about it. 26. Chasing someone to hit with mammonite? stunlock with 2 - 3 casts of acid bomb, move , repeat until you get near. 27. Team battle: you shouldn't play as a hybrid, go play like a normal biochem and just spam like hell. they won't need a low hp character to go melee in BR/GVG anyway. 28. Killing in woe is fun now. station yourself in narrow passageways and hit anything that moves. 29. You shouldn't coma with this build unless fighting an LK with FCP. 30. PVP and Die a lot of times. That's how you learn. CREDITS - To Jayjay(Amicable) for giving me some tips on using Biochemist. :D - To Enrique(Rusty Trombone) for showing me how great biochemist really is. - To Airi for her REALLY BIG HELP on Hybrid Biochemist. She was the inspiration why I used hybrid. - To my Elith Guildies, for helping me test out a few things - To the countless people I fought in for_fild who really helped me see the strengths and weaknesses of Biochemists So there, I hope you liked my Biochemist guide and I hope it helps some of you guys :)
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    The Fate of the Gods Saga ForsakenRO is very proud to present our own custom storyline: The Fate of the Gods! This storyline is by far the biggest project we've ever undertaken. It's bigger than anything even official servers have done. Best of all, anyone can participate in it! The Fate of the Gods Saga offers players a chance to participate in an extensive, fully customized fulfillment of the mythology which Ragnarok Online was based on. Not only is there a storyline which players unlock as they progress on their journey, but it also includes quests with custom items as rewards, PvP challenges, and many, many more features! We can't say too much or else we'll give something away, but try it out for yourself today! Installments Episode I: The Dream of Baldr Status: Complete Baldr has dreamed a terrible revelation that will change everything as we know it. Now, the gods need your help to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass. All life hangs in the balance... Help the goddess Frigg and in exchange she will grant you her mighty shield. Click here for more details. Episode II: The Final Descent Status: Complete
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    Hello players of fRO! Due to popular request, we are changing the times at which the event Guild vs. Guild is held! From this point forward, both Sunday and Tuesday GvG will be hosted at 20:00:00 server time! We hope this change offers convenience to everyone joining us for GvG across the world. Thank you all for your constant support and I can’t wait to see all you GvG goers on Sunday and Tuesday for guild rumbles to remember.
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    Feeling the Game is UNFAIR? This is my third month of Playing the game, and I can say that "This game is really hard at the start"(SURE FOR ALL OTHER GAMES :) ) so don't get disappointed or WE/THEY/ALL OF US started the game Crawling, Grinding, Farming, ETC :) It is just that they started the game long time ago. Here are some Fruitful news for you/us beginners.. On my first day playing I Played Pally(PALADIN) hoping and beLIEving that it is Good For MVP HUNT coz of Sacrifice skill (martyr's Reckoning) But it's not. XD It took me like 12 hours Maxing my first character.. WEW!! REALLY UNCOOL!!! on my 2nd day, I scouted most items that I need for MY character/job, Started to make friends, Communicate with others and gain some informations :D and Will Farm more SOON! So for Farming> Sniper would be best if you don't have kiels Yet( at least I got silver kiels before :)) and Wizard if you got kiels, I farmed a lot and able to get my Legendary golden avian wings, Legendary gauntlets(pair), Knight quest, and My Sniper L.bow took me all day to do so.. I'm not good at farming and I'm so slow... But I'm Still farming :) on My 3rd day I noticed that 1000 Chivalry Emblems is In demand!! 10 Forsaken Tokens for 1k :D I Just Farmed around 5K chivs(chivalry Emblems) and sold for 50+ toks coz some buying 12 toks for 1k pcs :D and sometimes able to farm up to 20k Chivs before selling.. Good Investment :) Now I'm Ready to buy some Mvp cards :D and I'm still Farming :D on my First WEEK of Farming I am able to get my FULL knight SET + MVP CARDS FOR MVP HUNTING :D including 2x Gloom, FBH, ETC And Started to LOOK FOR MVP GUILD :) (GUILD that Hunts MVPs) and I made my Super MVP MODE Champion :D and I'm Still farming... BUT this time.. I failed... I never Had a chance To get some good outcome from it maybe coz of some self interest of Others, all Promises.. ANYWAY that's part of Learning so I'm still farming ... I decided to Go SOLO Mvp Hunt! No MVP TIME? its okay I go Farming Treasure boxes at abyss_03 using Sniper :D 1B zeny = 70toks NOT BAD for 5hours Farming so Slow? but I'm Still farming... on my 3rd WEEK I was Able to farm around 400TOKS ALL for MVP hunt BUY AND SELL and Treasure box FARMING.. And someone Held an Event... Some players.. Someone not a GM and I really Don't know. He Held some events and give tokens :) NICE PIPS OUT THERE :D and I joined ALL THOSE EVENTS, (ALSO GM EVENTS ALL TIME SELL Event.TOKENS) Lucky HIS last REWARD in his EVENT IS A piece LOKI's SEAL With runes! Ofc I know its Value already :) SO I tried Hard TO get that reward and I DID! Voila its around 1,500 toks already LUCKY!! but I'm Still Farming... On MY 2nd month!! I got MY FULL LK C. SET!!! HOW?? I'm Lucky to get EOF(Essence of FIRE From MVP DETALE twice in a row) EOF COST 450 tokens BUT I NEVER SELL THEM, I DID THE QUEST FOR IT AND SELL THOSE SHIELDS :D + MY FARM IN ALL MVP+Treasure boxes! BUT I'm Still Farming :) AND COZ OF THAT FULL SET! I was Able To join WOE GUILD! ONLY 1 GUILD :) but I'm still Farming... OOPS I'm ALSO DOING SIDE LINES OF LEECHING SERVICE sometimes It's FREE when I saw YOU Leveling Alone, Don't want you to feel the same as what I Felt During my Pally Time :3 also I did some BUY AND SELL OF FULL SETS. TRADING & SELLING, you just need to be vigilant and good at Scouting market Price for this to earn good :) (FYI, I already played FULL LK C,LK B,CHAMP B,PALLY B, Prof C, Sniper C, :D ) I really want to try all jobs, but the main purpose of this is to EARN!!! and I'm Still Farming :) and Learn how to enter Thana room :) ON MY FIRST TRY!!!! I already got in thana room!! AND KILLED THANA!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM!!! SO LUCKY! You are already considered Lucky if you are able to enter Thana room :) CAAAAAAAAAARRRDD!!!! is not yet to come :) LOL BUT Believe me, that 0.07% or 1.4% drop rate of thanatos card(correct me if I'm Wrong) is never be the same compared to not going or Trying Thana room... If you know what I MEAN, 0.07% would mean everything than just saying to yourself, "Oh! no I will not go coz it's very hard to get thana card, many people in there, NEED LOTS OF QUIPMENTS TO KILL THANA!(NOT REALLY :) )" 0.07% is different from 0% AT ALL!!! SO PLEASE TRY THANA ROOM :) For the guide in thana room YOu can search it in forums but for you reading up to this part HERE ARE SOME TIPS (just need Sniper or if you're good enough try others but I preffer sniper FAS build, Equipments: KNIGHT SET!!! :) will do, OFC I'm using knight set for thana room even up to present, need dex gaunts, 3 kiels(HG), GTB MUST (SHIELD),2abysmal , 2 the paper card(for L.bow) ,GR card(armor)and 3 types of arrow, IMMATERIAL,SHADOW,HOLY, coz thana changes his Element after some time of getting hurt LOL, THATS ALL!! ofc the Fragments and good timing in entering thana room :D FOR SOME you can add: DEVI card, and Gloom if you can afford already Amonra for extra protection :D on MY 3rd month I was Able to form my OWN MVP GUILD, Unfortunately it's not that open to public, Just for some friends in game, those who helped me before, and those I know will still be there in Thick and Thins :) ROCK ON! NOW WE ARE ALL FARMING MVPs :) we are still FARMING even during THIS MOMENT I AM MAKING THIS WHAT EVER YOU CALL THIS GUIDE OR STORY :) ON This MY 3rd month(PRESENT TIME) of farming MVP and Entering Thana room... Just Last week... I got my Reward :D TADAAAAAAAA!! MEMORY OF THANATOS CARD!! :) It's worth trying and Believing :) Just Keep going and have Patience :) If You Feel that the game is unfair for Beginners... Think again :) it is just your feelings that makes the game unfair :) Good luck everyone keep playing, keep grinding, keep farming, Nothing beats Hard work :) IGN: BlameOnMe / Your Wiz Is My Command (NOT FAMILIAR ? OFC, COZ I'M NEW TOO :) ) PS. SORRY FOR THE GRAMMAR AND SPELLING >.< Shout out to my My Friends out there Who never stops believing that I can have Thana card though you're not following me in thana room not untill I got one LOL!
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    Thanks for bearing with us so far. In an effort to keep everyone informed, we want to let you know that the server is currently being attacked. Although we have DDoS protection, we've been experiencing extremely large attacks against the server that exceed our protection. Genesis has been working with the host to try to mitigate it as much as possible, and we're doing everything we can to get things back to normal. I want everyone to know that nothing is going to happen to the server, and we will not close. Your characters and all of your progress in game are 100% safe. This isn't the first time we've been attacked, and we always get through it. We are 110% dedicated to the server and aren't going anywhere. In fact, we have a lot of really big and exciting updates planned for the near future! We hope you'll understand our situation and continue to be patient and supportive. We'll make sure to keep everyone informed about what's going on, when the server is back up, and any other developments. Thanks again for your patience, ForsakenRO Staff
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    Champion Quick overview “Though the force of his punches are feared far and wide, the Monk realizes that he has neglected something very important—his spirit remains unsatisfied. Thus his body and spirit are not yet in harmony. Through rigorous training and intense dedication, the Monk will finally tap into the strength of his entire being and become a Champion!” Equipment/Cards Helm 2x Kiel D-01 Card – For spamming asura. Aurora 1x Kiel-D01 Card – For spamming asura. Lower Forsaken Soldier – Must have if you’re playing against another champ or clown Maya Purple – You know what it does ;) Armor Tao + GR – This is my default armor, also default for PvP champ. Puppetring + GR – This is to Stone Curse your enemy, so you can one hit them. Hopefully. Orc Lord + GR – Very useful against champ, why? Because when he asura you the Orc Lord take effects and reduce his life around ¼ then when you asura. Boom! Tao + Angeling – Very effective against Lord knights & Gunslingers. Tao + Tao – Basically this is my endurance armor, if your fight is lasting way too long put this on. Tao + Rsx – I just have this armor around in case some annoying sniper repelling you and Knights pushing you around. Orc Lord + Orc Lord – SB Sinx? You hate em’? Put this armor along with your 2x Devilling Cloak, just spam your berries soon as he spam his SB and watch him drop. Use this for suicidal event. LMS? You vs another champ, want to troll? Lets go for a tie. Cloak Skoll + Raydric – This is my default cloak. Ideal for against all classes. Nullify Thanatos effect. Raydric + Raydric – Use this when going against a champ. Devilling + Devilling – Reduce asura damage from champ but increase Throwing Spirit Sphere damage from champs. Also other skills from other classes such as Desperado, Spiral Pierce, and other skills that has a different element attack. Hollowring + Hollowring – Only use this cloak for going full asura along with the Tanee + FBH boots. Boots 2x Antique Firelocks – Default boots. Make sure your boots is +10 to gain the effect of the card. 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram – Only use this for when you are using the Throwing Spirit Sphere skill. Lady Tanee + Fbh – Only use this boots when going full asura along with the 2x Hollowring Cloak. Shield Usakoring – Use this shield as your default. Good against most classes except magic classes. Golden Thief Bug – Use it when against a Prof, wiz, priest or biochemist. Maya – This reflect magic damage, so only use it against magic classes. Weapon TG + TG + Thanatos + Civil Servant – Default. Best combo for me. (No Thanatos skip this) TG + TG + Civil Servant + Civil Servant – Default. Best combo for me without Thanatos. Dragon Warlord + Metalling + Whitesmith + Stormy Knight – Always useful for stripping. Valkyrie Randgris + 3x Stormy knight – For dispelling and freezing. Accesory 2x Strength Belt – I use this as default. Clip w/ Owl Baron – This auto cast Lex to your enemy, doubles the damage of your asura. Blue Ifrit Ring – I only use it if I want buff. Stats The stats below is base from my experience here, you do not have to follow the exact amount I state here, feel free to mix them up a bit and see what works best for you. Note: · Do not buff yourself while editing your stats. · Equip the gears that I listed default before editing your stats. Str 250-285 The asura damage is base on your strength and intelligence. Berry wise, I can carry around 230-250 berries depending on what gears I am carrying with me. Dex xxx I add dexterity until I see my hit is 405 without any buff. Agi xxx Once I’ve added dex I add agility and make my Aspd 195, again without any buff. Int 120-130 I tend to make my sp around 5800, without any buff. Once you use Blessing this increase to around 5900 and depending on your equipments you can reach 6000 which is good. Vit 130-160 Personally my health is around 210,000 to 225,000. When I have low HP I deal more damage, when my HP is high, my damage is less. Luk xxx Once you’ve added Str and Dex, look at your Atk. For example your atk is 2473, add some Luk to make the last digit of your Atk 0 or 5. Some explanation on stats. Why not buff yourself while editing stat? So in case you get debuff during PvP, you will not have any casting time. Imagine if you buff yourself and your dex is ??? + ?? = 150 with buff. You fight, you get dispelled, you start having a cast time. Gets? Why equip the default gears? You don’t know? Because this is the gear you’ll be using the most. So base your stat on your default gears. Champ Types Asura This is a close range offensive skill. Mainly what champs are know for. For this type of champ you want to use your default equipments (listed above). To use: Zen > Fury > Zen > Asura > Berry (Repeat) Throwing Spirit Sphere This one is your long range offensive skill. For best damage use the 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram boots. Note: Using 2x FBH will decrease your SP by nearly 1/8 and your HP around ¼. To use: Zen > TSS (Repeat) Full Asura This is a full damage asura you can get with the gears I’ve listed above, you can still increase it by using consumables items such as Aloevera. To go full asura with your champ use your 2x Hollowring Cloak and your Tanee + Fbh boots. Note: By using the full asura cloak and boots your HP will drastically decrease from 200K+ to around 120k – 140k. You’re more vulnerable of dying when going full asura. If you want to Full Asura a champ I advice you to use the 2x Orc Lord armor, in case he asura you first, he’ll die with you. Fun. To use: Zen > Fury > Zen > Berry Skill Combo N/A I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really paid much attention for this cool combo for champ. I’ve seen some people do it but I don’t really have much time to learn it due to the lack of shortcut keys on keyboard. Quick Tactics Fight against another champ is taking to long! There are lots of ways to get the job done. Use your puppetring armor, if he has Fsoldier then go for GR + OL Armor along with your Avian Wings to reflect damage. I try to TSS but he Pnuema all the time! There is a skill called “Raging Palm Strike” snap next to him and use this, this will push him away from the Pnuema. This player is fully buffed and has high buff reducts! Put on your Valk.R + 3x Stormy knight weapon, and dispell him. I cant kill this player, he is just too strong! Put on the blue ifrit ring (accessory) wait till you get the reducts buff, then put the 4x Lord of Death weapon and just normal attack him, till he gets comatosed. This fight is going way too long, I want to end it! Use your strip weapon, and start stripping your enemy. I know its gross to kill a stripped player but oh well. Damn, this player is damage is so high. But wtf is that hat he’s wearing! You’ll come across player that deals a mass amount of damage because of the buff they get from their headgears. Check em’ out and if they’re not wearing any anti-freeze (scarf) then TSS them while using the Valk.R + 3x Stormy Knight weapon to freeze them. Then asura. Ping When I first started Ragnarok, my ping was 129. With that ping I could spam asura and tss in a decent speed. Although now my ping is 149-151. Still I can spam, but not as good. There are also times when my ping goes up to 160+, this is when I start to find hard to spam asura. So personally. If my ping is above 160. I wouldn’t play champion. End Note Hope this guide helps. I understand there are new items in-game, this guide is base only from my experience. If I missed anything out on the guide please feel free to message me, so I can make changes. Short Story why I chose the Champion Class It happened back in 2009. I was a newbie then. Only sacred gold wing existed via PvP ladder prize. I mostly hang out inside the PvP room because that’s where the action takes place normally. One time, while I was there gobbing away with other players, I saw a champion called Yukumaru. I saw the way he fight, the way he spams, the way he uses champs to its full potential. That inspired me. So I created my first ever champion and named it Nadtorious. I wasn’t so good at it. But as times goes on I became more comfortable with the class. Sora Hikari invited me in his successful guild, everyone is friendly and open, best of all we dominate! It was not long until he gave me a Forsaken Valk Helm to complete my set. I ask a lot of people for advice on being a great champ. Perishable, Sora and Xerg was one of them. Not long until I was spamming good and got the hang of being champ. WoE was the best for me and a big guild fight after WoE was fun. Sora left, and I joined the Loli Kingdom guild, another successful guild until our beloved guild leader took a break. Up until now, I enjoy playing champion once in a while. I’d like to give thanks to Yukumaru, Perishable, Unbreakable, Mello, kOokoO, Geek, Beautiful Butterfly*, Xerg, Sora and other people I came across with on the battle for_fild01. Without these people, I wouldn’t have gotten knowledge of how great the Champion class is. Deep respect. Ps. If you don’t like the grammar you’re reading. Smd. Source: Overview: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Champion Photo: http://www.roguides....uide-using.html
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    TLDNR: You buy/sell item(s) or account(s), you get blocked. It is against the rules to buy or sell any items in ForsakenRO for real money. This also includes buying/selling accounts. We take this very seriously and encourage everyone to make a report if you ever hear of this happening. Here is the section from the rules so everyone can re-familiarize themselves with it: Selling/trading/buying items for money, aka PHP Selling items is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Anyone who buys items from another player will have any items suspected to be purchased for money from another player to be removed and risks their account being blocked. Anyone who is aware of players buying/selling items for money and doesn't report them may also receive punishment, depending on the severity of the case. First offense for selling items: -Account ban -IP/Universal account ban First offense for buying items: -Any items suspected to be obtained from another player for money will be removed Second offense for buying items: -All accounts will be banned
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    Players of ForsakenRO, First off, thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we've been going through this difficult time with the server. Unfortunately, things are much more complicated than we've let on at first. The lag and disconnects are a result of serious DDoS attacks against our server. We didn't want any of you to panic about this, and we believed we would be able to find a solution quickly. I can tell you personally, Genesis has barely been sleeping since this began and has been working around the clock with our host to do everything in his and our power to stop these attacks. We even purchased very expensive DDoS protection, but unfortunately, it's not enough. To be able to stop these attacks, we're looking at costs that are thousands of dollars a month which we just cannot afford. I want to reassure everyone now, ForsakenRO will not close. Everyone on the staff loves this server. Genesis has spent 5 years of his time here, Justice and Wish have been here for 3 years, and I've been working here for over 2 years now. You should all know, we are 110% dedicated to this server and we're not going anywhere. We're going to keep working around the clock and exhausting every possible resource we can until this issue is resolved. We hope everyone will understand our situation and continue to be patient and supportive like you have been. I really can't say how much it means to us that we have such a wonderful community who is so loyal and dedicated to ForsakenRO as you all are. We're going to come back from this a better server and a stronger community. We'll be in Forsaken City if anyone would like to discuss this. Thank you for you time and understanding, The ForsakenRO Staff
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    completing this quest you'll obtain Legendary Gauntlet of your choice Please take a note that you have to be Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Legendary Mix Gauntlet A: Str/Agi/Vit +15. Legendary Mix Gauntlet B: Int/Dex/Luk +15. Legendary Strength Gauntlets: Str +35. Legendary Dexterity Gauntlets: Dex +35. Legendary Intelligence Gauntlets: Int +35. Legendary Vitality Gauntlets: Vit +35. Legendary Agility Gauntlets: Agi +35. Legendary Luck Gauntlets: Luk +35. Item Requirements 700 Iron (998) 600 Bloody Rune (7563) 200 Crest Piece 1 (7356) 100 Phracon (1010) 1 Muscovite (7292)
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    Presents.... Introducing the new Bot Check We have implemented a new botcheck system, it is still in BETA but we believe it will ensure that farming is done by legitimate players and remains fun! Suspected bots will be warped to jail where all accounts will be banned by GMs! Introducing the new Event Randomizer To ensure that The community is entertained we have implemented an Event randomizer! Every hour, with the exception of WoE, GvG and BR, an Event will randomly be picked. So far there are 6 events! More will be added shortly! Introducing New Valkyrie Helm Expansion As requested by the community, we have added a number of new Valkyrie Helm Expansion recolors! These will be available through the tokenshop. Tiles around healer are unwalkable/unwarpable now. Added more padding around the Forsaken City NPCs so chats cannot be put up so close. Disabled PvP in all Storyline maps. Increased Weight Limit on Legendary and Valkyrie Clown/gypsy weapons. Added EDP to Starter Pack Added warning to Legendary quest stating you cannot wear both assassin cross blades at the same time Added Healers to every town Fixed description for Kobold Archer PvP Rooms now remove all buff skills except FCP Fixed TSS damage on Cahmp Cursed Ring Fixed attack issue with Assassin Cross Cape and Cursed Ring Fixed sprite issue with Boitata Removed Christmas Event Legendary SinX and Legendary Sinx Blade can no longer be worn together. ROP no longer allowed in Non-donation PvP Room Coding and bug fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie exclusively for ForsakenRO Special thanks to fRO community for reporting bugs and their suggestions!
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    Hey guys, We are having some network issues right now. Hold on while I work with our host to resolve it. :) *Update* June 5th 8:14 AM Hey guys, so we have filtered a fairly large DDoS attack on the server.The server is up right now. I am working with our provider to mitigate these attacks in the future. We will keep you guys updated! *Update* June 5th 5:18 AM We are working on resolving the connection issues. Thank you for your patience! *Update* - 2:12 PM (Eastern Time) Server is back online guys, we are still monitoring the network. We will keep you posted if there is anything to update! Thank you!
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    Lets start by introducing who I am. My name is Som, short for Somdara. I'm an old player here. I've been here since late 2007 when the server was freshly running. After a year or so, I got hooked and was addicted to this server. I finally joined the forums and and started following Forsaken Online. Everyday I keep myself updated and logged on the forums to check on announcements and the general stuff. As of now, I'm inactive but I still do visits. I've had lots of experiences and a history here on fRO. I wanted to show everyone how great it is through screenshots that I randomly snapped. I never really made an introduction ever since. So yeah, here it is. Ooh, waitt. Yeah I forgot. Before I do that. How about I let you guys see how I look like first. Yup, that's me. This was recently taken at the night of my senior prom. Don't hate grasshoppah, get on dis level first. WHEN YOU SEE THESE. YOU WILL BE LIKE DAMN, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? JK JK Ok, ok. FORSAKEN RAGNAROK ONLINE EXPERIENCES. I'm just gonna paste random orders. SO YEAAAAA. THESE R THE ONLY ONES I CAN PULL UP. :( My Team Good we don't really need a mascot. But we do need an Emblem. Gotta Love doing pvp ladders when you can get above 1000 kills in pvp. Triumph Guild Treasure! Donated for a gangstar scarf and it was a goggle. I must say. It felt good getting it for the first drop in the co-leader of triumph guild. Jelly~~~~ deserves it. How I look when I ladder. Scary as hell, jk jk. I find myself pretty sexy. Never judge santa clause. he can double penetrate you. My first bot I banned! I bet you don't have all these in 2010 :3. Team Supastar takes the win! Lending is loving. I miss jerry being mad verbal. First few blue Imp. On the first box. Solo'd this with my boy Chris. This internet gangster called be a Bi***** Love how fcity was packed. For a Pink RAW? WHY NOT Ofc. I was the one helping you before. That's why you remmeber me and pm'd me. smh.. Gotta love how crowed fcity was. Had this screenshot. This name is funny. It was a good trade for one thana. 2010 when black emp and stuff were the boss. The buff advantage I must say :3 When dorcus gave me 158 aspd. UDHH FOOKK 2010 with 20k token aka Coupon. When a sniper does 999k on my lk. Uncle and I. Team Legion Take 2 Team Dennis You wish you all had this much when I combined it with my cousin and uncle. And 5 more in weapon! Need a lesson? Memory Regret selling my black emp for that much. First to finished the map to the city of gold. First to also finished Legendary Weapon quest. The Conspiracy 3 in 1 day Turbo Spam Swag weapon Horny time. Trade? ok ^_^ Small sons Twin<3 7 against 19 online. 7 wins What's this? Everything I need for LK 2x attk rdy to asura gurkak. Team Solo win! It only takes 3 of us to win that day. Lk, alt sinx, simon, and alec. :) that b**** dead. Flirting with simon. Is it just a hit and run? Killing spree! Everything I use just to play LK and still suck. 69 I must say LOL. When you do quest with your friends. All ya peeps. No randoms. Gotta love donating. Nicolee<3 Night when we argued. When I finally reached 30 gvg token. 20! Azure IMp Azure Emp Azure Sacred (: My Umber Imp token! ugly? yessurr. That's all for now. I miss being active to do all these again.
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    1. Necessary Items 2. Stats 3. Combat 1. Items you'll need: -At least one Lord Knight Halberd [tg/tg/tg/valk r.] or [tg/tg/tg/ skel worker] -You can use Freyr's Glimmering Blade if you like. It's not absolutely necessary. -Two Frigg Kings Shield [usakoring and GTB] -Multiple armor pieces (you'll need rsx/angeling/GR/ and maybe puppetring) -Two sets of boots [fbh/fbh] +10[fbh/firelock] -Multiple cloaks (combinations of rays/skolls/hollowrings) -3 Kiels equipped at all times when using spiral. You don't need Kiels for bowling bash. -2x vit and 2x str belts -RING OF RESONANCE (key item) -Ring(s)[1] with the following cards: Horong/Errende Ebecee -Mailbreaker and Edge. -Elemental converters/cursed waters/berries/seeds I would suggest the LK Infernal Cape, Skull Aura, Balloon, and Sacreds/Fluffies if you have them. I personally always have fsoldier on. I find it much more useful than Maya Purple. No one really plays sinx anymore and no sinx can really burst my LK's hp fast enough to kill me anyway unless they have super buffs. I keep fsoldier in one of my Orange Emps and my Skull Aura. Plus, you can use box of sunlight in place of Maya Purple 2. Stats: Str: 28x-300 Agi: enough for 195 atk speed with all item combos Vit: 115-130 (A lot of LK's go overboard with vit, you don't need much to get 300-400k hp Int: 35-55 (You need sp for spiral, shoot for 300 sp with 2x fbh so you can get 10 spirals per bar) Dex: Enough for approximately 500 hit with concentration. Luk: 1 You can vary the Vit/Str ratio depending on your preferred play-style 3. Combat: I'm up for questions on this if you have any just comment. Basically you want to keep the blue ifrit ring and str belt defaulted. This will give you auto assumptio and tarots enemies that hit you. Spam spiral and throw in some auto attacks to remove enemy buffs with valk R. If they pnuema just smack them with bowling bash and continue. Horong ring gives you Sight for those silly cloakers. Errende Ebecee gives pnuema which is REALLY helpful vs Snipers/Stalkers/Clowns/Gypsy/Other LKs. Bowling bash is much more effective if you can get an enemy against a wall/tree/other object. Charge attack upwards or side to side to get them against the object. Then make sure your guy is directly facing the opposite side of the enemy from the wall. Spam bowling bash to your hearts content. Be careful with paladins though... they can reflect for a lot of damage like this. The Hollowring cards in Cloak help slow ygg consumption if the enemy doesn't have thana/asura. If you have the valk sword make sure to keep Parry up. One hand parry is one of the most OP things I've ever seen. Mailbreaker is really useful if your opponent is poor and can't FCP. You force RSX which allows you to spam bowling bash. I don't use Edge unless someone is trying to coma me or gang me hard. I usually consider coma the most unfair tactic in the game... however sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. If someone is resorting to coma to kill you then you've already won the fight in my opinion. PS: I know the picture is male/female Rune Knights. I like their sprite/art better. I'll be adding more according to questions I get.
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    *. Update Notes I. Introduction II. Equipment III. Stats IV. Skills V. Notes *. Update Notes Added High Orc card as a Shield section card recommendation. Emphasized the LHZ Aura (and all auras with similar effects) effectiveness in boosting more HP than Emperium Auroras. Had a little change in the 2x Raydrics description section. Yes it's pretty much for all around use but only against neutral property attacks. Fixed various typos. Added Mini Strello's nice tip in the Notes section. And added a couple more final notes in the Notes section. Various changes. I. Introduction The Paladin (a.k.a. Pally) build I'm about to share with you is the one build you make to go into the front lines and gladly welcome a truckload of punishment. The epitome of defense, this Paladin can have an HP pool so high that it can never be compared to other classes, while taking advantage at the same time an array of skills that center on keeping the Paladin well fortified at all times. I've been a Paladin player for about almost a year and along the way, I've learned and experienced most of the things to know and keep in mind when manning a Pally. This guide is made for the Defense-is-the-best-offense Paladin, and not the STR type, all-out-attack Paladin. II. Equipment Top Headgear Basics Forsaken Knight Helm, Vote Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie Expansion HatEarly choices. Goal Halloween Headgear [Evil Marcher Hat, Midas Whisper, Minstrel Song Hat, Magic Stone Hat, Skull Cap, Skull Hood]These further boost your Paladin's HP pool by 15%. 2 slots. Middle Headgear Basics Legendary Auroras, Vote Fallen GhostQuesting for the Legendary Auras is worth the time (they have a variety of styles and designs too, so you pick your poison). Voting for 50 credits and purchasing the Fallen Ghost is worth the time. These Middle Headgears give +20 stats and 1 free slot. Goal LHZ Aurora, Rune of Power, Lovely Ribbon, Mythical Flame, Skull Aurora; or if your budget can handle it, Emperium Auras (All stats +25, Max HP + 5%, Increase damage to Demi-Humans by 4%). - For this build we actually need the one which gives us more HP. So in my opinion, it's best to stick with the LHZ Auroras and the ones with effects alike. Save your Emperium Auroras for another type of Paladin, or better yet, another class, I guess.* LHZ / Rune of Power / Lovely Ribbon Aurora - Increase damage on demihumans by 10%, Max HP + 8% All stats + 20, 1 slot ** Mythical Flame Aurora - Max HP + 3%, All Stats + 20, Reflect 4% of all Physical Melee Damage, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%, Add a 10% resistance against Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth properties. 1 slot *** Skull Aurora - All stats + 20, Reduce damage taken from Holy, Poison, Shadow, and Ghost properties by 10%, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%. Reflect 4% of physical damage taken. 1 slot Lower Headgear Basics Start off with the Freebie Adventurer's Backpack (All stats + 10, Max HP + 10%, Max SP + 10%), then work your way to getting either the Legendary Balloons (All stats + 10%, Max HP + 7%, 1 slot) and/or voting for the Vote Infernal Paladin Cape (Walking speed + 10% Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Attack + 10%, Reflect + 7%, Str + 10, Vit + 10, 1 slot) in the Control Panel.Goal Paladin Ring of the Divine (Walking Speed + 15%, Reduce damage taken from demi-humans by 5%, Reduce VIT def by 10%, HP + 20%, SP + 5%, VIT + 35, Reflect + 15%, 1 slot)Headgear Cards: Orc Hero Maya Purple Forsaken Soldier Your best bets for your headies are Orc Hero cards for the +3 VIT extra. Compound 2 Orc Hero cards into your chosen Top Headgear. Another Orc Hero (for more HP) and/or Maya Purple (for True Sight) for the Middle or Lower Headgear slots. Forsaken Soldier card is optional but is very useful. You are very vulnerable when stoned. Use Gemini cards as substitute if you're on a tight budget. Armor Basics Forsaken Knight Armor, Vote Forsaken King ArmorGoal Forsaken King ArmorCards: Ghostring/Tao Gunka - Serves as my default. Ghostring/RSX - If you're not FCPd and you don't want your armors breaking and to prevent people from pushing you around. Ghostring/Orc Lord - For melee reflecting purposes. I'm not a fan of a Pally killing a Champ from reflect but dies at the same time because his reduction is not enough to spare him a few HP to live. What I do instead is switch to a non-Usakoring shield [GTB?] if the Champ is able to tank the punishment you currently offer using this armor. Cloak Basics Forsaken Knight Cloak, Vote Forsaken King CloakGoal Forsaken King Cloak, +10 Valkyrian ManteauCards: 2x Skoll - Serves as my default; completely shuts down Memory of Thanatos card bonus damage to characters with High VIT Defense while also increasing your Maximum HP pool by a total of 12%. 2x Deviling - Occasionally used to shrug off most of the Neutral element skill damage like Asura Strike (that is if you are kind enough to not just kill them with reflect) , Acid Demonstration (Acid Bomb) , etc. 2x Raydric - Serves as the all-around-cloak-of-NEUTRAL-damage-reduction in PVP but also invites almost instant death against Thanatos card users, but as you know, when it comes to melee-with-thana opponents, you should welcome the damage because you'll just be giving it right back. *Put either a Deviling or Skoll or Raydric in the +10 Valkyrian Manteau. This cloak enhances reflect but leaves you vulnerable to freezing (you need to have a complete King/Knight set to be immune to Freeze). Shoes Basics Forsaken Knight Boots, Vote Forsaken King BootsGoal Forsaken King BootsCards: Dragoon Wizard/General Egnigem Cenia - Serves as my default. Annoying. 10% chance of Auto Level 10 Kyrie Eleison + a total of 15% Max HP and SP 2x Am Mut - This one is for reflect damage boost against the melee types according to Él Cholo. "The more damage you receive, the more reflect damage you give". Weapon Basics Legendary Paladin Spear [4]Goal Odin's Avenger [4]Cards: Fabre x4 Metaling, Dragoon Warlord, Valkyrie Randgris, Lord of the Dead - Best stripper. Use it for the effects of the cards and not for damage. Strip, Dispell, and Coma (or the various other debuffs) ... if it ever works. Shield Basics Forsaken Knight Shield, Vote Forsaken King ShieldGoal Frigg's King ShieldCards: Usakoring - Serves as my default. Golden Thief Bug - Serves as secondary default for some reason. Maya - If we prefer of course to reflect single target magical damage too. And according to Misdemeanor, you can try putting this one in the "Orleans' Server" shield, which I agreed that it is a fairly legal, basic strat. High Orc - For what it's worth, this card adds another 5% physical damage reflect back to the enemy that inflicted it. Since we're all for reflect on this one then we might as well add this. Accessory Basics 2x Legendary VIT Gauntlets, 2x Forsaken VIT BeltsGoal 2x Asgard's Essence [1 slot] (with a VIT Rune)Cards: No cards to recommend. Stick with the VIT Runes.*As an addition to your goals, make sure to get 2 or more of each Forsaken King set piece (and even extra Top Headgears to easily switch from 2x Orc Hero to 2x Kiel and vice versa) to accommodate all cards I've listed and use them as your "switching gears" to adjust according to your current situation. III. Stats STR: I have no other recommendations as to how many you should put here because mine sits at 165 base STR. If you opted not to use the 300 VIT build, then you can put a little more in here for the sake of ATK damage and carrying a little bit more seeds. I can carry around 420 seeds on 165 base STR. AGI: Leftover stats. I'm currently at 61+53 AGI and my ASPD is 178 unbuffed. Its peak is 190 while buffed with Concentration Potion, Awakening Potion, Berserk Potion, Increase AGI, Blessing, and Spear Quicken. VIT: 280 or 290 or 300 - I maxed mine out at 300. Advantage is more HP, Disadvantage is less stat points to make up for either STR to carry more seeds and higher ATK damage or for AGI to reach the 195 max ASPD. INT: 1 DEX: Total of 150 without the Blessing buff. No more, no less. This is mostly just to remove the casting for Devotion. My current DEX shows as 122+28 (assuming you have a complete gear) LUK: 1 IV. Skills Defense skills to always use: Battle Chant - If you're alone and not in a party to give mates the double attack damage bonus and many other benefits, use it to remove most nasty debuffs like being stripped or slowed. Endure - Anti-flinching. Guard - Your built in Kyrie Eleison skill. Shrink - Only useful while the Guard skill is active as it pushes enemies away from you by a certain chance of the Auto Guard procs. This is a Platinum Skill and you can get it from the Forsaken Kafra. Shield Reflect - Reflects melee damage only! Defending Aura - Best counter second to Pneuma against ranged assaults regardless whether it's skill or physical long-ranged damage. Supportive Skills: Devotion - Become a full time masochist and save up to 5 mates in your party from taking up too much damage. We welcome damage, we don't reject it. Spear Quicken - For ASPD. Useful for Martyr's Reckoning and/or while in a stripper spear. Berserk - Barely matters sometimes but we need all the help we can get. Applies LVL10 Provoke on you once your HP goes below 25%. Could be useful for a sudden, hopefully-not-your-final burst of damage. Provoke - The middle finger for Ecallers in WoE. Offensive Skills: Martyr's Reckoning - Higher HP + Card bonuses + it ignores defense (as if it really matters) = 1 hell of a punishment. Magnum Break - Half Supportive, Half Offensive skill. Boosts damage blah blah to this and to that and it helps nudge people out of hiding. Gloria Domini - I find this gem-of-a-skill interesting as it can instantly flush 40% of an opponents SP down the drain while dealing a pure but puny 2000 damage. V. Notes The secret of being a great Paladin is to make your mates rely and trust their lives on to you. Seriously. Make them worry about how to kill the opponents as fast and as effectively as possible and not about if they will survive the firefight. They're the swords and you are the shield. You take care of survival while they go full nuts and put everything they have on attack. Waste your seeds, don't get overwhelmed by all the damage you might take. Keep your Defensive Skills active. Don't get caught off guard. Pun intended. Keep all the upgradeable gear on +0. Your awesome defensive buffs can not be dispelled as long as you have your GTB shield on. Watch out for Clowns and Gypsies as they can dispel your buffs (and even break your equipment) with the simple use of Tarot Cards of Fate even on GTB. Creds to Mini Strello for this. Always keep your @storage on one of your hotkeys to conveniently grab more seeds when you go low. By the time of this update, I have already completed the STR Paladin guide so you might wanna check out how that one works and differs from here. ***** Acknowledgements ***** - Él Cholo "Bloody Bill Anderson" for introducing the Paladin class to me and helping me understand and build it up. - Lu and a bunch of all her chars as punching bag to test how hard i hit and for some helpful tips against other classes. - And of course, the rest of my mates in Rubicon, the "just for the LOLs", fashion, and chatty-chat-chat guild (now on Facebunk and Skarpe too!). - This guide could be updated in the future.
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    When you join ForsakenRO, you'll automatically receive our new player package in your inventory when you log in! Forsaken Wanderer Box, which has.. 150 Wish's Yggdrasil Berries to fully heal HP/SP and weigh 0 3 Veracity's Magical Cookie +30% experience for 1 hour 10 Justice's Lunch Box adds +10 all stats for 10 minutes [*]Forsaken Wanderer Equipment to get you started [*]Archer Mercenary Summon Scroll to help with leveling [*]Jumping Poring and Baby Angeling wings for looks!
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    For the past few weeks you've been ignoring my Feelings... This is the only place I know that I can be close to you. GM Moon...
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    Hey guys, We have implemented the following balance changes to Whitesmith, Taekwon and High Wizard. Heel Drop reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Counter Kick reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Roundhouse reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for Whitesmith Guardian Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for High Wizard Guardian Ring. Crit + 60 for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. 3% chance of auto casting level 5 Vounter Attack when being attacked for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. These preliminary changes are live now (but still under review), but the description has not been updated. It will be updated next patch.
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    Hey guys, Several players have reported some scammer going around trying to trick people into giving them their account information or sending them money. We will never ask you for either. We are currently not looking for any new GMs. If you are invited into a chatroom, take a look at the user list for the members of the chatroom. If a GM is not in the user list, he is not in the chatroom. What the scammer is doing is talking, then using spaces to make it appear as if a GM (or GMs) is talking. Attached is an example. The scammer used an account he scammed to try and try players. This scammer attempted to scam Ares (yes GM Ares) on his GM. I guess the scammer isn't too smart. Anyways, thanks for reading and please remember to report these scammers via the ticket system.. I apologize for the incovinience this may cause. Stay tuned, we are working on more improvements and additions to the server! :) Thanks! Jorge
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    I notice that Pikachu Hat has been removed from the vote list items. Can you guy please re add it to the list again? This is a really cool headgear and I'm sure many players will like to have this hat in their collection #15533,Thank You.
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    Presents... The Valkyries have once more bestowed their mighty weapons on the citizens of Midgard to prepare for the new danger that awaits... Eisa's Embers [4] A shotgun for Gunslingers Vit + 30, Dex + 35, Max HP + 30%, SP + 100 Increase damage with Dust by 20% Bjorn Blade [4] A sword for Stalkers Str + 20, Dex + 25, SP + 75 Enable use of Bowling Bash Increase damage with Bowling Bash by 40% Ullr's Glory [4] A one-handed spear for Lord Knights Str + 20, Dex + 25 Max HP + 10%, SP + 75 Increase Damage to Demihumans by 15% Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 5% Increase damage with Brandish Spear by 30% Decrease damage with Bowling Bash by 30% Introducing the Forsaken Casino Located in the top left of Forsaken City Fortune favors the bold. Try your luck with our newly opened Forsaken Casino! Exchange your tokens for Casino Chips, and win big with Fate Roulette, Slot Machines, Double or Nothing, and Dice Tries and a Prize! You may even win the jackpot! COMING SOON: If you're feeling lucky, you can cash out your Casino Chips back to Forsaken Tokens. This is in a trial basis currently! Debuff on entering Forsaken City Added warning to Valkyrie Exchanger regarding cards Disabled Automated Events during Sunday GvG Novice vs. Zombie auto strips players. Added new Speed Potion Room/Seed Room Pass check system Added skill reset Added new rent pass for WoE 2.0 drops You can now gain access to a farming room that contains items required for WoE 2.0! Valkyrie Weapon effects and testing by Ares and Moogle Bjorn Blade by Barbie, exclusive to ForsakenRO Ullr's Glory recolored by Barbie, exclusive to ForsakenRO Casino ideas thanks to Victoria and Armstrong WoE 2.0 farming room thanks to Moogle Coding and bug fixes by Genesis
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    ~PRESENT REFLECTING TO THE PAST~ Reflection is an extremely wonderful thing we have in life. It shows who you are today, what have you been in the past, and what you will be in the future. For me, its inspiring to see your reflection, it provides infinite possibilities of ideas of what you will be tomorrow. When I was new, I've always wondered, How will I cope up with those people who are geared. It has been 7 months I guess? I made this screenshot not only to join this event but to reminisce all the hardships that I went through. This is my reality check. I started from crappy stuffs, went hard core farming, thrilling MVP hunts and of course, BUY AND SELL :D I may now have the gears, But I'm still striving for more. Because I can still admit that I'm still not that strong. I will continue to grow! :)
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    Stat Str: At least 50 or more. For carrying stuff like seeds, holy water, switching items. Agi: This stat isn't that important to a support priest. Vit: Primarily stat that would consider as a support priest. You need a highly HP so that you cant die easily. Int: As long as you have more than enough sp to cast skills even you are 50x weight Dex: exactly 150. To be able instant cast. Luk: Isn't important. (no need to add) Gears Headgear Hats that can give you more vit or hp. Mostly, players use: Upper: Forsaken Valkyrie helm | Knight's helm |Halloween hat items (eg. Midas Whisper, Skull cup) Middle: Emperium aurora any auras Lower: Blessed ring | Balloon | Scarf Cards: Bascojin | Kiels Set Highly recommend to use Vote Forsaken King set or Forsaken King set. It can be also use knight set. Most cards are the same with the other classes except the weapon part. Frigg shield will be better to use than king shield or knight shield. For the weapon, use high priest highness or legendary staff. Cards: Armor: Tao | Ghostring Shield: Golden Thief Bug |Usakoring | Maya Garment: Raydric | Skoll Foot: Green ferus Weapon: Strip cards Skills Lex Aeterna : Best friend at all times. Decrease Agility: Mostly targets are sinx and pally Asperio: Changing the element to holy element Sanctuary: Emperium's best friend on defense Safety wall: 2nd Emperium's best friend Ruwach: Basted out sinx cloaking around the emp room Blessing, Agility, Impositio Magnus, Kyrie Eleison, Assumption : To support your team. WOE tips for support high priest You need to be cooperate and listen to what your guild leader's plan. Your goal is to support the emperium from breakers to break your emperium on Defense part. If ever your guild is going to break the castle, as a support priest job is to help your guild that your breakers are the one who will break the emperium. Use skills: Lex aeterna ,Decrease Agility and Asperio on the enemies' breakers. Raid tips As long as you have sinx card. Raid will be easier for you. You just need to cloak to prevent dying. Priest on raid act as a life saver to your party members. You must remember that you should be the last member to die on the quest. GVG tips Your best friend skill on this event is your Lex Aeterna. Use this skill to your enemies.
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    Since other topics were restarted, 1
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    Hey guys, We have done a few fixes based on your feedback. They are listed below. Thank you for your continuous support! Botcheck how has a custom cut in(image) to help illustrate you should pay attention. You can no longer abuse warp to avoid botcheck. You can no longer abuse character relog to avoid botcheck. You can no longer abuse walk to avoid botcheck Botcheck has been disable on Storyline raid maps. Botchecker will now freeze and mute you. Moved healer in comodo to 212 148 (please let us know if you want any other changes!) Automatic Events now held every 2 hours. (give us feedback on this) Minigame to Event Token exchange rate is now 1 to 7. When wearing 2 restricted swords, your HP will decrease to 98% now Small increase to Desperado Spam delay PvP Ladder cheater monitoring system in place (every kill is logged) Fixed issue with Knight quest item names (it will now be called exactly what the NPC says) We have revamped King of Emperium, it is now a completely different monster, much harder to kill! More fixes/improvements on the way guys! Thank you! Jorge
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    Yes, that's right... we're looking for some new Event Game Masters to welcome to our team! Applications close on April 20, 2013. For more information about applying, please check the Applications topic. All applications should be sent to applications@forsaken-ro.net. Please note that you should not apply unless you can host at least 1 event every 2 days. If you have sent in your application previously, please re-submit it during the next week to ensure it will be reviewed. Good luck to everyone, we look forward to reading your applications! PS: Please note we will never contact any player in game to hire them for a GM position. The only way we accept applications is through email to applications@forsaken-ro.net. We will never ask you to donate or give us your account info to become a GM here.
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    We've added all of the latest maps up through Episode 14.2! We're still in the process of updating to the latest items, mobs, NPCs, quests, etc.*, which should be finished in the next few weeks or so. Please note that some of the maps WILL error you as we're still missing some textures and models but those will be added to the all-in-one in the next few days. We've also added lots of maps in preparation for the newest storyline expansion, which is almost finished! Yay! In total, we've added over 300 maps. This was a lot of work which we hope everyone will be able to enjoy! * These will take some time, as we're going to modify all of the quests to make them better suited for a high rate environment. If you error, follow these steps to reset your position:
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    We have every color butterfly aura, but no red! red pls. <:
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    I thought a lot about it for quite some time now and finally decided that It's time for me to leave this place and move on. I really had an awesome time being here. I met a lot of great people and made awesome new friends along the way. It's one of those experience that you could never replace or find its equal when it comes to Forsaken RO. It's always a privilege and a pleasure to have play fRO for almost 3 years. When my girlfriend asked me if I would play any other MMORPG longer than fRO, I would always reply her by saying " Nah, this is it for me. This will be the only MMORPG I'm going to play FOREVER " LOL I know it was kinda dramatic but yeah, somehow I knew its never going to last that long haha. I seen and learned a lot of things in fRO. It was never a dull moment when you are surrounded by good company. But I'm going to start College soon again and some of my old friends are leaving RO too. There's nothing left here for me anymore, my girlfriend don't even play fRO anymore. I know I still have some other friends who are still playing but I'm at that point where I don't feel like playing fRO anymore. So I would like to name all of my friends who I want to thank, just for being there, talking to me, hanging out with me and overall supporting, helping me. This is going to be a lot lol. ( And to all my friends who used to play fRO ) Maria, Jeremy, Chris, Sabrina, Wan, Ken, Jasmine, Josef, Dean, Kuoch, Mello, Dudu, Appie, Charlie, Jojo, Bass, Lucy, Lena, Kelly, Lanny, Adum, Ade, Ali, Rayna, Lauren, Ami, Naru, Jian Zhong, Jian, Iris, Irene, Wiwi, Khim, TG, Shreya, Sweta, Sai, JC, Hatty, Annie, Sophie, Nad, Hannah V., Mario, Aki, Francis, Juan, Rin Rin(Erin), Shane, Sookie, Derrick, Nas, Awie, Nikko, James, Selah, Arif, Juzai, Min, Jerry, Timmy, Airi, Ryan, Charles, Aaron, Darren, Claire, Karen, Cindy, Carine, Ita, Asia, Mac, Anna, Zac, Kerbs, Andri, Dennis, Helen, Eugene, Marin, Mike, Zack, Lams, Vincent, Kirus, Arvin, Mery, Benjamin, Jen, Jhen, Jessica, Jay, Huy, Cole, Ramen,Chris(azn noob), Ken( -[ 1 ]- ), Christopher, Josh, Ant, Joshua, Kelvin, Dani, Crim, Som, Kanein, Hansen, Matt, Jon, Gabe, Dine and to everyone else who I have not mention. ( like some random Bruneian players or something ) I love you guys. Stay awesome. I would like to thank the GM Team (Also to some of the former GM) ; To [GM]Genesis,[GM]Noir,[GM]Lyris,[GM]Justice,[GM]Determination,[GM]Seraphine,[GM]Lyra,[GM]Wish,[GM]Bunny,[GM]Blanc,[GM]Ryuk, [GM]Manifest, [GM]Fear, [GM]Miracle, [GM]Rune, and 1 more gm but I'll just call him [GM]Sex HEHEH ( YOU know who YOU are ) Thank you for all the awesome events and the help. Keep up the good work ( More updates, more power ) Try to be more active LOL I would like to thank all the haters : Keep on hating<3 LOL I would like to thank all my competitors and rivals : Good luck I'm going to miss you guys. I'll still keep in touch. Good luck to everyone and take good care of yourselves. I would like to apologize to everyone or anyone who I have cause any harm or pain towards you. I truly am sorry. P.S : I still hate beggars, scammers, hackers, and fake people ( You know who you are )
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    The Ultimate pLok Guide to a SinX Breaker The Assassin Cross An elite group of Assassins. The Assassin Cross utilizes stealth and confusion in order to land the perfect killing blow. The Assassin Cross has a huge repertoire of lethal arts including ultimate mastery of poison-use, better than the original Assassin. With these new skills, the Assassin Cross now has a wide choice of brutal methods to overcome opponents. All without ever leaving the shadows [This guide is a pLok guide which means it is based on my experience and the gears that I have xD I also kept it as simple and straightforward as I can] GEARS+CARDS (Critical Build) Headgears Upper +10 Vote Valkyrie Helm/Valkyrie Helm/Valkyrie Expansion Hats w/ 2x Amadarias Cards / 2x Bijou Cards / 2x Seyren Windsor Cards (I highly recommend that you refine your headgear to +10 and compound it with 2 Amadarias cards to get +10 str and +10atk) Get 2x seyren windsor if you can't afford Ama and Bijou (Gives +8 str) Middle Any aurora that gives +20 stats/Skull Aura, ROP, Emperium Aurora, Legendary LHZ Aurora, Legendary Zodiac Aurora (Any that would suit you, but I prefer Emperium Auroras) w/ Vanberk Card (Vanberk Card adds 2 to Str and gives you a 100 Critical rate boost for 5 seconds) Lower SinX Blessed Ring/SinX Infernal Cape/Vote Scarf/Any Rucksack (Refine to +10, up to you) (Aim for the Blessed Ring) w/ Vanberk Card (or LK Card for Berserk, this is optional) Use Amadarius when refined Due to the boost in the Emperium's HP, I don't recommend using the LK card. You'll just DIE. XD Unless of course you have a REALLY good pally and/or there's no defense around :) Still, I wouldn't use it but your call Armors 2x +0 Sinx Dragonist Armor/ Vote Forsaken King Armor/Forsaken King Armor/Forsaken Knight Armor (I highly recommend the King Armor, Vote or not doesn't matter) (Dragonist Armor if you can get it 110%) w/ Tao Gunka + Ghost Ring and w/ 2x Gloom Under Night (two armors for the purpose of switching, Switch to 2x gloom if the defense around the emperium is light, and when there are no champs defending the emperium) Cloak +0 Vote Forsaken King Cloak/Forsaken King Cloak/Forsaken Knight Cloak (I highly recommend the King Armor, Vote or not doesn't matter) w/ Raydric+Skoll, 2x Raydric, 2x Skoll (2x Skoll against Thana Users, 2x Raydric against Neutral Property Attacks e.g. Asura, Raydric+Skoll is a popular combo in the server which is what I use as default) Boots +0 Vote Forsaken King Boots/Forsaken King Boots/Forsaken Knight Boots (I highly recommend the King Armor, Vote or not doesn't matter) w/ 2x Fallen Bishop Card (FBH gives an increase of 50% damage to Angel Monsters, Angel is the race of the Emperium) Accessories 2x Loki's Seal/2x Strength Belts/2x Strength Gauntlets (I highly recommend Loki's Seals and compound them with Ifrit Cards) 2 Ifrit Cards easily gives you additional 51 Critical and Hit Rate Shield +0 Frigg's Shield/Forsaken King Shield/Vote Forsaken King Shield (I highly recommend the Frigg's Shield it is obtainable through Quest) w/ Usakoring Card/Golden Thief Bug (Optional) (If you want GTB, I recommend you to put it in an extra shield for switching purposes only; I only have one shield w/ Usakoring on) Weapons In this section, I will just put the combination of cards that I felt comfortable with. Feel free to use your own combination of cards. Main Hand(Right Hand) +10 SinX Critical Oriental Sword/Legendary SinX Critical Sword (I would recommend the Oriental Sword) w/ 2 Turtle General, Paper and Orc Skel or up to you as long as you put 2TG on the main hand Off-Hand(Left Hand) +10 Fenrir's Dagger/Legendary Fenrir's Dagger (I would use the Legendary Dagger, why? To balance the strength stat when switching between the shield and weapon, but that's just me xD) w/ 2 Abysmal Knight Cards, Paper, Desert Wolf, STATS (Critical Build) (Add Luk then Agi, next is Str then Vit Last) STR (Main Stat): 280 - 300 (Whatever floats your boat) Base + Bonus = Divisible by 10 (Meaning you get a whole number if you divide it by 10) (What is a whole number? Whole numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4.....125, 126.....9,958 and so on) e.g. 296(Base) + 184(Bonus) = 480 (480 divided by 10 = 48, 48 is a whole number) AGI: Until ASPD is 195 LUK: Until you have 100 Critical (I heard rumors of having 104 Critical rate is better, but I just keep mine to 100) VIT: Put the rest of your points here Dex/Int: 1 (Feel free to put some here if there are still points left after Vit, would recommend dex) GEARS+CARDS (Thana/Dex Build) (If you don't have thana, better stick with the critical build) Or read this too http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=24168&page=1 [Ok, this build I am not very familiar with, but I'll try my best, been a thana breaker for a couple of weeks now.] Headgears Upper +10 Vote Valkyrie Helm/Valkyrie Helm/Valkyrie Expansion Hats w/ 2x Amadarias Cards / 2x Bijou Cards / 2x Seyren Windsor Cards (I highly recommend that you refine your headgear to +10 and compound it with 2 Amadarias cards to get +10 str and +10atk) Get 2x seyren windsor if you can't afford Ama and Bijou (Gives +8 str) Or +10 Halloween headgear (Optional) w/ 2x Seyren Windsor Cards / 2x Amadarius (STR+ 15 DEX+15) In comparison to the Valkyrie Helm Stats, It does not add any stats to Luk, which is what you want because this is a thana build. Middle Any aurora that gives +20 stats/Skull Aura, ROP, Emperium Aurora, Legendary LHZ Aurora, Legendary Zodiac Aurora (Any that would suit you, but I prefer Emperium Auroras) w/ Forsaken Soldier Card Lower SinX Blessed Ring/SinX Infernal Cape/Vote Scarf/Any Rucksack (Refine to +10, up to you) (Aim for the Cursed Ring) Use Amadarius / Bijou Other Options (Recommended): 2x Seyren on Upper, Gemini on Mid and Lower (Cheaper) Why? The effects of Forsaken Soldier and Maya Purple are useful during pvp (You wouldn't be really hitting anyone or anything but the Emperium), not for a dedicated Breaker. But if you have it, why not ;) Armors 2x +0 Sinx Dragonist Armor/ Vote Forsaken King Armor/Forsaken King Armor/Forsaken Knight Armor (I highly recommend the King Armor, Vote or not doesn't matter) (Dragonist Armor if you can get it 110%) w/ Tao Gunka + Ghost Ring and w/ 2x Gloom Under Night (two armors for the purpose of switching, Switch to 2x gloom if the defense around the emperium is light, and when there are no champs defending the emperium) Cloak +0 Vote Forsaken King Cloak/Forsaken King Cloak/Forsaken Knight Cloak (I highly recommend the King Armor, Vote or not doesn't matter) w/ Raydric+Skoll, 2x Raydric, 2x Skoll (2x Skoll against Thana Users, 2x Raydric against Neutral Property Attacks e.g. Asura, Raydric+Skoll is a popular combo in the server which is what I use as default) Boots +0 Vote Forsaken King Boots/Forsaken King Boots/Forsaken Knight Boots (I highly recommend the King Armor, Vote or not doesn't matter) w/ 2x Fallen Bishop Card (FBH gives an increase of 50% damage to Angel Monsters, Angel is the race of the Emperium) Accessories 2x Loki's Seal/2x Strength Belts/2x Strength Gauntlets (I highly recommend Loki's Seals and compound them with STR Runes) Shield +0 Frigg's Shield/Forsaken King Shield/Vote Forsaken King Shield (I highly recommend the Frigg's Shield it is obtainable through Quest) w/ Usakoring Card/Golden Thief Bug (Optional) (If you want GTB, I recommend you to put it in an extra shield for switching purposes only; I only have one shield w/ Usakoring on) Weapons In this section, I will just put the combination of cards that I felt comfortable with. Feel free to use your own combination of cards. Main Hand(Right Hand) +10 Hel's Unholy Dagger/Legendary Hel's Unholy Dagger/SinX Dex Oriental Sword/Loki Cursed Blade (I would recommend the Dagger, Why? Double Attack gives you more chance of hitting last and stronger damage) w/ Memory of Thanatos, 2x Abysmal Knight Cards, Orc Skeleton Off-Hand(Left Hand) +10 Hel's Unholy Dagger/Legendary Hel's Unholy Dagger (I would use the Legendary Dagger, why? To balance the strength stat when switching between the shield and weapon, but that's just me xD) w/ Turtle General, 2x Abysmal Knight, Desert Wolf or Turtle General, Abysmal Knight, 2x Desert Wolf STATS (Thana/Dex Build) (Add Agi, next is Str then Vit Last) STR (Main Stat): 280 - 300 (Whatever floats your boat) Base + Bonus = Divisible by 10 (Meaning you get a whole number if you divide it by 10) (What is a whole number? Whole numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4.....125, 126.....9,958 and so on) e.g. 296(Base) + 184(Bonus) = 480 (480 divided by 10 = 48, 48 is a whole number) AGI: Until ASPD is 195 LUK: 1 VIT: Put the rest of your points here Dex/Int: 1 or until you have 345 hit, entirely up to you. (Feel free to put some here if there are still points left after Vit, would recommend dex) Now about the Emperium: HP: I have no Idea but I can tell it's a butt load! It has been altered way higher in this server once since I joined. It was to prevent 30 second breaks during WOE. Race: Angel Property: Holy Size: Small Boss Type Immunity to Skills (Critical Build) There are just the same cards for critical sinx used in breaking that would help increase your damage against the emperium: Turtle General Card (Increase damage on ALL enemies by 20%) The Paper Card (Inflict 20% more damage with Critical Attacks) Abysmal Knight Card (Increase Damage on Boss Monster by 25%) Orc Skeleton Card (Increase Damage on Holy Property Enemies by 20%) Desert Wolf Card (Increase damage inflicted on small sized monster by 15%, ATK +5) (HINT: Not more than 4 Abysmal Knight Cards, not more that 1 Orc Skeleton Card) (This is due to card stacking effects which I couldn't be bothered to explain EVER xD) (Thana/Dex Build) Turtle General Card (Increase damage on ALL enemies by 20%) -> This is optional, if you wanna use it, just one and put it on the off-hand. This is because of the Magnum Break Effect which gives +5 Fire Attack. But again, that's just me. Memory of Thanatos Card (Deals more damage depending on the target's defense) Abysmal Knight Card (Increase Damage on Boss Monster by 25%) Orc Skeleton Card (Increase Damage on Holy Property Enemies by 20%) Desert Wolf Card (Increase damage inflicted on small sized monster by 15%, ATK +5) (HINT: Not more than 4 Abysmal Knight Cards, not more that 1 Orc Skeleton Card) (This is due to card stacking effects which I couldn't be bothered to explain EVER xD) (There, that explains why those are the cards used) Difference between the two builds This is Aerynth's explanation about this. It is a really good and simple explanation. Aerynth, on 24 Sept 2013 - 3:02 PM, said: Critical has a better damage consistency and you would have the ability to not only break but to deal damage to others as well during WoE, this means you could very well defend and break at the same time. The advantage of this build is that you can skimp on a lot of stats and add a lot more vitality that adds on to more health points, thus surviving longer. This build does not require any Dex as critical ignores the flee rate of all players. With all the new items and the valkyrie weapon for Assassin Cross and with the new addition of the Blessed Ring for Assassin Cross, you don't really need to add Luk at all. Thanatos build breaker is a different build all together, the damage is from average to high and it does not have a steady flow of damage consistency. However this build has the added advantage of the Double Attack skill that increases it's damage per second output, thus increasing your chance of breaking the Emperium, reason being the more damage per second you deal the higher the chances of you getting the last hit. You would also have to deal with having lesser health points compared to Critical build assassins and you would also not be able to hit other players as the usual build for a Thanatos build have only enough hit to hit the Emperium and not players with decent flee rate. With that being said, even without Thanatos card, you could still break with a Double Attack build so long as your damage that you are dealing to the Emperium is high enough to level with the other builds. It is very much possible, tested and proven. Hope this clears out to everybody about the differences between the two build, I would not help out on giving you a build as it's rather personal to me. What I can share with you is that most of the advise given on this thread are of somewhat relevant and of use. Good luck in breaking. Cheers. THE AK TALK Ok, as you can see I have included the AK (Abysmal Knight) cards in my build, Why? I'm one of the people who believes that the script of the emperium makes it a boss type nevertheless it shows on @mi or not. (Not arguing about this) So I tried to take out my AK cards and replaced it with other cards, Here's what I came up with: Main Hand: Thana, Desert Wolf, Orc Skel, TG Off Hand: VR (Rangdris Card), Desert wolf, Desert Wolf, TG (If you're not a fan of the Double TG, Then put more desert wolf, the cap on damage optimizer is around 80% not sure, but I know it wont go to a full 100%, so it stacks) Again, This is only my own opinion and preferences. Important Shinanigans Do not refine any of your equipment to +10 except for your headgear(Because of Seyren Windsor Cards) Or you will be munched up by thana users xD Use Enchant Deadly Poison Use Cursed Water Use Aloe Vera Use Steamed Tongue (If you have any) Switch Armors depending on the situation Switch to Dual Dagger depending on the Situation Use Poison React if you want Use Concentrated Speed Potions when you wanna rush SPAM SEEDS xD Other Shinanigans ANYONE CAN BREAK Legendary items are items that have 80% of the donate items' effects Vote King Set is as good as the Donated One, you just can't trade it. So vote, it's for the good of the server too! The purpose of this guide is to help other players and for me to learn from others so I'm open to criticisms and opinions, it would help this guide a lot. I am not the best out there, I consider myself decent, nothing special. I just created this guide due to the lack of info that is being shared about breaking in this server. I cannot guarantee that this would work 100%, breaking is also based on how lucky you are during WOE. This is just my own build and gears that I learned from different mentors. Hate me or whatever, I think guides help new players stay in the server as all servers are not the same. Guides helped me stay. I just want the server to grow, don't you want to have a more intense WOE competition? You scared of progress? Development? Don't be, it's not really a bad thing :D Thank You Thank you to all the friends I have made in this game :D Even if you don't like me anymore, I have no grudge against you xD Thank you to all the people that taught me so much in game and in the forums. I thank all the guilds that I have been a part of. (You wouldn't remember me coz I suck xD) Thank you to all that have been my mentors in game and for your patience. And lastly, The FRO staff, keep it up guys :D P.S. I included all the knowledge I have on breaking in this guide. So if you see something wrong, let me know as I do not know everything.
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    Enter a long forgotten village that has once more emerged from the mists in a dark and frightening forest. Participate in Hallows Eve rituals, do 16 different quests for the townsfolk, face monstrous demons, get disguises of your own with tokens and tickets, and discover the secret past of the town... NEW Valkyrie Expansion Headgears 8 new spooky headgears are now available in the Token Shop, as well as some new middle auroras! Ancient Warrior Helm, Kawaii Cap, Enchanting Witch hat, Ghostring Hat, Black Cat Hood, Ghost Kitty Cap, Harlequin Hat, and Skull Taini Hat Doctor Faustus' House of Horrors Introducing a new raid unlike anything you've ever seen! Since the Repentence happened, more people have been disappearing. Townspeople whisper of a scientist driven mad by the loss of his wife. Solve the integrated mini-quest and enter Faustus' House of Horrors... if you dare. Rewards: Dark Angel Crown, Baphomet Crown, Joker Hat Halloween Quest Headgears The Great Rufaku has returned to his home after his journey to the land of the dead last year. In exchange for helping the townsfolk (there's 18 total, each with a unique quest!), Rufaku will make you your own disguise in exchange for Halloween Tickets. All headgears have the effect of the Forsaken Knight helm! New headgears this year: Cyber Punk Ears, Khalitzberg Helm, Doggy Ears, Torn Black Hat, and Fox Bow Ears Halloween Hunt Headgears In exchange for Halloween Tokens, Macbeth the Kitty will give you a new halloween headgear of your choice. New headgears this year: Improved Drooping Zealotus, Bloody Eye Bandage, Clock Ribbon, Spirit Poring Ribbon Try your luck with our Trick-or-Treat Boxes! Each Trick-or-Treat Box has a chance you'll receive a special treat (one of these nifty special headgears with a bonus of +15 all stats for 2 weeks!)... or a trick. Will you be lucky enough to get one of these special rewards? To find out, talk to Macbeth the Kitty and get your own Trick-or-Treat Box for 250 Halloween Tokens! New headgears this year: Drooping Succubus, Bat Ear Wings, Dark Ship Captain Hat, and Eleanor Wig. Returning favorites from last year! Appreciate all of the hard work that went into this update? Please take a minute and write us a review on RMS. If you've already written one, feel free to "refresh" your review! Return of the Lost Village and quests Hourly invasion event in the Lost Village Return of the Repentance Raid arc Added Halloween Forsaken City map by Justice New log in screen added Added Forsaken Spooky Gift Box and Event Spooky Gift Box Halloween Costume Contest launched on the forums Veracity for developing/writing the quests, headgear selections, raids Ares for raid mob effects Genesis for bug fixes, coding, testing Justice for the Halloween Forsaken City and Lost Village maps Barbie for the previews and new log in screen
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    Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we've been going through this difficult time with the server. Although we have DDoS protection, we've been experiencing extremely large attacks against the server that exceed our protection. Genesis has been working around the clock with our host to try to do everything in his power to stop the attacks. I want to assure everyone that nothing is going to happen to the server, and we will not close. We all love the server too much for that to happen. We've just celebrated over 7 years of ForsakenRO, and have become more successful than we ever thought possible and continue to grow. That's thanks to you, all of our awesome players! You all are what makes the server so special. This isn't the first time someone has been jealous of our success and the high quality RO experience we provide. This has happened a few times in the past, and we always get through it. We are all dedicated 110% to the server and we aren't going anywhere. We'll keep doing everything we can until we find a way to resolve the issue. We hope everyone will understand our situation and continue to be patient and supportive like you have been. I really can't say how much it means to us that we have such a wonderful community who is so loyal and dedicated to ForsakenRO as you all are. We're going to come back from this a better server and a stronger community. Thank you for your understanding and dedication, ForsakenRO Staff
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    Update as of 7/3/14: JENOVA PROJECT IS CURRENTLY NOT RECRUITING ********** Rule #1 RESPECT DON'T BE A HUGEMONGOUS PAIN IN THE ASS. Don't insult your 'mates or anybody outside Jenova Project. If you have a problem with any of us let's settle it in a civil manner. Don't blow-up the guild chat. You have two options, (1) you can PM that person, or (2) PM me directly. The three (or four and so on) of us will be in a chat room and I'll be your middle person. While the guild welcomes any age; we expect full level of maturity from you. Time to time we would troll and joke around each other specially when everybody is on. However, we know our boundaries and know when to stop. I know that PK is allowed on this server. As much as possible please don't and PK if they PK you first. We do not tolerate drama. Let's keep a "surfer dude mentality" to keep it cool and all will be well. ;) Rule #2 COMMON COURTESY We like to help. I started playing fRO almost 1 1/2 yrs ago and I know what it's like to start from the bottom. While we like to help you get stuff, we ask that you help us in return. Don't be greedy and not give back. I can assure you that the only "giving back" we expect from you is to help us farm, quest, and hunt/kill MVPs. Bits and Facts: 1 The guild name came from Final Fantasy VII. If you're a 90s kid and an avid old-skool rpg gamer like me then chances are you know Jenova. :) 2 I am the guild leader. I have been playing RO since beta days, from pRO to iRO until I decided to quit around 2004. I deliberated to install the game again, this time via private servers. I used to play on GatheringRO, aeRO, and BlackoutRO and have been on and off ever since. I also play other videogames mainly on XBOX ONE or PS1 emulator (to rekindle playing some amazing old-skool rpg games) and League of Legends (Server: NA). My main character is Alyxia (Biochemist/Creator), but I switch between her and Laurabear (Super Novice) for raids, call for aid for other guilds, fild PvP, and chilling mode. I use Malin (Wizard) mainly to farm berries/seeds/cspeed potions, farm for somebody, and/or questing. Feel free to message any of my characters in-game if you're trying to get a hold of me. 3 We are not an active WoE/GvG guild. 4 We exercise English as our main language as most of us come from different corners of the world wide intarwebz. ;)) 5 Last but not the least, our life doesn't only revolve around fRO. Most of us are students (majority are in college), have a job, either way, or both. I try to leave any of my characters with an open chat room as much as possible. I have a full-time job and a dual major at a local community college here in San Diego. Don't be discouraged if you don't see any of us online. I am active on weekends and after 6PM (UTC -08:00, Pacific Time, US & Canada) on weekdays. Cheers and thanks for reading! :D - Laura aka, Alyxia/Laurabear :th_swt3:
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    Errm. new to the forums. xD
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    Presents.... We have released the official fRO Ventrilo. Please join us to chat, coordinate or to get support! Guild Channel are also available, file a request on the ticket system! We have also released several new Spring themed Knight headgears. These headgears are also available for donation inside the tokenshop! Reduced HP of King of Emperium to that of the Standard Emperium. Fixed all description for items, korean characters should no longer appear. Fixed issue with Forsaken Kafra not saving to the correct map. Removed screen shaking with Fury/heaven drive/etc. Moved the healers in Alberta, hugel, and niflheim. Botchecker willl readd your falcon/cart now when it finishes the check. Moved the Helpdesk closer to central Forsaken City. Coding and bug fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie exclusively for ForsakenRO Special thanks to fRO community for reporting bugs and their suggestions!
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    Presents... Introducing 3 brand new exclusive PvP ladder sets to match our custom palettes! These new RAWs and Sacred wings are available in Maroon, Azure, and Majestic Purple. They correspond to palette numbers 309 (Maroon), 304 (Azure), and 314 (Majestic). More palettes for these colors will be available soon. The rest of the sets will be released soon too, as prizes for some of our weekly events. Along with these 3 new PvP ladder wing sets, we are making PvP ladder 1 week again by popular demand! For screenshots of these items in game, click here. - Added new recolors for Black Emperium Aurora, Imperial Helm, and Sacred Wings - Added new Golden Royal Angel Wing recolor to PvP ladder rewards - PvP ladder now resets every 1 week instead of 2 - New map for Battle Royale by the talented Justice, click here for screenshots - You can no longer leave a party during Battle Royale or modify it - Added temporary effect for Cowring hat - Added correct sprite for Golden Butterfly Aurora - Removed Poring Punch event to make room for new automated events we're adding - Removed annoying bird chirping from fcity. - Added framework to release the rest of these 3 new sets as weekly event prizes. - Barbie for recoloring all of the new sets/PvP wings exclusively for ForsakenRO and making the previews - Justice for making the new custom Battle Royale map exclusively for ForsakenRO - Relinquish and Genesis for the bug fixes and hard work on an upcoming update
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    Yes, that's right... we're looking for some new Event Game Masters to welcome to our team! Applications close on January 13, 2013. For more information about applying, please check the Applications topic. All applications should be sent to applications@forsaken-ro.net. Please note that you should not apply unless you can host at least 1 event every 2 days. If you have sent in your application previously, please re-submit it during the next week to ensure it will be reviewed. Good luck to everyone, we look forward to reading your applications! PS: Please note we will never contact any player in game to hire them for a GM position. The only way we accept applications is through email to applications@forsaken-ro.net. We will never ask you to donate or give us your account info to become a GM here. Please note the application form has been updated to include 2 new questions at the end!
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    Granted but it is actually a fake iphone which was made in China. I wish i can meet psy.
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    Hi fRO, We have implemented the first wave of server-side edits. Through a new system I have been working on for a while now, you will spam faster legitimately than you would with any third party programs (i.e. breakneck). Gravity's system has 2 steps of delays. The first is a client-side delay, the other is a server-side delay. certain skills have no server-side delay but have client-side delay. This allows for users to modify their clients in order to gain an unfair advantage. This is an issue even on official servers. We have resolved this issue by adding a server-side delay, this is something no user can edit. As a result, breakneck/sprite edits have been rendered useless. You are several times more likely to disconnect as a result. This is the first wave of tweaks, more will most likely followed. This change has not only made breakneck nonviable, but it will also reduce lag during clustered encounters (WoE for example). The only people who will be affected by this are breakneck users and sprite editors, we have effectively made breakneck a hindrance instead of an advantage. Suggestions are always welcome, these changes are not finalized and will most likely require slight adjustments. So please, if you do have suggestions make a topic in a polite manner and I will be happy to personally review it! If you have any questions, feel free to add one of my contacts or send me a PM here on the forums.Thank you, Jorge PS: We are currently working on a very very very large expansion that will be released in a week or so. Look forward to that!
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    Okay, whatever. I just don't want fRO to keep going towards the boost direction. We need a variety and different combination of pvp. Not anymore power and advantages.
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    hi all, i wanna suggest about pass renter (ygg seed) i think its maybe a good idea to let player rent the pass using zeny? its very convenient for player who unable to donate and as well for new player...right now for 1 hour the price is 3 tokens and maybe if the player didn't have any tokens,they can rent using zeny with equivalent price (3tokens = 90m zeny) for me its a good idea coz its my idea ^^..so what d'ya say fellas?
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    Welcome to ForsakenRO! As a standard procedure, the team has decided to have a full copy of our rules and punishments for our players to know about. If this is your first time reading the rules, please take the time to read them entirely. By downloading our patch, connecting to our server, or engaging in our community in any way signifies unconditional agreement to ALL of the areas covered by this document (as well as the logically covered areas) regardless of your ability to understand/interpret them. To view the punishments, click the "Show" button beneath the corresponding rule. Universal Rules & Policies Lending/sharing/borrowing gear Any manner of sharing gear between players is strongly discouraged by the administration. If you choose to share your gear, you assume complete responsibility for what happens to your gear and accounts. If the person you lend your gear to is banned after the gear is lent/given, or does not return the items to you, the administration is not obligated to recover the items. If you share your gear with a player who is ban evading, you will be punished for aiding in ban evasion, whether you know if they are banned or not (more information is available in the rule regarding ban evasion). Sharing accounts Sharing accounts is strongly discouraged by the administration. If you share accounts with a player who is ban evading, all of your accounts and IP addresses will be permentantly blocked. If you share accounts with someone (or log into their accounts regularly) and he/she gets banned, you risk your accounts being banned as well; similarly, if you get banned, there is a risk that anyone you share your accounts with will be banned too. Sprite theft, unauthorized editing or distribution of sprites ForsakenRO's custom sprites are made exclusively for ForsakenRO and are not to be used on any other server or by any other individual. All of ForsakenRO's custom sprites, created by any of ForsakenRO's spriters (past or present), are not allowed to be stolen, distributed, edited, or otherwise used without permission. Absolutely no one is permitted to edit, alter, take, or in any other way modify any of ForsakenRO's custom sprites. Please note that this includes using any of these custom sprites as bases for creating "new" sprites. Anyone found supplying our sprites to people who a) do not play on the server, b) were banned from the server, or c) any other individual/group/forum/filesharing/download website will be permanently banned as well. Nonconstructive Criticism There is a fine line between complaining and giving constructive criticism. Whether it is about the staff or the server itself, this will now be a punishable offense. Complaining and doing nothing yourself is not only unhelpful, but is detrimental to the server's reputation. If you want more events, updates, or whatever have you.. complaining is NOT the way to get them. Instead, try offering your help, or providing constructive and beneficial insights into what we could do to better serve you. The very least you can do is to be supportive and appreciative of the effort and work that the staff DOES put in. This applies to both the forums and in game. Disrespecting and/or defying a member of the staff's decision The staff's decision is final. Players can seek clarification as to why they were punished, however, they may not disrespect, flame, nor be flippant to any staff because of a punishment. This will no longer be tolerated and will result in further punishment. Instead, if you believe you have been punished unfairly, make a ticket in the ticket system. Inappropriate Language Any use of language that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, obscene or racially/ethnically offensive is not allowed. This applies to both explicit and implicit language, images, and/or links to other websites. Harassment The harassment of or personal attacks on other players is forbidden. This includes the discussion and/or distribution of any personal or private information or pictures as well as slandering/defaming/spreading rumors about another player. Repeatedly targeting a specific player or persons will lead to more severe punishment. Disrespect (you must respect others and their rights to enjoy the forums and game play) This is an extension of the rules prohibiting harassment and certain types of language. Even if a player is not explicitly breaching any aforementioned rules, any form of disrespect to other players and staff will not be tolerated. Disrespecting and/or patronizing new players or posters is discouraged. Please note that depending on the severity of the offense, such actions may result in punishment. Continual offenses against new players will not go unpunished. Advertising Advertising other servers, top sites, games, or channels is not acceptable. We provide a game for everyone to enjoy and forums to discuss it, not a place for free advertising. Server Rules Unauthorized access to server (e.g. hacking): Users of ForsakenRO are only allowed to access the server via our authorized patcher and/or login windows. Botting (to use a third-party program that plays the game for you, this inlcude built-in macro keyboards to attempt farm): These kinds of programs not only ruin the experience intended for ForsakenRO, but can also negatively impact the server's economy. Third-Party Programs (to use programs that aid/effect players' gameplay): This rule applies to any "bot" , helpers, sprite edits or programs that give any unfair advantage. AFK Farming (to "AFK" [Away from Keyboard] while your homunculus kills spawns): Farming while AFK gives those players an unfair advantage over those who actually take their time to farm their items. This also applies to AFKing on any class whilst using a Dark Lord card or any other card/item that automatically uses a skill to kill spawns. Bug abuse (To use a flaw of the game for your benefit): Bugs must be reported as soon as possible via @request. If a Game Master is not online to respond said request, the player must file a bug report in our Ticket System. Account Theft (to steal another players account): This rule will apply to any case of account theft. Stealing items and accounts both fall under this rule. Account Sell/Trade (to attempt to trade your account for one in another server or to sell if for real money): This rule applies at any detectable attempt of selling/trading an account. Things like S>PHP can be considered as selling your account on the Philippines, so watch out what you type. Selling/trading/buying items for money, aka PHP Selling items is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Anyone who buys items from another player will have all purchased items removed and also risks their account(s) being blocked. Anyone who is aware of players buying/selling items for money and doesn't report them may also receive punishment, depending on the severity of the case. This is handled on a case by case basis since no two cases are identical. Filing a chargeback/scamming us (To donate/contribute then ask for your money back): We use your donations to fund and support our servers. Once you donate and file a chargeback, we will be hit with a hefty fee which hurts our ability to maintain and continue to offer the service we do. Players who threaten to do a chargeback may also receive punishment. Ban Evasion Once you are blocked from the server, you are not permitted to create new accounts or access/play the server by any means.This includes: creating new accounts, hiding items on alternate accounts/guild storages, giving other players your items/asking them to "hold" them for you, borrowing/sharing someone else's account, or any other means of ban evading. Aiding in Ban Evasion This includes, but is not limited to: holding gear(s) for banned players, or receiving any gear(s) from a person who is banned or is about to be banned; lending or sharing gear with a player who is banned, whether knowingly or unknowingly; letting a player who is banned log in to or use your accounts in any way; not reporting when a banned player is ban evading to the GM team; or any other action that helps a banned player evade their ban. Since players should not lend their gear to anyone or share their accounts, if you aid a banned player, whether you know if they are banned or not doesn't matter. Your account and your items are your responsibility and you will be held accountable. Scamming (to trick another player into doing/giving something to/for you): We, as a Game Master team, want ForsakenRO to have an honest community. Failure to abide by this will result in severe punishments. Unnecessary Usage Of Skills (to constantly use skills unnecessary to the given situation): This is considered as community harassment and punished as such. Unnecessary Repetition of a word or sentence (Spam) (includes @request): If you want to get a message out to players, simply put up a chat room or make a broadcast. The GM team is also available via @request, but typing your message once is enough for us to notice. Abuse of @request command @request should only be used to contact a GM for help, or unless otherwise stated by a GM. Do not use @request to spam, insult or beg. Immoral Speech (to use excessive offensive language): When reporting someone for verbal abuse, keep in mind CONSTANT verbal abuse is punishable, this means just a simple curse word is not enough. However, this is subject to change depending on the severity and repetition of your case. Inappropriate/Offensive Character/Party/Guild Names Considered as community harassment and punished as such. Broadcast abuse (To use the broadcaster to insult other players or annoy the community in general) Broadcast abuse is defined as using the broadcaster for the purpose of making misleading broadcasts, insulting, provoking, harassing, profaning, and/or annoying other players or the community in general, but is also definable via a Game Master's criteria. Reviewing a GM via broadcaster is instant punishment, there is no way around this. Using the broadcaster for conversation is prohibited. Foul language will not be tolerated as broadcasts are viewed by the entire server. Disguising an abuse with a B> or S>, will also result in punishment. Examples of punishable broadcasts: "PM me *insertcursewordhere*-chan." "Wow GM X is power hungry." "Jeez, GM x's legit sure sucks." " B> Apples, oh by the way X are a bunch of homosexuals who only gang." "Wow PlayerA, is that the only way you can kill me?" Intentional Spamming/Broadcast Abuse (To use the broadcaster, public, or private chat to insult other players or annoy the community in general) The use of ASCII/Other methods in order to avoid being banned/punished for broadcast abuse or spamming is strictly prohibited. Kill stealing (only exception is naturally spawned MvPs) Also known as 'KSing'. Even though the server is on Player Kill mode, we do not allow Kill Stealing. MvPs are free for all and players are entitled to killing their competitors for the MvP. Specially summoned MvPs, such as Thanatos are of strict ownership of their summoners. Any breach of this rule will result in the retrieval of any rare item dropped by said MvP. Failure To Co-operate With Game Masters (to not listen to a Game Masters instructions) Read carefully everything written in bright yellow letters: that's one of the Game Masters speaking. Game Master Work Prevention (to pester the Game Master and not allow them to get any work done [includes spamming @request during events]) Spreading false information about the server and/or staff This applies to excessive non-constructive criticism, slander, or anything that unjustly jeapordizes the reputation of the server and/or its staff. Revealing a Game Master's identity This applies to not only directly stating who a Game Master is, but also implying who he/she is by any indirect means. Extensive Begging (to continuously ask for something and annoying others around you) Game Master Impersonation (to have GM in front of your alias when not an actual Game Master or naming yourself in a way that you could be mistaken for the GM) Avoid having the letters 'G' and 'M' to be the first of your name. The use of the word "Admin" is also strictly forbidden for character names. Any word that may lead others reach the conclusion that you are part of ForsakenRO's staff is also forbidden. Player Impersonation (To misrepresent yourself as someone else) This rule also includes "mocking" names similar to that of another player. Keeping Distance from NPCs Do not go AFK within three cells of a Non Playable Character (NPC). This not only obstructs the NPC from view, but also makes it difficult to access for other players. In addition, warping yourself right on top of an NPC is against our rules. You do not have to have a chat open to be AFK, therefore if a GM deems it necessary they may warp you to another spot on the same map. Cheating or dishonest tactics in WoE (The use of underhanded methods to hinder your opponent's performance during WoE) The following are forbidden actions in WoE and will be accountable for a punishment: Breaking Bloody Branches and/or Dead Branches on WoE maps when WoE is active. Opening chats/vends around the emperium or any other sort of method to block the targeting of the emperium. (Obstructing the targeting of the emperium with your own character does not apply for punishment) Dealing, sending friend requests, sending party invites or any other sort of method to hinder an opponent's vision during WoE. Guild/Emblem Impersonation (To use a similar guildname and/or emblem to impersonate/mock another guild) Using another guild’s emblem/name or a modification of the emblem/name is forbidden at any time. Guild impersonation/mocking is not tolerated. All impersonations will be viewed as intentional and will be punished accordingly. Advertising other servers/games (to advertise a server unrelated to ForsakenRO's network): We do not pay for bandwidth so you can advertise your server(s). It's that simple. Please note that your IP address will be delivered to the advertised server's Game Master team, so a punishment is enforced in both servers. This is, of course, in our best efforts to prevent any type of server advertising and/or misunderstanding between servers. Potential hazard to the server (Anything that may affect ForsakenRO's server(s) or gameplay of the server(s).) Just because you don't find something stated as forbidden in this document, doesn't mean you should do it. The golden rule is to use your common sense. If your actions are deemed a hazard to the server, the Game Master team will take full action to prevent it, even if there is no statue in this document that forbids your actions. Forum Rules Spamming (to do short/incoherent/irrelevant posts) Posts containing only one word will be treated as spam, whether it is relevant to the topic or not. Keep personal one-on-one discussions out of threads - that is what the Private Messaging (PM) system is for. Please note: quoting another's post and re-posting it without any contribution or comment on the original poster's statement qualifies as spam and will be punished as such. Flaming (to insult other player's behaviors/looks/tastes) Provoking/"Baiting" This is an amendment to the rules prohibiting flaming. Provoking verbal fights is now a punishable offense. This includes, but is not limited to: creating posts intended to cause controversy, unrest, or a negative reaction; continuous personal conflicts with other members; and 'baiting' people into breaching a rule. Continued abuse will result in a ban from the forums. Pointless topics (Constantly posting topics that are, in no way, relevant to the subforum category they were posted on) Posting false server information (Posting false information about new items/quests/modifications or any other sort of topic that regards ForsakenRO as a server.) Signature rules Signature sizes should be short and not consist of any vulgar, pornographic or offensive pictures/words. Signatures should not advertise other servers nor promote usage of illegal programs. Allowed forum signature size: 300x300 px Avatar rules Pornography, Sexual Pictures, Vulgar Language, Advertisement, Racial slurs or promotion of illegal programs will not be tolerated. Member Impersonation (To misrepresent yourself as someone else) This rule also includes "mocking" names similar to that of another member. ForsakenRO's End User License Agreement ForsakenRO will provide a free Ragnarok Online gaming experience under a strict line of conditions. If you are to disagree with any of them please refrain from downloading our server patch, connecting to our server, or engage in communication with our community. Legal obligations: You agree that the ForsakenRO network and its staff are not obligated to part in any legal activities or actions pressed against you, which is induced through playing with our services. You agree to not download our patch and/or connect to our servers if condemned by Gravity Corp. You agree that the ForsakenRO network may press legal charges against you upon infringement of rules and/or policies regardless of whether your country's local laws covers such actions and/or reasons. Ownership of account: Though the player is entitled to an account, characters and so on. The staff of ForsakenRO reserves the rights to cease an account with proven reason/endorsement. The safe keeping of the players' accounts are sorely the responsibility of their corresponding owners. Game Masters are not obligated to (but shall) restore any stolen items which was lost due to the player's failure to protect his/her account (eg: theft). Game Masters are also not obligated to (but shall) restore any items lost due to technical issues/bugs that has been declared by Game Masters, but failed to reach the player due to any reasons. Though the best efforts of Game Masters will be put into the safe keeping of data, Game Masters ultimately could not be held responsible if data loss is to be induced through any reason. Code of conduct: Regardless of the player's efforts to become familiarized with this statement or the server rules, he/she must unconditionally conform to them. Regardless of condition, if the player is to breech any rules, the action then there for signifies that the player is willing to accept the corresponding punishment; denial and failure to co-operate with the justice procedure will result in more severe punishments upon discovery. (Breech of a rule is defined as: on an individual focus qualifying as in breech of a rule, meaning retaliation against a rule breech on an individual scale will be treated as a regular breech) The 'no excuse' policy: As a player of ForsakenRO you agree that if you are to, in action, satisfy conditions stated in any of our official documents you automatically and unconditionally agree to the corresponding material, that this agreement is acknowledgeable as a willingly made legal declaration and that you personally hold full legal responsibility to it regardless of your ability or efforts to be familiarized with these documents. Staff: The staff of ForsakenRO will attempt all within their reach to enforce the rules and maintain order, however if an issue is not reported and not noticed by staff then it is therefore acknowledged the staff is not responsible for the lack of enforcement for that particular incident. Game Masters will at all times attempt to maintain a degree of professionalism in their actions, failure to do so is tolerated given that there are no strong player objections. Staff are bound by the staff rules as well as player rules and no exception will be given in persecution if a breech is to come to be. Donation: The server will accept all willingly made donations. Donors are to review and understand the donation policy, the completion of the donation procedure signifies the person's agreement to this policy as well as the donation policy regardless of his/her ability to interpret and/or understand either documents. If you disagree with this section, please refrain from donating. Privacy statement: ForsakenRO will not disclose any of the information provided by the players to third parties, however inter-staff usage of account information within the server is acceptable, your personal information may be given to third parties if it were to happen that the user broke a rule (See Other-Server Advertisement). The staff reserves the rights to follow players in game with undetectable methods, given the correct reasons. The staff are also entitled to logging player behavior and/or chat history with the exception of private messaging with, of course, the correct reason. Universal Punishment You are subject to punishment for any and all offenses done on an alternate account on all of your accounts. In other words, do not try to make alternate accounts to break rules. You will be punished on both. Please note all rules mentioned here serve as guidelines for punishments and may vary on a case by case basis at the GM team's discretion. Additional Considerations Please note all punishments are final you may not use the Ticket System to debate your case, you may ask (ONLY ask) why you were punished. This also applies ingame: if you were punished, do not broadcast/put chats up/talk bad about it; simply make a ticket. All rules are subject to change at any time. ForsakenRO's staff is not obliged to (but shall) notify about the change of the rules. Best regards, The ForsakenRO Game Master team.
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    Legendary Quests (Go to fcity 117 163 or also known as Knight Temple) (You must be a Forsaken Knight to do these quests) Legendary Sacred Wing Quest Legendary Color Exchanger Legendary Gauntlet Quest Legendary Avian Wing Quests Legendary Zodiac Quest Legendary Rucksack Quests Headgear Quests Lionell Margaret Legendary Balloon Quests Legendary Mythical Flame Quests Legendary Lighthalzen Aura Quest Dr.Bones Quest Tip: Use @whodrops (item name) and @whereis (monster name) commands I hope this Guide will help you with your adventure! :th_no1: Good luck! :th_no1:
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