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    Welcome to Kinky Milfy B/S/T Buying (All Price are in Tokens) -> 1x Sif Golden Whip [4] Cape Voucher Halloween Tokens Selling -> N/A Trading -> Bio B. Ring = Any other Bio B. Variant except Ribbon PM Milfy. or Caramilly in game or Discord Caramilly#1747 Hi all, Brief introduction. I am Caramilly and I've been playing RO for YEARS. I'm very old and fragile and as you guys know. I'm all about fashion and style in game. I am broke as hell in game and I need some funding from YOU so I can be cute haha. I'm selling my Forum Signature/Discord Icon/Facebook Banner Design Service in exchange for your Forsaken RO Tokens. Here are my Do & Don't s: Do -> Signatures/Banner/Facebook Banner Design for ForsakenRO ONLY. For other arrangements, please contact me personally. Don't -> Complicated Animation Signatures/Banners Below are samples and price Basic Profile Picture/Discord Picture: 50 Tokens, Additional character + 30 Tokens Non-Animated Forum Signature: 100-350 Tokens (Depending on difficulty), Additional character + 30 Tokens Animated Forum Signature/Banner: 400-1500 (Depending on difficulty), Additional character + 50 Tokens Please give me a lead time of 1 week as I am working, so I only have 2 hours a day maximum to be working on orders. Thanks! *Maximum 1 Revision after final design, Additional Revision +10 Tokens. *As fRO's sprite is locked and I have to search other platforms for it, for every sprite I can't (so you have to replace it) get you get a 10 Token discount. *After sales service (eg, change clothes color/headgears) will be charged at, 10 Tokens for Clothes color, 50 tokens (for non-animated hg), 100 tokens (for animated hg) *10% of monthly sales will be donated to ForsakenRO Newbies via 'Uncrowned Kings' Guild* PM Milfy. or Caramilly in game or Discord Caramilly#1747 THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!
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    Doing a remote session is the fastest and most efficient way. I need to be able to see how you configured the game and when exactly the issue is occurring. Providing me half cropped screenshots of an error message don't really give me much information unfortunately.
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    Godly suggestion ❤️ But requires a huge job load 4 GM team Well done n banzai 😛
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    Haha thanks @mrferret i have u on discord and what not so dw if i need more ill pm you! :3 Updated~
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    So update....sadly, doctors/physicians didn't know my cancer was gonna be this aggressive, and it led to it spreading to my brain, but you know what~ I'm freaking glad they found it sooner than later and we are trying to come up with a treatment plan to KILL THIS SHIT! LETS GET IT ❤️ #StayinPositive #SendTheLove&Support ❤️
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    If you plan to use Focused Arrow Strike, you'll need Ifrits to get that extra critical from those cards, otherwise use Dex runes for the extra HP
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    I've got the same issue as well, so I figured I'd post here rather than make another post. To make sure it wasn't a compatibility issue I downloaded another RO client from another server theirs worked just fine without any alterations yet with fkenro client no matter what compatibility mode, run as admin, uninstalling my runtimes and getting them again allowing every .exe from the ForsakenRO folder into my Bitdefender, even went as far as downloading the latest kro client on its own and just get the Forsaken RO files to add to them, absolutely nothing would make it boot no matter what config I tried in setup.exe etc, starting to think it isn't even RO related but rather gpard itself.