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    I strongly believe if you put your opinions out there, whether it be good or bad, please JUST suggest things and we'll definitely discuss and then hopefully come up with a great one to easily make this server one of the best! ❤️ Again, appreciate all the insights, please dont DISCOURAGE/TT ?
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    GUILD MEMBER OF THE MONTH: GURKAK Gurkak carried us to win the GVG Event on Valentine's Day! Good job, Gurkak! We love you!!! Being one of the strongest and most active guilds in Forsaken RO, Squad Goal revels in PVP and the War of Emperium. It enjoys healthy competition from rival guilds Amicitia, The Pepe Squad, Apprentice, and Warsong. It is based in Payon and is led by its guild leader, Superb Nova. We are currently looking to increase our membership and we want YOU to be a part of our team. If you are interested to join the guild, read on. WE ARE URGENTLY LOOKING FOR PALADINs, CHAMPS, PROFs and WIZZIES.. Those interested to join are required to: 1. have reached max level 255/255. 2. have decent gears – decent enough to last long inside the castles. 3. have no affiliations whatsoever with any other guild. 4. at least be willing to use Discord If you think you meet these requirements, go to Payon (@go 3) and talk to the guild leader. Note: Do not ask to be invited during WOE as you will not be entertained because the Guild cannot verify the veracity of the information you are giving. I don't know but for some reason, there's this trend in our save point to maintain a certain formation of our characters. and sometimes, you'll see some of us do weird poses like these: Then there's WOE........ and salary is given after WOE...... We don't usually die, but when we do, we die TOGETHER. -- work in progress -- Superb Nova | Daphne Blake | Death_N0TE | Skambertz Vinsmoke | Sniper Gemini Yonji Vinsmoke | MeloO | Deceptive | Jalliah | Kropek | Jacke | Niby | Devilish August | Sura_Champ | Rockafellaz [Arc]Zirexus | Musashi | Reduxx | Sweet Potate | Lexaine | Michealmichers Reiju Vinsmoke | Tarzan | siLva | Satyr | Dab | Jroa | Nob Ho Lee Fuk | Snipe Dane | Gurkak | Smirnoff | Audacious | Uraineum and of course, the extremely good looking, Poka Belle
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    the terms were agreed upon but this "Dedz" wont quit sad....
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    -El's Sniper Guide- Contents: •Introduction •Build for Full FAS/ Full DS •Gears for Sniper in PvP/MvP/Raid •Advice/Tips •Advice/Tips in PvPing •Questions •Conclusion Intro: Sniper class is one of the range killer class. They can deal a massive damage and can kill you in sight without getting near them. How ever it all depends on the player how they use this class. Most sniper class uses FAS skill and this skill can deal a high damage if your build is correct. So if you need a build for FAS, guide, tips or an advice for a sniper then my guide will help you. Ever wondered why the other snipers can do Focus Arrow Strike damage 30-60k continuously and has a massive damage? And you wonder why your FAS is 18-25-40k only?? You think why your damage is not stable/fix and not that strong. Okay this guide will teach you how to make your FAS stronger and stable. First the skill FAS bypass the def depending in your crit (The chance to bypass defense with Focused Arrow Strike is calculated as [ (crit rate + 20) - (monster's luk/5) ]%. Crit/LUK gear is recommended in order to maximize the chance of bypassing defense with this skill.-irowiki-) so it means that if your damage is not fix or stable your FAS is not bypassing the enemy's def continously. So how can i bypass enemies def continuosly? Do i need thana? No. Thana makes your damage unstable and Thana is for only DS. Do i need inca? No. I never used inca and the skill FAS ignore def depending in your crit and inca doesn't work pretty much in FAS skill but only DS ''maybe''. So what do i need then? Simple, as the FAS description said you need CRIT. You need at least 100 or 101 above CRIT to continuosly bypass enemies def. CRIT? Where can i see my Crit? Press Alt+A, right side of int, the Critical. How to add my Crit? Your Luk. Every 3 luk adds 1 crit i think (not sure just check it). What?! I need to make that 101? That will break my build!.. No it won't. The Falcon Eyes buff adds +10 Crit and your FAS adds +20 crit so it's already +30 CRIT. Now you only need 70 crit. Still high? If you have 2x Frey Gaunts better use Ifrit cards. Each ifrit card adds +25 crit (Note: you need to be 255 job level because ifrit card effect depends on your job level). So it's already 80 CRIT so you just need to add few luk to make it 101. •Making my Crit 101 in a nice way and bypassing enemies def• So when making your crit 101 and don't want to waste some stats points. First if you have Ship hat better equip that because it has different effect in fhelm and we know ship hat will increase your damage so better make that default when calculating your crit. Then use Falcon Eyes, why? because it will add +10 in crit in your stats. How about FAS? It's not a buff but it's a Offensive Skill? FAS automatically adds +20 crit when using this so no need to worry. Then if you're rich and have 2x freyr gaunts i suggest to put 2x Ifrit cards rather than 2x dex rune so it will add +50 crit (not sure if it's +25 crit per card) and you won't use too much stats in your luck. Then your crit is now 80 the just add few stats in luk to make it 81. After this try using your FAS in an enemy. If you notice your damage is stable then your build is correct but when it's not yet stable better check your crit. So now your damage is now stable and it means that your FAS is now bypassing your enemies def continuosly. •Making my FAS stronger• Hey my FAS is already bypassing enemies def continuosly but my damage is not that strong? Okay it's simple if you want to make your FAS stronger better decard your previous card and change it. What card should i use then? 2xTG+2xPaper. What?! Why Paper? I'm not a SINX!. Relax it's because your not a sinx doesn't mean you can't use Paper card. Irowiki said -Only cards and equipment that increase CRIT in the status window will increase Focused Arrow Strike's chance to Crit.-. FAS has a chance to crit so if it crits it will bypass def so that's why you need 101 crit to completely bypass enemies def so meaning if you use Paper Card it will add more damage because FAS is a skill that Crits. Your damage is now stronger than before. If your in full gear your damage will be 70-30k FIX. -Builds for Sniper- •Build for Full Fas• Str: 70-100 Agi: ASPD 195 Vit: Put all your remaining stats to vit. Dex: 290-divisible to 0 Int: 0-20 Luk: Critical 101 •Build for Full DS• Str: 70-100 Agi: ASPD 195 Vit: Put all your remaining stats to vit. Dex: 290-divisible to 0 Int: 0-20 Luk: 0 -Gears for Sniper- •Basic Gears and Cards• Headgear: Fknight Helm/Vote Fhelm [Cards: 2xKiel,Fsold+Kiel, 2xSilver Kiel] Lower Headgear: Any +10 Rucksack, Scarf [Cards: Fsold, MayaP, Kiel, Silver Kiel] Middle Headgear: Legendary LHZ Aura, Leg. Zod Aura[Cards: Fsold, MayaP, Kiel, Silver Kiel] Armor: Fknight Armor/ Vote Farmor [Cards: GR+Tao] Cloak: Fknight Cloak/ Vote Fcloak [Cards: Skoll+Raydric] Footgear: Fknight Boots/ Vote Fboots [Cards: 2xFBH, 2x Silver FBH] Accessory: Legendary Dex Belt, Dex Belt [Cards: ----- ] Weapon: Legendary Sniper Bow [Cards:2xTG+2xPaper (Full Fas), 3xTG+Skel/Inca, 2xTG+Skel+Inca (Double Strafe) ] Shield: 2xFknight Shield/ Vote Fshield [Cards: Usakoring and GTB/Maya P] Arrow: L.imma, L.shadow, L.holy •Advance Gears and Cards• Headgear: Fhelm, Ship Hat, Halloween Hats, LTD helm, Imp Helm [Cards: 2xKiel, Fsold+Kiel,Kiel+ MayaP] Lower Headgear: Sniper Cape, Sniper Cursed [Cards: Kiel, Fsold, Maya P] Middle Headgear: ROP, Emp, Skull aura [Cards: Kiel, Fsold, Maya P] (Take note Ship Hat is for switching. It's not necessary to default this headgear) Armor: Farmor [Cards:Tao+GR, 2xTao, RSX+GR, Evil Druid+Tao, Angeling+Tao, 2xOL or OL+GR] (You need at least 3-4 switches in armor] Cloak: Fcloak [Cards: Sinx Card+Skoll or Raydric, 2xRaydric, 2xSkoll, 2x Deviling, 2xPouring] (Your default cloak should be Sinx Card+Skoll or Ray. At least 3-4 switches in cloak. ) Footgear: Fboots [Cards: 2xFBH] Accessory: 2x Freyr Gaunts [Cards: 2xIfrit, Ifrit+Marine, 2xDexRune, Ifrit+Horong] Weapon: Sniper SB [Cards: 2xTG+2xPaper] [3xTG/2xTG+Skel+Thana (For DS) ] Shield: Friggs Shield [Cards: Usakoring, GTB, Maya P] (You need at least 1-3 switches in shield) Arrow: L.imma, L.holy, L.shadow, (bring an extra arrow for emergency) •Gears for MvPing• Just change the cards of your weapon to 2x Abysmal Knight card/ 2x Paper and in armor use 2xGloom (Depends on what race is the mvp) or Tao+GR. And use an anti element arrow on what type of element the mvp (Look below the element weaknesses). • Gears, Cards, Monsters and Arrows to use in Gates of Hell and Aegirs Raid• Snipers are the one and most effective class in the raid. So if you'll join in the raid i'll give you some tips before you enter the raid. You only need to change the cards in your Boots. Remove the 2x FBH (Monster there are not Demi or Angel Type) and use 2x GEC for more HP and SP or Dwiz+GEC. And your headgear should be Ship hat (If you already have it) for more damage. And bring a bow with Coma because you can coma MVP inside the raid. Bring Cspeed and Maximize your capacity in bringing Seeds. •GOH monsters and what arrow to use (Forgot what wave this monsters will appear)• •Gallion [use Water Arrow] •Necromancer [use Imma Arrow] •Evil Druid [use Imma Arrow] •Majorous [use Water Arrow] •Phendark [use Wind Arrow] •Injustice [use Imma Arrow] •Lord of Death (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) •Mistress of Shelter [use Shadow Arrow] •Baroness of Retribution [use Holy Arrow] •Wraith Dead [use Imma Arrow] •Wraith [use Holy Arrow] •Hodremlin [use Imma Arrow] •Gremlin [use Holy Arrow] •Banshee [use Earth Arrow] •Nightmare [use Water Arrow] •Garm (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) •Skogul (Use Earth Arrow) •Frus [use Water Arrow] •Chimera (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Fire Arrow) •Kades (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) (I'm not sure if this is all the mobs in GOH) •Aegirs Raid monsters and what arrow to use• •1st Wave Seaweed/Sropho/Red Euruma [This 3 mobs are Ghost so just use Imma Arrow in this wave] •2nd Wave Coelacanth [use Imma Arrow] Mutant Coelacanth [use Water Arrow] •3rd Wave King Dramoh [use Imma Arrow] Kraken Leg [use Earth Arrow] •4th Wave Kraken (A MVP monster so better use a coma bow and Imma Arrow) -Advice/Tips- 1. Don't use ROP. ROP is useless, it will just add 200 damage in your fas. Better use Emp or Skull aura. But if you want the style of the ROP it's fine. "Tested" or test it by yourself. 2. Always use TRAPS. Ankle Snare and Skid Trap. 3. Sniper fights in long range not in close combat. Better avoid closing too much in your opponent. I advice you to buy Sinx Card. Always use cloak. 4. Bring a knife or main gauche with you with strip cards in it (metaling,dwar,vr,maero). I always use this for emergency. 5. Remove your auto attack. How? Type /nc and remove the check of your attack in Alt+O. Why should i not use auto attack? I'm used to it. Because it's hassle when spamming FAS. Sometimes you'll normal attack the enemy and you can't spam fas. 6. Don't use Falcon. Why?! His my FRIEND!. Same in no.5. Falcon will auto blitz so it will auto attack and your spam in FAS will slowed. 7. Don't always depend on spamming FAS on your opponent. There are enemies that knows how to handle a sniper so try some other moves or skill on killing your enemy. 8. How can i use ship hat that i don't get stoned? Use evil druid card (Remember you can't make 2 elements in your armor. It doesn't stack. So GR+Evil Druid doesn't stack. Better use Tao+Evil druid or other cards. But beware in champs you'll be one hit by asura. And neutral elements skill hurts alot to you if you use this element so be careful. 9.Don't just use 3 arrows better bring extra like fire,water or wind. 10. You're running or chasing on an enemy? Try doing this. Use skid trap in front/back/sides or anywhere but must be near you and step on it. The effect is like you used snap but you need to know how to use it. Step on the arrow ''<'' or the less than to move forward. If you step in a wrong side of the trap it will throw you slant, like backslide or anywhere. Or just use common sense. Where the arrow point that's where you go. 11. Can't kill your enemy? Full Reducts player killing/trolling you? Then carry an extra bow [L.bow is good] and put 2x Lod, VR, SK on it and hit your enemy and wait until he dies with your coma. -Advice/Tips in dueling- •Dueling a Sniper• Difficulty: Medium Most sniper used ship hat right? And there damage is high. So how to make that char don't use ship hat? You need switches. First you need to stone him using puppetring card. Then of course he will switch in his FSOLD. So his damage is now low. If he doesn't have FSOLD his dead. Don't just Spam FAS to him and wait who runs out of seeds. This fight is so common and BORING. You should at least make a technique like cloaking and repelling him or stripping or whatever. Just don't spam FAS only. •Dueling an Assassin Cross (Crit Type)• Difficulty: Medium In my own experience in dueling a crit type sinx i really don't have a problem on them. But i notice other snipers always die on them when the sinx already got them. So my tips for you guys when dueling a sinx is this. Crit type sinx need to approach you to kill you right? So the best counter attack for them is using a knife/dagger with a VR card (dispel effect. See my no.4 advice/tips above for more info) so that if they melee attack you they'll be dispelled and they need to recast their buffs or use converters. That's the time for you to make a move. •Dueling an Assassin Cross (Sonic blow type)• Difficulty: Medium SB Sinx type are one of the most dangerous opponent you will encounter. My advice for you is always use cloaking and cspeed and avoid them on getting near you. Remember if they got near you you're dead. Expect that their always in cloak so you should be fast on uncloaking them and spamming FAS/DS on them. They have no shield so your damage will be high on them. And use ankle snare or skid trap. •Dueling a Gunslinger• Difficulty: Easy GS are very easy to defeat ''for me''. Use angeling card in your armor with tao card to reduce their damage (depends on what element they use). If they desperado you just repel them. If they use rapid shower just spam your FAS to them. If they use RSX use skid trap or cspeed to avoid them when they'll use desperado. GS run out seeds faster. •Dueling a Professor• Difficulty: Easy This class is dangerous if you're not fast on switching shields. My only advice is use GTB and spam your FAS/DS. Beware other prof uses Stave crasher if you use gtb and they'll use blinding mist to decrease or make miss of your damage. •Dueling a Lord Knight• Difficulty: Hard LK has a huge amount of HP you must always expect that. They have some buffs that will make you miss. They got melee, range skill and have debuff skill too. They are a little hard opponent. My tips for you is always bring your dispel knife and your coma bow. Surround yourself a ankle snare/skid trap. Always cloak and be wise. If they got near use your knife if they're really hard to beat for you then use your coma bow. If they notice your using a coma bow they'll switch to gtb then that's the time for you to spam FAS to own him. •Dueling a Biochemist• Difficulty: Medium Not that hard opponent. Use this anti-bio set (2xDev,Gtb,RSX[if you don't have FCP]) and Spam FAS/DS to him. Remember they can carry extra seeds in their cart and they can FCP themselves so stripping is useless to them. Most bio's use cloaking so you need to bring a maya P helm to see them. Their weapon has a coma effect so be aware. Dispel knife is not that effective to them. So be wise on dueling a biochemist. •Dueling a Champion• Difficulty: Hard Okay this class is hard to duel. Champ has an anti-range (pneuma) and anti-melee (Root). So it's hard for you to FAS him or use a knife on him and they have Ruwach so hiding is useless and they got Snap to chase you. This is very a hard class to duel (depends on what kind of player you dueling). You need to be wise. What i advice you to do is make a distance to him. Always run if he snap on you. When you spam FAS on him surely he will use pneuma. If you're fast enough to do the skid trap + arrow shower then do it. But if not try getting near on him a little not too close like a gap to his asura and he will asura you. Once his out of his pneuma and his gonna asura you use Arrow Repel fast then spam FAS to him. If he use pneuma again use cloaking then he will use Ruwach and asura or tss you. If he uncloak you he can't asura you because asura has a delay if he uses snap. After he snap and uncloak you Spam FAS to him and quickly repel him. Always remember don't let him close to you. Traps are kinda useless because he'll just snap and the traps will be automatically be destroyed but i think Skid trap will works. Just be wise on your movements and always make a distance on a champ. Don't use Ship Hat because he will definitely gonna use stone armor to stone you. •Dueling a Clown/Gypsy• Difficulty: Medium Clown is a little annoying when dueling on them. They can coma you, stone you and decrease your damage using Tarot Card of Fate skill. My advice to you is always make ready of your gtb. If he can't kill you on his Arrow vulcan he'll gonna use Tarot. So if he uses Tarot switch fast on gtb so you won't get coma and while his spamming tarot on you spam your FAS on him. Always cloak so he can't spam his AV on you. If he gets near and he uncloak you use Arrow repel and Spam FAS. If his hard to kill use your coma bow or use your knife. •Dueling a Whitesmith• Difficulty: Medium This class has a very fast spam, has anti-range (Pneuma), can break an armor and has range skill too. My advice for you when dealing with a Whitesmith is like the same in dealing on a Champion Class but not that hard opponent (Read my advice for Champ). Remember he needs to use a Elemental Converters to make his damage decent. So if he gets near to you switch fast in your knife and dispel him. Once his been dispel Spam your FAS and Repel him. Just don't make him get near to you because he can kill you very fast with his spam of Cart Termination. Traps and Cloaking are useful. Use your skills wisely. •Dueling a Stalker (Dex type)• Difficulty: Easy Stalkers are not that hard opponent especially those dex type. Your only problem with them is their skill Full Strip. You need to defeat them before your Full Chemical Protection runs or else you'll be stripped and die. But in case you run out of FCP your only choice is to repel him and avoid getting near him. Traps is kinda useless because he can remove traps. And stalker can copy a skill. If you're dealing with a stalker that has a skill of Flipping Tatami (Anti-Range) use your knife and dispel him then Spam your FAS so he will copy your FAS skill and his flip tatami skill will be removed. When your dealing with a magic user stalker type just use GTB and kill him ASAP to avoid getting strip. •Dueling a Stalker (Reduct type)• Difficulty: Easy This type of a stalker is an annoying one. You got low damage because of their reduct equipment, always normal attack you with a Triple attack and coma you using a coma bow. My advice to you is avoid getting coma. Use a gtb and most reduct stalker equipment has no anti freeze. So use a bow with a stormy knight card and lod. And normal attack him till he dies to your coma. If he uses gtb to avoid getting coma then that's the time you Spam FAS to him. •Dueling a Paladin (Tanker type)• Difficulty: Hard This class is one of the most annoying class you'll encounter. To be honest i just ignore them because most pally's are just tanker anyway but if there's no choice then you need to fight him. Pally's have a skill called Defending aura that has a reduct for range attacks/skills and the Guard skill that blocks incoming physical damage. What you must do is try to dispel him by using a knife. Once he got dispelled spam FAS to him. The strategy here is to annoy him and wait for him to use gtb. Once he uses gtb that's the time you spam your FAS to him. You can use your coma bow if no choice. Stripping him is a little useless because he can use Battle Chant to remove the strip effect. •Dueling a Paladin (Grand Cross Type)• Difficulty: Medium This type of paladin is not that hard to duel. They got low hp compare of Tank Paladin. Just repel him if he gets near you or just use gtb or angeling to counter his GC. You can use your dispel to him because most GC type paladin uses MB to increase their damage. Use Skid trap instead of Ankle Snare because they'll use magnum break if they got caught in AS Trap to break the trap. •Dueling a High Wizard• Difficulty: Easy Not hard to fight with. Use GTB and spam your skills to him. If his in high reduct use a bow with SK, LOD card or use coma bow. Beware of HW that's using Stave with thana, it hurts if you don't have skolls on. •Dueling a Super Novice• Difficulty: Medium Most SN are magic type but there are others who are in hybrid type (Magic+Mammonite) and they have high HP. Use GTB to counter his magic and if he'll Mammo you use Arrow Repel or Traps. He will try to strip you or coma you too so beware. Always be wise. •Dueling a Ninja• Difficulty: Hard This class is one of the most hardest opponent you'll faced. You can't easily kill him because he has anti range (Flip Tatami) and you can't melee him too (Cicada --). So what i need you to do is be a ninja too. What i mean is always hide. Don't show yourself to him. If he uncloaks you you counter him. Try to corner him into the wall but it's gonna be hard because he can leap. You need timing here, if you saw him walks his skill Flip tatami will be gone so that's the time you spam FAS to him. Overall use all your technique to beat this class. •Dueling Star Gladiator and Soul Linker• Difficulty: Easy This two class is very rare to see in PvP field but if you ever encounter them well all i can say is they're very easy. Most Star Gladiator uses thana so be careful, his Flying Kick really hurts. Just use your knife with dispel and dispel him to remove his buffs then spam your FAS to him. If he gets near use arrow repel. Traps are uselss because he can get near to you using flying kick. Soul Linker always leap around. It's hard to point click at them but if you got them they're dead. They got very low HP.+ But you need to kill them twice though because he has auto resu. Use GTB because they're magic users. • Becoming a PRO will take some time. Always practice and never get bored of your class. Avoid switching class, you need to stick in one at first. Always remember never underestimate your opponent• -Questions- •Should I learn Battlemode?• Yes. Learning the battlemode keys is a must. You need this for faster switching items and using other skill (ex. Traps). •What's more better FAS or DS?• Both. Use FAS when dealing lots of enemy and use DS when 1on1 but you can use FAS in 1v1 too. But for me FAS is more better than DS. •Does ping affect my spam?• Yes that's what i think. Other players who are near to the server can spam FAS more faster than the others. And others who are far away in the server spam slower than the others. •Hardest opponent for sniper?• Champ, Ninja and Pally. •What are the weakness of fire, ghost, shadow element etc?• Fire is weak to Water. Water is weak to Wind. Wind is weak to Earth. Earth is weak to Fire. Holy is weak to Shadow. Shadow is weak to Holy. Undead is weak to Holy and Fire (use Holy if you have the option). Ghost is weak to Ghost, but don't use Neutral (Void = non-elemental stuff). Neutral isn't weak to anything, but don't use Ghost. •What's more better Sniper Cursed ring or Sniper Blessed ring?• There have been a debate on which of this two rings are the best. Others said Cursed is more better. Others said Blessed is more better than Cursed and others said Cursed is just for FAS and Blessed is just for DS. Well if you ask me to be honest i didn't try using blessed yet but for me this two rings are good it really just depends on your test of damage or maybe the design of the ring or if you're rich then just buy them bought. But remember equipment is not really important. It's how you play your character. If you are fully geared but not good on using your character then it's useless. •Can i use this build in my stalker?• Yes. If you're a FAS type. But if i were you i'll just go sniper and go full fas. •How to counter Sniper?• By changing the element of your armor. Or try my Full Range Reducts. It's really effective on countering a sniper. •Is Sniper effective in WoE?• Yes they are. They are useful on defending castle or holding the enemies to get near the emp by using ankle snare traps. The only disadvantage of sniper in woe is that you can't see your damage inside the castle. So you won't know if your foe has different element or armor then you're trying to kill them but you notice that it's taking so long to kill them. •Is Sniper effective in MvP hunting?• Yes. They can kill mvp fast. And this class is one of the most effective in killing Thanatos. •I'm still a starter. Should i buy Sniper Soaring Bird first?• No, save your tokens first and buy the legendary version of sniper SB which is L.bow. L.bow and Sniper SB has only a little difference. Conclusion: This is my guide for Sniper. It seems i completed my guide to sniper. So hope it helps you guys. If my guide helps you share it to others so it can help them too. And don't forget to choose in the Poll section if my guide is helpful or not so that the other players will know if this guide will help them or not.
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    Completing this quest you'll obtain a Legendary Weapon for your class. View their effects here. Please note that you have to be a Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest! Step 1, fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission, you'll have to help better the Forsaken City Library. Bring him: 1 Level 7 Cookbook (dropped by Evil Druid at gl_church) 1 Old Magicbook 1 Legendary Encyclopedia [2] (dropped by Elder at 10% @warp tha_t04) 1 Legendary Book of Charms (dropped by Gajomart at 20%) 1 Memory Book [2109] (dropped by Agav at 1%) Note: The Memory Book should have NO SLOT 1 Torn Magic Book 1 Books on Legendary Weapons (dropped by Isilla @warp ra_san02) Step 2, fcity 60 163 Then go and talk to the Librarian in Forsaken City's Library and offer to help her obtain some valuable books. Step 3, prt_in 171 51 Go to the Library in Prontera and talk to the Head Librarian. Step 4, prt_in 161 61 Find the Poetic Edda book on the shelf. Step 5, geffen_in 173 104 Talk to the Librarian of Magic in Geffen. Step 6, geffen_in 177 114 Get the Voluspa's Dark Arts book from the shelf. Step 7, lou_in01 41 143 Talk to the Librarian of Fighting in the Louyang library. Step 8, lou_in01 33 148 Get the Sacred Text of Valhalla from the shelf. Step 9, payon_in03 121 125 Talk to the Head Librarian of Payon's Library. Step 10, payon_in03 122 131 Get the Codex Regis from the shelf. Step 11, fcity 60 163 Return to the Forsaken City Librarian and speak with her. Step 12, fcity 117 163 Once you're finished, let the Knight Master know you're finished with your first mission. On your second, you'll need to hunt down a thief who has robbed Forsaken citizens. Step 13, for_fild06 133 335 The thief will be at any one of these three locations at any given time. Keep walking by him until he snickers and disappears... but only after stealing some of your zeny! Step 14, for_fild06 224 226 If the thief is hidden, try going to another location and see if you can find him there. Step 15, for_fild06 240 147 Repeat the previous steps and continue moving near the thief. Continue going back to the different locations and walking near him when he's visible until he challenges you. *Challange mean the thief not ask you to get a fight with him. After he said he already scattered the item on the midgrad he will not give back the items he stole. You need to FARM all items below* He's scattered lots of stolen goods which you'll need to return to the Knight Master: 400 Feathers 300 Iron (dropped by Goblin at gef_fild11) 100 Soft Silks (dropped by Wicked Nymph at gon_dun03) 100 Bags of Grain (Buyable at @go 7, through Chef Assistant) 100 Coals 50 Delivery Packages (dropped by Alice at kh_dun01) 50 Dried Fruit Boxes (dropped by Aliza at kh_dun01) 50 Roast Rice Cakes (dropped by Rice cake boy at gon_fild01) 25 Flavored Alcohol (dropped by Evil Nymph at gon_dun03) 25 Bags of Gold Coins (dropped by Goblin like below gef_fild11) 10 Battered Kettles (dropped by Waste Stove at ein_dun02) 1 Oridecon Anvil (dropped by Howard Alt-Eisen at lhz_dun03) Step 16, fcity 117 163 Return to the Knight Master with the stolen items and he'll give you the next part of your mission: compensating the citizens who were robbed. Step 17, fcity 21 138 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 18, fcity 142 64 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 19, fcity 155 183 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 20, fcity 145 121 Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them 10,000,000 zeny. Step 21, fcity 117 163 Return to Forsaken Knight Master and he'll give you the following items when your mission is finished. Bring these to the Forsaken Master Forger: NOTE: This items are given to you by the Forsaken Knight Master, you Don't need to Farm them 1 Oridecon Anvil 100 Coal 300 Iron 1 Books on Legendary Weapons 100,000,000 Zeny Step 22 Part I, fcity 117 163 Talk to the Forsaken Master Forger, and he'll ask for the following materials: 300 Burning Hearts 200 Live Coals 15 Enriched Elunium 15 Enriched Oridecon 1 Hammer of Blacksmith Step 23 Part II To proove your worth, you must then return with: 1 Hero's Remain (dropped by Lost Dragon in abyss_02) HOW TO GET ENRICHED ORIDECON and ENRICHED ELUNIUM Step 1 Farm OLD PICK [7318] at @warp ein_dun01 as much as possible. You can also farm on Mining spot but can't use command @warp on that map. Step 2 Warp here and go inside to the portal. Step 3 Walk to the Mining spot, Look on the map I add red circle for the place.
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    -1 should be buffed even more
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    KEEP CALM Because You're Not Too Old For An Easter Egg Hunt Easter tastes better than Halloween, and you don't have to ring a lot of doorbells.
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    I find your condescending ways sooooooooooooooo annoying. Jesus, if you are planning to get a "suggestion" through, at least let other people comment their ideas without being a big bitch when they disagree with you. So back on topic, let me ask you WHY DO YOU WANT PNEUMA TO STACK? what difference does it make whatsoever?? It's a skill that goes away over time, it's not like safety wall that disappears after a number of hits. Stacking it would make no difference, so, I'll use your own words... your argument is weak as hell. Edit: Also, pneuma is a 3x3 cell AoE that gives immunity to all ranged skills, so if you time it right you can have pneuma in a certain area "forever". Picture this: x x x x x x < --------- this is a 3x3 cell area. x x x x x x x :D x < --------- this is a 3x3 cell area with your happy guildmate in the middle. x x x x 1 x x :D x < --------- this is a 3x3 cell area with your happy guildmate in the middle. 1 and 2 are your pneumas, if you time your pneumas correctly, your happy guildmate will be immune x 2 x to ranged attacks forever. You cast pneuma 1 , then wait for 3 seconds, you cast pneuma 2. When pneuma 1 runs out you cast it again while pneuma 2 is still up. Repeat. As for the safety wall, I don't see any issue with its current state, and I'm mostly thinking about woe, imagine 5 safety wallers all together in the emp, if safety wall stacks you can spend 20 minutes of woe stacking 3000 safety walls, then you get 5 star gladiators with professor opposition so NOBODY land protects your emp and you won woe. You could say "oh but then a high wizard uses ganbatein and removes all safety walls!". But no, that's not the case, I've used high wizard to counter sniper guardian builds, when they stack 10+ claymores you need to use like 5 ganbateins to wipe them all and ganbatein has a high after-cast delay even with 3 kiels , in the scenario where safety walls can be stacked, it would be the same case. Casting pneuma on emp is lame? Are you on crack? Disservice to professors? Like seriously are you alright? If I'm woeing and I want an emp to break I will use EVERYTHING in my disposal to make it happen. I'm not gonna be thinking "oh, I'm a champion, I better not use pneuma on the emp and wait for my professor to LP so he doesn't get offended by my outrageous lack of respect against my guildmate!". Wake up.
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    Didn't you guys split up with Amicitia recently LUL
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    New Year's Resolution Start Date : January 03, 2018 End Date : January 30, 2018 We are strictly enforcing the rules! Read the MECHANICS, and post your screenshots here! Hi, fRO! How's your New years? did you enjoy it? What is your New year's resolution this year? Do tell us, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! From spending time with loved ones to enjoying gifts, there's a lot to be thankful for. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support! We hope you'll enjoy our Holiday update and celebrate the season with us. Santa Paws needs your help All over Midgard, good pets everywhere wake up to tasty treats on Christmas thanks to Santa Paws. But now, a Santa Paws impersonator is threatening Christmas for pets everywhere! Team up with Santa Paws and his helpers in for_xmas to take down his impersonator. As thanks, you'll become an honorary Santa Paws and receive his special Legendary Santa Kitty Hat! Only you can save Christmas! In Santa's absence, everything has gone awry in the Forsaken Christmas Village. The toy factory has been taken over by a dark presence, and Mrs. Klaus needs your help to save the factory so all of the presents will be ready for Christmas. Be part of a story of betrayal, love, and growing up. As a reward, you will receive Celine's Ribbon, which has the effect of the Forsaken Knight helm. You can also pick one of the following Holiday headgears: Christmas Tree Hat, Christmoose Hat, Red Tamoshanter Hat, or Jumping Santa Poring hat! December Monthly Collectibles are now available Teddybear Hood, Shiba Inu (animated!), and Gentleman Cat's Top Hat are now available for purchase in the Tokenshop for a limited time only! Special Holiday Sale and New Tokenshop Headgears! Save 17% off your entire purchase by using the special, limited time code: XMAS17 With each $20 you spend, you'll receive a free ForsakenRO Christmas 2017 Gift Box! With each purchase over $50, you'll receive an adorable Tamadora pet! Celebrate the holidays in style with these special new headgears: Happy Ballons, Sleepy Kitty, Teddy Ears, Deus Vult Hat, and Hopping Rabbit! Available in the Token Shop for $30/each! A gift (box) from us! Depending whether you've been naughty or nice this year, you'll randomly receive any of the following gears and items: Wing Earpiece, Winter Knit Cap, Reindeer Hairband, Frosty Snow Hat, Holiday Hat, Coal, Candy Cane, or a Santa Bag! You can receive this gift box from this month's Holiday Screenshot contest, with each $20 you donate, or by doing the gift wrapping quest below! Switch up your look with this new Side Pigtail Bored of your hairstyle? Try this fashionable Side Pigtail to spice up your look! Available in brown, blue, white, dark brown, pink, blonde, purple, and green. Can be purchased in the Token Shop. Think you can wrap like a pro? Santa's elves need your help with some last minute gift wrapping before Santa's sleigh takes off! Find their wrapping station inside for_xmas to get started. You may even get your gift a little early this year! Happy Holidays to all of our awesome players. We love you guys, and thank you for your continued loyalty to ForsakenRO!! Want to give a gift to all of the hard-working staff at ForsakenRO? Take a few minutes to write us a review on RMS! When you show your appreciation, it means the world to us! <3 Holiday Forsaken City Map by Justice Headgear selections by Ebisu Quests and raid by Veracity Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie
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    How are you guys?
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    +1 couldn't said much, it is OverPowered. Afaik class here shouldn't be 1hit K.O, it's not like 1ps game that can be headshots by a certain job. So ye ! Nerf it a bit
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    Really loved the emp exchange thing... lets hope the vouchers are not that expensive ingame.
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    My New Year's Resolution!? erm... let see..~ OK, actually right now im saving some $$$ to buy a new house for my otoo-san and kaa-san :3 just a lil bit more for me to grasp what i wishing for /heh Happy New Year fRO~ Minna... Happy New Year~
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    Hi, Welcome to fRO! here the guides: Forsaken Knight Quest at first Legendary weapons Accessories Don't forget to vot and get free items: Vote here Don't hesitate to PM me in here or in game if need help. Good luck!
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    Good Day, Just a simple question about these cool Monthly Collectible Headgears, Can we still make it LTD if we combine it with a LTD Box? because it seems that its LTD already by default. Thank you.