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  1. Aykitsu

    TK rank

    I think it's a bug. Change mission and try another mob. Happen to me and that what I do. I have 50 points and that's how I'm doing it.
  2. Aykitsu

    Crashing at Fcity

    I have the same issue. I already patched. I'm able to see new headgears but my characters keep crashing at fcity. What should I do.
  3. Thanks Seba and Dan maybe i'll come and go to see you guys. Nice to know your working Bass ^^ enjoy life xD. Dan mag-ingat ka. Cya around good friends.
  4. I looked through your case and was not able to really find any of the missing items. The problem being, the person had your password (or it was given to them by someone). Also, your items are rare, but not rare enough for us to be able to query them against the database. Too many people have them. (or was giving to them by someone) Well I live in Puerto Rico and I play at my home. No one besides me play from Puerto Rico as I know. Look like accusing me of give my password. Second Items are rare, but not rare enough for us to be able to query them against the database. To many people have them. Well means none case of hack gonna be solve since all the people are gonna have any of the items since we have them at the server o.o My first ticket was about scam. How was solve 0 item back, now is hack 0 item back. So why we have scam/hack file tickets if we not gonna have anything back. Well maybe I haven't donate. Thats why I don't get anything back. Sorry for my rage. But that's how I feel. Sorry I'm poor to donate. I had all doing quests. And took me 6 years to get my first drop from a guild the gold emp some month ago. Btw enjoy my items hackers. Thanks to all the guilds I was. Specially to some player. Bass , Gurkak, Max, Jose , Kev all the good pinoy's friends I have. And many more I can't remember in this moment all the names. I'm gonna be saying bye the next days if I don't get banned for this post. Yours Jorge aka jojito.
  5. Aykitsu

    Unable to Log into my main account

    Hi I filed a ticket and I found I was hacked emps orange, gold , purple and green. freyr's , guanlets with ifrits , asgard's with runes, 2 frigg's.Sniper /pally and sinx bless rings and 1.6k tokens and I dunno what else please help me.
  6. Today I tried to log into my main account. It say incorrect password. How is that possible. I been here almost since FRO started. Can someone help me please.
  7. Use @ali 7444 is the right number and I think is not 100% drop here.
  8. Aykitsu

    Recolor Suggestion Thread

    Yellow Emp Orange Valk Silver Rop
  9. Living one day at a time. But dreaming about the next one. Hoping with good things. Wishing happy days and my eyes sets to the next frontier.

  10. To all at Azeroth guild is me Jorge my pc died see y'all as soon as buy a new one. I'm still having issues with my car too. Hope to see all of you soon.

    1. Specter
    2. Aykitsu


      Hi Sebastian. How are you. Hoping everything is ok. Nice to know about you. Say hi for me to Angel.

    3. Specter


      Everything's fine ! I hope you're doing fine too my friend, I've been logging in fro every now and then, hope to see you !

  11. Aykitsu

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back Cindy. Hope you get you laptop back or a new one and enjoy fRO with all you friends. Meet new ones and be happy xD.
  12. Aykitsu

    Last Person To Post Is Cute! <3

    Bleh I'm a frog, if you kiss me I'll become a prince. Plox KISS ME :( . So I can be CUTE <3 YUSH.
  13. Aykitsu

    Be A Part Of Forsaken Ro History!

    IGN: Aykitsu