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  1. Too bad that we can't play this server anymore... Especially JC xD

    1. Genesis


      I don't know what you mean.

    2. 7lovestories


      JC aka Exit To Windows

  2. 7lovestories

    Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    Ooh nice. a digital artist :) a trad here :)
  3. I miss you guys batch 2007 xD

    1. Nelly


      move on sai they all died and get banned unless cole his immortal...i think

  4. updating artworks in 3 2 1...!

    1. Euphoria


      Why are there no Bananas? :O

    2. Nelly
  5. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    Watercolor fanart ref: google
  6. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    Rem watercolor fanart~ credits to tomato sensei :)
  7. Updating Artworks in 3 2 1 boom!

  8. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    My chars
  9. Updating Artworks check it out!

  10. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    A Random Fanart Reference: Google ctto
  11. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    Wahhh!! Busy Busy Busy! Rem and Ram from RE:Zero Watercolor on Canson watercolor paper
  12. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    @Yuiii sure but it'll take some time coz work >.<
  13. 7lovestories

    Blackwitch Raid

    Ima start my entry :3
  14. 7lovestories

    Sai's Gallery-desu~

    i use mechanical pencil for sketch and unipin 0.3 and 0.2 for line art
  15. Updated my gallery check it out! <3

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    2. 7lovestories


      i working on 2 atm jst waiting for my dayoff to finish those

    3. yanyan16


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    4. Nelly


      I love your PEDOS SIGGY