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  1. Specter

    Just a few things. #NoLogic

    Who said it's a god item? For me it's an overpriced armor, I've been playing for years and I still don't have a DA and don't even think I'll need one until I buy other stuff I need, I prefer switching between 5~6 f.king armors than getting stuck to 1 or 2 DAs. You've got guard lvl4 20 dex and 10%hp , really dunno what else you expect to get from it, then again I never see you using the Guard skill. Server's kept alive by the whole community and not just 1 donator, you've been saying things like this since you got here "Oh im a top donator i should get special treatment". First you are nowhere near top donator, secondly, special treatment won't happen bud. Boxes were added after 10 years of no "extra" prizes for donators, you'll have to be happy with that.
  2. Specter

    Labeling Quest Mats

  3. Specter

    Regulate TK Ranking Points

    I agree with your idea, even in iRO it works like that if I'm not mistaken. Every month TK points are reduced by 10%, or something along those lines.
  4. Specter

    Sniper Suggestions

    " I suggest that traps be allowed to stack one of top of the other. " Do you mean you want traps to be stacked in woe? Because outside of woe it's not really that hard to stack traps. And stacking shockwave traps might not be a problem, but stacking claymore/landmines IS quite a problem with the guardian / hrist bow combo. Someone without fire resistance (for claymore) will get from 90k to 130k damage per trap IF they are using usakoring. 150~200k if gtb per trap, and you can stack more than 10 traps in 1 cell (i don't know the exact number). So that's 900k ~ 1.3m damage on usakoring on a fully stacked cell, and claymore does AoE damage too, so you can easily wipe people with this. In a way I like the idea of making trap snipers useful in woe, but right now the trap damage is so high it'll be too OP, just imagine having 3 or more trap snipers spamming traps everywhere, it would force attacking guilds to use fire armor or fire resistance and that pretty much makes you vulnerable to acid bomb/asura/thana/etc. " I suggest that their immunity from traps be removed. " Uhm, champs are not immune to traps. You can snap over them, or step on them to remove them (ankle snare), but if you step on a claymore it'll blow up and damage you. " Third, allow traps to be set underneath players " There are things that will be highly dangerous when it comes to the balance of the game. One point is the one @Fenrir mentioned, the ankle snare spam on certain targets. You could easily make a reduct sniper just to ankle snare people all woe long, and honestly, if you think about it, people can do that already, it's just that you have to keep on moving while setting your traps. The other issue is the following, when you get hit there are certain skills that can be spammed faster, it's like when you get hit with 3 kiels you can spam skills with no after cast delay at all. (safety wall,heal,heavens drive, dispel, etc). If claymore trap is one of those skills, and you can spam them underneath someone while he's hitting you, you'll do a TON of damage in no time if you are using the guardian set, which might be too OP. And about the pneuma thing, charge arrow/arrow shower don't work on pneuma. Your only way to push someone away from pneuma as a sniper is using Skid trap and pushing it against your enemy. Making snipers bypass a little % of pneuma is most likely a huge pain in the ass to code, and I don't see the reason why.
  5. Specter

    Land Pro, Pneuma and Merchant Classes

    After seeing your replies on the safety wall suggestion, this tickles me in the wrong way. Either way, I agree with you on this one, LP on creator makes no sense to me. But napalm vulcan on whitesmiths too, among other things.
  6. Specter

    Pneuma and Safetywall

    I find your condescending ways sooooooooooooooo annoying. Jesus, if you are planning to get a "suggestion" through, at least let other people comment their ideas without being a big bitch when they disagree with you. So back on topic, let me ask you WHY DO YOU WANT PNEUMA TO STACK? what difference does it make whatsoever?? It's a skill that goes away over time, it's not like safety wall that disappears after a number of hits. Stacking it would make no difference, so, I'll use your own words... your argument is weak as hell. Edit: Also, pneuma is a 3x3 cell AoE that gives immunity to all ranged skills, so if you time it right you can have pneuma in a certain area "forever". Picture this: x x x x x x < --------- this is a 3x3 cell area. x x x x x x x :D x < --------- this is a 3x3 cell area with your happy guildmate in the middle. x x x x 1 x x :D x < --------- this is a 3x3 cell area with your happy guildmate in the middle. 1 and 2 are your pneumas, if you time your pneumas correctly, your happy guildmate will be immune x 2 x to ranged attacks forever. You cast pneuma 1 , then wait for 3 seconds, you cast pneuma 2. When pneuma 1 runs out you cast it again while pneuma 2 is still up. Repeat. As for the safety wall, I don't see any issue with its current state, and I'm mostly thinking about woe, imagine 5 safety wallers all together in the emp, if safety wall stacks you can spend 20 minutes of woe stacking 3000 safety walls, then you get 5 star gladiators with professor opposition so NOBODY land protects your emp and you won woe. You could say "oh but then a high wizard uses ganbatein and removes all safety walls!". But no, that's not the case, I've used high wizard to counter sniper guardian builds, when they stack 10+ claymores you need to use like 5 ganbateins to wipe them all and ganbatein has a high after-cast delay even with 3 kiels , in the scenario where safety walls can be stacked, it would be the same case. Casting pneuma on emp is lame? Are you on crack? Disservice to professors? Like seriously are you alright? If I'm woeing and I want an emp to break I will use EVERYTHING in my disposal to make it happen. I'm not gonna be thinking "oh, I'm a champion, I better not use pneuma on the emp and wait for my professor to LP so he doesn't get offended by my outrageous lack of respect against my guildmate!". Wake up.
  7. Specter


    Hi, im bass, leader of le pepes. The person you reported is from Warsong guild. Cheers.
  8. Specter

    Additional BR and GvG Rules

    This suggestion only popped up because Warsong lost BR and when they had ONE player left, the server disconnected, then during the re-host in BR (2 LKs vs 1 pally) he wasnt even reflecting so the GM ended the event. End of the story. Instead of suggesting things that make no sense and only benefit your guild, I think what needs a real fix is the PvP Ladder, that has been dominated by Warsong by the idea of "friends with intent to kill each other" (basically feeding in the down low). PvP Ladder rules need to be reworked, not BR/GVG criteria.
  9. Specter

    Lord Knight Guardian Ring Fix

    Parry on freyr's is alright, on ullr's it'll be too much, plus you can't use parry with spears. The buffs you mentioned above were enough. 400~500% counter attack damage, and remove the brandish damage decrease
  10. Specter

    Lord Knight Guardian Ring Fix

    In order for TK or SG to use their skills, they need to autoattack, each autoattack has 20% chance to proc a Stance, then, you can use the skill (i.e. Counter kick stance --> counter kick and so on) So if you block their initial attacks and keep doing so preventing their Stances to proc, they cant use their skills (kicks)
  11. Specter

    Lord Knight Guardian Ring Fix

    Hey, I like the idea of making this ring for the ullr's glory, but there's a few things I'd like to point out. While I think that this ring is close to useless... because lets be honest, the only classes you can shut down with Counter Attack are SinX, TK and SG. I also think that a skill that completely blocks any incoming autoattack damage and on top of that it damages your enemy shouldn't be too strong, maybe increase to 400% counter attack should be enough (the damage shouldn't be higher than 30~40k on an enemy using friggs with usakoring)... while removing the 100% damage decrease on brandish spear to make this ring actually good. The voke on yourself is useless, you can use aloevera for lv 1 voke, if you mean lvl 5 or more provoke... hell no, too OP. I think your first post with all the updates is too long at the moment, took me a while to read it all lol. Good job on taking your time to share your thoughts about this ring though.
  12. For god's sake you g3y af. Huhu Guys don't forget to add the nerf on SG guardian ring in the changelog: from 500% to 250% counter kick damage.
  13. Oh I wasn't aware of the dispel not working properly, thanks! Sounds good =]
  14. Was just talking about this with some fr3ns ... the veterans keep getting new items and the new players just get a harder time catching up with this new ltd emp ... Also, SG guardian ring got nerfed and it wasn't in the changelog, what else got changed? Pls let us know whenever you can, thank you :D Valkyrie Randgris Card dispell effect now works on Star Gladiator and Taekwon classes. <-- what's this? It already worked before... was this a typo?
  15. Specter

    New Vote items.

    Any suggestions on what items could be added? Pretty sure that's the first reply you'll get from anyone in the GM team xD