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  1. Additional BR and GvG Rules

    This suggestion only popped up because Warsong lost BR and when they had ONE player left, the server disconnected, then during the re-host in BR (2 LKs vs 1 pally) he wasnt even reflecting so the GM ended the event. End of the story. Instead of suggesting things that make no sense and only benefit your guild, I think what needs a real fix is the PvP Ladder, that has been dominated by Warsong by the idea of "friends with intent to kill each other" (basically feeding in the down low). PvP Ladder rules need to be reworked, not BR/GVG criteria.
  2. Lord Knight Guardian Ring Fix

    Parry on freyr's is alright, on ullr's it'll be too much, plus you can't use parry with spears. The buffs you mentioned above were enough. 400~500% counter attack damage, and remove the brandish damage decrease
  3. Lord Knight Guardian Ring Fix

    In order for TK or SG to use their skills, they need to autoattack, each autoattack has 20% chance to proc a Stance, then, you can use the skill (i.e. Counter kick stance --> counter kick and so on) So if you block their initial attacks and keep doing so preventing their Stances to proc, they cant use their skills (kicks)
  4. Lord Knight Guardian Ring Fix

    Hey, I like the idea of making this ring for the ullr's glory, but there's a few things I'd like to point out. While I think that this ring is close to useless... because lets be honest, the only classes you can shut down with Counter Attack are SinX, TK and SG. I also think that a skill that completely blocks any incoming autoattack damage and on top of that it damages your enemy shouldn't be too strong, maybe increase to 400% counter attack should be enough (the damage shouldn't be higher than 30~40k on an enemy using friggs with usakoring)... while removing the 100% damage decrease on brandish spear to make this ring actually good. The voke on yourself is useless, you can use aloevera for lv 1 voke, if you mean lvl 5 or more provoke... hell no, too OP. I think your first post with all the updates is too long at the moment, took me a while to read it all lol. Good job on taking your time to share your thoughts about this ring though.
  5. For god's sake you g3y af. Huhu Guys don't forget to add the nerf on SG guardian ring in the changelog: from 500% to 250% counter kick damage.
  6. Oh I wasn't aware of the dispel not working properly, thanks! Sounds good =]
  7. Was just talking about this with some fr3ns ... the veterans keep getting new items and the new players just get a harder time catching up with this new ltd emp ... Also, SG guardian ring got nerfed and it wasn't in the changelog, what else got changed? Pls let us know whenever you can, thank you :D Valkyrie Randgris Card dispell effect now works on Star Gladiator and Taekwon classes. <-- what's this? It already worked before... was this a typo?
  8. New Vote items.

    Any suggestions on what items could be added? Pretty sure that's the first reply you'll get from anyone in the GM team xD
  9. Rework Gunslinger

    I agree with @ShadeIromatak , the desperado is ok as it is, same with full buster. I do agree rapid shower should be back as a viable skill.
  10. Proof I had no life before.

    LOL ... Pewp edit: mhmm
  11. Proof I had no life before.

    Lolol, is that a like count? or what exactly? xD
  12. Regarding the skill Delays

    Also LK please, and pr0f
  13. Resurrection of Talbs

    T3bby u hurt m1 f33l1n, av4dogs 1s n0t gud 3nuf? Q~Q Wb t3bby c:
  14. One time everyone can actually start playing legit... ppl are already finding ways to bypass the brand new anti-cheat system. I'm so disappointed ... considering one of the names in this pictures is from someone I could bet all my shit in game that he was a legit player. Also another name there is a very well known player that reports a lot of other players for cheating, yet he seems pretty happy of the news, such hypocrisy. *sigh*
  15. Implement Gepard Shield

    Nah, get ready to see a shit ton of LKs again... I'll rape any SG huhu, all SGs in the server except ramon, junie and draganta are mediocre :D (Even though making a proper SG is tooooootally easy, but ppl nowadays are really noob, spoiled by autoseed and other hacks, they don't even do the little effort of understanding the game)