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  1. Danny

    Champion G.Ring

    +1 I agree and I, first-hand, experience the pain of losing to a Guardian Champ and I tried several armors to counter it properly; 2xOL, 1xOL+GR, 2xTao, GR+Puppet, and the thing is, they would still manage to OUTDAMAGE you and I witnessed a Guardian Champ easily taking down Fully Geared Whitesmiths and Lord Knights. When did it became such a one-phony trick all of sudden. Where's the balance in that? JUST A LITTLE NERFED.... heck, you guys nerfed other classes like Cart Termination WS. A little bit of twerking and testing wouldn't hurt would it?
  2. Danny

    Selling, buying and trading items

    How many LK Halberd do you have?
  3. Learning something new everyday :)

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      LOL dolan need no shave!





      P.S fine fine D: I will

  4. Such an old topic I haven't seen in awhile lol Personally, I would pick... (This is no way in any order or rank, it is just a list of names) Rest In Peace (My first guild to be in lol) Loli Kingdom Transcension Royal Mafia Elith Destiny Influence ~Honourable Mention~ Predicament Extinction
  5. It has been quite awhile for me since I haven't play fRO since... a year or so.. I'm so really out of the loop in this one. Can anyone tell me (Especially from the GMs) If there any new updates on the Legendary Weapons? Any plans on adding new legendary weapons such as GS Shotgun/Gatling Gun, Adding new spear for LK (For guardian build), HECK new Legendary Guardian Weapons for all of the classes in the game. It'll be cool if there new updates on the Legendary Weapon Quest lol Not all of us can afford fancy expensive valkyrie weapons (SADLY) #Play2WinNotPay2Win #RememberDaNewbies
  6. Danny

    S>WS B Jacket + 2 Thors / FCP [1:3]

    S>WSBlessedJacket[Offers]FCP[1:3]eToks[1:3] FCP Ticket ratio - 1 FCP Ticket for 3 tokens. While the Event Tokens ratio are 1 eTokens for 3 tokens. BUMP UPDATED ON SALES!
  7. S>WS Blessed Jacket + 2 Thors [4K all together] = Jacket[1.2] + 2Thors[1.4k each] S>FCP[1:3] Token to Tickets ratio rate. T>WSBJacket to another Jacket (Sinx Cursed or Blessed Jacket) ALL DEALS ARE NEGOTIABLE SO PLEASE BE REASONABLE! Pm me on Caspar in the game.
  8. Well, hello there! n__n Hehe

  9. Danny

    Feeling The Game Is Unfair? Well...

    Bravo Ed, I applaud you for working really hard to achieve your goal, and also being an inspirational player for new players (and old players, like myself) alike. I'm glad someone did not stop within the first month and I understand how it feels to be in your shoe, it probably took me more than 6 months when I first started and back then, we didn't had the Ring/Jacket/Scarf Sets, nor did we even had the Knight Sets. Congratulation Ed and thank you for sharing your adventures with us, all.
  10. Danny

    Lil' Luna

    Hello LunaMix! and Welcome to Forsaken RO server. I hope you have fun playing the game, if you do, please do share it with your friends and bring them over, it be nice to have new players and please ignore the Bullies in the game, its just better to have fun instead. I hope do you find new friends/ family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of us or the GMs who would be online in the forum at that time. If you have any ideas or thoughts on how to improve the game, please post in the " Suggestions Section ". If you have any problems or questions regarding about classes, builds or gears, please post it in the " Strategy Guides Section ". If you are having problems with the game itself, crashes, errors and bugs, please post something in the " Help Desk Section ". If you are seeking assistance GM's help in the game, you can contact GMs in the Chat Box up there (Who would be online at that time) OR by typing @request " QUESTIONS or EVENT REQUEST HERE " in the game. Oh yeah, our main customize city is called Forsaken City or @warp fcity (type @go 25), the Job Mistress is nearby the staircase a bit to the left-side, and the Broadcaster is on the opposite side (requires 1 million zeny to broadcast/World shout and please do follow the rules of broadcasting a shout). LINKS General: Suggestions Sections Strategy Guides Section Help Desk Section Guild Recruitment Forsaken RO Commands - Very Useful & Helpful for farming/questing/mvping Custom Items/Maps/Cards/Mobs - Learn about fRO customization Custom ForsakenRO Quests - Learn about customized quests on fRO Quests for starters: Forsaken Knight Quest - Storyline Quest - A must do/First thing to do for new players. Forsaken Legendary Weapon Quest Forsaken Gauntlet Quest Forsaken Legendary Zodiac Aura Quest [Optional]Legendary Quests NPCs location & summarized quest item lists (Credited to Victoria/~ V i c t o r i a ~)
  11. Danny


    Hello, and welcome to ForsakenRO server! I think there's quite a few BR players around on fRO (Not a lot though) it'll be cool though if we had more players from BR. YOUR DISPLAY PICTURE THOUGH LOL
  12. Danny


    Try it now though lol it actually does work I think, its just now that 10% is still consider low on this server and may take you some time to actually get that specific item. For example, if you want to try to farm/hunt item(s) that has a drop rate of 10%, so the probability of you obtaining the item is 1:10 ratio or 10:100 ratio and so forth (Actual item obtained per monster : Expected item obtained per monster RATIO) which means that you actually might have to kill that specific monster 10 (TEN) times to even have the chance to get 1 item (typically a card or quest item). But this is all maths, numbers and just being entirely resilient(or being stubborn) in hunting/farming.
  13. Down with a sickness, and no, I'm not singing the song by Disturbed.

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      Waw Kyle, butt loving? Dats scary. Plus, its not lovely at all :S

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      LOL o god, you people

  14. Welcome back Dude, it's good to see old players coming back to play fRO once again. Dayum, temptation though lol whatever happened to that nga.
  15. Danny

    It's Been A Long Day

    Welcome back Akim lol