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  1. railgun

    Just a few things. #NoLogic

    There's already same suggestion in Sniper Suggestions topic below. Just post your points there instead of making redundant suggestion topic. Sniper Dragonist Armor effects: [Sniper] Dex+20, HP +10%, Allows use of Guard Lv. 4 From what I see here, the effects given are already better, balanced and worth that 12-14k price that you mentioned. Dex+20 [Increase the "Squshie" class attack damage] HP +10% [Increase the "Squshie" class HP] Allows use of Guard Lv. 4 [Increase the "Squshie" class survival] The new mystery box and voucher system updates already served that purpose. If you are the top donor, you should be able to get all the prizes including the grand prize and the rare prize.
  2. railgun

    Pneuma and Safetywall

    There is no need for pneuma and safety wall to stack together. 1. Spamming pneuma on emperium or stone barricades in WOE is one of the method used to avoid safety wall been cast on the emperium by the defending guild in the castle. In the absence of a prof or magnetic earth skill, pneuma is spammed on the emp by a champ or priest of the invading guilds to so that their breakers have a chance to hit the emp. 2. RSX card is not useless. It is mostly used as the default armor with GR+RSX combo in the events such a GVG and BR. 3. If you are worried about priest's survivality who already got assumptio skill that reduced the damage taken by them, there is high priest guardian ring to make them even harder to kill: [High Priest of The Guardian] Vit +35, Int +10, Max HP +25%, Max SP +10%, After cast delay -5%, Walking speed +15%, Enchant armor with Ghost property, Increases effectiveness of Healing skills by 90%, 6% chance to Heal self when receiving physical damage. Reduce Vit def by 10%, Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% 4. Does your scenarios take into account of WOE? Because you cant be pushed back in WOE and can stay in stacked safety wall and pneuma longer if there is no prof that to magnetize you (since their priority is to magnetic emperium first) and ganbantein is hardly ever used because of the needs to carry extra gemstones by the high wizard.
  3. railgun

    Regulate TK Ranking Points

    I don't agree with this. Its unfair for those that have spent years and so much effort to reach their current ranking in top 10. Even if they are no longer active, their ranking should not be decrease like that. Those newbies should just complete the taekwon mission at regular interval untill they manage to reach top 10 ranking and replace those inactive players from their rank. There is no shortcut to reach top 10 because the reward for it is tremendous for the taekwon.
  4. From all the inputs above, the proposed Prof Valkyrie Book is edited as be below: STR + 40, INT + 25, MATK + 25%, HIT + 100, Max HP + 25% Increase damage on medium size monsters by 20%. Unbreakable. Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 10 Soul Siphon on the enemy when attacking. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Sonic Blow on the enemy when attacking. When the weapon is equipped with Professor Guardian Ring, the effects are as below: [Professor of The Guardian]Vit +25, Dex +20, Max HP +25%, Max SP +20%, Matk +10%, Walking speed +15%,2% chance to cast of Soul Siphon with increased damage by 300% when receiving physical attacks,2% chance to cast of Counter Instinct when receiving physical attacks,Reduce Vit def by 10%, decrease damage taken from magical attacks by 15%, Enable use of Lvl 5 Counter InstinctReduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% When equipped with Prof Valkyrie Book, decrease damage taken from magical attacks by 15% and Lvl 5 Counter Instinct are disabled. As for additional +25% ATK, the current Professor Cursed Ring already has the +20% ATK in its stats: Professor Cursed Ring: Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +15% SP +5% Matk +20% Int +35 Attack +20% There's a variety of battle prof can be made just by selecting the type of Prof Rings. Players can equips Prof Bless Ring for more MATK damage, Prof Cursed Ring for more melee damage and Prof Guardian Ring for more HP and survival.
  5. Maybe the Professor Valkyrie Book can be modified with Prof Guardian Ring to cancel out the Lvl 5 Counter Instinct skill when both are equipped. Its like Paladin Guardian Rng that reduce shield boomerang and shield chain's damage by 100% when equipped. That way the prof wont be too tanky.
  6. Yes, you are right. I was basing the weapon from the High Priest Strike Eagle and Prof Highness staff. The skill set of prof should be sufficient on its own without other char's skill since a prof is a versatile char. Prof is tanky on its own if you count in the energy coat skill. Their safety wall, fiber lock and blinding mist also help in their survival. Adding dex is helpful too. I dont know whos having a prof guardian ring to test, kinda rare to see that equip in server. Need more inputs from other players too and those who have prof guardian ring. Thank you.
  7. Hello and Good day. As the title stated above, I would like to suggest a new Valkyrie weapon (Book class weapon) for battle Prof type character. The last time of a book type weapon was available for prof was Forsaken Professor Book ( an old forsaken elite weapon artifact which rarely found now days). The stats of the Forsaken Professor Book are as stated below: Int +25 Str +15 Max HP +10% Increase damage on demihuman by 15% Attack 150 The good thing about using book type weapon is that it stacked with the passive Study skill in which a level 10 will give Attack +300 & +5% ASPD. Combined with Hindsight skill, double bolt cast, Ifrit rings, it will be a spectacular sight to see when one engaged in a melee battle. From my observation of the battle priest type using High Priest Strike Eagle weapon, I would like to suggest a new Professor Valkyrie Book with the following stats: STR + 40, INT + 25, MATK + 25%, HIT + 100, Max HP + 25% Increase damage on medium size monsters by 15%. Unbreakable. When attacking there is a 5% chance of casting Strip Shield. Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 10 Soul Siphon on the enemy when attacking. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Sonic Blow on the enemy when attacking. Add a 0.1% chance of auto casting coma on the enemy when attacking. Adding chances to auto casting Asura Strike for prof might be overkill, but maybe the developer can think of other skills suited to be in the weapon. Pairing the Professor Valkyrie Book with Professor Cursed Ring or Professor Guardian Ring will produce a new variety to Professor class besides the reduction type and the bolt type. Feel free to suggest any stats which can be good for the weapon. Thank you.
  8. railgun

    Buff up for Hwiz bless ring

    Nope, adding adding Jupitel Thunder wont make it worst. It can be spammed faster than Cold Bolts. Now you have the additional slots to put in 2 cursed wiz runes in Urd's earrings and you can just stave immediately after the enemy changed to GTB shield. Hwiz bless give more variety of attacks compared to Hwiz guardian in which the wiz just cast 1 OP skill all the time.
  9. Hello. I have noticed lately that most high wiz are using hwiz guardian ring in woe, gvg and br. The hwiz bless ring is dropping in price and can be bought at 1.5k tokens or below which is really low considering that a donation hwiz cape is mostly sold at 2k tokens. Players prefer to use hwiz guardian ring due to the high damage produced by the its napalm vulcan skill on the enemies and the fact that it is a ghost property attack will do more damage on enemies who are defaulting to ghostring armor in woe, gvg and br. As for Hwiz cursed ring, players mostly used it for farming purposes and rarely seen in the market. The bless, cursed and guardian ring are supposed to vary based their enhanced skills. For example the bless ring is the best for a single attack using cold bolt skills. The Hwiz cursed is the best with its wide area AoE such as SG and LoV which is good for farming and the Hwiz guardian can punch out the biggest damage on singular target and can spread out to 3x3 cells hitting all the target in 9 cells with spread damage. The Hwiz bless cold bolts skill is less efficient as water element is the mostly used element in woe, gvg and br can be easily countered by water reduction equip, card, and etc. Hwiz bless user may also spams meteor storm but it is easily counter-able with the spams of magnetic earth skill. therefore I want to suggest a bit buffs up for the Hwiz bless ring in colored font below: Current Hwiz blessed ring: High Wizard Blessed Ring: Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +10% SP +10% Matk +20% Int +35 Increase Damage with Cold Bolt by 15% Buff up Hwiz blessed ring: High Wizard Blessed Ring: Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +10% SP +10% Matk +25% Int +40 Increase Damage with Jupitel Thunder by 5% The addition of Matk and Int is for higher damage with stave crasher and meteor storm. The Jupitel Thurder skill is for an alternate single cast skill attack with wind element which is not easily countered by element reduction equip and cards. This is just my suggestion for a buff up. Everyone else can also add their suggestion and share opinion on how to improve the current Hwiz bless ring. Thank you.
  10. railgun

    Give us Reasons to vote

    -1 Adding consumables to vote items like EDP, YGG, Candies and etc gonna affect the eco and will just hurt the farmers which are mostly newbies. Those supplies already added to Casino Rewards in the latest update. There is no need for more addition of consumables in the vote rewards. Is there even a need to give reasons to vote anyway? Its just twice daily, can be done in less than 5 minutes each session. The players vote for their server are mainly to make FRO stay at top server in most vote site. This is to promote FRO server to new players so the population wont drop and stay stable. Its not hard to give 5 minutes of your time so that the server population can be maintained.
  11. railgun


    Well, I understand your frustration. Funny thing indeed when you see a dead high wizard keep warping around the map for awhile, sometimes up to 1 hour (LOL). I mean if your farmer already dead, what are you doing warping it around the map. I have seen this so many times in abyss_03 and lhz_dun map. If you pmed someone with (/am) on, keep spamming it till there's an answer from the player. If the player are farming, they will notice the pm spams eventually. Unless they are not in front of their PC leaving to a program to spam the warp and cast skill for their farmer. I suggest you to pm the name of the farmer that you suspect is a bot. If there is no answer or just automatic answer from (/am) for a long time, just @request a GM to do bot check at that map. Since Gepard should be able to block all BOTs, then the farmer should be able to answer the GM question easily.
  12. railgun

    About Lk guardian ring and lk bless ring

    Hello there. Based on the ring effects, Lk Bless Ring: Walking speed +15%, Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, HP+ 10%, SP+ 20%, Str+ 20, Vit+ 20, Attack 15%, Increase damage done with Bowling Bash 10% Lord Knight Cursed Ring: Walking speed +15%, Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Reduce Vit def by 10%, HP +10%, SP +10%, Str +20, Vit +20, Attack +15%, Increase Damage done with Spiral Pierce by 10% Lk Guardian Ring: Str+ 20, Vit+ 35, Max HP+ 10%, Walking speed+ 15%, Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Increase damage of Brandish Spear by 50%, Increase damage of Spear Boomerang by 50% I think the reward is already there in the LK guardian ring which is the second skill damage increase of Spear Boomerang. Correct me if Im wrong in case Bless LK and Cursed LK ring also share the same damage with Spear Boomerang of Guardian Ring. If Guardian Ring must reward such as higher damage than other rings due to extra efforts invested on making it, then all players will opted to wear only guardian IMO. Thank You
  13. sir can u help to begin the dragonist armor quest

  14. railgun

    Please Make Gjallar Drops At 100% Rate.

    @TheScientist I see, so that another MVP that spawn after the faceworm queen also drop Gjallar and it can respawn many times until you got Gjallar or run out of time? I dont know the @mi for that another MVP to check if it also drop Gjallahar. But if it do drop then its good. Anyway, I do know its supposed to be a hard quest. It just that when someone steal the Gjallar drop and sell it for their own gain, that's gonna make the raid to be more dreaded than fun IMHO.
  15. Hello all. The addition of new guardian ring is a good update which gives another variety to each characters in FRO. To complete the guardian ring, the player need to collect 2000 Bloodthirst, 1000 Jotnar skull, 400 Mystic Horn, 1 Gjallar (50% drop mvp) and 50 Bloody Coin. For the Faceworm raid, you need to gather thana user mostly sniper or GS. However, I have come to notice that the raid maybe extended for at least twice and the most I heard is 8 faceworm raids just to get 1 Gjallar. There also people BC selling Gjallar for 800-1000 toks which make you wonder where did they got the Gjallar to sell...?This does create problems to the players especially the party leader of the raid. I mean they invest like 40 toks for each raider in party for faceworm. If there are 5 raiders, that would be at total of 200 toks per raid. Imagine when it got dragged to 5 raids? It would be 1000 toks. But it turn out there's some raiders hide the fact they got the gjallar drop and they later sell it for 800-1000 toks. This actually create distrust among players and it destroy the main thing that is fun in raid which trust and teamwork. Yes, you can say the party leader just need to hit the mvp till it's HP is 50% before hitting it together with the team. However time is also an important factor in raid. Imagine you just have less than 10 minutes left when the MVP appear, of course u need to hit the mvp together to kill it faster before time run out. Therefore I suggest to make the gjallar drop at 100% since we will know there will be a drop for sure when the mvp dead instead of guessing did someone stole it or did it doesnt drop at all.