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    TeenWolf. NewGirl. The Mindy Project. Awkward. DoctorWho. Adventure Time. Naruto Shippuden. Kuroko No Basket. Bleach. Baka and Test. Sekirei. Brothers Conflict. Free!. Makai Ouji:Devils & Realists.

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  1. This Or That?

    Ugh...Anal? H&M or Forever 21
  2. Type The Username, Above You, With Your Elbow!

    s6r5er4haqgeswe4r :D Yeah..makes me wish i had a pointy elbow
  3. Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    True! <3 maybe a little, but hey~ That's better than nothing! TPBM has a full-time job.
  4. Quotebook

    "In the end, Even today or the next, I only show my fake self...."
  5. Okay, but where you is on discord?! hmm


    1. Amicable


      Oh wait nevermind...

  6. Quotebook

    "Put yourself first for once." - Will Traynor (Me Before You)
  7. Count To Infinity

  8. Currently Listening To...

    Amazing film as well...I ugly cried guys...such a touching movie q-q
  9. <3 Been busy, but miss you boo! Hope you're having an amazing day :D! Tell my home gurl~ (PSH you should know who I talkin about *cough* your bae) that I said HI ;D and I apologize in advance that I haven't been on...I got caught up with so much stuff, but surely! I will be back! (Especially since im trying to build my own desktop, holla!)

    1. Specter


      Yas!! Jayyyy! It'll be good to see you around once more, hope you had a merry xmas C: ... yea ma day was alright, chilling like nebur before. No need to apologize just come by and say hi :D 

    2. Amicable


      OH MY GOSH! I totally forgot! Hope you had an amazing Christmas!!! Damn...I'm so bad, but mine was amazing! got the stuff I wanted :D And before I forget, I should say...HAVE AN AMAZING NEW YEAR'S EVE~Day~ lol I don't even know what the day is even called, but whateva! And for sure, I'll gladly and most definitely come say hi and hangout with ya'll again ^_^!

  10. PRO back in the old days

    Omg...I need more Screenshots seriously, just looking at these old FRO pics are making me feel so sad, but happy that friends/people actually still have their screenshots (Sadly, my computer stopped working with all my Influence SC + 2010~2012 SC, so like...I'll just dwell onto anybody's pics! <3)
  11. <3 Hello Harmony ^_^! Okay that's all! :D

  12. Count To Infinity

    True...so IDK if I could still post on this thread but if I still can then... 862
  13. Quotebook

    Some people will never "get you," but do not spend eternity asking why...people will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul.
  14. Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    FALSE! I LOVE DESSERTS! (That is why I cant get that sexy body...) TPBM loves spending time with family on Christmas. ^^