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  1. Veracity

    Server is slowly dying.

    Hi! Thanks for your suggestion, and your support of the server! I'll get into some ways players like you can help us continue to grow, but first, I do want to address your concern that the server is "dying." This is something people will say frequently about servers, but I assure you, it's all part of a normal cycle for us. Certain times of the year are more active than others, of course, but the server is continuing to go strong! And it's not going to go anywhere, so please don't worry about that. 🙂 Thanks to your suggestion and some others from the community, we've added a sale on tokens in the Tokenshop where you will receive double the amount of tokens you normally would, to help increase the circulation of tokens in game. As for advertising, that's something players like you can always help with! Reviewing us on RMS and telling your friends to do so will help others discover the server, as well as voting and spreading the word to your friends. Advertising isn't something we can do alone and look to our players to help with too! 🙂
  2. Veracity

    Autumn Token Sale!

    Autumn Token Sale! For a limited time only, all token purchases in the Tokenshop will receive DOUBLE the amount of tokens! That's right. DOUBLE the tokens. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing deal before it's gone! Thank you to our community who suggested this.
  3. Veracity

    Happy Halloween from Forsaken RO!

    Enter a long forgotten village that has once more emerged from the mists in a dark and frightening forest. Participate in Hallows Eve rituals, do 16 different quests for the townsfolk, face monstrous demons, get disguises of your own with tokens and tickets, and discover the secret past of the town... NEW Monthly Collectibles 4 new spooky monthly collectibles, just in time for Halloween! Up your style each month with our Monthly Collectible Limited Edition valkyrie headgears.Normally $60, you can get these at a discounted rate of $50!Each month will feature 2-3 unique and high quality headgears that will ONLY be available for that month.Not only will you get a great looking headgear at a value, but they're super exclusive as well.Once they're gone, they're gone for good! So get these collectibles while you can. Doctor Faustus' House of Horrors Introducing a new raid unlike anything you've ever seen! Since the Repentence happened, more people have been disappearing. Townspeople whisper of a scientist driven mad by the loss of his wife. Solve the integrated mini-quest and enter Faustus' House of Horrors... if you dare. Rewards: Ghost Holiday, Baphomet Crown, Joker Hat Halloween Quest Headgears The Great Rufaku has returned to his home after his journey to the land of the dead last year. In exchange for helping the townsfolk (there's 18 total, each with a unique quest!), Rufaku will make you your own disguise in exchange for Halloween Tickets. All headgears have the effect of the Forsaken Knight helm! New headgears this year: Cyclops Visor, Pumpkin Mask, and Halloween Charm Hat Halloween Hunt Headgears In exchange for Halloween Tokens, Macbeth the Kitty will give you a new halloween headgear of your choice. Try your luck with our Trick-or-Treat Boxes! Each Trick-or-Treat Box has a chance you'll receive a special treat (one of these nifty special headgears with a bonus of +15 all stats for 2 weeks!)... or a trick. Will you be lucky enough to get one of these special rewards? To find out, talk to Macbeth the Kitty and get your own Trick-or-Treat Box for 250 Halloween Tokens! New Halloween Tokenshop Headgears! New Valkyrie Expansion headgears are now available in the Tokenshop, including Kaneki Ken's Mask, Undertaker Hat, and Leather Hunter Hat! We've also added new Assorted headgears: Nightspell Hat and Jack O'Lantern Head! SPECIAL Limited Time Halloween Aurora To celebrate the Halloween season, a new limited-time-only aura is available. To begin the quest, find Aurora in the Lost Village. Until December 1, the Halloween Aura has the special effect of +25 all stats and 3% max HP. Plus, returning favorites from last year! Appreciate all of the hard work that went into this update? Please take a minute and write us a review on RMS. If you've already written one, feel free to "refresh" your review! Return of the Lost Village and quests Hourly invasion event in the Lost Village Return of the Repentance Raid arc Added Halloween Forsaken City map by Justice Added Forsaken Spooky Gift Box and Event Spooky Gift Box New Halloween Login Screen courtesy of [GM]Moon Additional Fixes & Improvements: Fixed issue with Sunday WoE still broadcasting Baby WoE Fixed issue with Elemental Sword not giving the correct attack bonus Added legendary grenade launcher Enabled Fcity Halloween Theme and song Stat candies no longer work with Champions Reduced HP bonus (60 to 15%) for Taekwon Damned variants Reduced Vit (from 35 to 15) and HP (from 20 to 0) for Taekwon Divine Variants You can now exchange multiples of Dragon Coins and Dragon Tokens. Fixed issue with several Assorted headgears giving the incorrect stat bonus when a forsaken king (or dragonist) set was equipped. Ebisu for headgear selections, Bat Scarf recolors, and Halloween Aura concept Veracity for developing/writing the quests, raids Genesis for bug fixes, coding, testing Justice for the Halloween Forsaken City and Lost Village maps Moon for helping test and effect changes, as well as creating the login screen. Yatogami for helping test and effect changes. Tenjin for helping with ideas and effect changes.
  4. Introducing the New Dragonist Tier System The Order of the Dragon now has a tiered system to unlock new levels of strength. Depending on your level in the Dragonist sect, the effect is different. Tier 1: 1,000 Fame Points Tier 2: 2,000 Fame Points Tier 3: 3,000 Fame Points Tier 4: 4,000 Fame Points Tier 5: 5,000 Fame Points The Dragonist Honor Introducing a new item that gives you 10,000 fame points. The Dragonist Honor is now available in the Tokenshop. New Enchantment Book System Now you can use new Enchantment Books to increase your stats. 1. Talk to a new NPC (Bravius) in the Dragonist Room 2. Depending on the stat you want to enchant, you will need different enchantment books. 3. Books can be purchased through the tokenshop, battleground rewards, or through MvP Lootboxes 4. You provide the items the NPC asks for, and it gives you a permanent stat boost based on your Dragonist rank. Tier 1: + 4 (or 1%) Tier 2: + 8 (or 2%) Tier 3: + 12 (or 3%) Tier 4: + 16 (or 4%) Tier 5: + 20 (or 5%) New Valkyrie Weapon for Gunslingers Introducing the brand new weapon for gunslingers, Einmyria's Ashes! This powerful grenade launcher is a must-have for gunslingers. Make sure to get it in the Tokenshop today! Sunday WoE no longer baby WoE Fixed issue with Assorted headgears giving the incorrect stats. Freebie headgears now provide the 3 kiel effects, as well as the maya purple effect. PvP Ladder enabler is now after Sunday WoE. Fixed issue with Fenrir sprite. Fixed time overlap with Battlegrounds on Saturday. Fixed a number of issues with the Dragonist fame system. Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes. Special thanks to Moon for helping with development as well as testing. Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie
  5. Presents... Introducing Battleground Rewards! You can now exchange your battleground tokens for exclusive rewards, including ice emperium auroras! Purple, gold, and sky blue are available from KvM, red and grey from Tierra, and Violet and orange from Flavius! PvP tokens: 35 KvM tokens/15 Tierra tokens/13 Flavius tokens Dragon tokens: 25 KvM/10 Tierra/8 Flavius Ice emperium aurora shards: 80 KvM/40 Tierra/30 Flavius Ice emperium auroras: 20 shards Updated Weekly Event Schedule Three of our popular events now have new times to better serve the needs of our community, especially our international players! Battlegrounds: Thursday - 10 PM server time until midnight. Saturday - 6:30 PM server time until 8:30 PM server time. Sunday - 6 AM server time until 9 AM server time. Baby WoE: Sunday - 9 AM server time until 10 AM. Weekly Event time changes: Battle Royale - Monday (8 AM) and Thursday (8 PM) server time. NEW! Accessory Sale! Missed out on our must-have accessories? Now when you buy 2 accessories from the Tokenshop, you save $10! New login screen by Moon Fixed issue wi th tabling in Tokenshop. Fixed previews for accessories in the tokenshop. Implemented BG Warper in all major towns. Reduced requirements for Dragonist questline. Increased chances of thieves talking to you in the Knight quest to 100% Increased the drop rate of Imperial Valkyrie Helms, and Emperium Auroras in WoE. Added White Ice Emperium to Baby WoE Automated Broadcaster now broadcasts about Battlegrounds. Fixed typo with Blazing Spirit. Lowered requirements for KvM. Added automatic broadcast for guild packs. Fixed issue with Limited Edition Whiter Rabbit not showing slot. Removed pvp in Niflheim Disabled dead banches in BG maps. Added an option for storage to the kafra in the BG lobby. Added scheduler for BG. BG Tokens are now untradeable. Added Limited Edition Emps to Voucher exchangers. Added MvP Lootboxes to Special Spawn mobs. Fixed issue with Baseball hats having the wrong item ids in the tokenshop. Made it so you can exchange any cape, for any cape. Baby WoE is now at 9 AM on Sundays. Dragonist Tokens can now be converted back to fame points. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 3:50 PM Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to dlsmizel for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yatogami for testing and coming up with fixes. Special thanks to Moon for our new login screen art! Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
  6. Presents... Celebrating ForsakenRO's 11th Anniversary! We'd like to thank all of our players and hard working GMs for their support and loyalty to the server.You guys are what makes fRO so great! Here's to many more years of fun together! Battlegrounds comes to ForsakenRO! The long anticipated Battlegrounds have arrived, but with high quality customization that promises an exciting new experience. Now you can put your strength to the test by going head-to-head with an enemy team in three different competitions: Tierra, KVM, and Flavius! Each game mode offers a unique Battleground token, which allows you to redeem exclusive prizes. New Monthly Collectibles now available! Upgrade your style with the Blue Emperor Hat, or a cute companion like Black Cat or White Rabbit! Now available in the Token Shop for a limited time only! Get them before they're gone! Introducing a new Mystery Box and rotation To spice things up, we're rotating mystery boxes on a monthly basis, which means you can win new exclusive prizes each month! This month's grand prize is a Red Ice Emperium Aurora. The Great Poring Rebellion Thousands of porings, tired of being picked on by novices everywhere, are revolting!Genesis, Veracity, and Dream need your help to defend the city and defeat the Poring King.As a reward, you'll receive the Poring King Hat.Effects: Str +7, Luk +7, ASPD +7%Increase Walking Speed by 5%[+ Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Boots]Immunity to Freeze All Stats + 7 Max HP + 3%[Additional stats for July and August 2017]Str+ 5, Vit + 5, Dex + 5 NEW Minstrel Song Hat recolors New colors of the popular Minstrel Song Hat are now available! Anniversary Token Sale Now you can make it rain tokens with our special anniversary sale. With every purchase, you'll receive 20% more tokens FREE! Take advantage of this limited time sale in the Token Shop before it's gone! Mystery Tokens are now tradeable. Valkyrie weapon effects updated in wiki. New category added to wiki for weapons. Halloween Headgears changed to "Specialty Headgears" Voucher exchange NPC added in the token tavern. Fixed issue with Fenrir spawns in formap103. Kafras removed from bat_room. Valkyrie can now be summoned with dead branches. Skills disabled in bat_room. "inside" mapflag removed from bat_room. Valkyrie Weapons updated in Tokenshop. Super Babies no longer allowed in Baby WoE. Corrected incorrect description for Hel's Unholy Dagger. Reduced the damage done by guardians in Baby WoE. Buffed the Super Novice Blessed variants. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 10:00 AM Coding and fixes by Genesis Recolors by Ebisu Previews by Barbie Testing and implementation thank you to Yatogami and Moon. They were both extremely helpful in this entire process! And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
  7. Presents... Baby War of Emperium now has drops! The official drops include: Green Ice Emperium Aurora, Forsaken Soldier Card, and WoE Box. Baby WoE takes place weekly, every Sunday at 8pm server time! Limited Edition Ice Emps added to exchanger NPC in Dragon Temple Sniper Ring of Damned Variants, FAS damage increased from 20 to 30% Whitesmith Ring of Blessed Variants, Increased Cart Termination damage from 15% to 30% Fixed issue with Wolf Hat not showing slot New Valkyrie Expansion headgears added to Token Tavern exchangers Fixed issue with Fenrir erroring people in formap39 Whitesmith Ring of Damned Variants, Throw Tomahawk damage decreased from 650% to 500%. Cannot spam Throw tomahawk with 2 kiels anymore, skill costs 50 SP per cast instead of 1 SP. Fixed issue with Tyr Ultimate God Slayer Sword combiner NPC. Thanks to Ebisu for Ice Emperium recolors, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to dlsmizel for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yatogami for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Moon for testing and coming up with fixes. Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie
  8. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts go out to Jay and his family. I will discuss with Genesis to see if we can put together something to help.
  9. Presents... Introducing Baby War of Emperium! Love War of Emperium? Then how about Baby WoE? By popular demand, the long requested Baby WoE will now take place weekly, every Sunday at 8pm server time! New Valkyrie Expansion Headgears Four new upper valkyrie expansion headgears are now available: Drooping Eleanor, Teddy Ear Muffs, Pikachu Hood, and Panda Hood. Available in the Tokenshop for $20 each! Effects: Str + 10 Luk + 10 ASPD + 10 NEW! Event Rewards! Two new event rewards are now available in game: bunny scarf and butterfly blessing for 700 event tokens each. Effects: BUNNY SCARF - Mid Headgear Walking speed + 10%. Reduce damage taken from demihumans 7%. Add a 3% chance auto casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison when receives physical damage. BUTTERFLY BLESSING - Lower Headgear All Stats + 20, Increases SP taken by all skills by 20%. Increases effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher by 500%. [Effect nullified if more than 2 Backsojin are equipped!] NEW! Replacement Skull Auroras! Four new middle headgears are now available with the Skull Aurora effects: Zombie Hands, Chibi Bats, Crazy in Love, and Flower Aurora. Available in the Tokenshop for $60 each. Effects: All stats + 20, Reduce damage taken from Holy, Poison, Shadow, and Ghost properties by 10%, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%. Reflect 4% of physical damage taken. We're introducing some trial changes to the PvP room (and ladder). 1. PvP Room Warper disabled by default. 2. It is enabled 1 minute after WoE (all WoEs) 3. An hour after WoE ends, the PvP warper is disabled. 4. 2 minutes after the warper is closed, everyone is warped out of the map. New login screen by Moon Fixed scratching cat sprite Magical headgears give 125% damage increase to Raging Thrust instead of 250. Magical headgears give 100% damage increase to Chain Crush Combo instead of 200. Cape variants moved from database to script for uniformity. Star Gladiator Guardian variant Counter Kick damage changed from 250% to 100%. Gypsy & Clown Non-Donation Guardian Rings now give + 25 Dex, instead of + 25 Str. Duneyrr Hat Description fixed. Commands disabled upon entering Moroccan Sprint. Storage disabled in LMS maps. PvP Ladder is now opened 1 minute after every WoE, for 1 hour. It is then closed. Farmer Happy hour implemented. 8 AM and 8 PM there are increased mob counts. Fixed issue with after cast delay reduction not working on Priest Highness Staff. Automated Guess The Monster added. Fixed issue with SinX Guardian Cat Ears Cape giving the incorrect stats. Eisa's Amber reduced from 60% to 40% damage buff. Fixed issue with Clown Guardian Angel Scarf not having the latest effect. Fixed small issue with Yggdrasil Endless Raid where mobs would spawn in a weird location that was unreachable. (low chance of occurring) Fixed issue where non-donation jackets were being given instead of non-donation rings. Gorilla Mask is now upgradable to Limited Edition. Sprites for tokens changed to correct color. Fixed issue causing Forsaken King Armor to give more HP than Dragonist Armor. Increased chance of winning Cluck Cluck Boom significantly. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 9:54 AM Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to dlsmizel for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yatogami for testing and coming up with fixes. Special thanks to Moon for our new login screen art! Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
  10. With Ebisu's help, we've updated the topic to include more in depth information about the new ForsakenRO Mystery Boxes, as well as some additional previews. This should answer people's questions! :)
  11. Presents... Stylish New Scarves for the Winter Season! These stylish scarves will keep you warm when Midgard gets chilly. Angel Scarf, Warm Cat Muffler, and Cat Ear Hood are available in the Token Shop for $40. Both have the same effect as capes and can be upgraded as part of the storyline 2 quest. Introducing New Ship Captain Variants! Six new upper headgears are now available: Rabbit Queen Ears, Wind Beret, Wild Cat Ears, Wolf Hat, Duneyrr Hat, and Valkyrie Headband. Effect: 20% increase in ranged damage, 20% increase in damage to all enemies. NEW! ForsakenRO Mystery Box! Introducing an exclusive free gift for every $20 spent in the Tokenshop! Each Mystery Box has a chance of obtaining one of the following rewards: GRAND PRIZE: ICE EMPERIUM AURORA BR Emp Exchange Voucher GVG Emp Exchange Voucher Maroon Imperial helm WoE Emp Exchange Voucher 2 expensive WoE Emp Exchange Voucher 1 cheap Valkyrie Weapon Exchange Voucher Cape Variant Exchange Voucher Supply Box ( 500 seed tickets 300 berry tickets, 50 fcp, 50 cspeed) Mystery Token (with 5 you can get a Valkyrie expansion headgear) To learn more about Exchange Vouchers, read below! Vouchers allow you to exchange one item for another color of the same item. You have a chance of receiving exchange vouchers from the ForsakenRO Mystery Box! With every $20 spent in the Token Shop, you'll receive one Mystery Box. WoE emperium exchange voucher 1 (cheap) Group A: Orange Emperium Aurora Purple Emperium Aurora Green Emperium Aurora Group B: Blue Emperium Aurora Gray Emperium Aurora Amber Emperium Aurora Pink Emperium Aurora Gold Emperium Aurora WoE emperium exchange voucher 2 (expensive) Red Emperium Aurora Sky Blue Emperium Aurora Violet Emperium Aurora BR emperium exchange voucher (trade 1 BR emp to any other) Black Emperium Aurora Jade Emperium Aurora Umber Emperium Aurora Mint Emperium Aurora Maroon Emperium Aurora GvG emperium exchange voucher (trade 1 GvG emp to any other) White Emperium Aurora Teal Emperium Aurora Azure Emperium Aurora Majestic Purple Emperium Aurora Valkyrie weapon exchange voucher Exchange for valkyrie weapon of choice Cape variant exchange voucher Exchange variant for jacket/sword/scarf, etc. New Valkyrie Expansion Headgears Available! Tired of looking at your own face? Now you can wear one of these unique masks: Horse Mask, Baphomet Mask, Gorilla Mask, and Birdman Mask! Available for purchase in the Tokenshop now. Collector relocated to for_fild04 209 87 Clown ring of Guardian buffed. Assassin Cross Godslayer Sword was giving the incorrect stats, this is fixed. Thor's Hammer nerfed. Vote Infernal capes are now refineable. Strike Eagle now gives level 10 enlarge weight limit. Issue with magical headgears not giving freeze immunity resolved. Brutal/Striking/Magical headgears missing all stats + 10, resolved. Halloween mobs disabled. Issue with Dual Godslayer sword sprite resolved. New login screen added. Alfheim Raid Treasure plant issue resolved. Tyr's Shuriken now stacks with striking headgears. Drop rate of heart of Ymir increased to 0.20% Star Gladiators are now dispelled on log in. New Ship Captain Hat variants added. Maroon Imperial Helm added as a GvG Prize. Fixed issue with Magical hats not stacking with Dragonist Armor. Broken Pharaoh Emblem renamed to prevent confusion with Storyline items. Automated LMS now allows exit 5 minutes after pvp is enabled. NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 9:45 AM Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, cape recolors, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Danger for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to dlsmizel for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Yatogami for testing and coming up with fixes. Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
  12. Veracity

    Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! From spending time with loved ones to enjoying gifts, there's a lot to be thankful for. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support! We hope you'll enjoy our Holiday update and celebrate the season with us. Santa Paws needs your help All over Midgard, good pets everywhere wake up to tasty treats on Christmas thanks to Santa Paws. But now, a Santa Paws impersonator is threatening Christmas for pets everywhere! Team up with Santa Paws and his helpers in for_xmas to take down his impersonator. As thanks, you'll become an honorary Santa Paws and receive his special Legendary Santa Kitty Hat! Only you can save Christmas! In Santa's absence, everything has gone awry in the Forsaken Christmas Village. The toy factory has been taken over by a dark presence, and Mrs. Klaus needs your help to save the factory so all of the presents will be ready for Christmas. Be part of a story of betrayal, love, and growing up. As a reward, you will receive Celine's Ribbon, which has the effect of the Forsaken Knight helm. You can also pick one of the following Holiday headgears: Christmas Tree Hat, Christmoose Hat, Red Tamoshanter Hat, or Jumping Santa Poring hat! December Monthly Collectibles are now available Teddybear Hood, Shiba Inu (animated!), and Gentleman Cat's Top Hat are now available for purchase in the Tokenshop for a limited time only! Special Holiday Sale and New Tokenshop Headgears! Save 17% off your entire purchase by using the special, limited time code: XMAS17 With each $20 you spend, you'll receive a free ForsakenRO Christmas 2017 Gift Box! With each purchase over $50, you'll receive an adorable Tamadora pet! Celebrate the holidays in style with these special new headgears: Happy Ballons, Sleepy Kitty, Teddy Ears, Deus Vult Hat, and Hopping Rabbit! Available in the Token Shop for $30/each! A gift (box) from us! Depending whether you've been naughty or nice this year, you'll randomly receive any of the following gears and items: Wing Earpiece, Winter Knit Cap, Reindeer Hairband, Frosty Snow Hat, Holiday Hat, Coal, Candy Cane, or a Santa Bag! You can receive this gift box from this month's Holiday Screenshot contest, with each $20 you donate, or by doing the gift wrapping quest below! Switch up your look with this new Side Pigtail Bored of your hairstyle? Try this fashionable Side Pigtail to spice up your look! Available in brown, blue, white, dark brown, pink, blonde, purple, and green. Can be purchased in the Token Shop. Think you can wrap like a pro? Santa's elves need your help with some last minute gift wrapping before Santa's sleigh takes off! Find their wrapping station inside for_xmas to get started. You may even get your gift a little early this year! Happy Holidays to all of our awesome players. We love you guys, and thank you for your continued loyalty to ForsakenRO!! Want to give a gift to all of the hard-working staff at ForsakenRO? Take a few minutes to write us a review on RMS! When you show your appreciation, it means the world to us! <3 Holiday Forsaken City Map by Justice Headgear selections by Ebisu Quests and raid by Veracity Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie
  13. Veracity


    Welcome to fRO!! If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to post in our Help Desk section of the forums. Good luck and happy playing! :)
  14. Veracity

    Happy Halloween From Forsaken RO!

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