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  1. Upgradable Donate Auras

    How about make other Auras LHZ, ROP, SkullAura, Love Aura, Buttferfly Aura, Zodiac, Etc. Upgradeble by Stat point adds or become Limited Edition. Donate auras is way far from upgraded Emps in terms of stat adds. I mean donators also spend money on getting those auras for other players in game. In most online games donate items always have exclusive effects & adds and sometimes even better than the items obtainable in game. I understand that our server is a free to play server but we can never deny that donations is what keeps the server running. Through it atleast give the credit for the donators and justice for their donations. What do you think?
  2. All Incantation Samurai Headgear

    What if there is a headgear like the Incantation Samurai..? Could it be good as an AURA , a Upper Headgear or a Lower Headgear like the Infernal Capes and Rings Please.. type your plusses and minuses based on the color of the high lighted text to indicate which part do you agree.. For example I voted as Lower Headgear so, [+1] What do you think?
  3. Whitesmith Bless Ring Improvement

    You are talking about full geared guys... what about the average geared?
  4. Whitesmith Bless Ring Improvement

    Do something about Whitesmith Bless Ring, since its damage is base on + attack cards like atroce cards now cart termination has too low damage output unless you have a full emp set but not all players can afford it. Could it have atleast a damage boost, the ring is now almost like a junk plus it has low HP add which almost all full asura champ can 1 hit whitesmiths What do you think?
  5. The updates were nice but about the Hrist bow being lowered, Sniper on that build [Mine Trapper and Blitz Beat] is nearly not even played, specially Blitz Beat build it's nearly useless because of the ghostring card, why it has to be lowered?
  6. Selling

    Selling Pally Guardian Ring = 4k +0 Sky Blue Imperial Valkyrie Helm = 5k Red ROP = 1.2k +10 Limited Black Kitty Ears = 1.5k +10 Limited Red Imperial = 4k Leave In-game name and Offfer Pm me in-game name " Raging Black Blades "
  7. Would it be nice to have an Item Return and Refund NPC? For example GVG, BR, PVP, Activity, Etc. items, from the oldest to the latest item which can be obtain on that NPC would be able to exchanged to something new by returning the items and get tokens you spend before, something like a refund. There will be a chance that those people who wants something new will able to use their old items that they get from those NPCs Return Rule 1. Complete Item Return, example: 10 PVP tokens = Sacred Wing + Elemental Converters (same quantity) 2. There would be an interest, additional item to add and conditions in order to return or a payment (tokens, items to farm, registration like legendary knight, etc.) For pure token refund: example GVG Emp = 10 GVG tokens, during return 10 - 20 % interest will be deducted, therefore you'll get back 8 - 9 GVG tokens only It is not really necessary but, what do you think?
  8. Buff LK Frey Blade and Halb

    +1 to this, it should be buffed up, bowling bash was greatly nerfed due to needing kiels on using it. Now Freyr's Blade can't even give enough damage to atleast kill unless having a thana card. Suggestion: 1. back to the old days, there's no need for Kiel to spam it faster 2. Increase a little damage on casting Bowling Bash or Bash
  9. Currency Trader NPC

    It's good and I like the idea but the possibility is that, It can be hoarded by zenny farmers. That means players in need of tokens in cases of rush buying or emergency token deficiency could not work out.
  10. Azure EMP

    Selling this Azure Emp = 35,000 (pure) 40,000 tokens(trade) Or Offer Trade with THANA + Champ Bless or Guardian Ring + Dorcus + LmtdOrangeEmp + tokens... Leave IGN and Offer TY
  11. Super Saiyan Blue and Pink

    This review has negative feedbacks but Genesis is now wearing a super saiyan blue hair.. LOL
  12. Since we already have a " Super Saiyan Hair " headgear inspired from the anime Dragon Ball Z Isn't it a good idea if we take that inspiration to fullest by creating a " Super Saiyan Blue and Pink " from the latest season of Dragon Ball Saga " Dragon Ball Super " Nice Idea right? ^_^
  13. Missing data.grf

    Problem Solve.. TY so much ^^
  14. Missing data.grf

    How to fix this error? After I patch this gepard shield it says: http://imgur.com/CxAJCxj
  15. Suggesting to also see the sword in the front view of the character Looking in front looks wearing nothing and won't look cool ^^ It would be cool if the sword hilt would appear like it should suppose to be when wearing a sword on your back http://tinypic.com/r/2mn2h4w/9