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  1. Just dropping by to say hi (: It's been a while, x!

  2. Lyris

    Happy Birthday, Forsaken Ro!

    ^ Teal Lover obviously. Haha. Yea, happy birthday fRO! (: AWESOME update!
  3. Just close your eyes; you'll be alright.

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    2. Lyris


      That means a lot, thanks! For someone who barely knew me, you're so awesome. We should um, get in touch or something. Inbox me your contact details. (: And yea, I wish I was still part of the team, but things happened and yea. I guess it's something we have to learn to deal with on a daily basis.

    3. Celestial


      :( I hope all gets well for you and one day you return, you seem such a sweetie. I'll borrow you a four-leaf clover I found today on fields to help you out a little bit! Least I can do :(. Haha, will do right away! Also, you don't mind being my first friend here either, right? <3

    4. Lyris


      Absolutely not, sweetie! And yea, hopefully that day will arrive, however late. (: All the best to you, Ms. Wikipedia. <3

  4. Lyris

    Happy Birthday, Forsaken Ro!

    Happy Birthday fRO! <3
  5. It's been heck of a journey, but I've reached my destination. Thank you all for your support. Yay, FRO! (:

  6. Lyris

    [Closed] Now Hiring Event Game Masters!

    Hope to see new faces very soon, (:
  7. You will be greatly missed, fine sir. <3.

    1. Decode


      I will miss you as well my dear much <3.

    2. Lyris


      Already missing you ;c.

  8. Lyris

    Count To 3000

  9. Lyris

    Haii Forsaken

    Hey there Bree. Welcome to the server. Hope Forsaken RO is better for you :)!
  10. guess what time is it :o? it's BUGGING LYRIS time! *-* hi!

    1. Lyris


      Bahaha. xD; Hey there dear! C:

    2. Luxiana
  11. Lyris

    Count To 3000

  12. Lyris


    Especially during Last Man Standing, +1.
  13. Lyris

    Count To 3000

    Triple 1. (111) <3
  14. Lyris

    New To F-Ro

    Welcome to the server, Troy!
  15. Lyris

    Count To 3000

    108. (: