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  1. Autopsies

    Lf> Guild Emblem

    Still no PMs @[email protected] I was gonna do it for free lol but I guess he found one.
  2. Autopsies

    Sin Bless Vs Sin Cursed

    Blessed for crit, Cursed for thana.
  3. Autopsies

    Card To Increase Lightning Bolt.

    Don't really see the harm in this. Agreed for moar variety. =]
  4. Autopsies

    Suggestion For High Wizard

    I agree wiz is pretty underwhelming in PvP. They're great in team fights because of Wall and AoEs but that's pretty much all they have going for them. Prof is overall better than them as well (apart from the stave damage) since they have fog and LP, which isn't fair. The whole special "thing" about wiz was supposed to be their ability to deal damage even through GTB but they're pretty weak when it comes to that, at least in a PvP situation. Prof was kinda designed to be more battle based in that situation by using crits, hence Hindsight, so I don't really like the design of profs having Stave to begin with, let alone stronger than the wiz itself. Amplify without a cast time would be way too strong I think so that suggestion is out the window. I don't know too much about wiz here (never gave it a try because the low Stave damage scared me away) so I dunno exactly what they would need, but an overall buff to Stave would bring in more wiz users I'm sure (the amount I can't really say since I haven't explored wiz here). At the moment there's only two notable wiz players in PvP which I think is pretty lame so I do think they need some kind of help.
  5. Autopsies

    Pc>Some Of Some Usable Items .

    Aloe vera tickets are 10:1 BOS tickets are 5:1 Not sure about Cursed Water, might be 3:1 or something No one really buys badge tickets since speed pots are better, those are 1:2 but I dunno a price for badge tickets
  6. Autopsies

    Eh...yeah I'm Back.

    Won't be too hard to get that title back me thinks lol. w/b
  7. Autopsies

    Lf> Guild Emblem

    PM me what kind of emblem you want. Colors shape names/letters etc n_n--b
  8. I don't know if this has been suggested before (apparently it was like this before), but is it possible to have the level limits lifted on for_fild01? What I mean by this is how a level 200 person can't be killed by a level 255 person. There's people who will abuse this and walk around sighting/ruwaching, buffing, pneuma/safety walling players, LPing players and it's impossible to kill them to prevent them from doing it. Of course I've done my best to just say YOLO and adapt to it but it's pretty annoying tbh. Imo it would be great if the level "limits" were removed to prevent people from abusing this in ways like I mentioned. for_fild01 isn't really a place for low level players anyway, the only reason why a player would be there is maybe to farm fire armors from firerings, but there's better money elsewhere anyway.. For them to test PvP things, there's a bajillion other maps they can use. So yeah share your thoughts brosephs. n_n Also I think another thing that should be changed is the ability to vend or open chats on the map. Obviously... there is no real room for them. Maybe if they were only allowed on the very top cells or something, because they can be annoying as well with players hiding behind chats or vends.
  9. Autopsies

    Non-Ladder Pvp Room

    No please. As annoying as low level characters are it'd be even more annoying if the PvP population is split up even more...
  10. ...You have to be kidding me lol. I don't think I even have to go into detail why this suggestion is just flat out crazy. Hell no please.
  11. Autopsies

    Post Your Pets

    My avatar is my pet. ^_______^
  12. Autopsies

    Bow Rogue Help Request

    RTB is actually really good for Stalker. I haven't seen many (if any, bar one or two) bow Stalkers who don't have Thana so I don't know how useful they are without it. They can copy FAS and do okay damage but for the most part bow Stalkers have a somewhat low damage output, DS doesn't exactly do a lot of damage without Thana either. Although they have extremely good defense (chase walk, backslide) and counter sword classes hard with counter instinct, and the ability to divest at will and copy skills, so they have some strengths elsewhere... But for the most part bow Stalker isn't exactly an amazing way to build the class. Of course there is the dumb resist builds you can use and just pray for coma from auto tarot or LOD cards, but, well that's kind of lame so I don't know if you would be a fan of that lol.
  13. Autopsies

    Regarding Sinx

    "SinX's only have SB"... lol, a linked SB SinX has like the highest damage in the game, if you give the ring this buff then they'll be even stronger, and players WITHOUT a ring won't even benefit from this. SinX doesn't need to be able to deal 32k+ without a shield because there's no gap between the attacks and crits are actually very hard to counter, and comparing FAS to crit is just dumb because FAS doesn't hit at 195 ASPD. I have seen SinX's do well managing their tanking and their damage output wisely instead of just worrying about raw damage. Again, about Sniper, FAS CAN BE COUNTERED. EASILY. No offense, but get better. Your point was "a SinX with GR vs Imma"... lol, uh...of course the damage will be high. I know you aren't complaining about WS... just wow, lol. Gypsy and Bards can only reach that kind of damage if you have GTB and/or, again, are just bad at fighting the class, because VA can be countered EASILY just like FAS can. Of course they can force GTB with tarot but that's another story. I disagree with a ring buff but I think a buff like this could be fine elsewhere, such as the dex swords which are recognized to be pretty bad for dex sinxes (since this is what you're basically asking for help with, which I do agree with because dex SinX's kinda suck).
  14. Autopsies

    Castle Woe Drops

    -1 Rare items should stay rare. Zodiacs and LHZ auras are only 5 less stats and cost 75 times less so, yeah Emps should stay rare. The rest of the items bar Fsoldier are meant to be rare and should stay that way.
  15. Autopsies

    O Hai Thar 8D

    Cows > rabbits 8D........