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  1. I get what you mean. This will be fixed ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Please read the first post. It explains why this is. It is saving the patch to your GRF. As long as it is progressing, it is doing its job.
  3. @qperteplex @dlsmizel Thank you both for letting me know. The description was indeed not updated to reflect this critical damage increase. However, rest assured, the increase is present ingame currently.qperte
  4. File a suggestion for what you believe to be a better effect. We will not change everything in a single update, we will make incremental changes. Its a unique sprite with a unique problem. If you would like to fix it, by all means message me on skype at jorgeluisf350.
  5. There are a number of topics about this. Please refer to the link below where a solution is explained:
  6. Implemented. Scripts reloaded at 12:51 PM.
  7. There is no way to bypass gepard shield. Our provider is looking into the frequent disconnects.
  8. Not only is this not allowed, but it'll get you permanently banned.
  9. Its instant. Check your spam folder.
  10. Really isn't a provider in the market that provides what we get, with the support we get, for the price. Which is why all our competitors are also with the same provider. If you are in PH, like the majority of the people complaining here are, there isn't much we can as it isn't an issue on our end. I personally don't face any issues. We will try to come up with a way to warps to be automated for raids in the future and see if there is a better routing option to fix disconnects for players in PH.
  11. Okay then.
  12. GM this is my only screenshot i have, this is the ign of my char sinx before i put the ohels with 2tg and 2paper card to my accidentally deleted char ign  "Alhp@Omega" sorry if i put it there cos i cant reply on my file ticket #616 i hope it will help it to recover my item. Thankyou


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    2. lord_dhan26


      dude that PT name.. try to google translate it... TSK... lowel's deeds....


    3. leidawen08


      why wats the meaning of that? no idea :(

    4. leidawen08


      ohh i already know now HAHAHAH! LMAO

  13. GM how can i reply to my file ticket  #616??? plss

  14. I need your help as soon as possible. I worked hard for more than a year. It hurts that suddenly disappeared. 

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    2. jeagoigenilla
    3. digyourowngrave


      cause i got hacked too


    4. jeagoigenilla


      they accused me i hacked my owned accnt. this is bias

  15. You need to validate your account. You probably have not done so. Check your email for validation.