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  1. If you delete the cps.dll, then it will not detect it in your folder.
  2. Hi, Delete cps.dll from your RO directory.
  3. More than likely a graphical driver issue. Fresh reinstall of drivers would fix it. You are zoomed too far more than likely. This is a graphical driver issue.
  4. Hi, Could you add me to skype at jorgeluisf350? I'll help you with this personally.
  5. We will reevaluate it once its been on the server for some time. Valentine's Quest is enabled. The 2 problematic halloween headgears are being fixed by a spriter. Yes they are tradeable.
  6. More than likely, because you are running the game while patching.
  7. The items in green are increases. The items in black are decreases. Anything not listed has not been changed as of yet.
  8. Yes. The installers are all updated. if you are having issues matching, it is more than likely a permission issue.
  9. Talbs reply is correct. MVP Timers were reset at 9:51AM with the scripts being reloaded.
  10. The topic states when scripts were reloaded.
  11. 20 emps, 3,400 Dragon tokens to make them all limited edition. Then you turn those in, plus 170 tokens to make the Rainbow Emp. 20 emps, and a total of 3,570 Dragon Tokens. The rainbow emp has never been release (aka unobtainable). It is now obtainable, but very difficult.
  12. Yes. The rainbow emp is a combination of all the other emps. It is extremely rare.
  13. [GM]Danger will post the full changelog of the items shortly. This topic is not meant to be a suggestion forum topic, it is simply to announce the items that were changed.
  14. It was not working properly with Star Gladiators and Taekwon classes. It is now working properly. The goal of this update was to revitalize the raids that are rarely done. New players can also farm these raids for the tokens and sell them to players. Regardless, we are going to be improving several items that will help them significantly.
  15. 1 Emp + the require dragon tokens = a limited edition emp The descriptions for the weapons are updated as well. Just the party leader. No improvements for the other items are planned just yet. Any limited edition item is not meant for new players, it is meant as an end game item. Descriptions are updated.