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  1. The server is located in Texas. If you are in India, which you appear to be, you will lag. Not specifically because of the server specs, but because of the distance and the route your ISP takes to it. So getting "better servers" wouldn't help in that respect. If you don't like how we handle "donation shit" then don't play the server.
  2. Something/Someone/You have modified the EXE in some way as it is failing its memory integrity check. Either download a fresh copy of the small patch and overwrite the files, or download the all-in-one.
  3. We will handle your issue separately from this one.
  4. Show us a screenshot of what he is seeing.
  5. Hey guys, We have implemented the following balance changes to Whitesmith, Taekwon and High Wizard. Heel Drop reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Counter Kick reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Roundhouse reduced to 200% for Taekwon Blessed Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for Whitesmith Guardian Ring. Napalm Vulcan reduced to 300% for High Wizard Guardian Ring. Crit + 60 for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. 3% chance of auto casting level 5 Vounter Attack when being attacked for Lord Knight Guardian Ring. These preliminary changes are live now (but still under review), but the description has not been updated. It will be updated next patch.
  6. Try a reboot, it normally helps with this issue.
  7. Reset your the look for all of your characters through the control panel. Here is a guide on how to do it:
  8. Delete cps.dll
  9. You are missing data.grf which is a core RO (NOT fRO) file. The solution is to download data.grf OR download our all-in-one here:
  10. Where did you error? How did you error? Is it when you login to your character? Please provide us more details.
  11. hello, can u answer my question in here?


    1. ejralph11




    2. shuichi


      u know how fix that? after login ID and choose server and then crash with that notification in notepad

  12. This is a connect issue entirely on our side unfortunately. Message me on skype at jorgeluisf350 and I will try to help. I really can't offer you any guidance without looking at the issue.
  13. Hi, You haven't really given us enough information here. Please message me on skype at jorgeluisf350 I will give you a hand with this.
  14. This is a guide on resetting position: You are erroring because there are several NPCs on that map that are in the latest kRO. You will need to either update your core files, or download the all-in-one.
  15. 1) What was the last picture you took with your phone? Picture of my dog. 2) Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek I guess, I've never really like Star Wars that much. 3) What was the last lie you told? I'll have time to do X today! 4) Favorite TV shows / Movies? True Detective probably. For movies, I really like Bronson, Castaway and Dredd. 5) Favorite subject / class? Why? Mathematic and history, it was just the easiest for me. 6) Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes? Or a week without changing clothes but be able to bathe? /heh Bathe 7) Weirdest experience in ForsakenRO? Getting my life threatened, although it was pretty funny at the time. 8) Most memorable / favorite experience in ForsakenRO? (in-game or not) Hanging with players is probably my favorite experience. I don't get to do it very much due to work. Most memorable would probably be when we first launched the server, so much has changed since then.