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  1. Genesis

    Forsaken RO is detected as virus

    it is a false positive. Most likely because the patcher writes to a file (a grf). If you don't want the warning, you could add an exception to the folder your fRO is located in.
  2. Genesis

    Guide On How To Donate!

    More than likely not, since it is a niche payment option that very few people would use. You can add me to skype at jorgeluisf350. I am sure we can figure out an existing payment method that will work.
  3. Genesis

    Guide On How To Donate!

    Not at this time.
  4. Genesis

    Cant register

    I'll look into it today and fix it. Thanks.
  5. Genesis

    Cant register

    Works fine for me. Is it still an issue?
  6. Your discord name tag doesn't work for me.

    Can you please send me your tag; [nametag]#[number] so that I can add you. 

    I have recently bought items worth $5, sent my details via e-mail and even left messages in your chat room in main town.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Moon



    2. OtakuChris23


      Not sure if it added him but here's mine just in case there was no request:


      It's been 2 days already and I've had no email response or whatsoever..


    3. Genesis


      You do realize you are talking about me, in my profile right? That is my discord, where you can message me. Otherwise, there is my skype. Those are the best ways.

  7. i dont have skype sorry

    open please request



    1. Genesis


      Stop posting on my profile. I have told you several times. If you do not have skype, then make one.

    2. 100back


      my windows no read skype

      i will agre


    3. xenomoth


      File ticket sir... u also been rick same me... i already see that person in geffen...  just post the ticket.. GM will handle it...

      GM will handle it... they fast respon for it


  8. so you found something?


    1. Genesis


      As we explained in your previous postings to staff profile pages; we will update you in your ticket. Do not post on our profiles asking for an update on a ticket.

  9. Genesis

    Crash in Payon Town

    If it is present in the latest all-in-one, the solution would be to download and use the latest all-in-one.
  10. Genesis

    Control Panel

    You can just try shortly after.
  11. Genesis

    Crash in Payon Town

    You are missing a model. A model that would be present in the latest all-in-one.
  12. im say it only you


  13. my email - andreilubkei@mail.ru or facebook - andrii lubkei

  14. give back me my account with all my equips