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  1. Genesis

    After Installing (Need Help)

    Doing a remote session is the fastest and most efficient way. I need to be able to see how you configured the game and when exactly the issue is occurring. Providing me half cropped screenshots of an error message don't really give me much information unfortunately.
  2. Genesis

    After Installing (Need Help)

    I'll have to take a look. Message me on discord at jorgeluisf350#6842
  3. Genesis

    Game crashing

    Ensure you are using our all-in-one and you should not error. This error seems to be from a poor installation.
  4. Genesis

    Error Code 740

    Try running the exe as administrator.
  5. Genesis

    need update gs g. ring

    This isn't really a helpdesk question, more of a suggestion. It also isn't very clear what you are even suggesting.
  6. Genesis

    Hello! New here, what now?

    1. If you deduct vendors and people who are afk, you will have about 300~500 people who are active. RO is not as popular as it was in 2009. 2. WoE is the biggest draw. GvG and Battle royale after the changes we have planned will also be pretty hot. 3. It's populated and competitive. 4. I think KING on the discord is recruiting and helping new players out.
  7. Genesis

    Error Code 740

    Can you provide a screenshot instead of a doc file?
  8. Genesis

    FROexe Launch problem with Windows10. Need Help!

    You'll need to run the executable as administrator.
  9. Genesis

    Autumn Token Sale!

    This sale is now over!
  10. Genesis

    Entry Point Not Found

    Reinstall fRO, it'll replace your .dll files and should fix this issue.
  11. Genesis

    I can't Login

    More than likely something to do with your connection. You can try again shortly after.
  12. Genesis

    Graphic Card

    Just about any graphic card will work.
  13. Genesis

    Happy Halloween from Forsaken RO!

    That is just the new login screen. Run the ForsakenRO Patcher as administrator and it should work fine.
  14. Genesis

    i got problem with my SS

    Looks like you have the Hallucinations effect. You can use /effect to disable it while you have it cast on you.
  15. Genesis

    This is Bugs ??

    You could try the all-in-one.