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  1. Sonic Blow spam

    This is something you should ask in the class guides. This forum is for technical support.
  2. Screen Resolution Problem

    Can you be more explicit with what exactly the issue is?
  3. better equipaments?

    Hi, This isn't really the place to be asking for builds. This is a technical support helpdesk. You should ask for gear suggestions in strategy guides.
  4. Antivirus deleting gepard.dll file

    It is a false positive. Add an exception in your antivirus for the fRO directory.
  5. Error luncher

    Hi, Message me on skype at jorgeluisf350. I'll schedule a remote session with you and take care of this. Thank you, Jorge
  6. failed to connect to server

    It is an issue related to your connection to the server. It is more than likely due to your ISP.
  7. Client wont patch

    Reboot, try repatching. Something is accessing the GRF. If all else fails, redownload the small patch.
  8. Can´t start the game

    That is the correct fix for that problem. If you are still facing issues, drop me a line on skype at jorgeluisf350.
  9. @Norse_Joog You are reviving as 6 month old topic.
  10. cant open game

    This is a permission issue. Try this:
  11. can't click

    This might be because of mouse freedom. Try deleting a file called "dinput.dll" within your RO directory.
  12. (SOLVED) Help! My fkenro.exe crashing when i open it.

    Please file a separate topic for your issue.
  13. Error while raiding

    You are missing the sprites required to load those mobs. Just update your RO. Gepard Shield is the best anti-cheat for RO presently available.
  14. This should now be fixed. I will work with you personally to ensure it is.