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  1. Regarding the Settings menu and the Shortcut Bar (F12)

    Hey, What you are asking for is a renewal feature. We are prerenewal. You can modify all these outside of the game by double clicking "setup.exe" Macros are allowed as long as they aren't used for AFK farming.
  2. ForsakenRO on Mac :3

    You can use Parallels to emulate Windows and play fRO. It is seamless for the most part. I do it all the time. That is the only way.
  3. memory integrity test Failed Error.

    Run it as administrator, during loading times do not mess with it or alt tab. Also, do not attempt to inject anything into the client.

    Run it as administrator, during loading times do not mess with it or alt tab. Also, do not attempt to inject anything into the client.
  5. can i play on VPN

    Yes you can.
  6. Hi, Try resetting your character's position by following this guide:
  7. help please

    You installed the fRO Patch incorrectly. Just download the all in one.
  8. My game client is crashing...

    Dude, please do not create a topic (which you filed in the wrong section, by the way), pm staff members AND file a ticket about this issue. I have told you how to fix this issue in 2 different places. Patch your fRO through the patcher, or download the small patch.
  9. GM Applications Open!

    Starting in February, we're offering a new incentive program to increase GM activity! As many of you have noticed, most of our GMs tend to go inactive not long after becoming a staff member. Why is this? Because being a Game Master is a job, not just for fun. It requires a lot of time, effort, dedication and sacrifice. To recognize the dedication GMs put in and also to encourage activity, we are giving full GMs the option to receive a token salary on their legit character in exchange for their time and hard work as a Game Master. The salary will be based on the amount of events hosted, as well as bot checks performed for that month. Below is the system: 25 events, 7 bot checks = 700 tokens* 40 events, 14 bot checks = 1,600 tokens* 55 events, 18 bot checks = 2,340 tokens* 70+ events, 21+ bot checks = 3,000 tokens* * Reward quantities may change in the future; this is on a trial basis in the beginning. From now on, all new GMs will be hired as Trial Game Masters, which will not initially receive a salary. Once a Trial GM proves their dedication, reliability, and trustworthiness, they will be promoted to a full Game Master and will then have the opportunity to earn a salary for their work. The amount of time it takes to be promoted will typically be a few months, though it can vary based on performance. We're also opening up applications for new Trial Game Masters! Applications close on February 18, 2018. For more information about applying, please check the Applications topic. All applications should be sent to support@forsaken-ro.net. We hope these policy changes will allow our staff to better serve the community and provide a more fun and event-filled playing experience for everyone! :)
  10. Dual Client

    I have never tried it with full screen. With windowed mode, it absolutely works. I would recommend that.
  11. Dual Client

    Please do not post multiple topics about the same issue.
  12. Dual Client

    Permission issues perhaps. Hard to say without taking a look myself. I don't understand why you would want to run dual clients in full screen mode though.
  13. Game Crashing

    That is the solution to the problem. Message me on skype at jorgeluisf350 and I'll do it for you I guess.
  14. New question (NPC Forsaken Knight Master)

    That is the quest you must do, yes.
  15. New question (NPC Forsaken Knight Master)

    You haven't done the Forsaken Knight quest on that character. In order to get the weapon, you have to have finished the Forsaken Knight quest. Please do this quest: https://knight.forsaken-ro.net
  16. Game Crashing

    Try the whitescreen solutions listed in the pinned topic here: Pick the one for your OS.
  17. Recently Donated

    Hi, Items are handed out 9~11 AM and 9~11 PM.
  18. Whitesmith Bless Ring Improvement

    We could certainly make cart termination viable. @Ebisu
  19. This seems like a really good idea. However, PvP Ladder Tokens must remain an option. I am fine with giving players an alternative, as not everyone can place top 3. @Ebisu Perhaps a quest item?
  20. Monthly Guide Contest

    This is a good idea... :)
  21. New Blessed/Cursed/Guardian Variant.

    @Ableton where did you find this?

    It's possible. We will consider it.
  23. There are a ton of different variants of auras. It is difficult to create more because they would conflict with existing effects.