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  1. Genesis

    i got problem with my SS

    Looks like you have the Hallucinations effect. You can use /effect to disable it while you have it cast on you.
  2. Genesis

    This is Bugs ??

    You could try the all-in-one.
  3. Genesis

    always got dc in 4 to 5 mins

    As the message states, you will need elevated permissions to run this executable. To do that, you need to run the game from an administrator account. Ask your shop keeper to set this up.
  4. Genesis

    Black Cat sprite error

    We will look into this.
  5. Genesis

    Sound error

    Make sure you have an audio device selected as default in windows. If you still have issues, drop me a message on skype at jorgeluisf350.
  6. Genesis

    Game Crash Upon Starting

    If you are erroring when you start the game, then you are missing core files. The solution would be to install them or download and use the all-in-one.
  7. It is still open during the old times.
  8. What do you mean? PvP Ladder is also opened on Sundays at 10 AM.
  9. HP goes from 1 to 5% All other stat effects go from 4 to 20.
  10. Yes, we will more than likely be making a legendary variant of it. As a matter of fact, I'm adding it as a task now.
  11. It is almost identical. The only difference is there is no longer an overlap on Saturdays with WoE. Here is the schedule: Thursday - 22:00 --Thursday - 00:00 Saturday - 18:00 -- Saturday - 20:00 Sunday - 06:00 -- Sunday - 09:00
  12. Genesis

    White Screen Issue

    The solution to white screen on Windows 10 is to follow this guide: Another important thing to remember is you have to have a GPU selected in setup.exe if after doing what I have stated you are still having issues, add me on skype at jorgeluisf350 and we can do a remote session. **update** For anyone wondering, the issue was the user did not have a graphic card selected in setup.exe
  13. Genesis

    White Screen Issue

    First of all, what OS are you on?
  14. Genesis

    can't install it in my PC

    Again, you should file your own topic explaining your own issue. This is a completely separate issue than the one you are asking about.
  15. We are no longer posting specifics in announcement topics as the requirements can be increased or decreased. Instead, we are asking players to go to the NPCs or locations where you obtain the item and look up what the most up to date requirements are. That is where I directed you.
  16. Genesis

    can't install it in my PC

    Several different issues were posted here. Instead of posting in this topic, you should create your own and be explicit in what exactly the issue is.
  17. Genesis

    Forgotten Username

    You should file an account recovery ticket.
  18. 1. It's in the tokenshop 2. It's in the topic/NPC 3. It's in the NPC 4. You have a 5% chance of getting a random one from a MvP Lootbox (which drops at 10%).
  19. Genesis

    I Cant enter to game

    Reset all of your character's looks and positions through the control panel following these guides:
  20. Genesis

    i need heap with the game patcher

    You can't connect to the patch server. It is more than likely an issue with your connection.
  21. Genesis

    Sprite Broken when running in High Reso

    That's really all you can do. I have a similar issue with a 1080. It seems like the latest generation of nvidias have issues with RO.
  22. Genesis

    Sprite Broken when running in High Reso

    In setup.exe there is an option to adjust sprite quality. You should try that.
  23. Genesis

    Sprite Broken when running in High Reso

    Could you show us a screenshot?
  24. Genesis

    Legendary LK Pike

    Here is the effect: Str + 12, Dex + 17, Vit + 7, SP + 200, Max HP + 5%, Reduces all skill's after-cast delay by 7%, Increase Damage done to Demi Humans by 12%, Increase damage with Spiral Pierce by 140% Decrease damage with Brandish Spear by 40% Unbreakable.