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  1. where did you poof, sir?

  2. Andromeda


    heelllooo and welcome to the server, sir! I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us (:
  3. Andromeda

    Haii Forsaken

    Oh why hello there, I hope you're having fun on the server already! (: Enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions, feel free to either ask players around ingame, use forums to ask under Support section or just @request ingame for a GM. If the problem is major you're free to use ticket system on forums to speak with GMs on private (ie. scam/hack/bug cases or any other reports you want to make). And lastly, welcome! :3
  4. Andromeda


    Welcome to the server! (:
  5. Andromeda

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  6. Andromeda

    MvP Spawn Times

    Which ones are not (:? Your help is greatly appreciated and we'll fix it as soon as we can!
  7. Andromeda

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  8. Andromeda

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    No, I don't ! The person below me is sexy and they know it. :D
  9. Andromeda

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  10. Andromeda

    Count To 3000

    187 ~
  11. Andromeda

    Count To 3000

    184 ~
  12. Andromeda

    Lhz Aura Recolour

    Recolors to what colors specifically? (: Also, I think this sounds pretty awesome.
  13. Andromeda

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  14. Andromeda

    Romantic Rendezvous Skill

    Also imagine there's a possibility of pally-sinx marrige, which would be quite a dangerous combination. If pally happens to summon his loved one to the WoE map, then cast devotion on them - the person can ecall very very easily. Considering that, even if a person ecaller (or whoever really) is married to dies, it won't cancel the skill, is another strong point against this idea. I'm not sure if there's any way to actually do what you just suggested unless the entire purpose of the skill is changed - which I doubt many people will like.
  15. Andromeda

    Romantic Rendezvous Skill

    A person who is an ecaller of the bigger guild just dies due a guild who defends the castle - which leaves that person's guild without an ecall that could provide them castle, and makes the other guild win. However, because he's married, the person who he's married to could still be inside the castle - only using that skill anywhere on WoE map (including beside the emp) could make him come back without others being able to cancel it, he can ecall for his guild, the guild gets a castle because of it.