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  1. Pulse

    Saving Bob

    Basic Information: The goal of this event is to escort bob out of lighthalzen dungeon and into the city. This event has no time limit. You are encouraged to kill the person escorting Bob or summon or lure monsters to get Bob killed so you can win. As of now only one person may win this event. Rules: Must be level 255 to participate. Parties are allowed. Bob will not accept party invites. Running off Bob's screen cloaking, dying, or letting Bob die will cause him to warp away. You must find bob and say "follow me" for bob to follow you. All items are allowed. Notes: Suggestions are open to this event. Leading Bob into lighthalzen in will not make you win. You have to lead him into the city. Bob will not warp near players or mvps. If Bob dies or his escort dies he will warp on the same map (unless he dies or his escort dies in the inn, then he will warp back onto lhz_dun01). Prize: 20 Event tokens.
  2. Pulse

    Practicing Breaking

    Not this again. Since the old suggestion topics aren't here anymore i'll give you the benefit of the doubt in saying that you haven't seen this suggestion made a number of times before, but this will most likely not be done.
  3. Pulse

    Impostors Running Wild!

    There is little we can do if they use accounts other than their main one. IP bans can be made as well. I corrected your mistake by stating the correct degree of punishment
  4. Pulse

    Impostors Running Wild!

    Impersonation is a 20 year ban.
  5. Pulse

    On/off Pk

    Pk will not be enabled in towns. You can use @duel if you want to fight someone in a town, or any area that doesn't have pk on.
  6. Pulse

    About Pets

    You make coding sound like a walk in the park. This would take a lot of work to be able to make new pets that can attack.
  7. Pulse

    Housing System

    This seems like a completely different game.
  8. Pulse

    See This All

    All these videos are really old. I remember when i first saw them.
  9. Pulse

    Advertisement Websites

    Ok since a few people have fallen for this already this is just a warning to everyone else. Any website that says it offers free stuff like auras or gears is NOT real. Our website is forsaken-ro.net and that's it. if someone tells you to go to a website don't do it. stuff like forsaken-promo. .weebly, stuff like that is not real and if you go onto it there is a good chance you will be hacked.
  10. Pulse

    Thanatos Tower

    You can use @warp thana_boss to get to thanatos instead of doing that quest.
  11. Pulse

    Zeny Scarcity Of Alchemist

    This was suggested before and got denied for someone saying that every character has a draw back and for merchants it's the price of ingredients for acid bombs. Also, someone said it would hurt the zeny market. Nothing i agree with but that's why it was rejected.
  12. Pulse

    Event Suggestion Thread

    There's already a event like this.. somewhere here. It's more like a racing event while getting through mazes.
  13. Pulse

    [Solved]How To Counter Tarot Card Skill

    The only card you can counter is coma card and that's by using gtb.
  14. Pulse

    Silly Suggestion But I'll Write It Anyways (:

    Yea this would take a a lot of time and resources to do. not to mention that not enough people play here to be able to sell stuff like that. also if gravity got a wiff of that it think it would cause problems.