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  1. GM Danger.pm me when u on.need help about bug warp. tnx

    1. Danger


      hello sorry to late reply

      if you still crashing just pm here or @ Discord so we can set a time and try to find solution

  2. ace_30

    Celebrating 10 years at Forsaken RO!

    we are not nostradamus to predict what did u add gm's. :/
  3. hmmmm. Daylight saving already up? :/

  4. ace_30

    Black and Maroon IMPERIAL HELM

    +1 for this please :3 10 years running this server i guess it's time to release the beauty of black & Maroon Imperial <3
  5. ace_30

    Is it really that difficult?

    LOL. bass. haha
  6. ace_30

    Implement Gepard Shield

    sad to say so many cheaters gonna move to other server i guess :D r1p cheaters. implement this ASAP.
  7. ace_30

    Re-balancing of Cart Termi WS build

    +1 for this boost the CT. then rebalance the ws guardian ring [ Napal Vulcan ] :D
  8. ace_30

    Curse Godslayer Sword is not black

    wait for the next patch. like what gm genesis told to me :D
  9. December 15. and still no update :/..

    1. Genesis
    2. Specter


      Holiday season bro, be thankful they're working on it, even though this is the most busy month for all jobs in general because bosses rush everyone to finish their stuff before the holidays :P 

  10. ace_30

    Started in elemtary, coming back in college

    welcum man. :D