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  1. 1) What was the last picture you took with your phone? A selfie, haha. 2) Star Wars or Star Trek? Definitely Star Wars! 3) What was the last lie you told? I never lie! Oh well, I lied. I guess this was the last lie I told. 4) Favorite TV shows / Movies? TV Series: Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, King of Queens; Movies: Fast&Furious, Bad Boys, xXx, Kill The Boss and so on (too many to list actually). 5) Favorite subject / class? Why? Good question! I preferred the chemistry classes most. Experimenting was always fun! 6) Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes? Or a week without changing clothes but be able to bathe? Duh. This is a hard one. I think a week without changing clothes is rather doable than not bathing. Of course as long the clothes don't look dirty xD 7) Weirdest experience in ForsakenRO? Surprisingly I cannot identify the weirdest experience of all I had. I'm sorry! 8) Most memorable / favorite experience in ForsakenRO? (in-game or not) My very first days here at fRO are unforgettable for me. And the very first WoE I joined!.
  2. Week 420 (12/30/16) - (01/06/17) #1 Blue Indigo #2 CrimsonWave #3 iFake.
  3. Week 419 (12/23/16) - (12/30/16) #1 Naga Bonar #2 Agent Gong #3 [GS]Jordan™
  4. Download the files Genesis provided and the current small patcher (version 6.4). Extract both into the fRO Folder and copy and past your current "fordata.grf" into the fRO Folder again and rename it afterwards to "data.grf". This way you will have 2 similar files, one named "fordata.grf" and another "data.grf".
  5. Week 418 (12/16/16) - (12/23/16) #1 JDA #2 ~ Z E U S ~ #3 -Venci Got A Cart-
  6. I believe your stated points are reasonable and clear. As well as the intention behind it, making all Castles fair to attack and defend is appropriate. Thank you for bringing this up to us!
  7. Week 417 (12/09/16) - (12/16/16) #1 State Alchemist Dan #2 ~[=Re-EnCrYpT=]~ #3 Naga Bonar Updated.
  8. Week 416 (12/02/16) - (12/09/16) #1 Kage Dan #2 ' Mims -_- #3 Anonymous 1.0 Updated.
  9. Week 415 (11/25/16) - (12/02/16) #1 Kage Dan #2 Anonymous 1.0 #3 ¬ Al Greco ¬ Updated.
  10. Looking for a cool and new Signature!

    1. Danger


      Join the Order of the Danger xD

    2. Dream


      Haha funny :P

  11. PvP Ladder Week 398, 399, 400 and 401 have been investigated. Here's the updated Hall of Fame:

  12. PvP Ladder Week 398, 399, 400 and 401 are currently under investigation.

    1. Ares


      This is the reason why I don't give away prizes for ladder. Please wait for further announcement.

  13. Dream, believe and achieve!

    1. Aoi


      Wake up, accept and grind! bwahahah

  14. We'll continously work on new things and this is just the beginning!
  15. I enjoyed reading this and I hope this inspires a lot of people!