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  1. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

  2. phantomspirit

    B > Few cards and really FAST!

    I can sell FBH for 35 event coupons.
  3. phantomspirit

    Asian/European Time Zone GM [Closed]

    The two account on the same window seems to be unusable in Windows Vista though. It worked fine on XP.
  4. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

    I think that's fine, I'll be sure to PM you when I get into the game.
  5. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

    I was hoping the buyers would offer me.
  6. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

    Jellopy? I don't think I'm selling anything like that. Are you posting on the right topic?
  7. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

    Sorry I sold it already.
  8. phantomspirit


  9. phantomspirit

    B>Dragoon Wizard

    I would sell it but I'd like you to offer me.
  10. phantomspirit

    @warp must in afte 2 second! SAY NO! PLEASE!

    Personally I dislike about the 2 sec. delay not because the PVP reason but farming. I know this is a PK server so players who are into that have their ways of finding loopholes in the systems. MVP is the same but it's less likely to have people spamming warp command on MVP since most people I saw MVPing were pretty much focusing their power on MVP/other players and not much on warping. I tested out the flywings and they're definitely a lot faster and we can spam warping without delay. As I saw someone mention, why not putting the delay thing in certain areas or just take it out altogether, maybe in maps where you see MVPs or PvP or something. I use the warping for easy travel purposes and protecting myself from instant attackers on maps, not so much on using it for MVPs or PKers.
  11. phantomspirit


    Give me your best offer, I prefer Garm, donation item and coupons.
  12. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

    Yes my IGN is Jama, I'll try to contact you every time I go on.
  13. phantomspirit

    Giving away a Dex Belt

    Alright, since some people can't tell if I was joking about the previous posting or not. I'll give another shot at this joke which actually happened to my friends. This two friends of mine were on AIM and they were talking on and off with different topics. A: Anyways, how's life? B: eh... not bad, just normal. A: cool cool *10 mins after* A: Hmm... dude you should totally check this album out, it's awesome! B: Alright, I'll do that later. *another 5 mins of silence* *At the same time they decided to say random things* A: So... how's your dad? B: So sexy. A: WTF??
  14. phantomspirit

    Selling some cards/items

    I'd need your IGN please. Same for you too but I'd need to know if you're serious about that 1 zeny thing? Even though I did say best offer wins...
  15. phantomspirit

    Giving away a Dex Belt

    I'm better than any players. ... what? :ph34r: