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    soccer,tennis,B-ball,music,books,movies,mates,female humans,animals my kitten betty kiks ass!!!!
  1. Ultimanius

    lol just a series of funny pictures

    HAHA I REMEMBER SITTING ON UR FACE R.e.D, btw how were my chocolate salty testicles?
  2. Ultimanius

    Garm Cards

    Sorry to just suddenly jump into the thread, but to those complaining i have a bit of advice. If ur finding RO hard u might as well go play maple story, at least there u have no reason to be complaining about drops and quests being hard.
  3. Ultimanius

    Patchworks event

    I believe i should receive the qoupons because ive never experienced using a qoupon in RO. This is my 2nd year playing in an RO server. I’ve always wanted to donate but ive never had the finances to do so, so i hope that what i have written will be satisfactory for winning the event. Of all online games to me RO is the most enjoyable because of the access to a wide range of equips and the quests aren’t necessarily short which always keeps me hooked or interested in the game. I play this server with a few of my friends from school, all of which have played a lot longer than i have and completed a lot more than i have, i hope that in winning the quopons it would make them jealous. Im not a greedy person so i would maybe share out the winnings with my mates if i won. Although winning the qoupons would not mean that i would get what i need to think i have completed the game. Thats impossible because the server is always updating and there’s all these new equips that im so hungry to collect. Ive never won ne events so winning this event would be totally sweet. Winning this event would also help me to collect rare items that i may trade with the coupons i receive. I believe that the fact that someone like PatchWorks is holding this event is a great idea because the GM’s are not always online to hold other events. Also this type of event is good because it persuades players of Forsaken RO to get more involved with the forums. Even though GMs say that players cant hold their own events, they know that something like this would be beneficial for the server so they can focus on fixing problems or organising the inclusion of monsters or equips in a new update. In my opinion PatchWorks is most likely the next person to be included into the GM staff because of his interaction and attitude towards the server. Honestly it doesn’t make a difference what rank he is, the fact he has a vast knowledge of RO and is an effective communicator would make him the best candidate for a GM position, and i’m not saying he wants to be, im just sayin he’s the most likely to become a GM. The fact that he came up with an idea to hold an event where he would reward another player of Forsaken RO with his own winnings is just a glimpse of his compassion and generosity. I don’t know PatchWorks personally, but i’m sure that he (the player), has a bright future ahead of himself in terms of leadership, because he offers a part himself to the community of Forsaken. As another player of Forsaken i would like to thank and congratulate PatchWorks on giving the Forsaken RO public another opportunity to enjoy the online game even further. Thank, very much Patchworks Ultimanius :excl: .