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  1. Kekay123

    Convenience for both Veterans and Newbies alike

    +1 Oooh!!! We doing this anime style now, finally!!! Huehue... I totally support this, but on the concept of "cancelling" the request, probably might not be the suitable idea... I mean, imagine if the farmer was about halfway done and still has ample time to finish the order but then the client cancels the request, that'd be a disappointment and other farmers might not take up on some quests due to bogus clients... So, if you were to put up an order, you should be clear enough and pay in advance (to the NPC) and just collect the reimbursed tokens back when the quest/order expires (as suggested, a week)... And since we're talking about anime, remember, Log Horizon. ?
  2. Kekay123

    Assorted headgears

    Yeah! More vit for more hp! Or you could go +% redux too, just saying xD
  3. Kekay123

    Donation Tokens Sale to Increase Token Flow

    Umh, I've also been wondering about this and someone in game had a great suggestion. IDK if this will work but, if we could have an NPC that buys specific stuffs (e.g. imps, emps, valk expa, etc.) for specific amounts of token (should be lesser than the market value, e.g. LTD Pink Emp is at 8k player market price, the NPC can buy it at 6.5k pure tokens) to keep the flow of pure tokens running. Yes, as of now I see people trading or selling stuff rather than buying with pure tokens. I mean, I even see someone selling LTD Jade Set for 50k and IDK but I rarely see people having that amount of pure token xD.
  4. Hi! It has been a while since battlegrounds have been implemented and rewards were released, and with that more people are coming to play BG and that's a positive thing. One thing I just noticed that's bad are alts, I mean, people are bringing alts in BG just to get the required number of players and for me I think that's unfair (considering you'd be unattentive to the alt and focus on your main, especially if you're at a different faction that your alt/main). I'd suggest (if possible) to have BG be 1 IP per player (I repeat IF POSSIBLE). If not, I'd also like to suggest to make BG a somewhat party vs party type so people could choose their members (and not alts, if they want to include alts that's their discretion) and not get stuck with other people's alt accounts. I hope you won't ignore this, people (me included) are just tired playing with alts and losing (for me it's a waste of time to play with alts). P.S. Concerning about this being a way to lessen the gap between veterans and newbies, newbies can team up with veterans (e.g. guild members) and earn tokens. Thanks again!
  5. Nat! PM me in game or here at forums!

  6. Kekay123

    fRO won't open after gepard patch

    Help! After I patched the client I ran it and this showed up x.x
  7. Kekay123

    Fate Of The Gods Episode 2.5: Guardians Of Asgard

    Nice Update! :D... The HP Guardian's my fave tho... And, since when did HW had Bowling Bash??? xD
  8. My idea of a perfect christmas Is to spend it with you~<3 IGN: iZoey Credits to Monaco for being with me in this Picture <3
  9. Kekay123

    Be A Part Of Forsaken Ro History!

    IGN: Zoey_Chan IGN: Acid~Zoey IGN: [soul] Zoey
  10. Kekay123

    Forsakenro's Economy

    Ever heard of roll back??? Wait for the prices to sky rocket, then sell something cheap... That's how you do a roll back... But it takes great sacrifice -_-"
  11. Ok time to go inactive again =/... Ciao~

  12. Kekay123


    Hi... Any chance of offering pure tok??? Or how many +toks you gonna give???
  13. Kekay123

    S>blue Emp! [email protected]

    Jessica... PM me in game... Zoey here... Lol xD