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  1. masang

    Enable Backslide In Woe

    -1 on the suggestion. I didn't read any of the inputs cause it might sway my opinion. First of all, playing as an Assassin is fun during woe even without backslide. There's this skill called "Cloak". If you think you can't get to the Emperium just because you don't have a backslide, face the truth, your gears aren't enough to stay alive. Now with running[C Speed Potions] and getting away from traps, Loki's seal + Marine Sphere card = Magnum break, would be enough to remove traps if that's your problem. Meteor storm, Storm Gust, LOV spam? - GTB. FAS/Acid Demo? Pneuma cards. Asura? Deviling. As far as I know, fROs current WOE state is balanced because you can find a way to things that can stop you from getting to emp. All you need to do is find the right cards/equips to deal with the problem. PS: If you don't have enough gears, or not good enough gears, don't join woe or you'll end up suggesting for buffs.
  2. Read the title thanks. Extra stuffs for sale: Red Rop = 1.4 Orange Emp = 8.5 or + Ohels + Gold Frag = Thana Wiz Highness = Dorcus or Orange Butt Aura or Sniper SB
  3. masang

    S/t> Orange Emp

    S/T> Orange Emp = 8.5k or + Wiz Highness = Thana Red Rop = Offers or Trade to Butt Aura any color +0 White Noble = 700 +10 LTD Black Shiba Inu Hat = 2.4 or + GOLD Frag = +10 LTD Spooky Gents/+10 LTD Orange Devi HP/+10 LTD Orange Cat HeadPhones
  4. masang

    B> Event Tokens, Bloody Branches, Pvp Tokens.

    I'm buying 10 pieces thanks.
  5. masang

    B> Event Tokens, Bloody Branches, Pvp Tokens.

    Yes I am. How many you got?
  6. masang

    Improvement Of Taekwon

    Yup, this would be enough. 500 - 1k mission cap would be best.
  7. masang

    Classic Ro Pvp Room :d

    - 1 on this suggestion. PS: -1's not to show you that we hate you. It's the idea that's wrong here. It seems that Ray Ray had given prolly a lot of inputs and it's all true. I too can kill people with donates easily with non donates [Although this varies unless the enemy's an auto pot user] -. After years of playing in this RO, you'll need to learn to adjust almost every time. With the current pvp situation, I can say the rewards are fine, the system's good - would be better if hax can be detected-, and the players are good.
  8. masang

    Currently Listening To...

    https://www.google.com.ph/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiMh-eQptHJAhXGJJQKHU7mDb8QyCkIHTAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DWMnLqb_EPv0&usg=AFQjCNEqAo7xZoLuUfu0MP6AZ46yu08T7g Tongue Tied - Faber Drive
  9. Simple, increase drop rates of everything this coming December 25. - Server time. :D This would be fun to start and would earn reputation on a yearly basis.
  10. masang

    Improvement Of Taekwon

    You're starting to show how selfish this thread can be as a taekwon ranker. Try and be reasonable. If there's no cap, or limitations in anything, in the long run it will end up being overpowered. Try and realize the more missions, the more ATK. And if there's no limitations, gaining more points through mission would end up "NERFING" taekwons again.
  11. masang

    Improvement Of Taekwon

    Yeah you wish. 2000 is OP. 2000 missions = 4k Additional atk. 1000 would be fine.
  12. masang

    Currently Listening To...

    Fine by me - Chris Brown
  13. masang

    Improvement Of Taekwon

    Cap means there's a limit with how many additional attack damage a taekwon can get. In my suggestion, 1000 missions will be the cap. Meaning if you reach 1000 missions, you get 2000 attack and you won't get any additional anymore after that. Reaching 1001 wouldn't give you +2 attack. Every mission that's over 1000 wouldn't count. That's a cap.
  14. masang

    [solved]endless Tower Reward

    Once we tried to climb up to the top. Reaching the top is really hard. In the end you'll meet mvps with tons of hp. Endless tower is for fun. We died on the last level because we ran out of berries/seeds. So as for the rewards? We got none.
  15. masang

    Improvement Of Taekwon

    I know. But let's not forget that there's such a thing like over rewarding. Read the paragraph after the one you quoted so you'll know. 2000 missions is hard to do but it isn't impossible. Reaching it with your suggestion implemented would cause taekwons to be overpowered on that perse. Try and be reasonable. Giving it a cap would be the best solution like what I said on the last paragraph.