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  1. Shino

    The Great GM Interview

    1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speakin' of course) - Bookworm, Audiophile and Geek 2. Can you tell us a little about yer favourite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? - Football and Reading. Playing on PS4 is another. 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? -I played RO when it started, I was in High School then I think. 4. What is it that drives you as a GM and keeps you doing the job you've all been doin' so well? Also, how did you become a GM in the first place. - I hate rulebreakers :) 5. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listenin' to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort o' music rather than other? - I listen to The Smiths quite a lot. Other than that, I listen to a lot of musicals-related songs. My recent addiction is the cast recording of Dear Evan Hansen. Try listening to it. 6. The most important question of 'em all. What's yer favourite type of alcohol, and if ye don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is yer favourite beverage? - A good scotch would be nice. 7. If ye could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? Bishop please don't be sayin' cat or kitten I'm just not buyin' it! - Koala, so i can sleep longer. 8. D'ye happen to have a pet (not in RO of course)? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? (If I had a cat I'd surely call him Sir Fancy Pants the First) - I have a dog and a cat. 9. What are yer favourite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count /pif Sherlock for tv series. Anime, there's a lot so i choose Detective Conan and One Piece Now for the juicy Questions 10. For the sake o' gossip, are ye a single? Nope. In a committed relationship for 7 years now. 11. That's a tough one, have ye ever broken the law!? Don't be worryin' matey I'm not one to judge, breakin' the law is part of a pirate's daily routine anyway. I hate rulebreaking so no :p 12. What kind o' student were ye in school? Were ye the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. The lazy type that still get top scores. 13. Have ye ever been so drunk/wasted that ye've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it ye've done? Nope, my alcohol resistance is way up that I really can't get wasted. 14. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharin'? If not... Boooooring. In any case ye can always pass on that one. SKIP :P but really i don't have secrets that is worth sharing 15. Who's the GM ye believe would be lookin' the best wearin' a bathing suit? Yup, ye read right. Definitely Veracity 16. And finally!! The last question that I've been burnin' to ask. Would ye dare date a pirate (lad or lass)? Because that's obviously somethin' we've all been askin' ourselves right? I wouldn't. Pirates are children of the sea, they will always come back to that. - Sorry, didn't realize this wasn't posted before.
  2. It has come to my attention that someone made a Facebook Account to impersonate me. Please do not be fooled. I did not make a facebook account under my name, nor will I ever make one.

    1. Ares


      Stay smart guys.

  3. Pokemon Go is making my daily jogs more fun. :p

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shino


      I'm on Team Valor. For some reason, Mystic and Instinct are what is the norm.

    3. Ares
    4. TheScientist


      in my area there are too many team Valor -_-

      thats why i picked Insinct. Also I like Zapdos :P

  4. GM. im not planning to scam. its not my intention to scam. If thats ur conclusion. well im sorry. my bad , my fault.. I hope u give me another chance.

    1. Shino


      You tried to pass of a maero of thanatos card as the real deal. If that is not scamming, then what is it?

    2. kurezeyyy888


      but i cancelled it. den i laughed at him, i just want to play around coz im tired farming and bored..

      i really don expect that dis would happen.

    3. kurezeyyy888


      im doing it with my friends. trolling dem everytime. but i dunno that d concequense of having fun is Account banned :( i know that scamming is against the rules. and im not a SCAMMER. pls pls. So hard for me to explain in english. I cant explain it well. please understand. Thank you

  5. Shino

    Account Got Banned For No Reason..

    There's a button up there on the banner that says Ticket System. Create a ticket there so that we can discuss it privately.
  6. Shino

    Weapon Traderr

    We can't have those as those valk weapons have different prices in game.
  7. Shino

    Rune Of Power

    It is in the animation of the sprite of ROP. When the champ class uses its skills fast enough, it causes an error. I am not sure if we are the ones who made the ROP sprite from scratch(I believe we only did recolors) so fixing it might not work for us, hence we have other auras with the same effect as ROP that can be worn by the champion class.
  8. Shino

    Currently Listening To...

  9. Shino

    Lets Talk About Gm Abuse Of Power!

    I don't see any recent ticket from you regarding your character being jailed, hence I replied since that seems faster. In reference this is in the rules: Keeping Distance from NPCs Do not go AFK within three cells of a Non Playable Character (NPC). This not only obstructs the NPC from view, but also makes it difficult to access for other players. In addition, warping yourself right on top of an NPC is against our rules. You do not have to have a chat open to be AFK, therefore if a GM deems it necessary they may warp you to another spot on the same map. First Offense -Warn and player will be moved. Second Offense -One hour jail. Third Offense -Will vary on GM criteria. Note: players who warp directly onto an NPC will be jailed without warning. You are actually not just within 3 cells of the NPC, you in the same cell as the NPC. As said up there with the note(italicized, boldface and underlined), you will be jailed without warning.
  10. Shino

    Lets Talk About Gm Abuse Of Power!

    I would advice you to make a ticket, but since you posted in the forums first, I think you would prefer a direct answer. There is only one very recent jail log so I assume that was you. If it is, you were jailed because you are afking on the same cell as an NPC, which makes it difficult for others to actually click on that NPC. You did this thing twice already. Any proof that one of the GMs took your items? I would remind you that NONE of the lower ranked GMs have access to any player information(hence we are asking that you provide your username and character names in the tickets).
  11. Shino


    Remove the starting gear you get when creating the character as that automatically gives Enlarge Weight Limit which disables you to manually level the skill, thus making it so that your other skills do not show up. Once you level it manually, the skills needed for carts and other stuff should show up.
  12. Shino

    Merchant Skills Missing

    Hi! First things first, remove the starting equipment you gain when you created a character. Those items give Enlarge Weight Limit lvl 10. Once you remove it, you can now level the skill Enlarge Weight Limit normally and that would unlock the missing merchant skills. You can get the cart from the Kafra Services once you get the skill Pushcart which is unlocked by levelling Enlarge Weight Limit up to 5. After getting it, you can rent the cart normally from the Forsaken Kafra. If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me or reply to this thread. :)
  13. Shino

    Gm Why Are You Ban My Account?

    As sartorious19 said, file a ticket and we will handle it from there. Closing this.
  14. You can add Genesis on skype to inquire about it, I believe he is the only one who handles the donations.
  15. Shino

    Hey Guys

    Hi and welcome to the server! I can not exactly say how much one token is to zennies, but normally it was 30m+ The forsaken King set is the best set in the game, and it can be obtained through voting, although the vote set cannot be traded to others. Donate items are tradeable, there is no donation exclusive item. It depends on your playstyle on which characters you will have fun with. Most of the people here have multiple characters as you can just put the armor sets in storage and most of the classes only differ in weapons and class rings(rings are the best lower headgears in game). There are also class capes which are available through vote which are the 2nd best overall lower headgears for most classes.