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  1. Backie~

    Transgay I don't need you to miss me >.>.... Yet I know you do or you wouldn't come here. Hahahaha
  2. Backie~

    Thanks <3
  3. Prontera Error

    Try re-patching it. There will be a fordata.grf if i'm not wrong about it. Try deleting it and repatch your whole client once again. Make sure there isn't any firewall or such as any programs trying to block you from patching your FRO client.
  4. Backie~

    Haha I'm back <3. Miss me? Just kidding.... I miss you all <3 I will be back soon I guess.... Trying to download a new copy~ see you in a few hours <3
  5. Oh my gawd! My back is aching!

  6. Derp~

    Welcome to FRO and enjoy your stay! Looking forward to meet you in game. <3
  7. Hello Ladies

    Mellow~ Welcome to Forsaken Ragnarok! Enjoy your stay. Looking forward to meet you in game more~
  8. I'm Back!

    Well at least I am back into the game now. I know you miss me. Haha I miss you too <3. Hope to see you in game soon. ^^
  9. I'm Back!

    Miss you guys so much too. <3 Thanks, Sojin. OMG!!! Hi Fab!!!! Currently I am sick at the moment, but all good. How about you? Yes, it's been awhile. Miss you all so much. Hi hi bear ^^.
  10. New To The Server.

    Hello Hiroyuta, welcome to the server and enjoy your stay in here too ^^.
  11. I'm Back!

    Yea that would be me hahahaha Thanks <3 Hehe <3
  12. I'm Back!

    I do know the name Hex before, but I am not from California. I am always in fild01 hahaha.
  13. The Return

    Welcome back!!! <3 Hopefully I will be able to return to the game soon, since I am only active in forum for now.
  14. I'm Back!

    Thanks for the warm welcome back <3. Oh really? What is your bio name before? If I did help, I would be glad to help more. Hehehehe
  15. I'm Back!

    What sort of pain? More info please :3