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  1. Vodica

    Trading Grey Emp.

  2. hi gayboi

    1. Vodica
    2. Vodica


      What do you want [GM] Centurion?

  3. Vodica

    Suggestion For King Of The Emp

    Increasing the hp of the emperium sounds good. Since most people just gun for the emp anyways.
  4. Vodica

    Hi Tharrr.

  5. Vodica

    Orc Lord Card

    the part where i said i was trolling him. You said it more like self-defense. Then he quoted you on that. :/
  6. Vodica

    The Need To Be Nerfed

    Just no
  7. Play with me.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Vodica


      Just gvg. I dont have thanas or any of my fdaggers anymore..

    3. xBiscuit


      i giv u daggers, giv me a castle.

    4. Vodica


      Lmao just daggers not gonna be enough. You know what i need :(

  8. Vodica

    Orc Lord Card

    From what he posted, he wants! to waste no time and try to 1 hit kill people. Learn how to play and check for OLs!
  9. Vodica

    Orc Lord Card

    Anyways, I say no to nerfing Orc Lord Card. She was quoting me bout Thantos, not you bout Orc Lord.
  10. Vodica

    Race Event

    How come not much event being host nowadays? Miss back then, when theres like 10-15 events a day. So easy to make coupons/tokens then.
  11. Vodica

    Sweet Dreams Or Nightmare

    Nimbus! I want one...
  12. Vodica

    Orc Lord Card

    Lol i know i was just trolling him :/
  13. Vodica

    Orc Lord Card

    Nah, that was a joke. People need to learn how to play, instead of asking for nerf when they cant survive or beat certain class. Lack of skills doesnt mean other things are OP. But then again i don't know what im saying. /ho
  14. Vodica

    Orc Lord Card

    Theres more to champ than just asura. Some dude attack me, i had raydrics on. I didnt know he got thana and drop me in two hit. Can we nerf thana?! To -45%/-50% the damage it doing to raydrics?