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  1. abysmalknight

    LK curse set

    As like master Rayray said, if we keep buffing certain class, there will be no ends. I think what we need to do is rebalancing brandish spear as u mentioned before Cus i noticed some people can spam really fast, just my thought. Cheers
  2. abysmalknight

    LK curse set

    -1 I think if im not mistaken spiral peirce is the 2nd fastest spamable skill in the server, and with its spam, its already dealing good damage, and 30k isnt counting the ship hat yet. Some more lk class has already too much advantages over pvp in the server, it has debuff skill vital strike, and super spamable and good damage brandish spear, and good hp 400-500 too. Cheers
  3. abysmalknight

    Dragonist armor changes, skill delay reductions and more!

    Hi Genesis, we will get all the stats if dragon's fury is enabled, but now the case is when Its disabled, the bonus stat and skills are there too.
  4. abysmalknight

    Dragonist armor changes, skill delay reductions and more!

    Hi GM, I think something is wrong with the fury, whenever i disable it, the bonus stat and mild wind skill are still there. So no difference for both conditions. Cheers
  5. abysmalknight

    Lk Weapon

    I agree with balancing "the LK weapon". Ullrs isnt meant to be used for BB, as you can see the description, it supposed to have lower bb damage and yet it is the other way around. It deals 40-50k BB and as we all know it is double so dealing 80-100 perhit and spamable is kinda insane. so +1
  6. abysmalknight


    Hi there, Are you still buying the above items? Thank you
  7. abysmalknight

    Unable to click anything

    Alt + Tab to another window and alt + tab back to Fro, it should fix ur issue. Cheers
  8. abysmalknight

    Ninja Final Strike (Too Strong Or Weak?)

    In my point of view, I agree with what Ray said, removing thana effect would be appropirate and perhaps slightly lower the damage. Its like when we imagine if a champion had thana effect, Asura & Tss would be really unstoppable. But dont forget we have to press like 4 buttons in order to spam that skill while its only 2 for ninja. Currently there is no way to counter FS with thana even if we are wearing devi+skoll on major classes which has an average 250k HP and it can be double easily from clown buff which is hardly can be gotten by other class, even so especially for a champion we can easily swap 2 devi. So for GM Team, please consider this issue. Cheers
  9. abysmalknight


    Oh indeed, thanks for your info. Cheers
  10. abysmalknight


    omg Angeling armor? Did i see wrongly? You will be 1 hit KO by SG who enchanted curse water+glooms Haha
  11. abysmalknight

    B> Blood Thirst

    Hi, do u still need Blood Thrist?
  12. abysmalknight

    B>LHZ4 Cards = 10 toks pm Iskalamer

    Hi sir What is ur IGN? Thanks
  13. abysmalknight

    S>Clown Bless Set + 2x Lokis Blade

    As the title says Pm me here or in game El Banana
  14. abysmalknight

    New Expansion Hg

    Hi Guys, I'd love to see these new HGs implemented in FRO Tobi Mask http://imgur.com/ZVRegnS Kakashi Mask http://imgur.com/SmCvmqa and Danzo Bandage. Thank you
  15. abysmalknight

    Taekwon (New Rings And Weapon)

    I'm sure the Palladin is wearing gr, skoll+ray, gtb just because the guide says it has to wear that by default or the tk is on X2. 1 skoll isn't enough to counter thana card for a palladin due to their high vit or we can easily switch usakoring shield. Probably u guys should consider to nerf the party buff only, not the tk cause when there are 30 party members in the same map, the additional damage could be up to + 300%.