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  1. Selling Proffesor Set

    voluspa how much ?
  2. About Sonic Blow

    i didnt bn . thats it's .
  3. Pvp Reward Still Not Updated..

    I did @request many times, and also leave a msg in gm chat room or private msg. but nvm , i can wait.
  4. Pvp Reward Still Not Updated..

    lol. i still didnt receive my reward although in the reward list.
  5. About Sonic Blow

    why so mad james? just killed u few times . what ever u like to talk james. and u no way to ask me shut up! and dont simply ! i never plying with a hack. i swear. if you dont belive . thats is it. AND dont compare me with noob sin. they cant did that because of they not in full gear. and can you perfectly count how many sb is in the video ? dont be noob ! and i saw some sin can did this too. not only me. please ask gm genesis to check on me . thanks
  6. About Sonic Blow

    u can spam max 5 without link . please look at sinx full gear item. my max spam is 5 ,see correctly. and listen to the sound.
  7. About Sonic Blow

    pls wait gm reply
  8. About Sonic Blow

    GM please announce how many sonic blow can be spam . alot of player are very naive , they think im using some hack. please tell the truth .
  9. Pvp Room Reward

    How to claim pvp room reward ? thx for help .
  10. Bring Normal Gs Spam

    lol.................. i think u have some problem , if u feel the spam was not slow.
  11. Kitty Claw

    im sorry, i made u misunderstand . im talking to the other one. i ask him to learn from u how to leave a comment.
  12. Kitty Claw

    added stats need to do many test. i cant give any suggestion about this. i mean , for now the main point to buy kitty claw is because to spam more sonic blow. but u can use forsaken katar + curse ring to spam more sb. why still need kitty claw? thats my question. i just making a topic to discuss , i not mean to challenge previous decisions.
  13. Kitty Claw

    if you keep talking non constructive , please stop comment . did you see correctly my comment ? just opinion or discussion. what i crying ? did your comment helpful ? please learn Shadi to leave a comment .
  14. Kitty Claw

    i just make a discussion. if you don't really like my topic can disappear .
  15. Kitty Claw

    but 30 USD thats useless.