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  1. Can someone link me to the LHZ card hunting guide?

    1. sshinytoyguns


      pretty easy! go inside the forsaken knight quest room and talk to the stranger. he's wearing this cape thingie. he will ask you to bring 20 Spirit Amulet, 100 Seyren Windsor, Eremes Guile, Howard Alt-Eisen, Margaretha Sorin, Cecil Damon Cards, 200 Randel, Flamel, Celia, Chen, Gertie, Alphoccio, Trentini Cards. Cards can be found on lhz_dun03 and lhz_dun04. :)

  2. opcosme

    Zeny To Token Converter

    No no to this.
  3. opcosme

    Selling Stuff In Game.

    Hello! If you want to sell the items on your hand try Broadcasting and making a chat room @go 25, in that way you can be noticed by the community. The other way of selling things inside the mall or vendors paradise (Where all the merchant classes who sells [email protected] @go0 @mall) you can sell it fast by giving discount to each item that you're selling, example: 5m is the market price of each berry tix, lessen it by 200k or 100k, in that way it could be more faster than BC-ing and making a chat room. Lastly, if you can wait for getting your zeny atm, wait for Berry/seed tix buyer who are using BC, try to pm them fast (this is optional, not that fast but you can have faster transaction because you're active and they are active too).
  4. opcosme

    Help About Setup.

    I want my Fro to be 1366x768 resolution in game, but there is no option on the combo box provided inside the Setup. Even though I enable Full screen it won't be in full screen mode. Thank you.
  5. opcosme

    Forsaken Ro.

    Thank you :)
  6. opcosme

    Forsaken Ro.

    Hello and Good day, I want to know what are the files that forsaken RO is holding? To be clear I would like to take out the Ragnarok files individually in a specific folder :)
  7. opcosme

    S> Mvp Cards

    How much for Tgeneral?
  8. opcosme

    Buying Your "unwated Loots!"

    Update. PM me [Hue]
  9. opcosme

    Buying Your "unwated Loots!"

    Since I'm farming for loots to gain zeny, and what do you do with your loots? Autolooting off? DONT! AUTOLOOT ON and why don't you donate or sell those loots to me? Name of Loot and [Number of loot] and how much are you selling it to me :)) Obviously I'm buying it for a cheap cheap price. I'm looking for the ff: Stone of Sage - 45k each. Forbidden Red Candle - 6k each. Again I'm buying just the unwated loots that you have in your inventory or storage. Thank you! Respect. Pm me in game [bou]
  10. How can I farm zeny much faster.

  11. opcosme

    Where Can I Find This Items

    Authoritative Badge - I think pay_dun02 or pay_dun03 , kill sohees :)
  12. opcosme

    Good Day Everyone <3

    Thanks y'all!
  13. opcosme

    Good Day Everyone <3

    Hi GM enenra , it's you again :) You helped me this morning regarding with the item loot thing and now you're welcoming me. I appreciate it so much thank you :)
  14. opcosme

    Good Day Everyone <3

    Yo, I'm Oscar Paulo, PH, 19years old and a male player. I played Ragnarok online before but I stopped because I lack friends in game, I wish someone could be a friend here in forums and in game too, it would be awesome. I'm a naughty kid, no I mean.. Ugh, naughty being asking so many questions since I'm new to Forsaken RO :) See you guys INGame! <3 -Peace y'all