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  1. skyslasher27

    Coin/Zenny Converters

    add amount of Coins to receive or to exchange. instead of exchanging one by one :D kinda hard and takes time to exchange 1b to silver coin or bronze coin to 100m.
  2. skyslasher27

    Fate Of The Gods Episode 2.5: Guardians Of Asgard

    has the requirements for dragonist armour been reduce? [pvp tokens] , is the stats of dragonist armour been fix aswell?
  3. skyslasher27

    Gvg Rucksacks

    you could do as same sprite as eidelic. GvG Colour Eidelic i.e Azure/Mint/Teal/Jade/White/MJP :D
  4. skyslasher27

    Donating $40

    Limited Edition Box = 2K
  5. skyslasher27

    Battle Royal Time

    hehe thanks mayang :)
  6. skyslasher27

    Battle Royal Time

    im saying theres 2 BR and both of them are at the same time. only players who are available to online at that time are always the one who can attend. ofcourse they will say no since the time for them will change. im not saying change both of them. atleast change 1 so that people from other country who cant attend american time BR can also attend this kind of event. be fair. dont think about yourself. i have work/life and that time is not suitable for me or for some other people.. 2 BR with the same time. doesnt make sense since this server is international and not all players here are always online during american BR time. change 1 then it'll be fair
  7. skyslasher27

    Battle Royal Time

    thank you GM Ares
  8. skyslasher27

    Battle Royal Time

    Hi I just want to suggest changing 1 of the Battle Royal Event Time to a different one since that there is a 2 Battle Royal Event and both of them are at the same time, so this doesn't give other players who isn't active at that time a chances. Since a lot of player here are from Asian would it be better to move 1 Battle Royal Event. I'm from Europe [uK] my event schedule is like this. Sunday: American WoE 1:00am / GvG Event 3:00pm Monday: Europe Woe 7:00pm Tuesday: Battle Royal Event 1:00am / Asian WoE 12:00pm Wednesday: GvG Event 1:00am Thursday: American WoE 1:00am Friday: BR Event 1:00am Europe WoE 3:00pm Saturday: WoE 2.0 12:00am the gap between every event is American WoE - GvG event = 14Hours GvG Event - Europe WoE = 28Hours Europe WoE - Tuesday BR = 6Hours BREvents - Asian woe = 11Hours Asian Woe - Wed GvG = 13Hours Wed GvG - American WoE = 24Hours American WoE - Friday BR = 24Hours Friday BR - Europe WoE = 14Hours Europe WoE - WoE 2.0 = 9Hours wouldn't it be better to put 1 BR Event Friday to Europe time Thursday12:00pm which is 7:00pm Asian Time American players would probably disagree but wouldn't it make the event suitable for some other players as well? smile emoticon 2 Battle Royal and both are at the same time, it doesn't make sense and it's favouring to American players.
  9. skyslasher27


    is there anyway you can put an Alphabetical Order of items in storage so that its more easier way to find an item. a choices for players if either they want it in alphabetical or randomly. this is good for people who farm items especially for those quest farmers.. since they save alot of ETC items.
  10. skyslasher27

    B> Ws B Set / Lk B Set / Friggs / Abc Set

    WS B SET w/ MFORGER = 4.2 LK B SET = [?] FRIGGS = [1.5] ABC SET = [280] need 2 sets
  11. skyslasher27

    Promotional Event!

  12. skyslasher27

    What Does Your Desktop Looks Like ?

    i dont use that E haha