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  1. hi

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yatogami


      bass is still there xD

    3. TheScientist


      well i go to every woe and i dont see any of his chars lol. Do u still play?

    4. qperteplex


      bass is still in japan on vacation. he was there starting 2 weeks ago? this week is his 3rd week i think and he said hes gonna be back by the weekend

  2. Falconer/dancing Falcon Build Sniper

    My god girl, There wasnt a NEW Cursed rune for sniper, It was just FIXED. The new is only BIo/Prof/Wizard. Do you even read? ?_? Old or New both are still goes to weapon.
  3. Falconer/dancing Falcon Build Sniper

    My god girl, Cursed Sniper Runes are not compounded on accessories, They are still on weapon ._. @qperteplex
  4. Soul Linker Highness

    Oh myyy, Why did you have to do that. >:C But nice IDEA Spear boomerang on MATK class. Might as well PUT Firebolt on Champions!
  5. S/T Stuff Check it out!

    10k for 3x bijou's
  6. Cursed Ring Sprite

    I like the way it is right now, Simple and cool.
  7. Made beast strafe killable(pvp)

    ... No point argueing w/ you. You just said "Revive" ................. kill me please. also since when RO become mortal kombat? "Finisher?"
  8. Made beast strafe killable(pvp)

    Since when strafe died? It's actually good, even now i still use it whenever over FAS
  9. Made beast strafe killable(pvp)

    There's a lot of thing you can do with traps you can do traps combo skid trap etc etc.
  10. Made beast strafe killable(pvp)

    Oh god please no , Not this girl again. We do not need more broken class in this server, Adding dmg BS to DS it'll just rek't everyone. Also it will be pointless even if they lower the BS damage, It will just slow your spam. I rather spam DS 24/7 than doing BS while DSing.
  11. B> Kitty claw

    Girl, no one gonna sell you for 400 right after someone was buying for 1.4k only outdated person would only sell you that xD
  12. B>Dragonist armor

    B> Sinx dragonist armor paying pure leave message

    Hopefully we can play smooth like as before, been having a lot of lag spikes, freeze screens also. And dc every 20-40minutes. Rip activity tokens.
  14. Find me in game (Odelschwanck or broadcast for me) or leave a message here @ forums ! thanks!
  15. Lk Weapon

    Excuse me, if you played lk since 2012 why are you saying its weak? Ive been playing this server for like 5-6yrs and my main is LK i nvr complained about it, its not that weak, its how you manage yourself ,playstyle, build. I dont get why people saying LK NERFED etc etc, its more like balancing. I agree about ullrs and freys adding more bb dmg but saying it weak is ridiculious.