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  1. Champion G.Ring

  2. About the list of quests (Storyline and Items Quest)

    I would like to know the quest too!
  3. Use of Safari Pets?

    They are just for fashion
  4. Event Tokens?

    Just believe in yourself! YOU CAN WIN!
  5. Block option

    I think it's impossible. I only know "/ex (name)" is the only option to block a player's PM
  6. Event Tokens?

    For clearer explanation, Click Here
  7. Starting game menu

    This should help your problem
  8. Hello

  9. Event Tokens?

    Hello, There many types of token: Activity Tokens - when you stay in game for 1 hour (tip: if you stay 12 hours straight, you will get bonus 3 activity tokens) USE: to get some headgear that are useful to specific class Forsaken Tokens - There tokens are the currency of ForsakenRO, players use this as the payment if they are buying Event Tokens - The tokens can be obtained by joining and winning the event of GMs (tip: you can sell this to players for 1 event token = 3 forsaken token) Minigame Tokens - This one is obtained if you win the automated events Battle Royal Tokens (BR tokens) - This one if you/your team wins the Battle Royal Event [Use: to buy rare emp] Guild vs Guild Tokens (GvG Tokens) - This one if you/your guild wins the Guild vs Guild Event [Use: To buy rare emp] Player vs Player Tokens (PvP Tokens) - This one is if you maintained #1 in the ladder with the most kills in PvP room [Use: in 10 PvP tokens, You can buy Sacred wings (With one slot) or Raw (with one slot) or if you got 30 PvP tokens you can make Dragonist Armor] War of Emperium Tokens (WoE Tokens) - This one is obtained if you get the WoE 2.0 Castle [Use: to make Gold Emperium and Gold Imperial Helm] PS: Sorry for my english PPS: CORRECT me if there is/are mistake/s
  10. Newbie here :3

    welcome to forsaken ro
  11. Long time play FRO

  12. Fykka your art is awesome! hope you make me some artwork too? xD
  13. Can't fix this problem

    On your forsakenro file, search for "setup.exe" run it as an admin then change the resolution
  14. Ring, Accessory, Dragon Armor Maker Here!

    nice job! keep it up.