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  1. Just a few things. #NoLogic

    Whitesmith supposed to be melee, that's why the job itself was getting the pnuema. It just this recently buffed of throw tomahawk after few years the cring was useless. Gs full buster has his disadvantaged too. There's delayed between seed n full buster. And recently the hp of gunslinger has been nerfed compared to sniper
  2. Just a few things. #NoLogic

    Sniper da's just fine as is it. You just answered for your suggestion. "Squishy" is the thing why they gave those stats to sniper DA.
  3. You have a chance? So it's not getable by one mystery box? I don't get this part. Thanks in advance
  4. This patch requires about fix of legendary weapon npc? Npc wont take the items.
  5. That's so nice. Excellent job!
  6. Buff LK Frey Blade and Halb

    1Years ago people used ullrs for bb bcause of spam. That what i think should've implementation on freys blade which is reduce after-cast delay on BB skills. No for parry freely, freys has been nerfed back then bcause of this parry, tanking class (high pool hp)+ parry is unbeatable back then. For halberd fyi it does dealing decent damages already. It just about your play style, increasing halb damage is too much for me. If you're with good connection and pings, your spam should be good. Really good for make enemies rhythm seed miserable. +1 for freys blade needs buff (No for parry tho) -1 for halberd buff
  7. Implement Gepard Shield

    Yass please, bump this! I cant wait what will they said about this!
  8. Implement Gepard Shield

    Yes +1 for this. This is the time for cheator learn how to use pure skill.
  9. Top 10 PVPer

    Nowadays too much fake, so lets count legends. bombin! dragon fury airi trong maii heha collin leona sebos dedz
  10. You aint face the reality. These ninjas abused it with 1flip tatami followed by 3spam of FS. even lk with 420k hp ezpz died. And you'll see some great "haxors" spam fs in woe like there was no tomorrow. #MakeFroGreatAgain
  11. Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    nope! I didnt celebrate it TPBM wants fRo to be great and free from imbalance things !
  12. なやぁ〜

    ;w; haroo
  13. I doubt you can understand the magnitude of the stupidity in your statement.

    1. p3wp3w


      Lol ppl are stupid because they don't know they're stupid.


    Well there's no stronger item, we all have same eq. Fkingset,ltd,emp,lhz,acces,ring,valkwep,seed,berrys,converter etc. It just overpower item or no, sorry to say, newbie can easily donate overpower/iMba/bRoken stuff, be "strong" then claim yourself "pro". What a shame. I got your point that you use RM(real money) for this pixel world, sooner or later if server closed, will you end-up crying to gen that you spend your RM here?


    No ray, my point is between note7 n updates nowdays is like that, you pointed it before "like seriously average damage now is 70-100k,i only can do that if my mammo thana and his on gtb" these bug will not showned up if update itself not "Overpower" like bioC 300%++ mammo damage. Why need hundreds %. For forum sake come play back, Or at least test it. Yes no one forced you to donate, but please who'll not /slur if there such hundreds% . Or what i can said,advertisement skill. Cookie, sg got less hp,if u grab 2ol and bb him(he'll default rsx tho) u can tank that, in other words he cant tank that. *based on expriments, you can ask jake,tarishnav,leona both of us pvping with im default 2ol and im use bio(less hp without tgk) sometimes i win,sometimes him. He used sg.G ofc.and i why not grab some token fir buy VR. On WoE, well i dont judge any of this, if you got devo, then you can be sg. Or else, you just suicide there. Back then sg doesnt have valk wep, 4slotted wep. These cards also give big influence to damage u deal, reduce 700% damage for 500% is fine.its 2% tho. 25% hp is fine, without devo sg is dead meat. About kihop, thats natural of sg, you got more guildmate, more high damage you can deal. (Merged some more) to get those kihop efficient :)

    Yeah! what your recieve more high than what you hit. Rip glass cannon

    Wew such fite. My oppinion, dont "bash" me please ! :yes you can counter every job ingame while 1 on 1 pvping, like napalm with gtb or holy armor(since napalm is ghost ele),same trough sg can be counter with some switching, but yeah we aint facing 1on1 in WoE, you go holy armor, ninjas *cough cough* FS ur ass,drop dead. I'm assume This arguement all about nerf shit can be avoid if development-team tested it on test server and use their brain to thinking that damage is OverPower or no in legit duel or WoE before release it. We dont want samsung Note7 upgrades. You know what i mean. *rip gs.g 2016-2016 x
  19. Aloevera Tickets And Or Storage Max

    Yeah why not man. Aloe also need love. Even badges got tickets, why not aloe :)
  20. Xpeasant's S/t/b updated

    Tk bring = gsBring