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  1. -[Memories]- "There are those people who come into your life and after they're gone, you just know your testimony will never be complete without them" There's so many words to describe how much those memories are meant to me. I've grown up, either sorrow nor joyful together as friends. Sadly I've got no guts to say "hi" to them even i want to, I don't want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again . You may be gone, but you'll never be forgotten. Good old days
  2. Nas

    OP range classes

    Buff a sniper is not an good option i would say, it was an AOE damage(FAS) it just could be another broken killer machine. But DS is doable for buff, the DPS for Ds is bit low compared to other ranged skill (arrow vulcan as example). It's good on pvp scene . Regarding whitesmith i'd still say it was broken. As previous persons stated, it was counterable by high priest card (assumptio) and pnuema card. The thing is the damage itself was around 90-100kish. I faced some ws, it tooks me around 5,6 hit for assumptions, either i died by that superfast spam no i burned my seeds. We didn't even talked about vulnerabilities to stone cursed while with ship captain hat & variations of it, unlike other ranged class can at least counterable by puppetring. Gs is okay, though i feel unfairness toward gs. They got so many nerfed, delay,sp consumption,hp. But at other side they were glass cannon range anw. So it's cooh
  3. Nice update. But i don't think gunslinger need nerf, gunslinger class already dead by previous nerf, the delay between pots and spam. But yeah, overall those headgear are awesome.
  4. Nas

    Pet Evolution

    Yeah if that possible why not. +1
  5. "It's better to burn out than fade away"
  6. "I'm always searching for someone, for something. This feeling has possessed me, i think from that day.. That day when the stars came falling. It was almost if.. As if a scene from a dream. Nothing more nothing less than a beautiful view"
  7. One day you'll leave this world behindSo live a life you will remember.
  8. Nas

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    Yeh i do sleepy at the moment. Tpbm is a virgin
  9. Nas

    Count To Infinity

    8 9 3
  10. Nas

    Block option

    At the other side i think you can report those kind of people(mental harassment). To ignored their pms, broadcast and deals it will be all yours (by using /ex name chara) or without it, just be a douche or stone hearted. Glhf
  11. Nas

    Champion G.Ring

    +1 couldn't said much, it is OverPowered. Afaik class here shouldn't be 1hit K.O, it's not like 1ps game that can be headshots by a certain job. So ye ! Nerf it a bit
  12. Nas

    Just a few things. #NoLogic

    Whitesmith supposed to be melee, that's why the job itself was getting the pnuema. It just this recently buffed of throw tomahawk after few years the cring was useless. Gs full buster has his disadvantaged too. There's delayed between seed n full buster. And recently the hp of gunslinger has been nerfed compared to sniper
  13. Nas

    Just a few things. #NoLogic

    Sniper da's just fine as is it. You just answered for your suggestion. "Squishy" is the thing why they gave those stats to sniper DA.
  14. You have a chance? So it's not getable by one mystery box? I don't get this part. Thanks in advance
  15. This patch requires about fix of legendary weapon npc? Npc wont take the items.
  16. That's so nice. Excellent job!
  17. Nas

    Buff LK Frey Blade and Halb

    1Years ago people used ullrs for bb bcause of spam. That what i think should've implementation on freys blade which is reduce after-cast delay on BB skills. No for parry freely, freys has been nerfed back then bcause of this parry, tanking class (high pool hp)+ parry is unbeatable back then. For halberd fyi it does dealing decent damages already. It just about your play style, increasing halb damage is too much for me. If you're with good connection and pings, your spam should be good. Really good for make enemies rhythm seed miserable. +1 for freys blade needs buff (No for parry tho) -1 for halberd buff
  18. Nas

    Implement Gepard Shield

    Yass please, bump this! I cant wait what will they said about this!
  19. Nas

    Implement Gepard Shield

    Yes +1 for this. This is the time for cheator learn how to use pure skill.
  20. Nas

    Top 10 PVPer

    Nowadays too much fake, so lets count legends. bombin! dragon fury airi trong maii heha collin leona sebos dedz
  21. You aint face the reality. These ninjas abused it with 1flip tatami followed by 3spam of FS. even lk with 420k hp ezpz died. And you'll see some great "haxors" spam fs in woe like there was no tomorrow. #MakeFroGreatAgain