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    Nothing beats COFFEE, don't you agree? ^3^

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    Abi, Bubblegum Hime
  1. Aabhiee

    Dbghelp.dll Error

    on what state/situation does the error occur? I have encountered this as-well, re-installing solved mine.
  2. Aabhiee

    Ltd Orange Wind Milestone Hat

    Titles says it all :) Please provide price below. :th_meow:
  3. INTO THE BLUE Ages of adventure, grants you the most unexpected experience in Midgard. Truly, Moby Dick is a legend. :th_ok: ** Aye Captain ! **
  4. Aabhiee

    T>+0 Not Ltd Orange Set

    Hi, what is the c/o or b/o with the orange Imp?
  5. Aabhiee

    S>2 Loki's Seal = 3K

    Hi, would like to trade my skull aura + 100tokens for it.
  6. Aabhiee

    Gs Tracking Is Op Af

    +1 MaiiMaii :th_ok:
  7. Aabhiee

    Favorite Anime Of All Time

    @Vinea, Season2 is up!
  8. Aabhiee

    Gravity Error Ddghelp.dll

    Solved this by Re-Installing the latest All-In-One kRO+fRO files from the site.
  9. Aabhiee

    Custom Mobs

    Can someone update this?. Or is it prohibited to give mob infos from the Raids?
  10. Aabhiee

    Blackwitch Raid

    ooh, NO! 7lovestories so Pro at ART :th_e14:
  11. Aabhiee

    Favorite Anime Of All Time

    Haikyuu / Yowamushi Pedal / Shokugeki No Soma / Ryuugajou Nanana No Maizoukin :th_e8:
  12. Aoi !! How mats for the Wizaaaard ring?! PS: I don't have any idea :th_swt3:
  13. Aabhiee

    +10 Str Stat Food Weight:100

    I got 200. Awaiting offers. :) :th_thx:
  14. Aabhiee

    Gravity Error Ddghelp.dll

    Hi Armstrong, yes it is from the All-In-One download section. I've also run the FRO Patcher. Things I've done so far are: 1.) Copied the dllfiles from Genesis post 2.) Run the CCleaner 3.) Scan the whole computer for any malicious virus/es. PS. I checked my fRO folder, and it has the dbghelp.dll file on it.
  15. Aabhiee

    Gravity Error Ddghelp.dll

    Already tried the dllfiles.zip Genesis posted on the other topic. Still doesn't work for me. Do anyone have an idea how to fix it? PS. Error only occurs when I am farming berries for around 1 hour and so.