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  1. Please make sure that posts like this should be in Suggestions forum. Since this suggestion has been implemented, I'll move this now.
  2. I am proud that my guild, Warsong, has legitimately taken all castles. No cheats, no tricks, just pure teamwork and skills.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Polyphia


      great job 4 thumbs up !!


    3. iKD


      good job! proud WS member here!

    4. dlsmizel


      thanks everyone! looking for the best guild to compete with us!


  3. Good luck everyone!
  4. We try no not to mess around with the original effects.
  5. Closing this.
  6. We are finding ways to make it possible to autoloot multiple items. So far, I believe it is possible to do this. We'll just make official announcement once everything is done.
  7. Let's start with Gunslingers then. Will wait for the current players who are using GS.
  8. Yeah good contents from Rayray too,
  9. There are too many weapons for SinX. Focus more on other jobs that have the least number of weapons.
  10. Reviewed and queued.
  11. Reviewed and agreed.
  12. This is how I wanted people to make suggestions. Reviewed! Can you please list down a summary of effects below? So once we've worked on this, it will be much easier for me and Genesis.
  13. Reviewed and now in queue.
  14. It's 100% in progress.
  15. I'll review on this and get back to you soon.