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  1. dlsmizel

    Crashing at @go 25

    Hey guys, Run the FRO patcher to get the latest updates. For more information >
  2. Long time no visit.

  3. I'm going to Kota Kinabalu on Aug 24-27. Anyone here who lives nearby? Want to meet? :)

  4. dlsmizel

    The Fate of the Gods Episode 3: The Age of Wolves

    It’s been months working on this patch. Finally released! How I love Vera’s creative thinking to create such storyline. All original in FRO. ;)
  5. dlsmizel

    Legendary Arrows Guide (updated)

    best if you can post in suggestions and be as detailed as possible
  6. I am back to working on some FRO projects. Look forward to an BIG update coming.

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    2. ace_30


      cumback is real

    3. faksimili99
    4. dlsmizel


      Glad to see everyone still here and fired up!

  7. dlsmizel

    Modify The Current ForsakenRO Control Panel

    I know it will be a daunting task so I'll leave @Genesis decide on this. :)
  8. dlsmizel

    TK C SET

    There might be a lot of problems if we implement this.
  9. You got a point but this is just a script update. It will need a new patch for us to be able to update the description. FYI @Genesis
  10. This happens to some people. It could be an internet problem. I asked the person who've had this problem to restart computer and router and solved the problem. Let us know if doing so helps you too,.
  11. dlsmizel

    Additional BR and GvG Rules

    I can't pretend to what the hell are you saying? This is a suggestion.
  12. dlsmizel

    Additional BR and GvG Rules

    Well I'm not changing anything, I'm adding more to properly guide a host on making a decision.
  13. dlsmizel

    Additional BR and GvG Rules

    It's an additional rules so yeah everything stays the same. But this is like a proposed guidelines since the rules are very broad imo.