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  1. mmband


    S/T>Stalker B Bat Scarf+Tok=GS B/G Set S/T>Lokis [R] = Freyrs [R]
  2. mmband

    about macro's

    Because macro from 3rd party program.. can be programmed into way more different usage compare to gaming gears macro.... gaming's gear macro are straight forward ... u can only spam thats all meaning u could program it to use seed non stop or when u are clicking ur seed keys .. but a 3rd party macro .. u could program it into auto seed / auto aim / auto spam.... as in you dont even need to care ur seed button... if will press seed only when u get damaged and also no matter where that people hide and emerge u will hit him the instance he arrive near u ...
  3. I think adding ... the tackiness is needed for Prof G ... as obviously Prof G was .. made for the sake of a more suitability built that decreases its matk attacks compare to the other rings .. by only giving boost to vits and dex.. for u to do normal hits... plus the skill siphon soul is a risky skill that have a set back of self dmg if it fails .... hence this built need a high hp and defensive survival .... its OP if those stats are added to a ring that boost alot of its Matk then not only u doing decent bolts but u can tank like hell ..... but for the G ring.. i dont think ur matk dmg is decent at all .. and u mostly concentrate on making it tanky.... would not be surprise if the new weapon doesn't boost magic at all instead ... give additional skills like how High Priest Strike eagle is .... at least is a fresher more unique built ...
  4. +1 on the book type melee bolting built ... but im not fond of adding so many skills onto it .. as u already have like double bolt casted on .. when u hit .. then u hit with soul siphon sonic blow and even thinking of adding asura ? thats like too much ... instead i think u should pair that weapon into the prof G ring [Professor of The Guardian]Vit +25, Dex +20, Max HP +25%, Max SP +20%, Matk +10%, Walking speed +15%,2% chance to cast of Soul Siphon with increased damage by 300% when receiving physical attacks,2% chance to cast of Counter Instinct when receiving physical attacks,Reduce Vit def by 10%, decrease damage taken from magical attacks by 15%, Enable use of Lvl 5 Counter InstinctReduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% by putting in some vit and dex ... so that u could be a melee prof built with spamming bolts and be tanky ... maybe boost abit of soul siphon dmg? i haven tested so i dont really know what kinda damage it does
  5. mmband


  6. mmband


    yr butt hole! lolz.. i think wiz/prof is on weapon and bio on boots... just guessing xD
  7. mmband

    Poor Wiz in PVP and WoE

    it work both ways ... sinx/champ cant really kill u if u know how to play.. if they default gtb u can always safety wall urself they cant hit u.... wiz have a great defensive skills like safety walls , pneuma and even energy coat...
  8. Pally G Ring... is to boost Gloria to constant 32k damage.. but the spam rate delay is so bad.. its only good for trolling and nothing else.... other skills have ways to boost their damage like thru cards or elements or maybe extra skills like x2 or mb's but gloria arent have.... i thought the purpose of making a pally g gloria .. was to make it viable for pvp/woe .. so that pally is no longer a class just for tanking & reflecting and nothing else...... although shield chain is good but then... once GR is up .. i dont see a 2nd option of battling choice for a pally beside gloria which spams so slow... this is just my opinion ... i hate devo pally and reflect built.. no fun xD
  9. S/T>Full Dual Sword C Bio or Full Pally G Set
  10. mmband

    Gepard Error

    I've been absent for like 1 week due to work... ytd upon trying to log in and play for woe ... this error keep on happening to me... anyway to resolve it .... Every Time i try to start the game..when the Gepard Tries to load it errors and i cant play....( PS: I've tried redownload the entire new all in one and it still errors me ) I Tried Patching It or Running It As Admin
  11. mmband

    Not really new- But a late hi to everyone!

    Welcome to the server hope you enjoy!
  12. mmband

    B> Hp B Set

    B> HP B SET Pm me in game or here : Omg! What Have I Done?
  13. please bring back the kitty claw!!
  14. mmband

    Assassin Cross Cursed Ring/Jacket/Scarf

    well i don't see adding HIT to sinx c ring ... makes huge imbalance difference to sinx.... plus giving sinx a HIT boost means that breaker's can now hit people with high flee instead of just purely breaking ...... plus not all sinx only spam skills .. there are sinx who just switch up to odex+infernal dagger and YOLO zerk normal hit... it would be sad to keep seeing miss~~~ +1
  15. -1 i think the only buff for sb type sinx ... are just like stalkers where if u get link ur link cant be dispell beside tarots xD