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  1. gunxsword11

    MvP Room

  2. gunxsword11

    Kinky Milfy. Signature & B/S/T Shop.

    and hentai .... HAHAHAHAHA what sorcery is this ? i never got it !!
  3. gunxsword11

    Add more Hot-keys

    well with /bm turned all ... u will have 3 skill bars u can use 1st - f1 ~ f9 or Z ~ . 2nd - Q ~ P 3rd - A ~ L We're pre-renewal set up ... so we prob dont have the expandable 5 skill bars (w/ 1 ~ 9 & Z ~ > is separate from 1st bar)
  4. gunxsword11

    Convenience for both Veterans and Newbies alike

    well we do have pallet town ....... but taurus is big and the house are big hahahahha but its nice cause its where safari is
  5. gunxsword11

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    wuts this for ?
  6. gunxsword11

    Nolifer looking for a guild

    COME @GO 11 WE KIDNAP U !! ... You'll never be lonely !! But you'll lose a kidney hahahahaha AWOOOO
  7. gunxsword11

    I'm just a struggling Ferret who happens to be a Stalker

    Well u prob need to test donate items for stalker to know ... cause legend items for stalker doesnt do much damage i guess ?
  8. gunxsword11

    Convenience for both Veterans and Newbies alike

    and here i am just hoping for a pikachu pet HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but yah this is good as long people wont abuse the holes too much hahaha
  9. gunxsword11

    Convenience for both Veterans and Newbies alike

    NEW KIDNAP !!! ...... wuts ur IGN in game ? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lemme add u to discord then XD ...... for the jobs jobs wooooooooo Yah thats the point its bound meaning the job will stay with ur char as long as u accept it ..... now imagine if someone just stays there the entire day just to hoard/rsv jobs on DIFF chars on DIFF accounts (changing IPs) ...... then u can prob hoard it on ur own assuming others were slow enough for that to happen or isn't even there when the job was posted ..... no offense but aside from newbies even the old players still need income and sometimes it goes overboard ...... but yah just stating a possibility so if they can come up with a way to prevent that then thats a good thing
  10. gunxsword11

    Convenience for both Veterans and Newbies alike

    This is nice but might be a lot of work cause i can already think of a lot of ways on how it would be unfair if this wqs abused like take 5 different jobs per char then change and hoard .... even if u put IP block Since the job expires 1 week ... u can just literally take job > log out change ip > take new job repat hoard (assuming its a reserve kind of board jobs) To be honest I already do this in our Guild and it really helps newbies grow with their own effort ... a lot of friends of mine & strangers were nice enough to gib jobs to us and i post it .. reserve it .. then give the payment. We also do mvping tgt mostly before to kill time and people even come to us to hire raiders , our more geared ones, and they can earn with hard work Basically what i just do and will always do is just open opportunities for my newbies and its up to them to make the most of it . NEWBIES WELCOME TO JOIN FREE KIDNAPPP GO 11 HAHAHAHHA AWOOOOOO
  11. gunxsword11

    Donation Tokens Sale to Increase Token Flow

    milly is hentai ... +1 to this though buwahahaha and yeah that NPC that can help us swap shit in our storage convert to tokens will be helpful OR raise the conversion rate of ETOKS vs FTOKS via NPC cause currently its 1:1 ... if you'd make it like 1 etok : 3 ftoks .... THEN people would might even join ALL events keep the server alive since they can literally farm tokens !!! you can even make this a temporary thing just to solve the current crisis in the market
  12. gunxsword11

    PvP NPC in Main Town Active

    bring back old PK @go 15 hahahahahah
  13. gunxsword11


    so far the clearest reply i've ever read in forums LMAO
  14. gunxsword11

    Legendary Emperium Aura

    Well to begin with ... Non-ltd/Ltd Emps are meant to be rewards for woe and it wasn't that many compared to now since you'll still see people woe-ing with donate aura's but still manage to go toe-to-toe with others .... but you have to understand that this was the time when guild competition isn't that dead compared to now WHICH makes emps very valuable and the price was appropriate at that time (got no idea about the colors though LMAO) ...... also cheaper doesn't really mean its always good since if its goes too low then it makes items useless and not worth selling .... since stuff being cheaper is usually a sign that the market is deteriorating (which we all know already) WELL if they manage to give stats that wont out-do the donates (so not to ruin the market more) or give donate aura a lil boost to balance sht or something ... then maybe since its quest and with relatively goood effect - making it rental/nontradable is another option to look at since there's a definite line between permanent & temporary items that would prevent stuff from tipping over