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  1. gunxsword11

    December 2018: Christmas Spirit

    Catch Santa - - - = ===== =========== ================ They say Christmas is the Season of Giving The time for Forgiveness, a place to for Memories But I believe Christmas means different for each and one of us We All have our very own ways to Celebrate and different ways to spend it Though I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with me here That Spending it Christmas with your Love Ones Is still the Best Feeling of them all ============ ======= = - - - Uncrowned Kings | • Noob •
  2. gunxsword11

    Make Gunslinger Guardian Cape Usable Again!!

    ya since its a special class like ninja, SL and TK (w/o rank) all have low hps ... but the rings and weaps gives hp boost that allows it to fare with the other jobs ... though regarding the Fsold thing - i think that applies for ALL long range ... though currently even w/o shiphat and even if u default fsold - nd gring damage spam would still be same or better than other long range classes (sniper/GS-FB/WS etc) But mainly as long as its spams good and does decent fair damage ... then people would play it simple as that ... if its a bit OP then people will "surely" play it HAHAHA
  3. gunxsword11

    Make Gunslinger Guardian Cape Usable Again!!

    i should reword that sorry hahaha ... u commented that on a diff thread i saw it - was made a punching bag out of it and saw the gears and we tried diff sht for it - i tried using it as well but i suck at it so u can remove that like i said 420% > 320% is still probably still too "high" to be considered balance ...... from 250k it'll just drop to 180k - ish .... + it will be spammable ? thats like always 2x ..... so it has too be a bit more lower than that if u want it to be playable i also agree on this ... it just so happens that i specified more on the cons o.o this is definitely a good idea but with wat u just suggested it wont fly - if u wanna nerf both of them .... then gs gring should only be around 270%+ boost *woops missed the "or a balanced value"
  4. gunxsword11

    Make Gunslinger Guardian Cape Usable Again!!

    i think you placed it on another thread not in this one ... wat u said "here" didnt mention ANY of those thus explains why my reply is like that since i read everything u said "here" LOL Since casting only gets cancelled if u get hit ... when ur in Devo - pally takes the hit (meaning u dont get hit = no cancel) ... Wat i'm just saying is that based on wat u just said "on this thread" (didnt mention anything about lowering damages) .... then using GRING w/o cooldowns would rekt everyone Also the devo-ish also applies in SG Gring ... though its OP damage but low HP - can easily get rekted (normal builds) ... it just so happens the nature of the skill is melee based compared to GS Gring which is trigger based ... though sg gring is still usuable even w/o devo - ND Gring in that sense is the same ... still usable it kills right ? I saw 3 people play this build and tested it before - even in duels and it recked people even w/ the cast (fast cast though) ... but they had a diff playing style and was only applicable for 1v1 or literally hit'n'run strategies from far away (not for rumble/close combat) .... AND IT KILLS AND IT WAS PLAYABLE but i do understand your point that people would prefer to use ND Gring rather than Gring itself so its a waste of Gring and some revisions are needed ... but right now you have to acknowledge that ... thats only because ND GRING KILLS PEOPLE despite being NON-DONATE and does 120k+ clean damage fast spam ..... it beats snipers and FB-GS even stronger than tomawk right now If they nerf it then that would be FINE (u didnt mention on this thread) .... if not then forget about it - it'll break the balance of all classes Also 420% > 320% is still high ... that will just be like from 250k > 180k - still high af ... then spammable ? would still ruin classes .... has to be lower *DISCLAIMER : I only answered based on what i READ here specifically on this thread ONLY thanks
  5. gunxsword11

    Make Gunslinger Guardian Cape Usable Again!!

    Well tracking was meant to be a 1 hit kill skill thats "long range" ... u can just spam on ND GRING cause it got lower stats than donate thats it (lower damage/lower delay)... if u can spam on Gring (higher damage/higher delay) then it will kill all of the classes ... i mean some people can already spam like sht and kill a lot on ND Gring averaging with 120k+ damage per spam .... imagine if u can spam GRING that fast with 200~250k+ damage then you can just 2 hits most jobs and 3~4hit knight jobs which will break the balance of other classes Also if u think about it .... try lvl 10 provoke (very easy temporary buff) on nd gring ~ damage would go up to like 180~240k per spam ... and its even spammable unlike asura which is even if its spammable its still A LOT slower compared to GS spam .... if u can spam on GRING then voke lvl 10 that can even rich 270~300k per spam ... u can basically 2 hit people already ....... though this trick works good on all classes ... but it still show how OP it would be thats why gring got cast to compensate. so not sure since for me gring is playable ... i mean if u put devo (thats phen effect already i think) ... then u can play GRING (party based though like SG GRING need devo mostly) and wipe people .... thats just what i think anyway loooooooool
  6. well if this came to be ~ then they'll prob need other new builds for other jobs as well if they're gonna make a new ring over all
  7. gunxsword11

    Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    oh thanks thought so ... freebies from donating buwahahaha
  8. gunxsword11

    Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    where do u get mystery boxes again ?? freebies from donating ?? ahahahaha forgot
  9. gunxsword11

    Legendary Kunai (a disputable suggestion)

    ninja did get nerfed before i think ? a lot of people using it before though ..... well all died now hahahah
  10. gunxsword11

    This Or That?

    got no idea wat is that HAHAHAHAHAHA Open pervert or Closet pervert
  11. gunxsword11

    Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

  12. gunxsword11

    November 2018: Haunted PLACE

    A Cursed Town Have you ever heard of the story of "Moonlight" ? It is said that deep within Payon Cave , there exist a village where Moonlight Flower lives Moonlight has always been cheerful and up-going fulfilling her role as guardian of the moon. ... but one day an epidemic came that forced everyone to never leave the cave Slowly ... running out of supplies everyone in the village died leaving Moonlight all Alone Even so Moonlight fulfilled her duty and stayed hoping that some day this people would come back ... but they never came Today , it is said that if you ever see Moonlight she will ask you to play ... but she asks a weird request afterwards ... she asks you to STAY The Legend says that if you denied her offer ... then she will forever trap your soul (horong) so that you may never leave We all thought that it was just made-up , so my friend went ahead to check it up ... but he never came back I followed him and what i saw is just a cold body! ....... and from a far i can see a soul-like figure Never would have I known ... that this made-up story ... would actually be deadly Hunted Place : A Cursed Town (pay_dun04) | Uncrowned Kings - Noob
  13. gunxsword11

    Better way to preview Color Palettes

  14. gunxsword11

    Add more Hot-keys

    yah BM works hahaha ..... i think its about being able to expand the skill bar and have 4 bars rather than 3 hahaha ..... but yah old client :<
  15. gunxsword11

    Costume for the FAB FAM!!!