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  1. gunxsword11

    Stalker adding Valkyrie Weapon Dagger

  2. gunxsword11

    August 2018: Best PARTNER?!

    GOALS Days were dull, boring, and so hard to get motivation ... Yet One person came and changed it all ... she gave me inspiration ~ When days were colorless and monotone'd ... In my darkest day ... she was my Light ~ Whenever I lost my way she gives me a good kick to get me back When I'm lazy ... she teases me and push my back She showed me that I can do more ... She is my Goal I love you Uncrowned Kings - Noob
  3. gunxsword11

    Collectors Item

    wut candy aura ?
  4. gunxsword11

    looking for a guild

  5. gunxsword11

    Pretty lonely

  6. gunxsword11


  7. gunxsword11


    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😛
  8. gunxsword11

    Battleground rewards, event updates, and accessory sale!

    Just want to clarify ... so what about the other days of the weekdays ? BG is unli ? whats the sched for days not mentioned ... cause like now - not mentioned but have bg hahahaha .... just wanna cheeeeeck if can spaaaaaaaaaaam loooooooooool
  9. gunxsword11

    Battleground rewards, event updates, and accessory sale!

    today friday - aug 24 - 06:03:40 server time .... but BG still open , just want to clarify if this is a bug cause BG still open till now which should have closed 6 hrs ago ?? .... the sched didnt say anything about it being open friday server time .... so does that mean BG is unli ? just wanted to make sure
  10. gunxsword11

    searching for guild

    welcome bro GG ...... welcome to the darkside WOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. gunxsword11

    An open letter to everyone.

    Well honestly speaking .... server is filled with old players trying to kill some time and newbies trying to explore .... the only demerit here would be is that i guess newbies having hard time competing in MVP and PvP (thats prob a given since they new so some would really suck) but thats not really a problem .... the problem is some very pro people diss this "newbies" for trying RATHER than encourage or tell them properly "hey u prob need to do more quest first so u can match up" ... but no most people just say "U SUCK DONT EVER COME BACK U ANNOYING" ... Yes newbies are less geared but SOME are really trying and are really good ... they need encouragement from the community NOT that shitty talks ... i know its part of pvp and some newbs are really rude BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN U MUST TREAT "ALL" NEWBIES LIKE THAT ... then i see people complain "no competition so boring" i mean seriously ? u just diss or crush newbies hopes to get better then u say this ? I'm not saying all pro pro players do that but majority does ... its really just common sense if u got something against 1 person then dont take it out on EVERYONE u see that's also new ... if u see someone who needs direction then give hints or warnings before u do sht like "yow u prob need to complete ur stuff first before coming here - people will kill u" (applies for mvp/pvp) ..... at least u gave them a heads up on what they need to work on and what to expect .... which is a LOT better than "oh a newbie DIE .. oh u got complains ? not my fault u suck dont talk to me" ..... And maybe a new item quest that will help newbies bridge the gap from semi-geared to full geared since mostly the newbies are use to earning max of 400 toks or so then suddenly need 2k toks or more just to make rings & acce then 1k for weap & aura for set (mainly for f2p) .... though its prob cause market is shtty atm .... since i always see newbies get discouraged or feel lazy to continue after knowing lol ..... THOUGH yes we who have survived lived with it hahaha but really each person has diff likes and if we want to get as much players as we can ... then they prob need a bit more support (not being bias here but if that means we get more people = longer players = more geared people = better competition ... then yah A BIT would be enough just so they wont let go)
  12. gunxsword11

    I Need Some Help!!

    suuuuuuuuuuup ~ need boost ? LOL ya @warp for_fild06 prob best map for levelling here ... if someone will boost u much easier XD cause can be hard when low lvl for the gepard crash hmmm dunno , maybe try making sure ur patcher is updated ? might solve problem :3
  13. gunxsword11

    searching for guild

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup ~ can join UK @go 11 we kidnap u GG
  14. gunxsword11

    This Or That?

    black dog or cat ?
  15. gunxsword11

    New Big City and "Item aprecial" NPC