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  1. March 2018: Best POSE!

    DEATH ANGEL "... Hear me humans and listen well ... ... Offer your life without resistance As an act of mercy , there shall be no pain ..." " ... However if u refuse , you shall die painfully and in despair ... Burn this sight into your minds for it shall be your last ... I have no use for Last words ... so remember my name ... " ... for I am DEATH ... IGN : OVER•LORD / wizowiz
  2. Let me share with you a glimpse of Something that makes her Special .... Once upon a time in a far Forsaken land , two sights entwined ... in a place so easily taken for granted yet its where every journey started ~ Boy : " I shall be the Greatest Knight of all ! I swear upon your highness that I will be worthy of your princess " Girl : " ... but you to nooooooooooob and clueless haha xD , LF> strong man /gg " Boy : *shockeeeeed* spams /OTL !! King : " o.o " 30 secs later ... boy refuse to give up /pif Boy : " Don't you worry my princess for I am the strong man you've been looking for <3 *shows mucles* " Girl : " ehhhhhhhh ? .... i think that frog on your head looooks way stronger than youuuu :P " Boy : *SHOCKED & DESPAIR* ......... frog zoned a moment of silence pls </3 .... sob sob sob sob Girl : " Hahahaha ..... whats wrong ? weren't you going to be the Greatest Knight of all ? /gg " Boy : " ................................................................. " Girl : " LOL .... why so noooob :P " Boy : " ..... i-i-i'll become the greatest knight just watch >.< !! ... then i'll marry you even though you boooooooooolly !! T____T " Girl stares at the Boy and smiles ~ Girl : " .... haha there's no need to be saaaaaad nooooooob , i dont neeed strong man :P " Boy : " bu - but but you just saaaid tha - ....... *was disturb* Girl : " shhhh !! i know what i said noooooob ......... " Girl *whispers to herself* ... but i prefer a honest nooob like you ~~~ " Boy : " whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ?!?! .... oy i didn't hear what you saaaaaaaay ?! >___< " Girl : " Nothingggggg ......... bleeeeeeeeeh :P " Boy : " oy thats unfair .... say say !! " Girl : " D o n ' t w a n t :P " Boy was strucked by how the girl smiled right after and fell into silent ...... even though he got no idea what just happened he felt relieved ... <3 <3 <3 KING : wtf is wrong with this two ... first that's not my daughter ... second why u sitting on my throne that's for me and my queen ... and HOW DID U GET IN HERE !! =.= Boy : " oy king got mad what we do ? " Girl : " dont know , its cause you noooob :P " Boy : " HOW IS IT MY FAAAAAAAAAAAULT >.< " King : " ok thats it ....... OFF WITH YOUR HEAD !! " Boy & Girl stares at each other .... Girl : " I guess we run haha xD " *grabs boy's hand* Boy : " whuuuuuuuuuuut *starstrucked* .................. *__* (OMG I CAN DIE HAPPY!!!) Girl : " whats wrong nooooob ? lets goo !! ~ lets explore more ..... together <3 " ...... and they lived happily ever after THE END ~ NOTE : You don't need some expensive gift or extravagant place to make something special ... It is the feelings within and the moments you share that makes Something Special <3
  3. @shopjump

  4. New Year's Resolution A letter to Me wizowiz / †Flash† - uncrownedkings Go #11 Gonryun City , Forsaken RO January 01 , 2018 Dear Future Wizo , Yooow crazy mofo you still alive ? hope you still adorable hahaha ... If you still are , then I just want to remind you of something very important we did today that forever changed our life. So what so special about today you ask !? Its New Year ! but its not just any ordinary new year of course . I know we never really had a great life to brag and I know these past years were just the same - a waste of time . It was just simply a day like any other day - whether its father's day , valentines day or even our very own birthday it didn't matter . One thing never changed - A day ... wont keep the problems away :) . We had a lot of issues back then aside from a broken family we grew up without a real father . Mom was always busy & away trying to earn hard for us to have something to eat but in the end for us it was pointless cause the problems were just to big and we even got kicked out and became homeless ... we begged relatives to help but it was useless - we were too young & immature to even try to understand this ... we were selfish - we rebelled thinking we already know whats right and didn't care - we did whatever we want even if it made people suffer .... we cursed the world and asked " why me? ..... " . So we tried literally anything that would make us happy but we were blind ... we were too naive. Soon after it was already too late to realized we made more mistakes and no matter how hard we try, the things we did can never be erased ... all hope was lost. Soooooooo of course today isn't about reminding you of all the bad things hahaha xD ... cause you know the funny thing here is that the moment you and I gave up ? was the day we had this unforgettable encounter with this red girl of the snow. At first it meant nothing it was silent then we start to talk and it made us curious ... "how is it that your different yet so similar to me ? ..." then it began. Each day passed and every single day we learn more ... we learned how things can be so different simply by looking at it in a different perspective where there's endless possibilities that lies beyond. We learned that solutions doesn't just come in a day or on its own ... but rather its made with your hands. It was then we realize how foolish & blind we were to not see the effort of others for us, how we regretted wasting all those years to selfishness ... and how slowly yet surely we started to believe things will change so today to start things right we made a new year's resolution - to start a new. That we will repay all the effort that others did for us specially our mom - to completely change our shitty lifestyle and to work hard that someday we may grow respectable in the eye of others - and that we may become a person that this wonderful red girl will be proud of :) - I was your past and your my future so i write this letter to you, to remind you how lucky we were to find a new meaning in our life and to be able to realize .... that its never too late have a future. P.S - if your still with her make sure to continue taking care of her she's very precious - she changed our life afterall , if not WTF U DOING BRO CHASE HER U MOFO Your Adorable Past , wizowiz _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***NOTE TO MY PAST SELF FROM THE FUTURE - ITS BEEN 29 DAYS I ALREADY HAVE A JOB AND IM STILL WITH HER SO FU WE DID IT & SEE YOU NEXT YR HAHAHA***
  5. Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    Q> where to get this materials for xmas raid ?? .......... i think 'letters to santa' & 'sweet milk' can be farmed but the cookie and xmas gift boxes got no idea where to get ? would really appreciate any help thanks GM :)
  6. December 2017: Holiday Memories

    Spirit of Christmas Once on a special time of the year You hear laughter with Joy along with Cheers Ho ho ho as the Jingle Bells ring Yo ho ho when the Carols Sing You see a Night filled with dreams As Children prepare their socks and mitts “Shhhhhhhhh” Santa climbs down the chimney Places the gifts under the tree Oh! what wonderful time of the year Love ones come home to share a beer! Aside from drinks you can also walk A lot of chitchats some get-together talk Of course, how can we forget Going out with friends doing random shit! Though some go out on Dates To be with their beloved as the last snowflake fades But for me what I would say “Yolo mofo!” enjoy the holiday For wherever I ‘am & wherever you are The Spirit of Christmas will always be in our hearts! IGN: wizowiz WE ARE ADORABLE
  7. New And Looking For Friends

    Welcome !! feel free to drop by at @go 22 if you ever need some help our guild •The|Hunted• will help, also feel free to join if you want :3
  8. Rgm > The Hunters For Newbies

    I don't know if we could ask for another set of guild package, but YES we already gave guild package to be claimed from the GM
  9. Rgm > The Hunters For Newbies

    Go to @go 22 for invites , welcoming everyone specially new ones hahaha , this is a guild for fun and everything but with respect please thanks :D
  10. Why Did This Happen? Please Help Me.

    me too im encountering the same problem\