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  1. Happy Holidays from Forsaken RO!

    Q> where to get this materials for xmas raid ?? .......... i think 'letters to santa' & 'sweet milk' can be farmed but the cookie and xmas gift boxes got no idea where to get ? would really appreciate any help thanks GM :)
  2. December 2017: Holiday Memories

    Spirit of Christmas Once on a special time of the year You hear laughter with Joy along with Cheers Ho ho ho as the Jingle Bells ring Yo ho ho when the Carols Sing You see a Night filled with dreams As Children prepare their socks and mitts “Shhhhhhhhh” Santa climbs down the chimney Places the gifts under the tree Oh! what wonderful time of the year Love ones come home to share a beer! Aside from drinks you can also walk A lot of chitchats some get-together talk Of course, how can we forget Going out with friends doing random shit! Though some go out on Dates To be with their beloved as the last snowflake fades But for me what I would say “Yolo mofo!” enjoy the holiday For wherever I ‘am & wherever you are The Spirit of Christmas will always be in our hearts! IGN: wizowiz WE ARE ADORABLE
  3. New And Looking For Friends

    Welcome !! feel free to drop by at @go 22 if you ever need some help our guild •The|Hunted• will help, also feel free to join if you want :3
  4. Rgm > The Hunters For Newbies

    I don't know if we could ask for another set of guild package, but YES we already gave guild package to be claimed from the GM
  5. Rgm > The Hunters For Newbies

    Go to @go 22 for invites , welcoming everyone specially new ones hahaha , this is a guild for fun and everything but with respect please thanks :D
  6. Why Did This Happen? Please Help Me.

    me too im encountering the same problem\