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  1. symphony37

    Stalker Bless(dex) need some slight buff

    +1 to this, a small ds dmg boost and hp boost on stalker wont hurt compared to most OP classes atm.
  2. symphony37

    Regarding the skill Delays

    +1 to this since ppl were using "thirdparty programs" to abuse the spam those delays were implemented, no point to put delays now because gepard is already implemented. Please bring back the legit card combinations and spam.
  3. symphony37


    S>Brutal AOG(Black) 2.2k pm me ingame MikkaellStalksYou
  4. symphony37


    Ahem ahem. RIP GS Guardian. Ahem
  5. symphony37

    S>Full Gs B Ring Set Lbo

  6. symphony37

    Taekwon (New Rings And Weapon)

    +1 to this, even a lord knight drops like a fly when hit with that 1000% tornado kick. The way it is now is still actually playable. I mean I still see 1 tk killing 4-5 ppl without even having a pally and a x2. And I know getting to the top 10 is not easy, but its not impossible either, of course, who wont be motivated by that 1000% boost and that 3x hp boost once you get to top 10? And dont tell me that once a stance proc that its hard to press that qwer on that keyboard. :D
  7. symphony37

    S> +0 Ullr's = [ T O K E N S] Just Offer

    trade to my lk bhalb message me here if deal. thanks
  8. when d*mb pips open their mouth without thinking. laughable

  9. I'll try to make an HP guardian and see who'll cry about it. Meheheheh

  10. I'll try to make an HP guardian and see who'll cry about it. Meheheheh

  11. symphony37

    Gs Tracking Is Op Af

    LOL. Actually, almost all of the rings are being made now, but I think you don't know. I see stalkers, assassins, even ninja guardians who tried the build. but you, you don't even have a single guardian ring don't you? sheesh. and tbh its already 500% and has cast delay, you still think a guardian GS can own you in 1v1 if you just know how to switch and counter? lel. you only complain where in fact you haven't even tested. I did sir. so you can go and try it in game now. I am committed to the build and the class, that's why I'm sticking up for it no matter how sudden the changes where. SHEESH :D and no need to thank ODIN for that int build ws. coz if someone makes it and owns everyone in the field using it, you will really not thank odin, but i know you'll take down notes on how to nerf it. lel.
  12. symphony37

    Gs Tracking Is Op Af

    This is the dmg now with 500% and with cast. but then of course I wont let that happened so I used up all my buffs and redueled. boom 2 hits. and here comes the complains again. lol
  13. symphony37

    Gs Tracking Is Op Af

    Good questiong, yep, I dueled someone with knox and holy armor and my 116k track became 70k. even my grandma can outseed that. and of course if they use shippy, just put puppetring and boom you counter them. there it is again, my point, find ways to counter it. coz trust me, i have done everything to make my gs effective in pvp events and woe. :D
  14. Crab mentality, if I can't have it, neither can you. Lol