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  1. Exchange Voucher NPC

    The reason for this is to avoid bugs and bug abuse. I think its better to be "hands-on" when it comes to these things.
  2. Pneuma and Safetywall

    After reading and reviewing everything here again, it seems majority of the community is against this.
  3. Pneuma and Safetywall

    No i am not the one who decides, if the suggestion has a positive feedback then we will "consider" adding it. Take note, i have no power in influencing the other developers. I am also voicing out my opinion as a fellow player. If a suggestion has a lot of positve feedback then my job is to bring it up to the admins for the final judgement. I will leave it to the community to decide if i should bring it up or not. The final judgement is still given by genesis
  4. Regulate TK Ranking Points

    +1 if it will reduce by a percentage every month
  5. Pneuma and Safetywall

    If I were to give my personal thoughts though, this suggestion would be the lazy way by changing the system as a whole. Instead of relying on "pure skills" like switching armors and stuffs, why not ask the game to allow this suggestion. Im sorry but this is how I view this suggestion as a whole. This would be a good suggestion in other servers especially low rate servers but we are a mid rate server and im seeing more people opposed to this idea rather than supporting this.
  6. Pneuma and Safetywall

    I'll wait for more opinions on this, but it seems as though this is going in a negative direction.
  7. Regulate TK Ranking Points

    Active taekwon mains would disagree to this. Though this is a good idea, we need to consider those rankers who spent "years" yes years to maintain their top 10 position. As for those inactive on the taekwon ranks, they will naturally be pushed down by new rankers.
  8. fed up with the same

    Hello, please file a ticket if you have the need to do so. this is not the place to post this. I'll be closing this.
  9. Count To Infinity

  10. Type The Username, Above You, With Your Elbow!

    samnj icf sa bn,lre EHH? I have fat elbows JFC
  11. Tpbm[The Person Below Me]

    Nope! Im a student TPBM drives a car
  12. This Or That?

    Brownies iOS or Android?
  13. Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

  14. Fykka's Gallery Art with a Little Story

    This gives alot of meaning especially if you know the story behind the drawing. Great work fykka!! I hope to see more of your work in the future!!