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  1. faksimili99

    SL Guardian Ring

    Did you know currently there is a probability only 1 kind of that ring exist? And I am the one who created it, all by my own. SOO HARD. But eventually I sold it for 2k includes the SL Highness. I feel bad about it. The updated version is good enough but the compatibility with the Highness is very low. I suggested to create a new version of weapon, rather than keep changing the effect of the ring because this new effect is very good, if you ask me.
  2. My money stock is vanishing. THE CAFETERIA EATS MY MONEY.

  3. faksimili99

    Ragnarok has been crashed!

    BUMP. Same thing happened to me, i use the Reset Position system in control panel. Unfortunately, it sent me back to fcity and the same error happened again and again. Luckily my main character is now at @Go veins. I'll save that map as my current base for now.
  4. faksimili99

    Selling Good Gears for token UPDATED!!

    zol, bagi sikit seed tix kat aq, sedekah dapat pahala :D Offer Full.Wiz G set
  5. faksimili99

    Celebrating 10 years at Forsaken RO!

    The changelog of Soul Guardian Ring is still hasn't changed. Was the new effect in place already or wasn't? The SL Guardian Ring that I have now is still there with me even before the update. Do I need to build a new SL Guardian Ring to have the new effect? FOR REAL???
  6. faksimili99

    RTF love you guys! :)

    Aww, I am cute <3
  7. faksimili99

    Help, my screenshot is colorless

    okay so wtf is this? I did some screenshots but the pics were colorless.
  8. faksimili99

    Screen/Character/Resolution Problem pls help.

    Go to the setting and change the resolution to suit your taste.
  9. faksimili99

    Q>Ring maker

    Higher than the usual price of course.
  10. faksimili99

    Price Check: B> Skull aurora, Soul linker Blessed ring.

    Skull Aurora = 6k What?? Can you believe me? I lied.
  11. faksimili99

    Server Population Increase Goal

    I don't know if I am correct but, as far as I know [GM]Genesis and [GM]Veracity has this tracker of something that to put it simply based in my understanding, it can track the user of an account (and more than 1 account;2,3,4...) as long as the user log-in the game from the same connection or a same computer. Now you must know that I am talking about the same user of those accounts. Basically, my point is perhaps the loophole of #MEG's second idea may be 50% fixed. However, if the tracker has it's other high-tech options that [GM]Genesis & [GM]Veracity know, they can use the tracker to other users of the same accounts no matter what account they have, only then this loophole has a probability of 99.9% be closed. Therefore, the referrer cannot ever use their side kick accounts to give benefits to his/her main account. JUST A REMINDER: DO NOT SAY SUCH A HIGHLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY LIKE THIS IS NOT EXIST. THIS IS 2017. C'MON USE UR BRAIN. In any way, these sentences are not an idea but just simply sentences. My brother was the one who told me about this tracker of something that only [GM]Genesis and probably [GM]Veracity..have it too. He was a veteran in FRO since 2007, yes since this server CAME OUT. I joined my brother since 2009 although he quit in 2010/2011. P/S:Kousty.
  12. faksimili99

    TK C SET

    agree. -1 what is wrong with you all? i'll give you an example. lets say asura can deal 999k dmg and you want to buff it more? wow...
  13. faksimili99

    When will be the next update? Excited about it :D

    Recently, there was a thread about how to live up the market again which was started by me and it received a lot of attention and positive comments. We are now just waiting for GM(s) to give their answers to that. If they agree to accept my and a little bit of other players' ideas, I believe the market won't be like now again(dead). I saw another thread and there was a comment that said something like *the damage of backstab from SL G Ring can reach up from 40k-70k but the fact the skill can only be done from the back, it is so bad.* something like that. First of all, idk how the damage can reach that high after I've tried many changes to my SL(I have the G ring) but even if it is true, I agree that the succeed chance to BT is so low. If you want to compare it to Bio's mammon which has higher damage and does not need to stay behind the enemy at all to do a successive attack, the more you'll realise how unimportant is the G ring of SL. I am sorry that it seems I am just talking about SL but actually I am just giving an EXAMPLE. After all, comparing Bio to SL is kinda stupid. I am sorry. However, there are other things that need to be checked into.
  14. faksimili99

    When will be the next update? Excited about it :D

    I agree that most of the suggestions made by the players are *stupid* . They either want the items to be buffed or the opposite rather than making it *playable fairly but full of tactics*. However, there are quite a few of the suggestions made by them which I think are good and have to be updated. For example, the effect of SL G ring needs to be updated although there are some players that have already made some suggestions about what to change to that ring. However, I personally think that those ideas need more thought. Nevertheless, players need to come up with better( I meant it) suggestions about what items that need to be updated rather than creating some childish opinion that is just based on what they see. They should observe rather than see, after all. I understand, we have our own personal life outside this digital game but perhaps just by giving a simple opinion on what the players are getting into is helpful enough to show that you are observing us. We need that kind of proof. Anyway, I totally understand about what you typed here, don't worry we(players) are not hating the GM(s) unless there are a few players do hate you.