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  1. Taekwon Boy/ Taekwon Master Build

    y my damge still low like 4k per hit even use skill still 4k damge.....note im not ranker yet.. still nid to ranker to do high damge?
  2. Ws Guide To Ct

    IS WSc works on CT?
  3. March 2015: Total Hangover

    Im very Drunk so nid to relax to get a hangover!!!
  4. Question About Lk Halberd?

    i know is stack 2 FBHC srry if misunderstanding. i mean 2 fhbc + the weapon increase damage on demi-human 107% is this is stack? if this is not stack at all is just a useless
  5. Question About Lk Halberd?

    for what akhilesh say only in pvp or woe. is not affect in normal map like for_fild01. but the concern is, if the FBHC stack on during woe or pvp. hope someone confirm this and reply to this topic. and we have the right know if this is implemented.:)
  6. Question About Lk Halberd?

    now i know that this stat have effect thx. but 1 more question you sad that increase damage on demi-human 90% + increase damage on demi-human 17% the weapon itself have this. so the TOTAL DAMAGE INCREASE is 107% so u dont need to use 2 pcs FBHC on your boots because is not stack at all during WOE only?
  7. Question About Lk Halberd?

    and also if +0 LK halberd increase damage on demi-human 60% trigger? and if +9 or higher Increase damage on demi-human 30% trigger? or this two stat will add even +0 or higher. am i right or not?
  8. Question About Lk Halberd?

    i am sorry if this is not the right i post here but my concern is that about the stat stated in halberd example this: Effects only in WOE and PVP increase damage on demi-human 60 % refine +6 or higher increase damage of pinpoint and hundred spear by 80% refine+9 or higher increase damage on demi-human 30% is this have effect during woe? or is just for image. i appreciate your comment thank you so much.
  9. How to Summon Thanatos

    we nid to talk to NPC to appear THANA?