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  1. Danger

    Hall Of Fame!

    Week 479 (02/16/18) - (02/23/18) #1 BillY D. Kid #2 Brianology #3 Chick Saw Week 480 (02/23/18) - (03/02/18) #1 Admirer.IV #2 Hydrogen.. #3 Hannah Baker Week 481 (03/02/18) - (03/09/18) #1 BillY D. Kid #2 Hannah Baker #3 Bordz[Knight] Week 482 (03/09/18) - (03/16/18) #1 BillY D. Kid #2 Lillynette Gingerbuck #3 Chedder
  2. Danger

    Exchange Voucher NPC

    Yup, it was discussed previously (as GM Team)
  3. Danger


    @TheLittleBugger is right, file ticket for this
  4. Danger

    Help! Can't start FRO!!

    add me at https://facebook.com/GM.Danger/ and will try help you
  5. Danger

    Help! Can't start FRO!!

    Hello please check this post: https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/32736-english-technical-support-tutorial/#whitescreenfixoldwin
  6. Danger


    Main Rule is: "Trust NO One" (in fact, you shouldn’t trust me when saying this to you :D) PM me here if you in game, I can give you some items for to amend your loss (Str Gaunts and also some legendary Aura) Aalso (if you want), you can file a case against him via support ticket but it will require in game proof that you lend the items to him (FB screens are not enough)
  7. Danger


    It's allowed as long as you are legit about that. this means not using macros to reach that speed and then NOT stopping the moment a GM checks that you are not macro farming (this is considered same as botting) The rumors you heard probably come from people that tried to cheat and got caught (some of them even for second time) So... As long as you farm by yourself and not leave your computer unattended it's ok
  8. Danger

    Una ayuda para una buena causa :c

    Dejar los estudios, no poder ahorrar pero seguir jugando RO x_x lo lamento pero aqui no esta permitido postear referal links
  9. Danger

    emperium anvil?

    Hello The only way to get that item is trough old blue/purple box
  10. Danger

    error starting game

    you lack the core files of RAgnarok online, you need to download the complete instaler from here: http://forsaken-ro.net/download/
  11. Danger

    Client wont patch

    Close your game before patch x_x
  12. Danger

    Application unable to start

    Hello Did you tried to google that message? seems caused by some error in Microsoft visual C++ redistributable files Look at Google for "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package", download 32 or 64 edition (depends if you use 32 or 64 bit edition of windows) and install BTW Sorry for late reply, we have been skiing all day :D
  13. Danger

    How to fix this problem? Kindly help please?

    hello This is not fRO or even Raganrok related error, if you google "nvd3dum.dll error" you will see its related to video drivers problem, try reinstall your video drivers, maybe that power out damage your driver :/
  14. Danger

    High Wizard Item Build for Sophie Player

    Hello the runes act like accessory cards, you need a slotted accessory to insert the rune, in the case of the int gaunts / belts, they don't have slot, you will need any classic sloted accesory (for example: Clip [1]) or a donation accesory
  15. Danger

    Account status

    Hello please file a ticket here https://forsaken-ro.net/forum/support/ edited your post to delete email addresses (not a good idea to post in public)